Who is Valérie Bugault?

Valérie Bugault is an French independent researcher, Doctor of Law, a former tax lawyer and an analyst of legal and economic geopolitics. She believes that it is high time to get out of the current state of affairs which favours tax havens.

She states that unidentified entities, which are understood to come from the WHO or Davos, have taken control of France and that the French state “no longer legally exists since 16 March 2020”.

“The French state no longer exists. A team under foreign influence is in power.”

She is a member of the Bon Sens Association, an association of citizens and personalities critical of the management of the health crisis. Its aim is to promote and safeguard common sense, values and the defence of freedoms in France for present and future generations.


She is the author of the book: “The Hidden Reasons for Global Disorder: Analyses of Economic, Legal and Monetary Geopolitics”, in which she explains how the idea of democracy has given way to universal chaos, made up of economic wars, terrorism, “preventive” military interventions, “coloured revolutions” etc. She exposes who the real protagonists of global geopolitics are behind the appearances.


Valérie Bugault claims that the world government is on the right track. She explains that since the 18th century, we have entered an era where free will is prohibited for the benefit of financial powers which have seized power and technology. Today, the machine is racing. The Deep State, tool of the oligarchy, has installed a health dictatorship whose wearing of the mask is the symbol of its omnipotence … the Great Test of submission before the Great Reset, a sort of new social and environmental contract allowing the advent of a world government of totalitarian essence. To prevent such a plan, Valérie Bugault, a former tax lawyer converted into legal and economic geopolitics, proposes to reform the law, an essential means that conveys a culture, a conception of the world and of life in common. Reform our law, subject to Anglo-Saxon law used as a weapon of destruction of peoples.

She insists that the world order is the backdrop to everything that is happening today and refers to the term ‘conspiracy’ as a tool for manipulation.

“This crisis comes in good time with a renewal of the international monetary order and the international economic order.

She explains that globally we are facing a situation unprecedented in history, in which a small group of people, hidden behind the anonymity of international capital and institutions and led by a few private bankers, are organising shocks or taking advantage of shocks in order to advance their global agenda of taking political control of the world by instituting a ‘world government’. Indeed, in order to achieve this world government, it is necessary to have first developed, among individuals in general and political leaders in particular, a sense of the need for regulation of events on a global scale. A pandemic is indeed the phenomenon that best meets this need. From the outset, manipulation can and should be suspected.

She denounces a state that is subject to the diktats of the financial and pharmaceutical lobbies and that knowingly allows Covid-19 to spread with the hidden objective of imposing a vaccination campaign designed to control the population: she anticipates the imposition of a future miracle vaccine.

She explains that this vaccine, in addition to its financial price, will undoubtedly be embellished with aluminium salts (which has become the compulsory adjuvant), messenger arns (which will make it possible to carry out genetic experiments on the human genome in vivo and on a large scale), and above all RFID chips, which will enable each and every person to receive his or her remuneration and to have access to his or her bank account. This stage of compulsory vaccination will be decisive in ensuring that the globalists (bankers, big pharma and others) have direct control over the population. Each person will have to obey or risk being deprived of access to all his means of subsistence.

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