Who are the Heroes of this Crisis?

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These personalities are not just anyone …

They are not conspiracy theorists, but world-renowned doctors, politicians, journalists, scientists or simply thought leaders, characterised by their scientific probity, their independence from finance and industry, and their anti-conformist discourse.

Why not compose the committees of scientific experts, the councils of our governments with such people who have proven themselves both professionally and morally?

So create committees of renowned, competent and honest people, truly independent, to advise governments without their decisions being influenced by industry or various lobbies.

With all these heroes, we can go to war, not against a virus, but against the dishonesty, corruption, lies and immorality that lead the people who should be protecting us to ruin our health in the name of their profit.


Here are some of the Heroes who figth for the truth in the middle of the darkness


How helpfull are unknown people?