Who is Patrick Jaulent?

Patrick Jaulent is a multi-talented man from France who has expertise in many fields. He is a PhD in electronics, a whistleblower, a teacher, a consultant, an international speaker, an author and a writer. He is above all an expert in strategy and cyber crime and author of several reference books.

He says he is angry, deploring the sacrifice of the active and young people for old people like him and believes that the truth must come out.

He is the author of many books including: “Un monde de menteurs : la cybersurveillance au service de la vérité” (A World of Liars: Cyber Surveillance for Truth):




He explains that the plan is simple: to control the world’s population, an electronic patch must be implanted under the skin. To implant a patch under the skin you need to vaccinate the planet. To vaccinate the planet, you need a virus to infect it. To monitor whether all these people have their vaccination certificate under their skin, we need 5G. And this is only the beginning of the story… The rich will be even richer and the poor even poorer and more enslaved.

After more than a year of cyber investigation, he has irrefutable proof of many lies. He has evidence that many governments and media outlets are lying to us and that social networks are flooded with Fake News:

“We are lied to about the origins of the viruses, H1N1, HIV/AIDS, ZIRKA, SARS-Cov2, aka COVID-19;
We are even lied to about the name of COVID-19;
We are lied to about containment, masks;
We are lied to about vaccines and their effects;
We are being lied to about the great reset of the world.”

Claiming that the dangerousness of the virus has been artificially manipulated, he notes that “if you play with matches, you end up setting fires”. He has said that China and France hide the origin of viruses and that all what is told us about the virus is a lie.

He also claims that the covid story is a good way for Big Pharma to make money and has accused the higher officials of hiding the truth about the virus:

“If you are identified as a Covid contact case, you go into the hospital, the hospital gets $50, if you use a respirator, the hospital gets $300. Unfortunately, you die in this hospital, the hospital gets 4,000 dollars.”

He can prove that there has been a bidding war to turn hospitals into cash machines, implying that this has led them to misreport Covid patients, thereby inflating the pandemic figures.

As well, he says he will never get vaccinated, because Bog Pharma are the only companies that make products that they are not responsible for…

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