Who is Clemens Arvay?

Clemens Arvay is an Austrian biologist, health ecologist and book author who researches the relationship between biodiversity and health. He published both scientific and popular scientific articles and books, and is certified as a European Professional Biologist by the European Countries Biologists Association.

He collaborates with the Corona-critics organization “Doctors for the Truth Germany” (Aerzte Für Aufklaerung), which, with the participation of hundreds of professionals from all over the world, denounces that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. They urged doctors, the media and political authorities to stop the operation, by spreading the truth. The organization promotes alternative cures claiming that masks and social distance don’t work, PCR tests are fraudulent, lockdowns won’t stop the virus, and the flu vaccine is what spread SARS-CoV2.


He is the author of the book “Corona Vaccines: Rescue or Risk?”, with which he wants to enable people who think differently to base their personal vaccination decision on sound information.


He  took a differentiated look at the Corona vaccines and became one of the most famous vaccine skeptics in the German-speaking world. More specifically, Arvay critics the shortened clinical approval process for the COVID-19 vaccine development against SARS-CoV-2.

According to Arvay, in animal experiments the vaccine candidates did not achieve sufficient protection against the infection and led to significant side effects in the combined clinical phases I/II. He called for the end of genetic vaccines and proved the considerable dangers of the ongoing shortening of vaccine approval procedures against COVID-19.

“I’m not against vaccinations at all. My criticism is directed against accelerated test and approval procedures in which the test phases are pushed into one another.”

He criticizes the type of vaccine development, but also actors like Bill Gates, who wants to advance these vaccines worldwide.

“The pharmaceutical industry and investors such as Bill Gates wanted to bring the vaccines to the market at any price and for profit, even if it puts public health at risk.”

While the development of vaccines usually takes many years, the previously approved corona vaccines were researched and developed within just one year.  They were developed too quickly. This was also possible because studies, which usually run sequentially, were carried out in parallel. Arvay speaks of “telescoped procedures” or “telescoping”, the interlinking of test phases, which has made it possible to shorten the process, which normally takes years, enormously.

“Because development steps take place in parallel and not one after the other, there is not enough time to examine the vaccines for later side effects.”

He explains that numerous renowned scientists warn that DNA vaccines can get into cell nuclei as a side effect  and could possibly cause cancer. Such vaccines are certainly not ready for approval yet. The dangers only become evident when a tumor has formed and that takes a long time.

That is why we do not need to introduce such vaccines in a telescopic procedure, but in a conventional procedure with sufficiently long waiting times and sufficient safety data. It is alarming that four DNA vaccines against COVID-19 have already made it into the second clinical phase in a short period of time.

As weel, about mRNA vaccines, he claims they have excessive immune reactions and autoimmune reactions, which are particularly problematic with these vaccines.

“mRNA vaccines reprogram the immune system and this creates serious long-term side effects.”

He also talks on the lack of protection of others through vaccination and the lack of reasons for moral or social pressure to be vaccinated. The decision to vaccinate must remain free and individual. There is no evidence for any disadvantage of the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated.

“If vaccination cannot prevent virus transmission, people cannot be persuaded to vaccinate with the argument to protect others.”

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