Who is Alexandra Henrion-Caude?

Alexandra Henrion-Caude is a French geneticist whose work specialises on RNA research. Former director of Research at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, she is also the Founder and President of the SimplissimA Research Institute in Mauritius. She was one of 22 recipients of the US Eisenhower Fellowships in 2013.

Appearing on television and stages of health policy opponents, the geneticist has become a leading figure in the anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine movement, telling people to rise up against Covid-19 restrictions.

“We have let down old people. We didn’t smile at our newborns because women gave birth wearing masks. This is the society that we don’t want anymore. We want to re-establish human connection.”

She is particularly known for her opposition to the health policy put in place to manage the Covid-19 crisis and claims that the mRNA technology used in some coronavirus vaccines constitute a form of gene therapy and will modify human DNA; she calls the new covid vaccines the mRNA Gene Therapies: “It’s eugenics!”

“The reason why I became a public figure is that the information does not circulate. I think that I have an appreciation of gene therapy that perhaps deserves that the French be informed?”

She says there is an anti-democratic shift at the moment, as she believes the issue of the European health passport shows. With HealthPass, we are facing a discriminatory tool that is perfectly anti-democratic, endangering social peace and the health of individuals. It represents an unprecedented ethical drift…

“This scary narrative can overturn all our democratic principles.”

Henrion-Caude refutes the description of conspiracy, suggesting that she is simply exercising her critical scientific mind, sometimes at the risk of alienating her peers. As in the case of RNA vaccines, which she considers dangerous:

“It is madness to administer those RNA vaccines to healthy individuals.This is not a vaccine … people are for the first time in their lives getting a third dose in less than a year!”

She also claimed that the virus has been willingly manipulated and that the long swabs (used in the Covid RT-PCR tests) could reach the cribriform plate to allow nanoparticles, new modes of therapy, to be passed directly to the brain.

She is featured in the documentary Hold-up, directed in November 2020 by Pierre Barnérias, and of course, is now rejected by the scientific community.


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