Who is Dr. María José Martínez Albarracín?

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Dr. María José Martínez Albarracín is a medical doctor, Homeopath and Professor in Clinical Diagnostic Processes in Spain. Not only is she a wise woman, she is also a fighter who calls on all physicians to unite to combat the alleged falsehoods of the pandemic.

From the beginning, she has been one of the clearest and most forceful voices in Spain on the fraud, abuse and institutional manipulation in the “COVID crisis” by dismantling the WHO’s fallacies about pLandaemia.

She is a member of the group “Doctors for Truth”, an international organisation that was born in Germany, strengthened in Spain and expanded in Latin America. It’s a movement of health professionals who reject the measures implemented during the pandemic and denounce whatever is hidden behind the official Covid-19 narrative.


Dr Albarracín says that PCR tests are not able to detect SARS-CoV-2 specifically, but only the presence of a wide range of coronaviruses (they may be detecting other RNA strands from any other type of coronavirus), so they generate many false positives.

She explains that of course there has been disease, but this disease called COVID19 cannot be named for the Sars-cov-2 virus, because the tests don’t know what they are detecting….

She says that COVID19 is an immunodeficiency syndrome and that it is linked to toxins and vaccines: the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine are linked and bring the virus itself into the cells.

She also claims that COVID19 vaccines will produce more epidemics because they are synthetic pathogens that can recombine with our endogenous viruses. Also, that vaccines condition the immune system to react badly to variants and produce the so-called “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement”, or ADE phenomenon.

“The new strains that are appearing are a product of the antibodies that the immune system of the vaccinated person is trying to create to protect itself from the aggression of the vaccine itself.”

As well, Dr. Albarracín affirms that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous; the S proteins they produce are toxic:

“The spike proteins (which those who have been vaccinated begin to manufacture) are toxic and harmful to the body, not only damaging the endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels producing inflammation and thrombosis, but also destroying the mitochondria, which are the organelles through which the cells breathe. Therefore, when the mitochondria are damaged, the cell runs out of energy and begins to die.”

She claims that the vaccine was the goal of the plandemic and that the multinationals don’t give a damn about health.

“People go ‘voluntarily’ to get vaccinated, because they have been denied information, they have been misled.”

She is now trying to stop the sterilisation of children but the Spanish College of Physicians alleges that her statements on the pandemic contain assertions that lack scientific evidence and that may generate fear and social alarm and damage the honour of public institutions, with the consequent alteration of the public balance.

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