Will WEF’s “COVID-19 Transformation Map” transform Society into open air Prison?

With its “COVID-19 transformation map”, the World Economic Forum’s aim to transform society into open air prison, a technocracy.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a classic globalist organization. On their official website, there’s an interactive web application called ‘COVID-19 transformation map’.

This map is extremely detailed, having a say on all far-going aspects of the pandemic response. It must have taken years to create this plan.

Screenshot of intelligence.weforum.org

The map talks about 5G, digital identity (ID2020), digital currency, AI, cybersecurity, vaccination, policies and legislation, population control…

I’d argue that subjects like 5G and digital currency should not be a matter of concern while dealing with a pandemic.

This tool shows clearly the real agendas the globalists want to implement under the guise of dealing with COVID-19.

WEF’s ‘COVID-19 transformation map’. Walkthrough starts at 15m28s. (BitChute)