What are the Occult Origins & Meaning of Easter?

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Happy Easter! We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but always on a different date, eat eggs of different colors while the children in the sunny garden look for the Easter nests of the Easter bunny. But why actually?

Occult Mystery Religions of Antiquity

Our entire culture and all of its holidays and rites have been falsified for centuries and all stem from the occult mystery religions of antiquity. Here in the West, Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter are said to be part of most people’s lives. But the cult worshiping Lucifer that has ruled humanity for eons has simply colored its holidays in Christian meanings and manipulated us to celebrate them.

The reason why Easter is always on a different day (between 03/22 and 04/25 in the Gregorian calendar) has to do with the phases of the moon. Easter always takes place on the first Sunday after the spring full moon. The day on which this can be shifts in a 19-year cycle between the beginning of spring on March 21 and April 19, so the date is different every year from the previous years. This is already the first strong indication that the feast of the resurrection of Jesus cannot be quite right, it would have happened on a certain day. No, this has more to do with the fertility festivals of the pagan peoples. In fact, the Bible never knows how to celebrate Easter. The Lord even warned Jesus to make it a celebration, for that was idolatry.

The beginning of the fertility of the earth

Idolatry to Babylonian goddesses

The word Easter ( egl: Easter) comes from the Babylonian goddess of spring Ishtar, who was also regarded as the virgin queen of heaven. Other names are Astarte (Phoenicians and Greeks), Asthroth (Hebrews) or Ostre (that’s how they were called in the Anglo-Saxon region). Ishtar was associated with the sun, which brings everything back to bloom in spring. So it is again about sun worship. Remnants of this can still be found in the German name of the festival: Easter comes from the root word east and east means “to rise”, from the rise of the sun.

This idea of ​​emergence was especially associated with spring, because at this point in time all of nature emerges anew. The name for the direction east has its origin. Incidentally, the Catholic “Mother of God” Mary is the Christianized version of Ishtar. On October 11, 1954, Pope Pius XII proclaimed Saint Mary Queen of Heaven.

Now how does the Ishtar Maythos go on? Ishtar’s lover was none other than Nimrod, who was worshiped as a sun god. He was worshiped by many cultures and at many times under different names: Marduk, Moloch, Baal, Ra to name a few. He is the snake with a thousand names. Tammuz, the son of Ishtar (born on December 25th) is also known as the god of green trees, who gives them each year of their annual death who was worshiped as a sun god. He was worshiped by many cultures and at many times under different names: Marduk, Moloch, Baal, Ra to name a few. He is the snake with a thousand names.

Is the doorbell ringing? Incidentally, in the Hebrew calendar the 4 month is called Tammuz, named after the Babylonian tree god.

ishtar artistically
Artist’s impression of Ishtar.

The bloody truth of the Easter eggs and the Easter bunny

Well, the Babylonian legend says that every year a large egg fell from the sky to the Euphrates River from which Ishtar was reborn. And everyone who found this egg received a blessing from Ishtar. That is the origin of our egg hunt at Easter. Many consider these stories to be mythology, but no, all of our mythologies are true and the meaning of the egg goes beyond that of fertility! The gods of antiquity were very real demonic beings who came from other worlds. They were physically much larger than any human being, were many times more intelligent and possessed psychic abilities such as mind reading, telekinesis and shape change. Therefore, they were worshiped like gods by the first peoples of the Babylonians, Canaaites, Sumerians, Egyptians to this day by the Cabal. The ‘egg’ from which they were reborn could have been a technological means of transport to get into our dimension. These egg-shaped UFO’s have been sighted up to our time, for example at Lonnie Zamora Incident on April 24, 1964 in New Mexico in which several witnesses are believed to have seen a landing and physical evidence was even found on the ground.

egg shaped ufo

From this the egg usage arose because soon after the Babylonians, through the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, painted and decorated eggs were used in their spring rites in honor of Ishtar. In pagan Anglo-Saxony, painted eggs were offered to the goddess Eostre / Ostara on the spring equinox. They were placed in graves to symbolize rebirth. Often these were also placed in baskets. This custom was also known to the Egyptians and the Greeks. Other rites included making offerings to the Queen of Heaven, such as freshly cut flowers, bread with an X on it, and star-shaped cakes.

Every year at Easter, Ishtar’s priests impregnated young virgins. These were then born at Christmas and on the first Sunday after the spring full moon (next Easter) when these children were 3 months old, they were brought to the altar of Baal and Ishtar and sacrificed. Then the priests took the blood of the sacrificed children and used it to color eggs. And even today the Catholic Church (Vatican) often uses red eggs with a cross on it. This is not about the blood of Jesus of the crucifixion but the blood of innocent babies who were sacrificed to a demon!

Sacrifice to Nimrod (Baal, Marduk etc)

red eggs

And how did it come about? Alexander Hislop in ‘From Babylon to Rome’ wrote:

“The Roman Church now took over this mystical egg from the Astarte and consecrated it as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. It was even determined that a prayer should be said in connection with the egg, and Pope Paul V taught his superstitious monks to pray like this at Easter: ‘Bless, O Lord, we implore you, these eggs you have created, that they will become healthy nourishment for your servants if they eat it in memory of our Lord Jesus Christ … “

“In traditional folk religion, the egg is a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth. It is used in magical rituals to promote fertility and restore potency; to look to the future; to get nice weather; to make the plants grow and to protect both the cattle and the children against misfortune, especially against the dreaded evil eye. All over the world it represents life and creation, fertility and resurrection … It was later associated with  Easter. Although many of the customs were pre-Christian in origin, the Church did not oppose it because it was a powerful symbol of resurrection and conversion from death to life. ”(The Encyclopeadia of Religion, under“ Egg ”, 1987, p. 37)

In this way, pagan symbols and customs are “Christianized”. Pagan customs are simply titled with Christian-sounding names. People can be misled in this way. And even if you know what is actually behind it, you can still celebrate these popular customs with a clear conscience, even if they are not to be found in the Holy Scriptures. In addition, one trusts in the church, which certainly knows what it is doing. Indeed, the Catholic Church knows what it is doing. The Catholic encyclopedia says:

 “A great number of pagan customs celebrating the return of spring passed over to Easter. The egg is the symbol of germinating life in early spring…. The rabbit is a pagan symbol and has always been a symbol of fertility ”(Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. 5, p. 227).

The Cabal, that is, active and former presidents, high-ranking banking families, royal families and high priests of the Vatican, to this day sacrifice small children to these deities and drink their blood. The adrenochromes contained in it (oxidized adrenaline, so the victims have to feel extreme fear otherwise it won’t work) gives them a cocaine-like high that they become dependent on, and it has a rejuvenating effect as cell division is slowed down. Where do you think our Dracula myths come from? And once again they want to normalize ‘their religion’ and slowly desensitize us: An American start-up company (Ambrosia) is now offering blood plasma transfusions of young teenage blood to rich people to rejuvenate them. Read here.

For their sex and blood rituals they adhere to the satanic calendar, here is a detailed calendar (of an SRA survivor) on which dates in the year the Cabal hurts / kills people in their rituals. Read here.


A representation of Ishtar, with owls. She herself also has wings and bird feet.

bohemian grove
Ritual of the elite in the Bohemian Grove, USA. Before the owl Minerva (Ishtar?)

But how does the Easter bunny fit in there? Even small children recognize the illogic, a rabbit does not lay eggs, why should he hide them? Now the rabbit, like the egg, was regarded by the Egyptians as a symbol of (sexual) fertility, and thus found its way to Europe as the ‘Easter Bunny’. It first appeared in German literature in the 16th century. In addition, Ishtar is said to have turned one of her birds into a rabbit, her son Tammuz loved rabbits. The Easter lamb cake also dates back to the time of Ishtar / Baal, to which raisin rolls were also given as an offering. And like all festivals, Easter was of course completely commercialized and everyone in the trade wants a slice of the cake. The sugar industry and of course the chicken farms are particularly happy.

Thanks to the Catholic churches, millions of Christians are now worshiping another perverted demon of Lucifer and again in the name of Jesus. Do not be fooled, God never wanted us to worship him and his son with all these rituals, because they are all idols. Remember the Lord and Redeemer but give yourselves the pagan rituals.

“Children, beware of idols!”
(1 John 5:21)

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