Who is Thierry Casasnovas?

Thierry Casasnovas is controversial figure from the French world of alternative health. He is a naturopath, researcher, trainer, videographer and lecturer, specialising in hygienism, raw foodism and fasting therapy.

Nicknamed “the guru of raw food”, he has been active for more than 10 years and is the author of more than a thousand videos on YouTube with tens of millions of views. His channel, which he has now left, had over half a million subscribers.

He presents himself as a visionary, a man of faith, a teacher, a speaker, and for him the disease does not exist, there are only symptoms.

At the age of 33, he became seriously ill and was considered a hopeless case for conventional medicine. He decided to throw out the hospitals and the drugs. From now on, he will only eat raw food and starts his career as a video maker to “share his experience”.

A former baker, he created the association “Régénère”, a platform that organises trainings and sells various products, of which he is still the legal representative.


Thierry Casasnovas explains to his audience that science and classical medicine are a system that contributes to making them sick: diseases are due to ignorance and caused by the individual himself. The individual could therefore regain control of his or her life by knowing the “laws” and by looking at the cause and not the symptom.

“The beginning of health is taking back control of our life, it is autonomy. Autonomy means that you set your own rules.”

His doctrine is that all human pathologies stem from diet and living conditions. Diseases are a symptom of the presence of too many “toxins” and acidic products in the body. Eating mainly fruit and vegetables, mostly raw, is “what is meant for us”, it detoxifies and deacidifies the body. He also advises taking time out to rest, and to stop ‘over-stimulating’ yourself.

“There are biological laws for all living things, including humans. Failure to respect these laws leads to imbalances that are called diseases. We do not respect these laws because we have never been taught them. Simply respecting these laws spontaneously allows a progressive return to a state of health.

He explains that if we change the intestinal flora of people, if we clean the intestines, the whole psyche will change. This is a tool for radical transformation of the current state of the world through an individual change in the state of our brain, our real brain.

Radically opposed to vaccination and testing, he accuses the pharmaceutical laboratories of colluding with each other to “sell their crap that destroys organisms”.

From the beginning of the pLandemic, he helped his audience to understand the plan that has been in place for decades to progressively increase the control of populations by playing on fear, guilt, the strategy of shock, division, the emission of paradoxical messages and the dissemination of contradictory information. He explains the importance of being able to discern that the real stakes of this crisis have little to do with health, but much more with the respect of the fundamental rights and freedoms of each human being. It is then that the prospect of a dictatorship will appear.

“If this coronavirus crisis shows anything, it is the prevailing stupidity of the people, the doctors and the politicians…or their total corruption.”

He refers to the epidemic as an operation that has been arrogantly mounted and reveals the global conspiracy to control and eliminate humanity. He also attests that the Covid-19 vaccine is a means to reduce the world’s population under the goal of the “Great Reset”. Yet, it would be enough to “boost” one’s immune system with natural foods to avoid getting sick.

“Vaccination is a chemical genocide organised by Bill Gates, governments, scientists, doctors, researchers, journalists…”

Casasnovas believes that Covid-19 is not the only problem, it may be an indicator of our extremely deteriorated state of health in our Western countries.

He is now accused of abuse of weakness and illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy for his videos on Youtube. He is also the subject of a judicial investigation and is in the sights of organisations involved in the fight against sectarian aberrations.

Some of his most important videos: