Who is Dr Gérard Guillaume?

Dr Gérard Guillaume is qualified in immuno-rhumatology, sports medicine and traumatology, sports biology, sports radiology, sports nutrition, manual medicine, phytotherapy and acupuncture. He is president of the Chronimed group and has fifty years of medical practice, including many years in high-level sport (he was the doctor of “La Française des Jeux” cycling team for 17 years).

He is not tender with the institutions on the management of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that preventive and curative treatments for covid exist and are being implemented in many countries (Argentina, Mexico, India, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal,…). These treatments have been evaluated and randomised studies have confirmed their effectiveness. However, in the eyes of the Western scientific community, these evaluations have little credibility. We are witnessing scientific discrimination; a real scientific racism.

“There are treatments, both preventive and curative, for Covid-19, contrary to what the government says. It is nonsense to rely on the vaccine strategy.”

He explains that when the virus is circulating, variants can emerge that may be more virulent. They may not be neutralised by the antibodies produced during vaccination and will therefore escape the immune system. So if we vaccinate the whole population, the original virus will no longer be able to circulate, it will be neutralised leaving the way clear for the variant which will no longer have any competitors. The vaccine is to the virus what the antibiotic is to the bacteria… The selection pressure thus created is in favour of the variants.

“It is therefore essential that in times of pandemic, parts of the population are not vaccinated, especially children. They are asymptomatic and circulate the virus without being sick, so it would be a strategic mistake to vaccinate them.”

He also explains that general lockdown of the population is a ridiculous measure. It is catastrophic for the country’s economy and has no real medical effectiveness. The way the authorities are handling the health crisis, not a war, is unworthy of countries that claim to be the largest power in the world. In France, we are closer to 19th century management than to a modern era. Indeed, the results show that generalized, indiscriminate lockdown is the most ineffective of the measures to prevent Covid-19 mortality, with an average mortality five to ten times higher than selective lockdown.

“There is an urgent need to replace generalized lockdown with selective lockdown.”

He adds that banning citizens from forests or markets is a health nonsense. People who walk or run are not at risk of contamination, not more than going to the supermarket or to work. The barrier measure is not to stay at home, which is far more harmful and dangerous than productive. The most fragile people get depressed, become irritable, aggressive, consume more tobacco and alcohol, and no longer stimulate their immune system. In France, it is perhaps not the virus that President Macron has pompously declared war on, but the French people…

“The best defence that humans have against pathogens is not isolation, it is information.”


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