Who is Ricardo Delgado Martín?

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Ricardo Delgado Martin is specialized in biostatistics, clinical microbiology, clinical genetics and immunology in Spain.

He is the founder of The Fifth Column (La Quinta Columna), a Spanish movement of free thought and reflection, of creative critical thinking, current news and dissemination of topics of interest outside the current indiscriminate censorship.


Through its information channel, which broadcasts everything that is censored on other channels, he tells us that the real cause of this disease is electromagnetic fields and 5G-like technologies and not a biological agent, such as a virus. More specifically, he tells us that graphene oxide is the cause of COVID-19. These nanoparticles acquire powerful magnetic properties inside the organism and the 5G technology stimulates them.

Delgado claims that our bodies were firsÏt intoxicated with graphene oxide nanoparticles through flu vaccines, then PCR test swabs, then masks, and now coronavirus vaccines.

“Urgent and very important announcement from The Fifth Column: The virus is caused by graphene oxide introduced by various routes”.

He is responsible for coordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine. The results of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy are powerful. Graphene oxide is a toxin that triggers thrombi and blood clotting. It also has an impact on the immune system. Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs can have devastating effects.


He explains that the new messenger RNA vaccine technique, “is a genetic vaccine” that is introduced with biotechnology or gene therapy. In other words, it is genetic engineering because it is involved in the synthesis of proteins to alter their genome. When RNA enters the body through what they have called a vaccine, it actually puts proteins into the bloodstream as a supposed mechanism by which it would produce mutations.

Delgado goes on to say that if a person is confronted with a disease after being vaccinated against it (for example seasonal flu), their own immune system will eventually kill them. The immune system can kill him through the Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) phenomenon. He also warns about the alleged adverse reactions and anaphylactic shock that can occur.

On behalf of the Spanish research team, Ricardo Delgado Martín recommends that the experimental covid-19 mRNA vaccine be cancelled and discontinued immediately.

Delgado is also part of the anti-mask movements with which they organised numerous demonstrations in Madrid and is also an advocate of the use of chlorine dioxide and other remedies to treat coronavirus. For example, he explained in detail how to counteract these graphene nanoparticles in our bodies by increasing the levels of the antioxidant glutathione with the drug N-acetylcysteine.

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