Who is Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo?

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Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo is a family doctor in Pontevedra, Spain, who fights for truth and freedom for all.

Her dedication is the investigation of irregularities, manipulation, decisions that affect social measures aimed at the entire healthy population. She claims that manipulation has been adopted arbitrarily, without scientific basis by technical officials with catastrophic results for community health, which is Dr. Natalia Prego’s speciality.

She founded the platform “Doctors for the truth” in Spain, which she trademarked. It is an international organisation that was born in Germany, strengthened in Spain and expanded in Latin America. It is a movement of health professionals who reject the measures implemented during the pandemic and denounce whatever is hidden behind the official Covid-19 narrative.


From the beginning, Dr. Natalia Prego assured that facemasks are not necessary and that asymptomatic people can not spread the virus. She also questioned other measures such as lockdowns, social isolation and says that quarantining only the population at risk would be a sufficient measure to stop covid-19.

“The coronavirus epidemic does not exist on a practical level. There is no medical basis for decisions such as wearing facemasks and lockdowns.

Prego also explains that PCR tests give many false positives because they amplify the genetic material of the virus and are non-specific; PCR tests are positive for all types of coronaviruses and other virus families.

Regarding mRNA technology vaccines, she says they can have unpredictable consequences because they use genetic manipulation. For example, they can reduce a person’s fertility. She says these vaccines have not gone through all the necessary evaluations to verify their safety, as they have not completed “phase 4” in the FDA.

She also talks about the applications of graphene in bio-medicine, its possible toxicity at high doses and the magnetism attributed to the Covid vaccine.

She is the author of the book “Aceptando el reto de sanar” (Accepting the challenge to heal) which tells the story of a journey that answers new questions and responds to new needs.


Dr. Prego knows that the pandemic is part of a “global domination plan”, the New World Order, and a Big Reset. She started to organise demonstrations in Madrid against the New World Order, for example, marches for freedom. Then she travelled all over Spain and other countries to take part in meetings, events and demonstrations against the covid19 measures.

As soon as she started her statements and campaigns, she was fired from the private practice where she was working. She is accused of making statements that lack scientific evidence on the pandemic and that can generate fear and social alarm. The scientific community says she is damaging the honour of public institutions, with the consequent alteration of the public balance. She is also threatened with prosecution by the Spanish Deontology Commission of the College of Physicians.

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