Why is an Israeli Lawyer sounding the alarm on Vaccines?

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“Our country has been invaded by bad guys”. If the mainstream media is to be believed, a large part of the Israeli population is already vaccinated against COVID and most Israelis support the so-called green passport for the vaccinated.

The reality

The reality is quite different, Israeli lawyer Tamir Turgal told the COVID Commission headed by Reiner Fuellmich in Berlin in January. He said that the mainstream media is spreading propaganda and that more and more people in Israel are waking up.

An agenda is being forced on the Israeli people, Turgal argued. “Unfortunately, many people are falling for it.” He called the vaccination campaign against COVID an “experiment on humanity.”

Turgal, whose grandfathers were Holocaust survivors, went on to say that they – the bad guys – want to take us back to pre-war times when human rights were not a reality. “It makes me very sad that my country has shown how a society can be taken over by bad guys,” he said.

Reiner Fuellmich in an interview with Israeli lawyer Tamir Turgal about vaccination in Israel.