Why have London police given up on coronavirus deniers?

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Mild temperatures are currently driving many Britons outside to enjoy the current beautiful weather. Often, distances are not observed – but Coronavirus deniers in London apparently no longer need to fear penalties. The police have simply given up in view of the escalating number of violations. “We’ve had enough of it. It’s not controllable,” the head of the police authority recently explained.

“We’ve had enough”

Many people in the British capital are currently drawn to the parks and boulevards of the metropolis. Crowds that, according to the Coronavirus-measures are prohibited, are the order of the day. In central London alone, fines totalling 70,000 pounds (equivalent to just under 81,000 euros) have been imposed.

The police no longer want to control

But that is over for now, because the “Metropolitan Police Service” has had enough of the continuous operation to break up large groups of people, as the newspaper “Telegraph” reported. “The police don’t want to control it,” the head of the ‘Met Police’, Ken Marsh, told the newspaper. During controls or official actions, the officers often could not keep the distances themselves – it was also about the protection of the emergency services, Marsh said.

The police chief now wants to take legal action to see if officers could refuse to enforce the standoff rules – at least until they’re vaccinated. “That’s not what we want to do, but if that’s what we have to do to protect my fellow officers, that’s what we’re going to do,” Marsh expressed his willingness to fight. Police officers don’t get preferential treatment in the vaccination program.

Anyway, the easing of the tensions will probably bring soon some relief to this tense situation. From next Monday, two people are allowed to meet outside again. As of March 29, gatherings of six people will be allowed again.

There was no sign of a pandemic in Hackney Wick in east London last Saturday.