Who is Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar?

Son of Pakistani parents, Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar is a British-born American licensed osteopathic physician, named one of the 50 best doctors in the USA. He practices emergency and preventive medicine, and is also a practitioner of alternative medicine. For example, he is well known for his use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He is also a leading anti-vaccine doctor who treats cases of vaccine injury and diagnoses nearly every patient he sees with heavy metal toxicity.

He operates the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in North Caroline, where he offers detoxification and other integrative therapies to patients with cancer or other serious diseases, and those who cannot be cured by traditional medicine, the ones with “untreatable conditions”.

“Once you are taught the scientifically established and proven interrelationship between quantum physics and human physiology, you can completely eliminate negative influences in any aspect of your life.”

He is currently active through social sites to make people aware about what is going on and what can be done. He claims that covid-19 was a planned operation and that this fake pandemic is being spread by CDC, WHO, Bill Gates and Fauci.

“If you’ve gotten flu shots during the past ten years, you will test positive for the Wuhan strain of the COVID-19 flu”.

He is one of the speakers at the WFF, the World Freedom Forum, a meeting of conscious Beings, who with their expositions in their fields of knowledge bring us the “Torch of Knowledge”. A knowledge through which to grow, mature and choose. This forum gives us the opportunity to awaken a social debate that goes beyond the restraint that some maintain in certain selfish watchtowers.


Dr Buttar told at the Word Freedom Forum that it is FEAR that makes us sick and there are no deaths recorded caused by COVID-19. He also warns against vaccines and label COVID-19 a man-made virus.

“The U.S.-funded doctor from Wuhan, China, engineered the virus in a US laboratory as a state-sanctioned bioweapon.”

Indeed, he claims that NIAID director Anthony Fauci’s research helped to create COVID-19 and that 5G cell phone networks and “chemtrails” cause COVID-19. He explains that 5G is a weapon designed to knock out our immune system so that the coronavirus kills you as deliberate attempt to depopulate us. He also claims that COVID-19 vaccine killed more people than COVID-19 and is a means for mass genocide.

He has released four parts for his awareness series ‘It’s time to wake up’ telling peoples what they could do.

Of course, due to his unconventional treatments, he was criticized, warned and reprimanded for his medical practice. As well, the Center for Countering Digital Hate has named him as one of its “disinformation dozen.”

He has been under several investigations from the North Carolina State Medical Board for about a decade which has resulted in his medical license being restricted.

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