Will there be another wave of Covid-19?


A top professor is already predicting the return of a new wave of coronavirus later this year. Although the UK plans to lift all restrictions in June, the country’s chief medical officer says there will be another “wave” of coronavirus later in the year, raising the possibility of a further extension of Lockdown.

Professor Chris Whitty

He warned MPs today that “all the modelling” in relation to COVID-19 shows that there will be a comeback at the end of the summer or in the autumn.

As I have told you before: Lockdowns will not stop until we say “Enough is enough”. This is how we will live until enough of us insist on saying “That’s enough”.

Further Covid increase

‘All models’ predict further Covid growth this year, CMO Chris Whitty tells MPs.

Whitty said the virus will attack people who have not taken the vaccine or for whom it has been ineffective.

“All the modeling indicates that we’re going to get a spike in the virus at some point. We hope it doesn’t happen soon – it could happen later in the summer when we open everything up gradually, or if there’s a seasonal effect, it could happen over the next fall and winter. But all the modeling suggests that there will be another surge, and when it happens, it will hit the people who haven’t been vaccinated or for whom the vaccine hasn’t worked. Some of them will be hospitalized and unfortunately some of them will die.”

Whitty’s predictions were echoed by Sir Patrick Vallance: “There is nothing to suggest that the virus will disappear any time soon. It could be a winter virus that comes back over the winter with an increased rate of infection.”

In other words

Now that the state has established near total compliance with its lockdown mandates, they are being reinstalled on a whim.

This then enshrines the notion that freedoms are not God-given or innate, but are graciously provided by the government on the condition of total subservience, and can be instantly removed if level of loyalty is insufficient.