Where do we stand with the Vaccine Pass, the Health Impasse and the Democratic Emergency?

These are, it seems to me, the three fundamental characteristics of the situation in our country at the beginning of November 2021. That the “vaccine” is a sieve for the virus is now proven. “These are not vaccines,” said Professor Christian Perronne two months ago in the program “Le média de Mike”, “they are experimental products that do not protect (…).

An Ineffective Full Vaccination Program

Once you have received the required number of doses of vaccine, you no longer cause or transmit the disease. On the other hand, with these products, “which they want to impose through a completely illegal commitment (…), even if you are vaccinated with these substances, you can produce the covid and transmit the virus”. This is so true that people who have been “vaccinated” are told to “keep wearing the mask”.

This is about principle. And this is what Christian Perronne’s analysis is meant to illustrate. These are three recent examples, among many others, in western France. On October 18, the daily newspaper “Ouest France” headlined, “Covid-19th cluster in Doix-lès-Fontaines: a complete vaccination scheme.” The outbreak happened in a retirement home in the south of the Vendée, near Fontenay-le-Comte, where the institution, with a capacity of 67 places, had “all the means” to manage the situation in the best possible conditions, thanks to a “complete vaccination schedule”, since the third dose of vaccine was administered to residents “between September 27 and October 3”, and an “excellent vaccination coverage”.

Despite this “vaccination,” the director of the Pays de la Loire regional health authority in charge of the Vendée confirmed to the newspaper that “24 covid cases have been detected in residents, including one person who died from the virus,” while “five employees have tested positive.”

Professor Alain Mercat, head of the intensive care unit at the CHU in Angers, gave another example in late October: “Of 92 patients admitted to the ICU for Covid, 40 had a full vaccination schedule.” Despite repeated claims that “vaccinations” prevent severe forms of the disease, 43% of patients in the ICU at Angers University Hospital were double vaccinated. While it is true that 57% of patients admitted to the ICU were not “vaccinated,” this is not the figure of 80% unvaccinated patients in the ICU that the French were told for months to herd them into the vaccine lab.



PCR Testing Every Other Day for Cruise Ship Passengers!

A third example of the great success of mass vaccination is the cruise ships. The “Presse-Océan”, a newspaper of the Loire-Atlantique region, informed on November 4: “Those who are interested can be deterred by the sanitary measures: Even though vaccination is mandatory to get on board, passengers must undergo a PCR test every two days, and their temperature is taken in the morning and evening. A nice program! And a nice vote of confidence for the “vaccination”!

Not to mention M. Muselier, the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, who contracted the virus even though he was “vaccinated” twice, and who passed it on to twelve other people who were also fully vaccinated with the miracle drug that came from across the Atlantic, ignores the sublime message that Jean Castex gave on 10. September, during the days of the association “France urbaine”, which brings together elected officials from the major metropolises, addressed to the unvaccinated of Nantes: “We do not have the absolute right to infect others”….

These facts prove Professor Perronne right, who “has been dealing with epidemics for 15 years” and who believes that “we are imposing vaccines on the population with substances that are not well validated” and that “we know do not work.”

Even if the “vaccine” is certainly not the magic wand sold by foreign laboratories at a high price and without too many precautions to very weak governments, the health passport will not prevent our country from reaching a dead end.

The government was able to methodically and with a fair amount of deception lead the French to a “vaccination” that they rejected by a majority. Then, at the end of 2020, the government secretly drew up its plan for a vaccination card, which Macron assured us in the spring would never apply to everyday activities like going to a restaurant. And lie after lie (the biggest was Mr. Véran’s denial before the National Assembly – all the same! – And lie after lie (the biggest was that of Mr. Véran denying that there is even the slightest death in France as a result of vaccination), the health passport has become our habits all the more easily because our countrymen are fed up with having freedoms and opportunities for outings taken away from them, and are feeling the undeniable effects of one-sided information and disinformation at every turn. I can see it in my own environment.

The Disillusioned Carousel

But even though we have massively “vaccinated” the population, the famous collective immunity that was supposed to get us out of this mess still hasn’t materialized. “Sleep tight, folks, we’ll take care of you,” our rulers seemed to say to their subjects. But here we are! Soon it will be two long years since the merry-go-round of disappointment began to spin. And it may well be that one day the French will wake up and say to themselves that their good faith has been largely abused. When they learn, for example, that poor countries have managed the pandemic much better than rich countries that, like France, have spent “insane amounts of money” (haven’t they, Mr. Macron?) on a very meager outcome, and on “a disease that can be cured in more than 90% of cases if treated early,” and where the mortality rate has been only “0.05 or 0.03%, depending on the country,” and I quote Professor Perronne again.

Above all, we need to get out of the dramatic situation that a so-called Minister of Health has put the French hospital system in. First, by continuing to close more than 5,000 hospital beds in the middle of a pandemic. Strange, you said strange! By depriving the hospital of the services of nurses who refused the injection, but who were not in the worst position to judge the relative effectiveness of the “vaccination” and especially its toxicity. When we learned a few days ago that in the neurology department of the Bichat Hospital in Paris only 4 of 28 beds were vacant and that only 6 of 24 nursing positions were filled, the damage of a disastrous administration became clear. For much less than that, the National Assembly had called for “Get out! Véran against an elected representative of the people…

And it is precisely because France is narcotized, chloroformed, that the democratic emergency is coming to light. From this point of view, it is good that our country is entering a presidential campaign, provided that the candidates for the highest office are put to the test in the coming months. For if the government has developed an excessive predilection for governing in the secrecy of its defense council (against what enemy?), it is obviously urgent that French democracy regain its rights and Parliament its normal functioning.

In this pre-election campaign, we have seen the President of the Republic and his government continue to hand out and make promises to all sorts of clients. We also heard candidates for the Elysée Parliament who were on the same wavelength. As if France’s financial situation allowed anything, after a crushing “cost what it may” for the leadership of a nation. In this respect, too, the consequences of the election could be painful and once again severely damage the credibility of the political world.


Giving Hope a Chance

But soon the moment will come when the candidates for President of the Republic will have to state clearly what their vision of the Republic is and tell us their intentions regarding the normal exercise of power, the return to full public freedoms, the abolition of the health passport, freedom of prescription for doctors, the use of care to treat Covid-19 patients and the reconstruction of the hospital with the participation of all staff.

There would be no point in calling the French to the polls if it were only to continue tomorrow, with the faces we know today or with others, a policy that has obviously failed and is seriously affecting the morale of the nation.

Of course, security is the first freedom, and the task will be immense after so many years of laxity. But after an important political election, France cannot continue to live in the undignified and harmful atmosphere of the dark days we are experiencing. To give hope a chance, the first imperative, the categorical imperative, is to revive through vigorous action the beautiful motto of the French Republic, “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,” which has been severely damaged in these times of pandemic.