What is the claim of Nuremberg Code Violation of the Israeli Government?

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We want to start with some basic knowledge on the subject:

Coronavirus vaccine is a medical treatment, which has only recently obtained FDA approval in the United States (as part of an emergency procedure only ), an approval that is not final and with details of 22 side effects of the vaccine. In addition, it is clear from all medical factors that the subject of the long-term influence of the treatment has not been scientifically tested (tests and research), and the long-term effect and safety of the treatment on his recipients are unknown. It is important to point out that never until now have immunizations been administered worldwide by this medical technology of introducing a synthetic m-RNA into the body, and all previous immunizations have worked in a totally different way, by introducing a weakened virus or virus and naturally stimulating the immune system against it. As detailed by a senior virologist, the risks anticipated by this new medical treatment are attached in Annex 1 to my letter.

” Nuremberg Code “ – A code of medical ethics issued based on the laws under which Nazi criminals were tried for carrying out horrific medical experiments during WWII, in the doctors’ trial known as of the Nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg Code then formed the basis for the legislation of the Declaration of Helsinki  as well as the basis of the law on a patient rights in Israel.” See pdf end of post.

We intend to introduce the detail how, in the State of Israel this year 2021, the Government of Israel with its ministers and Knesset members, city leaders and other senior officials are violating the Nuremberg Code illegally, blatantly. and extremely, and to our regret, not only in one aspect but much, too much!

a) Informed consent to participate in a medical experiment – The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is the person’s willingness and informed consent to receive treatment and participate in an experiment. The person is supposed to  have active freedom of choice without the intervention of an authority or person employing force, deception, fraud, threat, solicitation or any other type of binding or coercion. When the heads of the Ministry of Health, as well as the Prime Minister presented the vaccine in Israel and started the vaccination of Israeli residents, the vaccinated were not informed that in practice they were participating in a medical experiment and that their consent is required for this under the Nuremberg Code, and only when it became clear that the Prime Minister had indeed signed an agreement with the Pfizer company (the manufacturer), it was first published and also declared by the Prime Minister, that it was indeed medical experimentation, and that was the essence of the deal. It is in fact a genetic medical experiment on human beings, carried out without informed consent and under a serious and flagrant violation of the Nuremberg Code.

b) The Bibi-Pfizer agreement. After factum, it became clear that the Prime Minister of Israel signed an agreement with the Pfizer Company (the manufacturing company), under which he will receive  millions of doses of this experimental biological agent, and with a preference over to other countries, and in return, the vaccinated (residents of Israel) will serve as “experimentees” for the pharmaceutical company. It was agreed that the pharmaceutical company would receive all of its secret medical and personal information from Israeli people without their knowledge or prior consent. In addition, we must declare that until this time, the content of the agreement concerning most residents of the State of Israel, has not been published, which should be mandatory transparency under the law. Moreover, it was released with a “blackout”/cover-up of a lot of the information included in this deal. It should be said and remembered that we should be living in a country of dictatorship, so obviously such an agreement must be subject to full transparency to the general public.

c) Alternative treatments. Regarding informed consent for medical treatment, and based on the principles of the Nuremberg Code, there is an obligation to detail and suggest to a patient, several treatment alternatives, (such as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine – see links below the post) , also detailing the medical process (and all that which is included). as the pros and cons / benefits and risks, existing in each treatment, to enable him to make an intelligent personal decision about which treatment he prefers. As stated, this should be done without exerting pressure and freely, as a free person. Despite all of the above, the State of Israel and the Ministry of Health do not present to Israeli citizens the currently existing alternatives to treat Corona disease, which have been shown to be effective with few side effects,  and not dangerous. They solicit and pressure citizens (while blatantly violating the informed consent process), withhold information about vaccinations, and create a harsh atmosphere of fear and coercion.

d) A fourth principle is that the experiment will be conducted to avoid suffering or physical injury. The treatment is known to have caused the death of many people, serious injury and damage (including disability and paralysis) after administration of the vaccine. Despite this fact, the government did not order an investigation into the matter. Interestingly, the Ministry of Health openly admitted that 41% of police, military, education and medical staff who had been vaccinated suffered serious side effects and put their lives in danger. It is also astonishing that there are no full reports on the number of deaths or injuries, as one would expect in such a medical process for the benefit of the public participating in the experiment.

e) A fifth principle states that the experiment should not be conducted when there is reason to suppose that actual death or injury will occur . Regarding the violation of this principle, see above. As noted, regarding data on death cases, we citizens only hear word of mouth on social media (from friends, neighbours or relatives) and not on mainstream media.

f) An additional principle is that the factor responsible for the experiment will be ready to stop it at any stage if there is a reasonable reason to suppose that it will cause injury, disability or death of the participant in the experiment.  It has already been proven that many people have died from this experimental treatment, been injured, disabled and paralyzed; however, the Israeli government continues to force this dangerous experiment on Israeli citizens.

g) The following are recent publications, which demonstrate the gross and criminal violations of the Nuremberg Code on behalf of the government, ministers and members of the Knesset, city leaders and senior officials, as well as employers:

Below are a few examples (among many others) of violations of the Nuremberg Code (which will be attached as Annex 2 to my letter).

Apply economic pressure:

The Manufacturers Association, backed by a legal opinion, threatens to send any employee who will not be vaccinated, on unpaid leave. Health Minister Yuli Edelstein wants to enact a law that will prevent unvaccinated people from entering a workplace.

Do not deny unemployment costs.

The exercise of social pressure:

A threat to prevent access to entertainment, recreation and reception of community services. Artists, opinion leaders and representatives of the public, who in every corner choose to propagate, and in aggressive and insulting ways, even propose punishments and sanctions. (Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked, Knesset Member Smotrich, Health Minister Edelstein, Knesset Member Benet, Morning Show Host Avri Gilad, Singer Yoram Gaon, Judy Nir Moses and others). Vehicles for public service, such as buses, trains etc are urging people to arrive for vaccinations, aggressive conversations are taking place and notices being served from health insurance companies, and even scheduling immunizations without insurers’ wishes or consent, and more.

Incentives for the vaccinated:

Receive a free night in a hotel, vacation days, etc., offered by the owners of various businesses to their employees.
Discounts in various commercial, private and public establishments, as well as a benefit card promoted by the government.

The Prime Minister of Israel has repeatedly stated that the citizens of Israel are participating in this innovative medical experiment for the benefit of all the citizens of the world, who for some reason do not rush to get the aforementioned medical treatment, and they wait on it, observing to see the experiment on the Israeli people. The same is true of the agreement signed by the government with the Pfizer company, obscured in many places, raising questions about the agreements concluded by the government with the Pfizer company. (Evolve to Ecology- author note here- Actually, most of the world have no idea what is happening to the Israeli people, and we are all having similar experiences where the unvaccinated are being aggressively discriminated against via mainstream news and having all of our basic freedoms taken away, not knowing if we will have them returned, those of us trying to defend our human rights have no idea what  the situation is in Israel until this news came out).

It is hereby pointed out that the means currently activated against the Israeli citizens, including the proposed legislation against anyone who has not been vaccinated, not only contradict the Nuremberg Code and the autonomy of the individual over his body, but also the legislation in force in Israel,- including the Basic Law on the Dignity and Freedom of Persons, the Law on Freedom of Occupation, the Law on Patients’ Rights, the Law on Equal Opportunities at Work, the prohibition of discrimination in products, services and the law on access to entertainment and public places, and other laws.

Therefore, and in view of the above, we address to your honour two main requests:

Immediately discontinue the medical experiment and the administration of vaccines to the public of Israeli citizens.

To instruct the Government to initiate all legislative procedures which violate the principle of the informed consent of a person to receive the medical treatment described above, and which deny the legal status in Israel and in the Israeli democracy, including the fact to avoid legislating on the Green Passport, (Immunization passport), prohibition of handing over the names of those who are not vaccinated to local authorities or any other harmful legislature.

Act with the severity most required against any public / commercial / professional entity, which violates state laws on matters of employment or other matters necessary to prevent coercion, coercion or solicitation of immunization, as well that the object of discrimination, against those who have chosen not to receive the above-mentioned experimental medical treatment.

We ask that you bring to your attention that a copy of this document will also be transmitted to media channels around the world as the violation of the Nuremberg Code is relevant in all countries of the free world.

Finally, it is specified that it was only recently that a decision was taken in the European Parliament on “27/1/21”, enjoining all the authorities not to exert pressure or solicitation on people so that they are taking the Corona vaccine in any way. Therefore, whatever is good for advanced European states is certainly good for Israel too – and the balance is evident.

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Alternative treatments such as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine