Why are People who get the Vaccine still being made to Wear Masks? – Trevor Noah

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Comedian Trevor Noah raged against health authorities in the U.S. insisting that people who have received the vaccine will still be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

New Guidelines from CDC

The CDC recently released new guidelines outlining how even those who get the vaccine should still wear masks and practice social distancing in a number of situations.

“The really frustrating thing…is that they’ve spent months, they’ve spent 5 months telling us to get vaccinated – ‘oh get vaccinated and this will all be over’ – and I was like great, I’ll get all four vaccines if it means I’ll get my life back,” said Noah.

“But now they’re putting out a chart and it says even if you get vaccinated, you can only do two more things without a mask on – two!”

“Guys, what the hell? The shit you’re telling people is incoherent. You’re telling us these new vaccines are 95% effective and will stop coronavirus but we still can’t do anything without a mask on – which is it?”

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“Is this one of the most effective vaccines in the world or does it not work? It’s not clear messaging especially if you’re desperately trying to convince people to get the vaccine.”

The New Normal

Noah compared the situation to if every time someone ordered an Uber, they were told, “Oh, your Uber’s coming in 5 minutes, but maybe also get a lift, you know, just in case.”

Apparently, Noah didn’t get the memo that the “new normal” means continuing to be subjected to pedantic restrictions even if you’ve already slavishly complied with all the previous demands.

As we have previously highlighted, the scientific elite don’t really care about encouraging more people to get vaccinated, they’re just creating the justification to discriminate against those who refuse to do so.