Who is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny?


Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an American licensed osteopathic medical doctor who opened her integrative medical practice in Ohio, USA in 1996. She is an anti-vaccine advocate and claims that vaccines cause autism.

Dr Tenpenny has been researching for 21 years vaccine adverse events, and is now widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health. She became an anti-vaccine activist and has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs.

“True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake.”

She has been a speaker at conventions and seminars, both nationally and internationally, as a recognized expert on a wide range topics within the field of Integrative Medicine including breast health, breast thermography, women’s hormones, medical uses of iodine and the adverse effects vaccines have on health.

She is the author of several books, including: “Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages”. This book is a comprehensive guide which explains why vaccines are detrimental to you and your child’s health and discusses vaccine injuries such as autism, asthma, ADHD and auto-immune disorders.


Furthermore, she calls COVID-19 vaccines a method of mass destruction and depopulation:

“They’re forcing freedom-loving Americans to choose between injection of a ‘deadly’ vaccine or testing those who will not comply via torturing them with nasal swabs looking for a virus that, by some claims, doesn’t even exist.”

She reiterated claims that those vaccines lack testing, led to long-term health effects, and that they magnetize people and connect them with cellphone towers. As well, she claims that they cause death and autoimmune diseases:

“Some people are going to die from the vaccine directly, but a large number of people are going to start getting horribly sick and get all kinds of autoimmune diseases.”

She recommends that women who get one of these COVID-19 shots should absolutely not get pregnant for at least the first two months after they’ve been injected, and claims that the vaccines also affect sperm and male fertility.

“The money isn’t really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of the vaccines.”

She is also worried about “shedding”:

“What we’re seeing with the Covid injections is very different from other shedding, mostly due to the fact that these are not ‘vaccines’ in form or function.”

The doctor attests that if we could cut vaccination by 90 percent and get everybody’s vitamin D levels up between 60 and 80 [ng / dl], we wouldn’t have this health care problem that we have to tax everybody to death to try to take care of people. People would be healthy.

She also talks about the cases of the children…. It seems as though the pharmaceutical industry looks at children as nothing more than a repository of their products, whatever those products are… whether they are a vaccine, an artificial coloring from the food industry, something in a pill such as a medication, and we see these kids, they’re not healthy, they’re pale, they just don’t look healthy. And then the pharmaceutical industry paints these happy pictures that we have to keep vaccinating these kids to keep them healthy. And the pediatricians say because these kids are sick, we need to vaccinate them more!

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