Who is Dr. Luis de Benito?

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Dr. Luis Miguel de Benito is an expert in Digestive System and Endoscopy. He works in a Madrid hospital in Spain, the ‘Centro Digestivo Médico Quirúrgica’, but also practices in his own clinic in Segovia: ‘Clínica Dr. Benito de Benito’. He is a contributor to medical forums on radio and television and on social networks, and the author of many scientific publications.

Dr Benito says that when the pandemic started he has seen more deaths than in his entire life. But he says he is not willing to be controlled by fear:

“That’s what the powers want. They want to keep us scared so that they can take away our freedoms without us realising it”.

First of all, he is convinced that the virus was created in a laboratory, but he says the hardest thing to know is whether it was released or escaped. In his opinion, this pandemic has been “a social experiment”.

“Fear is an element of power and there are many geopolitical interests. World Power seeks to control wills”.

Benito attested that when there is interest in saying that the incidence is increasing, it is because the PCR tests that are done have increased. This is like if you look in people’s mouths, you will see a lot of cavities, but you don’t discover anything, they already had them. Coronaviruses have been around for a long time, it is not a new invention. Whoever comes into contact with the germ and survives, remains indifferent, learns to live with it; and that’s what happened with the coronavirus. Microbes have to be educated and healthy, and you have to live with them.

The doctor refuses to call the doses administered against COVID a ‘vaccine’. He explains that although they say there is a vaccine for covid, there isn’t, because the risk of having that shot is not yet known, the side effects remain to be seen. We are starting to evaluate it now. They say that they can leave you sterile after two years but that time has not passed yet, so how do we know? There is uncertainty, and we have to deal with it.

Dr. Benito says that ‘vaccines’ are not a necessity. What immunises is not the vaccine, what immunises is passing the disease. The more exposed you have been, the more risk you have had of passing through it. If this disease or this process, which the WHO says has a lethality rate of two per thousand, 998 people do not die, they survive and remain immune, can you tell me what an experimental product that is jabbed into them will do?” Because there is more chance of dying from a car accident than from a germ like the coronavirus.

“If I haven’t been infected, it’s because I have something that the virus doesn’t like, so what does this needle prick want to give me?

Dr Benito also denies the existence of so-called ‘waves’, asserting that what happened in December was the flu.

“The waves need to be clarified. What happened in December was flu, because flu does not go away. The patients who were admitted with respiratory symptoms had nothing to do with those who were admitted in the spring of last year. And it was called the third wave.

He adds:

“The pandemic is over as soon as you turn off the TV and stop reading the press: Turn off the TV!”

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