Who is Fernando López Mirones?

Fernando López Mirones is a biologist, specialising in zoology, and a science communicator. He is also a director, producer and scriptwriter of nature documentaries. He has written and/or directed more than 120 international documentaries on Nature, Natural History and Anthropology.

As a science communicator, he regularly participates in newspapers, books, magazines, radio and television, as well as teaching courses on documentary filming at universities.

Mirones is one of the most mediatic figures of SARS-CoV-2 denialism in Spain. He spreads a different opinion on the official truth and his contents are already shared by international users. He has given his opinion on many occasions about the pandemic and the government’s management of this pandemic, and has created many videos denouncing the deception of the misnamed ‘vaccines’, among other things.

López Mirones explains that due to the beginning of the lockdown he could not go to “a filming in the Indian Ocean of sharks” and instead he did a “master’s degree in virology in 10 months”. That has allowed him to reach “tremendous conclusions” about the pandemic.

He explains that we have to distinguish between pandemic and infodemic, and let’s be clear that the virus exists but the government is taking advantage of the virus to put fear with continuous changes of rules, they squeeze us and then leave us free and so they play. We can see the manipulation with the PCR Tests, which is a clamour. In fact, there are countries that have banned them because it is like flipping a coin. It is the same as with the Dead Rate; there is also a trick because these Covid Deaths are not all of them, they are deaths ‘positive with Covid’ but deaths due to pathologies other than the virus. If someone dies of a heart attack and is positive when he dies, they put him as a Covid death, so they increase or decrease as they want.

The biologist is part of an association called “Biologists for the Truth”, in which he participates as a science communicator.


He was one of the speakers at the WFF, the World Freedom Forum, a meeting of conscious Beings, who with their expositions in their fields of knowledge bring us the “Torch of Knowledge”. A knowledge through which to grow, mature and choose. This forum gives us the opportunity to awaken a social debate that goes beyond the restraint that some maintain in certain selfish watchtowers.


He is a member of COMUSAV “Coalición Mundial Salud y Vida” (Global Health and Life Coalition), which group’s mission is to awaken the consciousness of all people and achieve the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well-being of the human being.


This scientist questions the origin of Covid, claims that PCRs are faked and that the RNA in Covid-19 vaccines can induce the formation of prions with the potential to cause neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and ALS. He believes that the public has not been warned of the risks of inoculating humans with negative RNA and claims that Pfizer’s vaccine has an emergency use authorisation, but has not been proven to be efficient.

“RNA vaccines could transform people into transgenic beings.”

Lopez-Mirones also says that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus mortality is low and speaks of asymptomatic people as an invention of “presumed infected” to justify lockdowns.

The Biologist analysed in detail the brutal official document of the criminal pharmaceutical company Pfizer on ‘vaccines’ (they are injections, not vaccines) and comes to very worrying conclusions:

“Proteins caused by their injections could be transmitted to the unvaccinated by the environment.”

Of course it should not exist, but if passports and access were to be granted to anyone, it should be to the NATURALLY IMMUNISED, never to the inoculated, who are just as contagious if not more so, and who also prevent herd immunity.

Mirones promotes Natural Immunity and suggests that we stop putting expensive, ineffective and dangerous crap into people’s bodies.

“The problem with COVID communication is not the lack of knowledge of some biologists and doctors, it is the lack of honesty of those who are selected to speak. They all receive direct or indirect benefits from the vaccineras.”

He explains that they changed the expression “third dose” to “booster dose”, that way it doesn’t sound excessive and when it’s dose 10 the term will still work without scaring. It’s all dialectical engineering, words that create perceptions.

“The invention of “variants” is intended to get us used to their existence. Thus they justify not only the uselessness of vaccines but also the deaths from adverse effects. Soon they will need to invent a lethal variant specific to children”.

Fernando López Mirones has become one of the most hated, insulted and persecuted people by journalists of mass manipulation fears.