What does the End of this Age mean?

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It is important that as many people as possible understand now what the underlying spiritual agenda is about. “The big picture”, so to speak.

In this article, we will look at the astrological ages, see an unusual phenomenon in Asia, analyze what the Bible has to say about the end times, talk about visions, talk a lot about symbolism, learn what the “black awakening” is about and what are the last two cards the cabal will play: The true agenda of the particle accelerator CERN and the super secret Project Bluebeam! The rule is: hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

The Age of Aquarius

Our reality in which we live, our world, runs in different cycles. Think of it as a gigantic clock. Our ancestors still had ‘old knowledge’ which the fallen angels brought them. This knowledge included, among other things, reading, recognizing and interpreting these cycles on our stars. Over the centuries this knowledge has largely been lost or it has been annexed and kept by secret societies while at the same time they rewrote history for the uninitiated and covered up the truth about almost everything about our reality. They have done this with incredible success – until now. The science of reading coming events from the stars, planets and their movements – be it personal or worldly – is called astrology.

astrological ages

In astrology there are astrological ages called zodiac cycles. These are named after the well-known 12 signs of the zodiac to which certain times of the year are assigned: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. This is also the original order, starting with Aries. Because earlier March 21st (spring full moon) was the beginning of the year. It was only when Julius Ceaser changed the calendar that January 1st was declared to be the beginning of the year.

An astrological age is a period in astrological theology that astrologers believe has parallels to major changes in the evolution of the earth’s inhabitants, particularly in terms of culture, society, and politics. There are twelve astrological ages that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac in Western astrology. Proponents believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages is completed, another cycle of twelve ages begins. The length of a cycle of twelve ages, also called Equinox, is 25,860 years. An age lasts about 2160 years, but some say that it only lasts about 2000 years.

image 1

We have just come out of the Age of Pisces and are in transition to the Age of Aquarius. The age of the Pisces zodiac sign was the age of monotheism, spirituality, and Pisces. The Piscean Age began around AD 1 and will end around AD 2150, but some other interpretations assume that it began earlier and ended already. Other astrologers say that the Pisces Age ended in February 1962, January 1989, 1994 or December 21, 2012 and the Aquarian Age began. But all astrologers agree that a transition takes place smoothly and manifests itself more and more clearly in slow waves.

“Many astrologers view the entry into a new astrological age as a gradual transition called a ‘cusp’. For example, Ray Grasse notes that an astrological age does not begin on a specific day or year. Paul Wright notes that a transitional effect occurs on the border of the astrological ages. Consequently, the beginning of an age cannot be fixed for a single year or a decade, but mixes its influences with the previous age for a certain time until the new age can stand on its own. “

sine wave zodiac
We are right on the cusp right now. Christians are also awaiting the return of Jesus Christ announced in the Bible.

Since the story of the birth of Christ coincides with the beginning of the Piscean Age, many Christian symbols of Christ use the astrological symbol of Pisces. Jesus carries many of the temperaments and personality traits of a fish and is therefore considered an archetype of the Piscean Age. Furthermore, the twelve apostles were called “fishers of men”, the early Christians called themselves “little fish”, and a code word for Jesus was the Greek word for fish: “Ikhthus”. Thus, the beginning of the age or the “Great Month of Pisces” is considered the beginning of the Christian religion.

The well-known Christian symbol – the fish


Now it is also clear what this scene in “I, Pet Goat II” means. The dying fish jumping into the boat of the “shining” Antichrist represent the end of the Piscean Age and the end of Christianity. The scene also takes place in the collapsing church. And I also noticed that the topic of water is very present in the whole film. The Antichrist figure swims through water all the time and the whole film takes place in the melting Antarctica.

i pet goat fische 1

i pet goat sun 1

Is the global rise in temperature also a sign of the end times? Is the sun a kind of “clock” that slowly gets hotter and warmer and destroys everything at the stroke of 12? Is the man-made climate change narrative an attempt by the “Illuminated” to disguise these divine mechanisms from us? Food for thought …

Jesus also addresses the Aquarian Age himself. When asked by his disciples when the next transition would be, he replied:

“He said to them: See, when you come into the city, you will meet a man carrying a jug of water; follow him into the house as he goes in. ” Luke 22:10


Now what to expect in the Aquarian Age? This age is primarily associated with an increase in human consciousness and the revelation of truths. Other attributes associated with the Aquarian Age are electricity, computers, freedom, idealism, non-conformity, rebellion, fears, idealism and honesty. If you look at the world in this way over the past few years and decades, much of this influence can already be seen. Today humanity has access to knowledge and intuitive truth like never before in its history, which naturally liberates, but also leads to fears and the rejection of old structures.

information age

Followers of medieval astrology see the Age of Aquarius a little more pessimistic:

Proponents of medieval astrology believe that the Pisces world, in which religion was the opiate of the masses, will be replaced in the Age of Aquarius by a world ruled by mysterious and power-hungry elites who seek absolute power over others; that knowledge in the Aquarian Age will only be valued for its ability to win wars; that knowledge and science are being misused, not industry and trade; and that the Aquarian Age will be a dark age in which religion will be viewed as offensive ” (Wikipedia)

And that too is very likely if you think of the development of AI, transhumanism and the systematic destruction and erosion of the monothesic belief in God. Fetched into the Golden Age beforehand or complete slaves of our rulers? I think that is entirely up to us and our personal actions up to the tipping point.

astrological reader 1

For the cabal, astrology is not humbug, but a very serious science that they use all the time to carry out their agendas. They have been harnessing powerful divine energies for thousands of years. Before each agenda, the stars are consulted and a suitable moment is used. This June, for example, the energies were very strong on ‘breakout and rebellion’, a perfect moment to incite the riots. October 2020 will be very turbulent according to the stars. Old power structures will end and make way for new ones. It could be very unpleasant. It is an open secret that many of our self-appointed leaders use astrology to make decisions, be they political or even military. Ronald Reagan consulted his astrologer before every political decision. Read here.

The top leadership of the Nazi Party regularly consulted the astrologer and occultist Karl Ernst Krafft, and MI5 tried to use astrology to get ahead of Hitler in WWII. Read here.


The US military and the CIA have also used astrology. They know about the truth and what a powerful tool it can be. The classic newspaper horoscopes are deliberately kept very vague and inaccurate so that predictions can apply to anyone and it is easy to dismiss it as humbug so that the masses can never understand and use the power behind it. But that’s just by the way. Read here.

The blooming of the Undumbara – Sign of his return

There is another fascinating development on our earth that indicates that we are on the verge of the end / transition. The Undumbara flowers only bloom every 3000 years . They are extremely gray and yet durable – they do not need soil or water and they never weather. According to Buddhist sutras, the Sanskrit word undumbara means something like “inconspicuous flower of heaven” . Other Buddhist sutras describe them as follows:

“Undumbara is the product of ominous and supernatural phenomena. It is a flower of the heavenly kingdom and does not exist in the everyday world. When the Umdumbara flower appears in the human world, these flowers will manifest because of their great virtues and blessings.

“They also say that as soon as these flowers appear again, a great Buddha (or King of Kings) will be among the people. My theory is that Jesus and Buddah were the same person who travelled around the world and were named/interpreted differently by different cultures. For the last two decades these strange and very graceful flowers have been found again and more often. They grow on the strangest surfaces like metal or Buddha statues, have a look at the following pictures. They were first found in Korea in 1997. This was followed by China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the USA.

udumbara 1

udumbara 2

udumbara 3

udumbara 4

udumbara 5

udumbara 6

udumbara 7

udumbara 8

Did the Buddhist scholars have access to forgotten knowledge? Is the reappearance of the sacred Udumbara flower another sign that this age is changing into a new one? Is his return imminent?

Who knows.

Revelation of John – The Seven Plagues of the End Times

Let’s take a closer look at the book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible and see if there are parallels to today. By the way, there is no reason to assume that the text of the Bible was changed / falsified by the Cabal or that it was even written by it as a means of control as some believe. This is impossible for several reasons:

1. Extremely ancient Bible passages were found in a West Bank cave in 1947, some dating back to 200 BC, and all have the same text – word for word – as today’s Hebrew Bibles. The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the text of the Bible has been completely unchanged – word for word – for over two thousand years.

dead sea scrolls

2. Writing and handwritten copying was a high ritual for the first Christians in which one washed one’s hands and paid close attention to every single word.

3. The text of the Bible is extremely ANTI-CABAL! It is not only a wake-up call to humanity about their great plot (or that of the fallen angel Lucifer) to force the Antichrist on us and corrupt us through deception, but it is also a blueprint on how to defeat them and what our way out is. It would be completely illogical to put this text into the world ourselves. History has shown that the Romans, the murderers of Jesus and the Catholic Church of the Vatican and its Jesuits (cabal) systematically burned at the stake anyone who translated the Bibles into the language of the common people, e.g. from Latin into German or English. They wanted to put themselves between God and the people – it was pure control. At that time, every Bible was handwritten and so the Lucifer-worshipping cabal was able to decimate the number of Bibles extremely – until Gutenberg came along with his printing press and they could no longer keep up with the destruction (some books of the Bible, however, they were able to successfully ban for a long time, such as the oldest apocalyptic writing – the Henon Book). The Word of God quickly became the most widely read book in human history. A new and more effective long-term plan was needed: discredit the Bible for all future generations and replace it with other models of explaining the world, but that is a story for another time.

jan hus

Jan Hus was just one of many rebels who was burned by Luciferian Rome for the ‘crime’ of translating Bibles, reading them to people and telling the truth.

Continuing with the last book of the New Testament: God conveyed future events to his son Jesus Christ, who in turn sent an angel to his disciple John. He sends him visions and asks him to write everything. He gives him the order to pass on seven different prophecies to seven angels living on earth (the number 7 occurs continuously in Revelation). I will now briefly show you a few striking sections from the second chapter.

“I know your works and your toil and your perseverance; I know that you cannot endure the wicked, you have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and have recognized them as liars ” (Revelation 2: 2)

q psy op

“I know your distress and your poverty; and yet you are rich. And I know that you will be reviled by those who pose as Jews ; but they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan . “(Revelation 2: 9)

rothschild baron de phillipine

The Rothschilds are Jewish on paper. The daughter of Baron Phillippe de Rotschild (French branch of the clan) makes it unmistakably clear through her jewelry who she serves and revere.

“Do not be afraid of what you have yet to suffer. The devil will throw some of you in jail to test you and you will be in distress for ten days . Be faithful to death ; then I’ll give you the wreath of life. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches: He who wins will not suffer from the second death ”(Revelation 2: 10-11)

fema meme

In the end times all those who fight against Lucifer will be put in prisons, quietly and without fanfare. Here, everyone who does not do it voluntarily is forcibly chipped. “Be faithful to death”.

grey state koepfung2

FEMA CAMP Film Gray State in which all enemies of the state are beheaded.

“And I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast and its image, and who had not received his mark on their foreheads and on their hands; they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years ”(Revelation 20: 4)

fema malls

Americans have been building their own concentration camps for day X for years. Hidden as shopping centers and shops from all eyes.

What role does the Cabal play in taking the right to guide us through this transition? …. Whatever your role, you still have a few moves ahead of you.

CERN – Rewriting reality and opening hell

One agenda that has been running for a long time has to do with the gigantic particle accelerator CERN (Large Hedron Collider) near Geneva on the Swiss-French border. With a circumference of over 26 km, the LHC tunnel is the largest of its kind. CERN is the abbreviation for Conseil européen pour la recherche nucléaire. It is the world’s largest research centre for particle physics, is financed by 23 member states to the tune of 1 billion euros a year and has 3,400 employees (the largest donor is Germany, by the way). The research centre has been in existence for over 50 years and was instrumental in the development of the cyberweapon, the internet. Although the physical infrastructure was developed by DARPA, the WorldWideWeb Protocol (www), as well as the first website ever, were developed by Tim Berner-Lee at CERN in 1989 and then passed on to the world. Read here.

tim berneers lee
The Hebrew letter Vav (W) is also the number 6 -> www = 666.

The extraordinary legal status of the organization is also astonishing. The organization enjoys immunities and privileges with other international organizations and observer status with the United Nations. The natural persons who represent CERN externally also enjoy immunity in Switzerland. CERN is not subject to Swiss jurisdiction or the Swiss tax regime. Somebody seems to be very important that these scientists can do anything as they want without ever being prosecuted …

In most of the experiments, magnets in the particle accelerator accelerate various particles to almost the speed of light and cause them to collide. The particles created by the impact are registered by detectors and then analyzed by the scientists. It is hoped that this will lead to revolutionary knowledge about the structure of matter and physical forces.

cern 1

In this gigantic machine, the particles collide with each other. Some believe, however, that something of biblical proportions is to be achieved with this equipment and that the leading minds behind CERN have a very specific goal in mind with these findings. Before we dive in here, let us briefly observe the absolutely obvious occult symbolism of this organisation. If you want to understand what is going on in our world, you need to understand occult symbolism and how it is used to communicate and as a form of ‘magic to the masses’. As mentioned once before, a 666, the number of the beast, is recognisable in the CERN logo. But mirrored also a 69 independent of it (a symbol for the fusion of opposites, an integral part of the ideology of the Illuminated). The word CERN is also an allusion to Cernnunos, one of the many horned deities they worship. Don’t forget: they give everything a more exotic meaning to the profane and a more esoteric meaning to the initiated.

cern logo
666 and 69

Then there are acronyms for the various experiments they are conducting. No joke: one they brazenly called SATAN, which is supposed to be the abbreviation for System to Analyze Tremendous Amounts of Nuclear data. You really can’t make this stuff up. Read here.

Another one is called the CAST experiment (Cern Axion Solar Telescope), the word has many meanings, but I think of it as “to cast a spell”. So you can see Lucifer’s fingerprints everywhere again. Now what is to be achieved with CERN? There have been many theories about this for years, for example, CERN is supposed to change the basis of reality and our time, causing different time lines. This is supposed to be the cause of the mysterious Mandela effect, a phenomenon in which thousands of people can remember things very vividly, but which, after checking, obviously never happened. This is taken as proof that, due to CERN, mankind has been on two overlapping time lines or parallel dimensions that differ only minimally for about 5 years. To put it bluntly, they change the “code” of the matrix, the composition of the space-time continuum in which we all live.


There are several indications that time and reality have been going a bit crazy since CERN started, and the Bible refers to this again and again. The Mandela effect has its name because of the strange phenomenon that many people, and I mean thousands and thousands of people, can vividly remember that the famous African politician Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 90s. They vividly remember the TV reports of that time, his funeral etc.. But apparently it never happened. If you look it up, you will see that he died of pneumonia in 2013. Well, then a few people have misremembered. You might think: What’s so wild about that? Not so fast. That’s what I thought at the time, until I looked at the hundreds of different Mandela effects and couldn’t believe it. I would bet a million euros that many of them used to be different, that’s how convinced I am that I remember them differently! And the fact that almost all people feel the same way confirms to me that things can’t be right here. I assume that most of you have already gone down this crazy rabbit hole, so I will only briefly show the most famous Mandela effects here. If there is more interest, just search for it. But warning: it scared the hell out of me when I first came across it three years ago! Because it only allows two conclusions: Either I can’t trust my memory any more or reality is somehow being changed by someone. Both are enormously unsettling! Read here.

“Therefore God will send them powerful errors to believe the lie” (Thessalonians 2:11)

Science and the media refer to this phenomenon as ‘false memory syndrome’, the cognitive effect of memories weakening and changing over time. However, even science has to admit that it is unusual for people to suffer from such an alleged effect in such large numbers. If it were a cognitive effect, it should have been scientifically documented for many decades. Especially if it affects so many people. But that is not the case. Instead, it is only in the last few years that we have seen a mass occurrence of this effect, and only since then has it been documented. Of course, the scientific community tries to explain away such things with fancy words like “internet hysteria” or “confirmation bias”, but I have some problems with that, because some changed things make NO SENSE AT ALL. Especially the ones in the Bible. Yep, the Bible was changed after all. And it was changed by CERN changing reality. And because of the minimal changes, Lucifer is now worshipped instead of God. And the Bible is not some Hollywood movie, but the most read book in the world, which some Christians also know by heart. And suddenly Bible passages change.

“The wolves will live with the lambs and the leopards will lie with the goats. A little boy will herd calves and young lions and beef cattle together. ”Isaiah 11: 6

The word lion (symbol of God) was replaced by wolf. Suddenly, words like unicorn, matrix, naughty, amazed and hundreds of other fabulations appear in the English King James Bible. Read here.

Words that were not in use at all back then! And that’s not only changed on the net, but if you have a fifty-year-old Bible lying around, it’s been changed. But common sense tells us that the Lord has certainly not opened the matrix. At least since the first Matrix movie came out in 1999, people would have been talking about it. But it is only recently that things have changed. Now a statement by Illuminati insider Dr. Day suddenly makes sense:

“ To do this, the Bible will be changed. It is being rewritten to do justice to the new religion. Gradually, the keywords are replaced by new words with different shades of meaning. Then the meaning assigned to the new word can be close to the old word. And over time, other shades of meaning of this word can be emphasized, and then this word is gradually replaced by another. I don’t know if I’ll make that clear.

But the idea is that you don’t have to rewrite everything in Scripture, just replace keywords with other words. And the variability in the meaning given to each word can be used as a tool to change the entire meaning of Scripture, making it acceptable to this new religion. Most people won’t tell the difference; and this was another of those times when he said, “… the few who notice the difference will not be enough to matter.” “

And have you ever noticed that the days are getting shorter? At least it seems that way to me.

“For immediately there will be a great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world up to now and how it will not be either. And if these days were not shortened, no man would be saved; but for the elect’s sake the days are cut short.” (Matheus 25: 21-22). Read here.

So it is played with the times and the reality changed.

Another theory (which could be related to it) says that the gate to hell / the underworld should be opened by CERN – the so-called abyss.

CERN employees often talk in terms of opening up new worlds or getting access to them or that something could come out of there. Basically, they’re telling us exactly what they’re doing all the time without telling us exactly what they’re doing. It’s part of their endgame, part of their big plan: to tear a hole in the barrier of the space-time continuum. To open the gate to the spiritual worlds.

cern open doors

cern new frontiers
They hold the key to new worlds.

“The fifth angel blew his trumpet. Then I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth; he was given the key to the pit that leads into the abyss . ” (Revelation 9:11)

cern door 1

You say yourself: something could come out of this dimensional door that you open.

In the meantime, even the media has to “correct” the conspiracy theories about CERN, whatever shows they are correct.

000 e1628551081180

Let me stretch out …

That has always been their goal, even back then, when the people of Babylon built the Tower of Babel under Nimrod (Antichrist) rule to break into the kingdom of heaven. Back then, people spoke one language:

“All men had the same language and used the same words.” (Genesis 11: 1) Thereupon Elohim said: “You see, they are one people and they all have one language . And that is just the beginning of what they do. Now nothing will be out of reach for them, whatever they decide to do. Let us go down and confuse their language there so that no one understands the language of the other . From there the Lord scattered them all over the earth, and they stopped building on the city ”(Genesis 11: 6-9)

According to the Bible, Nimrod ruled the world freely and people lived in a ‘One World System’ (NWO) until Yahweh intervened. The understanding in Luciferism is again that Yahweh (God) was wrong here and prevented the progress of humanity. Biblical understanding says that mankind was guided by the spirit of the Antichrist (Nimrod) to get knowledge from heaven which we are (rightly) forbidden because man is born in sin and is not yet ready for this powerful knowledge. I’m only telling this because this is the grand plan that lies above all others: to break the barrier between the worlds and free the remaining fallen angels that have been imprisoned. Every single agenda of the Cabal is only one building block to get closer to this goal. Now take a look at this old poster of the European Union which was published for the construction of the EU Parliament.

tower babel eu
Poster on the right: Europe. Many tongues. One Voice.
eu parlament
EU Parliament building in Brussels. Modeled on the Tower of Babel.

Europe. Many languages. One vote. Together with the Tower of Babel, which served as a template for the EU Parliament building, this is a clear reference to the above-mentioned Bible passage and the attempt by the EU to restore Nimrod’s NWO and to break the barrier (also pay attention to the inverted pentagrams ). Now the CERN research project is your new and more ambitious attempt to break the barrier and it is also an EU project (it is located in the middle of Europe and the member states are almost all from the EU).

With CERN, they now want to open a portal to the spiritual worlds, but what comes out of it? Well, most of the CERN site is located in Saint Genis Pouilly. In Roman times, this place was called Apolliacum, the Latin ending “iacum” meaning possession. The city and its temple were dedicated to Apollyon – the destroyer. It was somehow incredibly important to them to build the LHC EXACTLY there. In fact, during the construction of CERN, they came across archeological finds from Roman times, which delayed the construction work somewhat. Read here.

Other names for this deity are Shiva, Cernnunos, Horus… but all stand for Lucifer. He kept telling people the same story in a different guise – the serpent with a thousand names. He was held captive down there, along with other fallen angels, for several ages, according to the Bible. Another version of this same story is that of the Greek myth of the Titans who were speared into the underworld by Zeus, as vividly shown here in the Hercules cartoon by freemason Disney. As soon as the stars are aligned, the Tartaurus, as the Greeks called the prison of the 200 fallen angels, is opened and the Titans take revenge on Zeus and heaven (and destroy large parts of the earth along the way). Same story as the biblical one, but with different terminology: In the following video, replace “Hades” with Lucifer, “Titans” with fallen angels and “Zeus” with God/Yahweh … and you see their plan to open the prison through CERN. By the way, one of these angels/titans was called Atlas in Greek mythology, and CERN also named one of their experiments ATLAS.

the stars are right 1

Illuminati Card Game. If the stars are right, does the Antichrist reappear from the Abyss?

The pyramids of Giza were perfectly built so that you can see the stars of the Orion Belt just above them. They are basically a great clock for the astrological ages. Around 10,500 BC At last the stars were at their lowest point directly above the pyramid tips. Over the millennia, they have slowly migrated upwards for about 13,000 years and should soon be at the highest point. It marks half of a full equinox. From then on they will slowly move down again and then the cycle will repeat itself indefinitely.

orion belt pyramids

gizeh wtc orion

In front of the CERN headquarters in Geneva there is also a statue of Shiva – the Hindu god of destruction and death (a donation from the Indian ‘Department of atomic energy’). In the tradition of Shaivism, Shiva is one of the highest beings who create, protect and change the universe . Often she is shown dancing in the wheel of time , like here in this statue. On the base of the statue it says:

“Hundreds of years ago Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to represent the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of cosmic dance thus unites ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics. “

So much for the purely scientific endeavor.

shiva cern

There is also a “dance of destruction” or dance of the cosmos dedicated to Shiva. This dance, also called Tandava, is performed both by the masked figure in the symbolic short film I Pet Goat II and by the CERN employees themselves in their dance ritual film ‘Symmetry’. Watch here.

shiva dance

The Shiva figure changes the mask to different animals several times in quick succession during the dance. It is noticeable that the four elements water, fire, earth and air are present in this sequence. And in the end these elements transform into the element LIGHT. In Wicca, these elements are used for ritual magic.


The four elements become the fifth element.

By the way, 2015 was the international year of light. About the year from which the Mandela effect began to appear more and more.

light year
Nothing to see here….

In front of this Shiva statue, a few years ago, a sacrificial ritual took place by some unknown cowl men, during which a young woman was apparently stabbed to death. In occultism, sacrificial ceremonies are always regarded as incantations. The whole thing was filmed by someone through an adjacent window on the premises. Not just anyone can enter these premises, but only employees have access. The video quickly went viral and CERN had to respond. Their official explanation was that it was a tasteless prank by a few employees and that they were already feeling the consequences. But then again, what can they say? Take a look and decide for yourselves. Read here.

If it looks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – then it’s probably a duck!

In I, Pet Goat II , there were even more references to CERN. Do you remember the little girl who looks like Alice from Wonderland and is sitting in a circle? Circles are typically drawn on the floor during an incantation ritual. In this circle a portal is opened into the spiritual worlds through which demons then enter our world or we can enter theirs.

alice i pet goat

The light shines on them.

ritual ring

Alice loses the apple, the forbidden fruit (knowledge), and she rolls in front of Obama’s shoe. But what is next to the apple on the ground? LC …. Large Collider!

Large (Hedron) Colider

And what is the LHC? Basically, it is also a gigantic ritual circle with a diameter of 28 km! Right above the temple of Apollyon, the Abyssos, the prison of Lucifer and other fallen angels. In which the ALICE experiment will take place again this year! The aim of ALICE is to create and measure a quark-gluon plasma, through the rapid collision of lead atomic nuclei at near the speed of light. How deep will the rabbit hole go into which humanity is falling?

lhc ring

alice logo
The logo of the Alice experiment from CERN
alice loch
The bottomless abyss into crazy chaos.
What does the End of this Age mean? 374

The SYMETRIE film from CERN also tells the biblical story of the fall of the angels and the liberation of Lucifer through the ring. The main character in the white shirt is called Lucas aka Lucifer and is seduced by the darkness and falls down from the sky. Then he is in a circle on a very flat salt desert. A black priest walks around the circle (Adonai / Yahweh) in which he is trapped.

symetrie ring
Lucifer is imprisoned with us and Yahweh is watching from outside.
symmetrie time2
In symmetry, a clock is also shown on which the hands first turn quickly backwards and then stop.

But we only assume that the abyss that is being opened lies BELOW us. Sooner or later they also want to break the barrier above us. And it could also be that this ‘prison’ is even in Saturn. It is not without reason that this is so often equated with Satan / Lucifer and worshiped by the Cabal. Do you remember the strange spiral phenomenon in December 2009 over the sky in Norway that was seen by thousands? To date there has not been a satisfactory official statement. So it looks like a portal in heaven is opened from the ground.

Also in I, Pet Goat II, we were shown symbolically how the Antichrist pushes through the space-time barrier and thus comes into our world.

antichrist breaking the veil

antichrist veil

And if that weren’t enough connections between I Pet Goat II and CERN: Just enter “I Pet Goat” in Google Earth and see where you come out !!

Another CERN ritual was the opening ceremony of the Gotthart tunnel in Switzerland in 2016! The name alone lets these fires appear in a different light: Gotthart comes from the Old High German Godehard (gudą + hardu) and means “as strong as God”. This opening ceremony, at which other European politicians such as Macron and Merkel were present in addition to Swiss politics, shows in a symbolic nature exactly what they are planning to do with CERN. It’s so obviously satanic, but that doesn’t seem to bother our politicians. It shows that nothing is too sensitive for the Cabal anymore. They know that they can now perform grotesque rituals in the light of day, in front of the world and its political puppets, and get away with it without any problems. I will quickly unravel the symbolism. This ritual is not about the longest and deepest train tunnel, but about a completely different Swiss tunnel: the LHC. It shows the opening of the abyss and the release of the demons.

This ritual involved 600 dancers and cost them a whopping 8 million euros. So it is important to them. It consisted of two parts … the first part took place in a tunnel. Here a door opened from which smoke escapes, like the abyss in the Bible.

gotthart tunnel 2 1

1 And the fifth angel blew his trumpet; and I saw a star that fell from heaven to earth; and the key to the pit of the abyss was given to him. 2 And he opened the well of the abyss, and smoke came up from the well like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the well.

After opening the whole tunnel appears in hellish red.

gotthart tnnel 32

After that, Cernnunos and various people walk around with horns. A flying Baphomet figure with dualistic gender characteristics hovers over the workers. In addition, a lamb is triumphantly held up (symbol of Jesus) while Baphomet is dancing.

gotthart tunnel 5 1 1

The green man is synonymous with CERNUNOS, the horned king of the underworld. That’s what the Celts called Satan.

000 1 e1628551284480


The second performance takes place outside in front of a circular projection screen. Here the eight-spoke wheel is shown after the detector was also designed in the LHC. The so-called Darmachakra is an ancient symbol of Buddhism and Hinduism and is associated with the noble eight-part path and the theme of time.

time wheel
Intestinal achakra

Naked people were also shown flung around in a black void, just like in CERN’s art film Symmetry (Bottomless Hole).

gotthart tunnel 32 1

000 2 e1628551656511
The portal will be opened and dementor-like spirits will be released into our world.
horned god
Next, Satan / Lucifer appears through the portal.
cern schwarze kaefer3
Here, too, the black Scarabeus beetles can be seen again.

This ancient Egyptian symbol was also seen in ‘I Pet Goat II’ and stands for rebirth. They are also a symbol for the deity Khepri. He too stands for ‘the renewal of life’, creation and rebirth. The rebirth of whom? Lucifer’s entry into our physical dimension.

Scarabeus in I Pet Goat II
gottart zeit 1
Here, too, time delays are shown again. The clock goes forward and backward.

No question: This opening ceremony was not about the tunnel, in this ritual ceremony the cabal celebrated / conjured the imminent opening of the portal and the literal hell on earth that they let loose on us.

The Shiva ritual wasn’t the only strange sighting on and around the CERN premises. About 10 days after the AWAKE experiment (Advanced Wake-field) on June 16, 2016, these images of specular cloud formations were taken directly above the site. A portal?

000 3 e1628551809737

cern portal 2

A month earlier, on May 7th, 2016, a perfectly circular cloud ring was recorded by radar over the CERN site, which, of course, did not even lead to rain. As early as 2011, strange ring clouds were seen on radar recordings in northern Switzerland.

cern ring
Radar recording from 2016.
cern ring 2
Radar recording from 2011.

And the crazy thing is that the cloud portal of 7 May 2016 can be linked to an emergency shutdown of the plant. This happened due to a short circuit, allegedly triggered by a weasel! Already in 2009, the safest facility in the world is said to have been put out of action by a bird that dropped a piece of baguette… Is CERN covering up its experiments with such outrageous stories, or has there been intervention and sabotage from ‘above’? 😉 Read here.

The story of John Titor should not be left unmentioned, the time traveler who addressed the world in a forum in 2001 and continues to cause speculation to this day. In 2001 he wrote that time travel would be discovered through experiments at CERN. He too told of the collapse of the United States by militias and of a brief Third World War, but the years were not true. However, this could, purely theoretically, only apply to our timeline or it could also have been an intention on his part in order not to confuse our timeline (time paradox).

“The breakthrough that will allow for this technology will occur within a year or so when CERN brings their larger facility online.” – January 31, 2001 (forum)

The anime series “Steins; Gate” is also about the research center CERN which secretly works on time travel. Even John Titor is featured. Watch here.

The scientists at CERN are playing with forces that are far too powerful here. The whole thing is a satanic undertaking by combining ritual magic with modern science to bring Lucifer / Antichrist and his very real demons to earth and let them rage here! The final battle in the war between spiritual forces. In truth, magic and technology cannot be separated either.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Artur C. Clarke, scientist and sci-fi writer

science magic

But let me tell you a brief personal anecdote about CERN. I thought for a while whether I would like to share this, because it could be received very wrongly. However, I came to the conclusion that I have to share this experience, if only to find out whether some of you had similar experiences.

So: I had a VERY intense nightmare at the end of last year (around October 2019). In this dream gigantic clouds of black smoke rose from the ground in a wooded and mountainous area. This black smoke seemed somehow alive and there were a couple of brightly glowing orbs visible in it. It hissed and quickly spread over much of the world. Anyone who came into contact with this black smoke went mad with fear and went crazy and screamed. When the smoke seemed to be overtaking me, I woke up screaming and sweaty. This dream was like no one I’ve ever had and one of the worst of my life, because it was so incredibly intense and real. It burned itself completely into my memory (normally you forget dreams quite quickly after getting up). From then on I knew instinctively that “it” was going to start soon, although I didn’t know what “it” was until 2-3 months later. I started researching the same day and just typed something like”Black smoke demons dream” or something like that in a search engine. I didn’t expect to find anything, but what I found shocked me!

In fact, some people have already had this dream! All these people have in common that they are Christians who believe in Jesus. And all of them connect this dream with a passage in the Bible in Revelation (which I also didn’t know at the time).

“1 And the fifth angel blew his trumpet; and I saw a star that fell from heaven to earth; and the key to the pit of the abyss was given to him. 2 And he opened the well of the abyss, and smoke rose from the well like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the well. 3 And locusts came out of the smoke to the earth, and power was given to them, as scorpions have power on the earth. 4 And they were told not to harm the grass of the earth, or anything green, or any tree, but only to people who do not have the seal of Godon their foreheads. 5 And power was given to them, not that they should kill them, but that the people should suffer torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpio when it stings a man ” (Revelation 9: 1-5)

“They had a king over them, the angel of the abyss; His name is Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek ” (Revelation 9:11)

lhc key

The key to the Well of the Abyss. You stick to the text exactly. They tell us exactly what they are doing again. You just have to look and listen!

seal of god

The Seal of God vs. The Mark of the Beast. Our third eye is the connection to the spiritual world. Will yours be connected to God or to Lucifer?

age of aquarius

Black smoke that spreads like grasshoppers on the earth and causes pain for people? Sounds exactly like my dream. The smoke demons looked like a mixture of the dementors and dead eaters from Harry Potter and the smoke monster from Lost . Only that in my dream there was a gigantic mass of these. Something like this they looked and sounded like:

This even makes sounds like grasshoppers …

In the Bible it was told several times that God makes contact with people through dreams.

“In the last days , God says,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people .
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams. ” (Acts 2:17)

Was that the case here? Believe me: I don’t want to make myself bigger than I am with this story. I would also feel very uncomfortable in this role! I am just sharing an experience with you that apparently some other people have already had. And I invite you to share similar experiences. In general, for the last year we have been hearing about more and more people having prophetic end-time dreams. When the time comes, please watch this video, it is a collection of prophetic dreams of dozens of people that often overlap. Many also dream of a tsunami hitting the east coast of the USA. The woman behind a youtube channel I follow (XtremeRealityCheck) also had a dream of FEMA camps while Chinese soldiers are on American soil and even UFOs are in the sky. And even then, most sheeple assessed the situation as only “half bad and over soon”. And when I saw the cover of “The World in 2020” by the Rothschild magazine The Ecoonomist, I remembered my dream. Remember: which word is the only one in red colour and thus stands out? VISIONS.

000 4 e1628551937812

This is definitely not a coincidence. Does the cabal know that Yahweh will send warning dreams to us humans at an ever higher frequency from 2020? Have you had any strange and very intense dreams lately?

plague of demons

Again in the Illuminati card game: Plague of demons in the USA.

After the abyss is opened, will humanity all be demon-possessed, freaked out and run amok? Is that the zombie apocalypse ?!

black awakening

Could be very good! Why do you think Hollywood has saturated us with the concept of the zombie apocalypse in the last 20 years and even science and the media are commenting on it? Certainly not just because. It’s psychological preparation for another agenda on the end times agenda. You can look for videos of obsessed people and compare the whole thing with zombies. It has strong similarities in my opinion. They are very aggressive people with almost supernatural strength who cramp their extremities like zombies and feel no pain or exhaustion. The Bible passage about the smoke rising from the abyss follows, by the way: (Read here)

“And in those days people will seek death and not find it, they will desire to die, and death will flee from them” (Revelation 9: 6)

If that doesn’t sound like tortured undead zombies? The cabal wants to cause MAXIMUM chaos. They want to completely destroy the old world to make way for their New World Order with the Antichrist at its head. Ordo ab Chao – the phoenix from the ashes. From their point of view, this is absolutely necessary and there is no other way. Many believe that this chaos is only limited to our material world (economy, destruction and death), but no: they will also use their connection to the spiritual world to create chaos on this level. That means anger, hatred, destructiveness, confusion and depression will suddenly increase very rapidly. This year was already the first foretaste of that. In the same way, when people think of zombies, they always think of some exotic virus… But no, that’s not what will happen. This apocalypse will be spiritual. The cabal will use dark spiritual forces as a weapon against us all. According to the Bible, all Christians who wear the seal of God on their foreheads are protected from the demons. In such high vibrational bodies these beings cannot take hold. However, in this godless Babylon, this only affects a relatively small part of the population and the millions of evil people will then probably hunt these people down. The pastor and author Russ Dizdar says that this process of the end times is called the ‘black awakening’ by the cabal.


In his book “The Black Awakening – Rise of the Satanic Supersoldiers and the upcoming Chaos” he talks about how the cabal has about 4 million MK-Ultra sleeper cells. These are ordinary people who have been kidnapped, put under MK-Ultra mind control and given military training. Afterwards, their memory is erased through hypnosis and they are released back into their lives. They may think they have been abducted by aliens but just continue to live their lives unknowingly – until on day X they get a call from a hoover salesman or similar who says the trigger word. From then on they immediately change personality, take their gun or get into the car and fulfil their programmed task. These sleeper cells have already been used in most of the terrorist attacks of the last few years. The cabal has already tactically placed its agents for the coming agendas. This looks something like the UTOPIA series, where a sleeper agent delivers a biological bomb to its destination and then kills his family and himself.

The great awakening of the 4 million, as they call them, the elect , is yet to come. Russ Dizdar healed many victims of MK-Ultra and ritual satanic abuse and therefore has a lot of experience with this topic. In his opinion, the personalities are created by the fact that the original personality (soul) is pushed backwards through a lot of trauma and pain so that a gap is created through which demons can penetrate the body. It is basically an ancient magical practice that is now practiced with scientific precision. He was active as an exorcist and was therefore allowed to let himself be yelled at by some demons and obsessed people. He thinks that in addition to a universal hatred of people, they all have one thing in common:“When you confront them with Jesus, they get terrified. They know him, they know that judgment will come upon them. This authority is destructive to them. “

grey state black

Black Awakening would have appeared in the FEMA camp film Gray State. If you hadn’t pulped him and killed his maker.

Another way to do zombie apocalysis is in a technological way. This plan is so diabolical that I feel really sick. It could well be that 99.99% of all people are infected with so-called nanites (nano robots) or ‘smart dust’. These are in the chemtrails that have been sprayed over our heads for 20 years and are so tiny that you can breathe them. Sounds crazy, but Dr. In 2013, Bill H. Weld received a leaked document from the DARPA by an unspecified military member and this now makes a lot more sense in the current times than it did back then.

This document deals with the “Nano Domestic Quell” program.

nano domestic quell

DEPSECDFF is one of the highest levels of secrecy in the DoD. Only the highest and second highest positions in the Department of Defense have a clearance to read this document.

As the documents clearly show, the US government has embarked on a programme to implement a secret “Armageddon nano-device” that mimics a flu virus and is intended to be activated in the event of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistance among the public. The nano-devices are currently in or “carried” by an estimated 87% of the population, and by 2014 98% of the population is expected to be infected (today it is probably closer to 99.99%). You probably already have this nano-device in your body as you read this. But remember, these nanodevices are inactive until activated by a radio signal or transmission. And that signal will come through our cellular jacks, presumably as soon as they crank up 4G or 5G. You can have these nanites custom made to your specifications, like which tissue they need to be active in. And mostly they mimic simple tasks of enzymes, proteins, viruses, bacteria or other substances in the body. They can be programmed to target specific cells in the body, be activated by a specific signal and report back when they have completed their task. That is, send out a signal themselves. There are already a number of nano-robots in use today that can perform a wide range of tasks in the body. See for yourself:



Nanotechnology: Custom made and so small that they are invisible to the human eye.

According to Dr. Bill, these nanobots from the Darpa program are used for very sinister things: “As soon as the device is activated, it will imitate the flu virus. You will be dead within 10 to 12 days. There is no known cure or way to prevent it. ” Hm, will they force us to vaccinate that way? If they just fire that signal, the nanodevices in the bodies will be activated and one will become involved in what appears to be a very serious case of the fluto die. The virus outbreak can spread from individual or group targets to a large city-wide, or even global, outbreak. One side discusses what the expected nanite infection rates are in the population and which access flows need to be increased by how many percent. Then there are things like: Pepsi + 9.9%, Nestle + 8.5%, Chicago waterworks + 5.1%, Atlanta waterworks + 4.4%, Danone + 4.2%, Coca-Cola +4.1 %, Los Angeles Waterworks + 2.9%, Seattle Waterworks + 1%. So not only did they spray that shit in the air, but our drinking was full of it too.

nano domestic quell 2

And not just there. Our vaccinations have also been full of nano-technology for years, as the industry itself admits. For more information, I recommend you an excellent article from Freedom Articles: “Operation Coronavirus is Working Hand-in-Hand with the Nanotech Agenda”. Read here.

This is what your body’s own bio-machines look like, by the way. Not far from non-biological machines.

Humanity could be full of ‘sleeping’ nanites that could control many processes of the body, perhaps even neurological ones. As soon as the signal comes, will we become remote-controlled zombies? Absolutely terrible idea. It’s also part of the transhumanism agenda: they’re turning us into robots more and more from within. And the kids are psychologically prepared for this on Netflix. This series is about a conspiracy through which all people in test centers get a ‘smart mark ‘. And as soon as everyone has one, a signal is sent out via cell phone masts and everyone is under direct mind control of the conspirators.

Then there is a very revealing PDF from NASA from 2001 entitled ‘Future Warfare 2025’ in which very perfidious weapons of the present are discussed. The NASA presentation refers to data from DARPA, CIA, DIA, NRO, DOD, etc. Again it talks about smart-dust and other bio- and nano-weapons, chemtrails, electromagnetic weapons like microwaves, quantum computers and implantable chips. And remember. Who is the war being waged against? Against us! They also give a glimpse of a few future ‘developments’. See pdf end of post.

nasa paper 13

nasa paper 2 s26
Page 26.
nasa paper 3 s 43
Page 43… chemtrails a legal weapon from the air?
nasa paper 4 s 50
Page 50 … Physical effects from microwave radiation
nasa paper 5 s55
Page 55
nasa paper s 73
Page 73 Rats as weapons? Plants as sensors?

So what can you do against nanobots and smart dust infections? There is a lot buzzing around on the Internet, but for the record: This is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE! Do your own research and ask a doctor or alternative practitioner before you do anything. It is said that anti-parasitic agents can also help remove potential nanites. That means fenbendazole, but also bentonite earth. A water filter and organic food / hygiene products naturally never do any harm.

In the animated series’ Gravity Falls’Masonic Disney is also about the end of the world in which demons roam the earth and reality goes completely crazy. I have a feeling that this series comes very close to the actual happenings to come. The two seasons are about two siblings who live with their deceitful uncle over the summer. There you will find a book which you are trying to decipher and from then on you will be thrown from one magical adventure to the next. At some point they discover the demon Bill Chyper (a floating one-eye pyramid) who has been held captive in one dimension for many millennia. So the same story again. He has the plan to come into the physical world through a space-time portal and to rule it forever.

alex hirsch
Uncle Stan, character from the series with the Masonic Fez hat, and its creator Alex Hirsch

alex hirsch 2

This portal for Bill Chipher (Lucifer) is opened by a kind of ‘dark matter’ in the sky (Rift) , which starts the Weirdmageddon (Crazy Armageddon). Bill Chipher and his demons are raging on earth, time is going crazy, everyone is going crazy and “Meaning doesn’t matter anymore” . Dark matter, space-time changes, demons going crazy – sounds like the CERN Abyssos agenda! Predictive programming for the kids. It’s the cartoon version of our real end of the world! Check out these two short videos.

The particle accelerator from CERN is not harmless basic research, but the greatest satanic incantation ritual of all time with which the fundamental rules of our reality are changed. They play with forces with which mortals can only cause harm and deliberately declare a war against God. It will be hell on earth in the truest sense of the word : Anger and every form of negativity will slowly increase and you can no longer rely on your memories. Demons and the Antichrist are born to torture everyone into insanity and suicide who does not ask for forgiveness and stand on the right side (seal of God on the forehead). And the latter could then be mercilessly hunted down by the possessed or the nanobot-controlled. It will be really interesting times!

interesting times

Weirdmageddon: “Things are getting so weird that not even the Secret Masters are sure whats going on. Unfortanatley this makes them grumpy and they tend to argue a lot, slam doors, and destroy small nations. “

Project Bluebeam – The Black Budget UFO and Massiahs Show

Another agenda for the coming period is a black budget operation with the operation title Project Bluebeam , which has been in preparation since the 1960s . This is a psychological operation by the Black-Ops secret services of unprecedented global proportions. The aim is to simulate an attack by extraterrestrial beings for the whole world with extremely complex black budget technology, followed by an artificially generated spiritual experience for every person on earth. Sounds totally impossible? At the end of this article you will see it differently. It will be the most complex, diabolical and biggest false flag attack of all time. But why all of this?

project bluebeam 2

Let’s ask former US President Ronald Reagan. In 1987 he spoke to all world leaders in the UN:

“In our obsession with the antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much we unite all members of humanity. Perhaps we need some external, universal threat that will allow us to recognize this common bond. I occasionally think of how quickly our differences around the world would disappear if we were exposed to an alien threat from outside of this world . And yet, I ask you, isn’t there already a strange force among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war? “(Reagan before the UN, 1987)

In another speech, too, he longed for an alien attack to unite the peoples of the world through a common enemy:

Former Nazi rocket engineer and father of the NASA space program, Dr. Wernher von Braun predicted as early as 1974 that the fake alien invasion would be the first threat to the world after the threat of the Middle East war. Dr. Carol Rosin first met von Braun in February 1974, and it was at this point, three years before his death in 1977, that von Braun received Dr. Rosin amazed by describing this plan in great detail and where it was to lead: planetary control under a repressive one-world government. At this point in time, Von Braun was already dying of cancer. But he made sure that before he gave the time to bless Mrs. Roslin learned of the ‘game what is being played’. This game is the arming of space and the control of the earth from “space”. Dr.Fairchild Industries and worked with NASA and the secret services.

Carol Roslin and Werner von Braun in the early 1970s.

In his last years she was also his spokesperson at public appearances because he was too sick at some point. He told her how they manage to implement these weapons or how they will manage to convince the decision-makers of the necessity of these (in his eyes very dangerous and overpriced) weapons in “space”. She remembers what he said:

“First you will identify the Russians as the enemy against whom you will target these space weapons, next you will identify terrorists as the enemy, then you will identify crazy third world leaders as the enemy, and next you will identify asteroids against these space weapons be judged. Asteroids, he always had to smile … And the last card you will play are aliens – … aliens . Over the four years he’s been repeating this over and over: ‘And remember, Carol, the last card is aliens – and it’s all a lie ! Do n’t believe a single word of it! “

Remember, these conversations took place in the Cold War era of the 1970s – many years before the War on Terror and the Space Force . And by the way, on Wernher von Braun’s tombstone, the inventor of the Apollo rockets, his name says “Psalms 19: 1” – nothing else. Hmmm what does the King James Bible say under Psalms 19: 1?

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. “

000 5 e1628552567632
I’ll leave it uncommented!

According to Dr Rosin, von Braun then instructed her to prevent this plan, the weaponisation of the upper atmosphere, by any means possible. He explained that failure to do so would lead to catastrophe for the entire human species, as a mysterious transnational power that already existed at the time would move to take permanent control of this earth “through a fake invasion of aliens from outer space”. In time, all of Wernher von Braun’s warnings came true. Rosin herself was in a meeting in 1977 where high US military officials were already planning a war in the Gulf region and they were discussing which state leader to declare an enemy. Carol Roslin then stood up and resigned from her position, while she watched all those involved go on to stellar careers in the military and other offices. Unfortunately, she failed in her quest: today, under Trump, the US has indeed officially ‘weaponised’ space (although, of course, as we know, this has been the case since the 70s) and created a (fake) space force to fight the fake aliens. Everything is going exactly according to plan. Read here.

space force

The goal is to bring all of humanity to war with an “other species” and thereby give them a world citizen identity. United against the common otherworldly enemy. And this forms the mass psychological basis for the acceptance or even the demand for the long-planned one-world state . After all, one can no longer think in terms of nations when faced with “planetary enemies” … only that these enemies do not exist. Like the terrorists and communists, these enemies are artificially created to control and decimate us. It becomes a false flag attack.

The Canadian journalist Serge Monast published the book ‘Project Bluebeam’ in 1996 in which he wanted to warn the world about how NASA and secret services are trying to implement a New Age religion that will be headed by an anti-Christian figure.

“NASA’s infamous Blue Beam Project envisages four different steps to implement the New Age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must not forget that the New Age religion is the very basis of the new world government, without which the dictatorship of the new world order is utterly impossible. I will repeat that: without a universal belief in New Age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible ! That is why the Blue Beam project is so important to them, but so far it has been so well hidden. ” (Serge Monast 1994)

Shortly after the book was published, the 51-year-old monast was persecuted, his daughter and son were stolen from him, he was arrested and died of a “heart attack” the day after his arrest. He stabbed a wasp’s nest and paid for it. He left a woman who is now without a family.

serge monast2
Serge Monast, journalist from Quebec, Canada.


According to him, Project Bluebeam runs in several phases running in quick succession. He says that the first clue for the start of the operation is a global economic disaster . Not a complete crash, but enough to implement an “intermediate currency” before they implement the fully electronic money that will replace cash and plastic. This intermediate phase will force people to either spend or give up their savings and thus no one will have the financial resources to fight the conspirators. He apparently even published a (badly blacklisted) UN document on Project Bluebeam, although it’s hard to say how real it is.

bluebeam document 13

bluebeam document 23

bluebeam document 32

The first phase of Project Bluebeam involves the destruction of religious relics and sites. Here we are in the midst of the systematic destruction of Muslim and culturally significant sites by the ISIS cabal terrorist group, the systematic destruction of Christian churches through vandalism, lock-down orders, man-made natural disasters or fires (Notre Dam), and the historical rewriting through the systematic destruction of historical and cultural monuments in the US by BLM. The old social fabric is erased to make way for the new. Next, new archeological finds will be uncovered by artificial earthquakes in several places on earth. These fake finds will show all nations that they were wrong in the interpretation of their religious doctrines. The aim is to permanently destroy the faith of all Judeo-Christians and Muslims and for this they need fake evidence from the distant past to finally undermine their scriptures. Read here.

alien sceletton

These findings will prove that humanity is in fact descended from aliens aka. the fallen angels of Lucifer and not from God! The modern narrative of the freemason Charles Darwin says that we are not perfectly created children of God, but at best housebroken apes. According to this narrative, these primitive Neanderthals should have received such a strong evolutionary push in a very short time about 10,000 years ago that they almost suddenly evolved from Neanderthals to the first civilisations. The new extension of this narrative will then be that this thrust came about through alien visitation and the mixing of the human genome with their superior alien genome and the sharing of their superior knowledge. For decades we have been psychologically prepared or brainwashed for this. The pseudo-scientific TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’ in which exactly this thesis of pre-astronautics is advocated, has been giving the History Channel high ratings for 14 seasons. The religions were supposedly wrong about their messiahs, instead reptilian aliens come from under the earth for our salvation. Warning: Luciferian propaganda!

Even back in the 1960s, Stanley Kubrik’s symbolic classic 2001: Odyssey in Space showed us how aliens or alien robots (monolith) from space influenced the development of mankind.

2001 odysee

There is another three-part series that shows the whole project and is based on an old Arthur C. Clakes book: Childhoods End . It is complete brainwashing to accept the Antichrist as the leader of the new world religion. The book / series is about that one day big alien ships suddenly appear in the sky. These ‘OVERLORDS’ threaten everyone with supernatural violence who themselves become violent. So you are forcing the earth into world peace. Everyone is laying down their arms and the world religions are moving closer together.


World hunger is also ended. A human is chosen to become a spokesperson between the leader of the Overlords, Carol, and the humans, but he never sees the aliens but always stands in a holographic room in the mother ship. A resistance movement is also formed that does not trust these Overlords. They suspect other motives of the overlords (the example of happy pigs running to the slaughterhouse is shown). Well, this resistance movement kidnaps the spokesman for humanity. When they try to shoot him, the overlords stop time and broadcast the whole thing to the world (bad press for the resistance/demonstration of power for the overlords). At the time, the mother of a Christian woman also committed suicide because she lost her connection to God after the ships landed. Afterwards, the speaker insists that Carol reveal herself to the world so that they can trust him, but Carol refuses and postpones this until later. He nevertheless secretly takes a photo of Carol through the mirror and is shocked. The world is not ready for this picture. Fifteen years pass and the world is no longer the same. World government, world peace, no more crime, disease and hunger. In all that time the overlords have hovered over humanity in their ships. Everyone wears only white/grey clothes and is happy.

overlords 24

The day has finally come when Carol reveals herself to the world and the whole world is watching. They want to see and celebrate their Savior and Redeemer. The UFO lands and who comes out?

overlords 34

Satan! The fallen angel Lucifer. He says there is no need to be afraid of him and that now the golden age begins. Children are shown accepting him immediately. Because for this generation, narratives of Satan are already so far away and they have been brainwashed all their lives that they don’t recognise him as anything unusual. In the second and third episodes, the battle of the demons is ignited. Christianity is considered outdated and obsolete and the few believers still very much doubt the Overlords’ intentions, while the rest of the world has long since celebrated Carol as the liberator and blames God for all our past evils. Christians are being attacked by a seemingly invisible hand. One is strangled with her crucifix necklace, another has a stroke when the word ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is mentioned (alluding to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount). Children begin to hear voices and develop telepathy and telekinesis. The Overlords tell humanity that this is part of their evolution, part of the New Age and ascension into the higher dimensions (Ascencion). There is a theme running through the whole series: the hermetic, esoteric understanding of the old mystery schools is the CORRECT one and the Biblical understanding of the whole thing is the WRONG one. There are also constant allusions that the Bible stories have always been alien (Statan) and that Noah’s ship, for example, was just a spaceship.

overlords 4 1
The battle of the two explanatory models for the overlords.

There’s so much more to Childhoods End, check it out, it’s the complete psychological programming to accept and worship fallen angels as gods, invite demons into your own life and vehemently reject Christianity. First, they created a world of Athesists, Gnostics, New Agers, and New Age Christians. This spiritual vacuum will soon be filled. And not only Hollywood is used for this slow brainwashing, it is also used by our modern New Age preachers.

Charismatic figures like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Micheal Salla and whatever they are called lead something like a cult in which people long for their alien creators (Disclosure). These heads have been infiltrating the Truther scene for over 10 years, but strangely enough, their content is never restricted or censored by the Google algorithm. Luciferic psy-op to control the opposition. Classic disinformation – don’t fall for it. I mention this here because I myself hung these false prophets on my lips and maybe can wake up one or the other alien disciple before it’s too late. Exactly these Satanists are the same people who pushed and promoted the ‘Q-Trump’ narrative and the ‘Good-Alliance-Fight-Against-the-Cabal’ narrative from the start, therefore it can be assumed that it is also a controlled narrative which is supposed to serve a specific purpose. By presenting the fake digs, they will bring their alien ancestry propaganda into the mainstream. And this has been so much softened with Sci-Fi Mind Control for decades that it will swallow the lie with thanks. It will form the basis for the One World Religion: the global worship of the fallen angels with the Antichrist on top.

wilcock and goode
The final fusion between our “fake story” and its Hollywood mind control fictions.
corey goode fraud2
Roger Ramsaur, the collaborator producer of Corey Goode, has the Siglie of Lucifer tattooed on his neck. So on the throat chakra, the chakra of expression and truth. Very significant. In addition, the Blue-Avian aliens who are supposed to save us are always shown with an As-Above-So-Below gesture like the one shown on the Batphomet.


Our Religious Leaders are of course also involved in the operation and are already slowly preparing the world to welcome their otherworldly demons and the Antichrist. That is their task to fulfil. The Jesuit cabal Pope Francis, who already said that Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross was a “failure”, that a personal relationship with Jesus could be “dangerous” and that the Lord is a woman and the Bible should be rewritten gender-neutrally. Read here. And watch here.

This very “Christian” leader also said that he would baptise Martians without hesitation. Read here. They will welcome the fallen angels and the Antichrist with open arms. But such statements are nothing new for the Vatican:

“The Vatican’s chief astronomer, the Argentine Jesuit Father José Funes, declared the possibility of extraterrestrial life in 2008 when he also said that the mercy of God could be offered to extraterrestrials when it was needed. He even quoted Pope Francis’ namesake to clarify his point. “This is not contrary to faith, because we cannot set limits to God’s creative freedom,” said Funes. “To use the words of St. Francis: If we regard earthly creatures as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, why can we not also speak of an ‘extraterrestrial brother’?” “

Well, just that this extraterrestrial place will be a different dimension aka. the hell.

000 6 e1628552731806
They always remind me of Sith Lords from Star Wars!

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has been briefing its cardinals on various topics for years. In 2009, they gave a lecture on astobiology and one of the topics was “life on alien planets”. And the Vatican even finances a gigantic telescope in Arizona with which they observe the stars (VATT: Vatican Advanced Technoligy Telescope). And the telescope there for “extragalactic” research is actually abbreviated L.U.C.I.F.E.R, which is supposed to stand for Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research. You really can’t make this stuff up, they’re pushing it on us all the time!

lbt 1

The second step in the plan of NASA’s Blue Beam project involves a gigantic “space light show” with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, as well as laser projections of several holographic images simultaneously to all the different countries of the world, with each country receiving a different image depending on the prevailing regional or national religious beliefs. These holograms of the Messiah will be visible in the sky (clouds will presumably serve as the projection background) and will look very imposing and deceptively real. Yes, it sounds crazy, but the technological progress of hologram technology is already much further than most people realise. Hologram comes from the Greek and means “whole image”, i.e. an image visible from all sides. The hologram was invented as early as 1971 by the physicist Dennis Gabor, who also won the Nobel Prize for it. Since then, it has undergone constant development.

project bluebeam 1

Most of the world’s technological progress is held back by us and takes place in black-budget programmes, i.e. programmes of government agencies whose content and funding are not accounted for. No politician, not even the US president, has insight into or influence over these top-secret programmes. Because of the old killer argument: for reasons of national security. These programmes swallow enormous sums of taxpayers’ money, officially about 185 billion dollars annually, but in reality it is probably more in the trillions. Often, public programmes of NASA or most likely SpaceX are gigantic “black (budget) holes” that suck in huge amounts of taxpayers’ money (Musk has received $5 billion from the state so far). Read here.

This means that the costs of their programmes are deliberately calculated far too high so that part of it can always seep into the top-secret black budget area. And where do you think the $21 trillion(!) in “unaccountable” US government spending (1985-2015) ended up!!!? Or the $2.3 trillion “lost” to the Pentagon as Donald Rumsfeld confessed the day before 9/11? They are being used for the secret development of elaborate technologies that will enslave and deceive us. Read here.

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders  that serve the lie,  10  and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11  For this reason God sends them  a powerful delusion  so that they will believe the lie. ” – Thessalonians 2: 9-11.

In fact, we are at the beginning of the hologram age. Many companies are already working with holograms and in a very few years they will find their way into the everyday lives of millions of people. Therefore, Project Bluebeam will also have to take place BEFORE the mass adaptation of the hologram technology, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved and most would ask the question: “Couldn’t that be a hologram too?” there are machines that can be produced cheaply and that can produce high-resolution holograms with sounds. You can even touch it. Yes, you heard right. They are even better than in Star Wars.

But there are still a few other ways to create holograms today. If you consider that the secret services are probably another 20-30 years ahead of the private sector in the development of holograms, deceptively real-looking and speaking giant holograms no longer seem so improbable.

With 5G, they could also have an actor play the Messiah for the hologram in real time.

In addition, the holograms are to be combined with the so-called God-Voice technology. With this psychological weapon, microwaves could beam the voice of God into the minds of their victims. The USAF has been working on such technologies since the 1990s and at that time openly planned to use holograms and voice-of-god technologies as psychological warfare in the 1991 Gulf War. The Guardian journalist David Hambling investigated in 2000: Read here:

“We are in Baghdad in 1991 and something strange is happening here. A silence falls over the city as a huge shimmering face materializes in the sky. Soldiers and citizens prostrate themselves as everyone hears the voice of Allah coming from within commanding them to overthrow the evil and traitorous Saddam Hussein. Within a few minutes, an angry mob storms the palace while the guards flee …

This highly imaginative scenario was proposed by US Air Force planners for a bloodless victory in the Gulf conflict. “

He goes on and reveals the Air Force’s considerations for the technical implementation of this project. For the large hologram of Muhammad or Allah you would need a mirror as a background medium in addition to planes with projectors. This would have to be very large and several miles high up in orbit for a convincing effect. A very difficult and costly undertaking. Another possibility would be a mirror made of thin air:

“When warm air lies on top of cold air, the difference in density is sufficient to bend the light. This creates the well-known false puddles on the street on a hot day. At higher elevations, a mirage can make entire landscapes appear in the sky, an effect known as a mirage. An artificial mirage could theoretically be created by heating the atmosphere with radio waves or microwaves. “

This kind of heating of the ionosphere is also possible with the HAARP weather manipulation weapon. Read here.

haarp 22

In order for the God Show to be convincing and effective, you need your voice as well as your image. After all, manipulative information should also be conveyed in a convincing way.

“When a high power microwave pulse hits the human body, a small temperature disturbance occurs. This causes an expansion of the tissue which can generate an acoustic wave. A report by the USAF’s Scientific Advisory Board states: “With a pulse current, an internal acoustic field of 5-15KHz can be generated that is audible. This can make it possible to ‘talk’ to opponents in a way that would be most disturbing to them “.”

So it will actually feel as if God is speaking to you from within. From the depths of your SOUL and of course most people, even atheists, will fall for it and kneel down! Or lose your mind. Absolutely sick and perfidious technology!

project bluebeam 3

The next step in this process would be electronic telepathy with ELF, VLF, and LF waves that would penetrate the brain and intertwine with our natural thinking to form diffuse artificial thinking. Direct mind control through electromagnetic weapons to enhance the illusion of God’s power. Unfortunately, these torture technologies have been tested in the USA for around two decades on some unsuspecting victims (so that they are ready for use for the big day X when everyone on earth ‘may’ get to know them).

Again the 1995 Illuminat Card Game by Peter Jackson

The Guardian article ends with some technical hurdles to be overcome before this operation is ready for use and suggests that even small technical difficulties would destroy the illusion. In addition, no cultural blunders should happen in the representation of the Messiah or the words that you put in your mouth. That could blow the dizziness right away. But one must not forget that exactly three decades have passed in which these hurdles could have been overcome. Three decades in which this operation was further prepared and refined.

As early as 1994, the USAF pursued the hologram idea and, according to a Washington Post article from 1999, officially started the development of a holographic projector for psychological warfare. Read here.

“The Gulf War hologram story could be dismissed if it hadn’t been for [the Post] to learn that a super-secret program was set up in 1994 to closely track the technology for the use of PSYOPS [psychological surgeries]. The “holographic projector” is described in a classified document of the Luftwaffe as a system to “project information power from space … for deception missions in special operations”. “

This technology remained quiet for a long time…. By 2008 New Hampshire University students publish a three-part article on non-lethal weapons in the university newspaper: Read here.

“The first article in which the hologram weapon is mentioned is based on an interview with the head of the Non-Lethal Technology Innovations Center at the University of New Hampshire (the article also includes the concept of an” intelligent blender “) . This center, like another non-lethal laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, was supported by the Department of Defense. “In the concept phase, according to [Glenn] Shwaery, there are rather strange weapons like giant holograms that are supposed to cause fear in soldiers on a battlefield .”

I think that these projectors and electromagnetic manipulation weapons are attached to so-called Atmospheric Satellites or HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites) at a height of 20km.

satellites bluebeam

However, there are other possibilities for deception by the military and intelligence services through holograms besides the Messiah. A study commissioned by a US Air Force panel in 1996 entitled “Air Force 2025” shows what a future “Airborne Holographic Projector” might look like. In this illustration, a virtual aircraft is created to deceive the enemy about the size and location of the attacking forces. This way, the enemy does not know how big an attacking fleet is and which aircraft is really real. Read here.

airborne holographic projector
Extract from the Air Force study. One aircraft creates a hologram of another aircraft.

Wait a minute: Airplane holograms?! Yep, this technology was already used on 9/11. At the time, this technology had already been officially in the works for seven years, so a prototype could have been ready for use by the summer of 2001. John Lear popularised this theory. John Lear, the grandson of Learjet founder Bill Lear, is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot who has flown over 100 different types of aircraft in 40 years of active flying. He holds more FAA pilot certificates than any other FAA-certified pilot and has flown secret CIA missions in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. And he says that it is physically impossible that an aircraft whose hull and wings are only made of thin aluminium could have completely penetrated these buildings. Watch here.

After all, the WTC buildings consisted of a massive steel outer skeleton and a steel core inside. If physical forces had not been on holiday that day, the planes would have been completely crushed against the outer shell of the buildings, like flattening a Coke can against a wall, and large parts of the plane would have landed on the street. But that did not happen. Instead, we saw the physical impossibility of a buttery smooth and complete entry into the buildings. No slowing down on entry, no breaking off of the wings – nothing. As if they were made of air. The buildings explode from the inside. Take a close look at the second ‘plane’ in slow motion. And then look at a real impact of a jet (with a concrete wall – much less stable than steel).

Even the precise flight maneuver itself, the precise landing in EXACTLY the center of the building, would have been impossible even for the most experienced pilot. It is also impossible for a Boeing to reach such a speed at this altitude. This is only possible at high altitudes where the air is thinner. At the air pressure, the planes should have fallen apart and crashed before they could even get near the building. And on top of that, the video recordings also show how the plastic tip of the second aircraft came out undamaged on the other side of the building. Absolute bullshit. Impossible. Never in life! According to John Lear, the USAF holographic projectors described above were used, which can even generate sound. And the impact holes were created by previously placed and timed explosive devices. In emotionally charged moments, people trust 100% what they see (on television) – even if it contradicts all logic and physicality.


When the mistake was noticed, they briefly blackened the picture. Too late. Pinoccio’s nose was already there.

plane nose
This is what an airplane nose looks like as soon as it meets a bird. They are mostly only made of plastic!

000 8 e1628553220776

000 7 e1628552982102
Airplane wings must be built lightly. Even a collision with a bird can destroy it. Conversely, we should believe that this wing cuts like a knife through 30cm thick steel girders. Cartoon physics …

wtc steel collums2

We were fooled even more that day than most assume. In fact, Operation 9/11 was Operation Bluebeam’s predecessor (on a smaller scale only). Here, in a major psychological operation, holograms and Directed Energy Weapons were used by satellites, combined with meticulously scripted reporting in order to increase the effect of the psy-op deception. Afterwards traces were carefully covered, the narratives of the opposition checked (you have to go to Architects & Engeneers for 9/11 Truthonly mention DEWs and holograms and will be blocked) and the desired collective trauma is reinforced again and again by never-ending media propaganda. And if there are airplane holograms, there are UFO holograms too. Bluebeam will benefit from the experience gained on that day.

The study ‘Air Force in 2025’ was, by the way, very informative about which technologies were developed in the black budget area. There is also talk of a Solar Energy Optical Weapon here . Basically, this is like a large magnifying glass or flashlight from a high altitude, with which you can focus the sun’s rays on the earth. They even give weather modification options.

solar energy optical weapon 1
Could potentially used for Weather Modification!

And apparently the writer for the 2002 James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ was also inspired by this paper. Here the villain uses just such a sun weapon from heaven and calls it Icarus. Hiding the truth in fiction again … even after the ice has melted, the villain smugly says “Climate change is a terrible thing” . They laugh in our faces!

rectengular iceberg
Would also explain the perfectly rectangular (lasered) icebergs in Antarctica.

In general, the weather is going crazy! This year not a single day went by without extreme and unusual weather anywhere in the world. You can watch this video if you have time. It is a compilation of all weather phenomena of the last nine months, underlaid with the revelation from the Bible.

But I digress. So all over the world different three-dimensional Messiah holograms from the upper atmosphere are projected into the sky at the same time and people hear the voice of their Messiah (in their respective language) in their heads. But what is the message that the cable wants to convey to the whole world?

000 9 e1628557507995

According to Serge Monast, it continues as follows …

Enough truth will be forced upon an unsuspecting world to be drawn into the lie, and even the most intelligent of people will be deceived. I can imagine that they even put the cards on the table and let the fake messiah tell about a cabal that has controlled the world for centuries (there you have your Q-salvation!). At that point it is already in its bunker (if not already). But in this way they can also wrap the “woken up” in their lies. The Blue Beam Project will thus lay claim to the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of the ancientsto be an event as significant as the one that is said to have occurred 2,000 years ago. The projected images of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc. will merge into one after the answers to the mysteries and revelations are revealed. This one composite God will in fact be the Antichrist who will declare that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted and that the old religions are responsible for turning brother against brother and nation against nation, which is why these old religions are being abolished need to make way for the new age. The new world religion. Who represents the one true God, the Antichrist, whom you see in front of you.

antichrist 2

“And it was given to him to give spirit to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast could speak and make that all who did not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And it makes them all, small and great, rich and poor, free and slaves, to make a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, namely the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is wisdom! Whoever has understanding thinks about the number of the beast; for it is a man’s number, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six . ” (Revelation 13; 15-18)

The image of the beast surely means the hologram of the Antichrist. Anyone who does not worship it will be killed. You have to consider that the Bible prophecies had to be transmitted in a language that was understandable for the people of that time. And anyone who doesn’t have their chip or glowing quantum dot tattoo vaccination on their right hand or forehead will no longer be able to enter a supermarket or go to work (buy & sell). And this Quantum-Dot Tattoo uses a bioluminescent technology called Luciferease. So it also contains the name of the animal! Meanwhile, they don’t even hide it anymore. You need tomatoes on your eyes and in your ears not to realise that biblical prophecy is happening here!

000 10 e1628557618722
The shining mark of the beast. Everyone who wears this time is no longer a child of God because the genetic code is completely changed. Our divine connection is cut.

The vaccine itself is even more frightening: the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca recently had to abandon its Phase 3 test of its gene vaccine because two British women fell ill. The vaccine – known as AZD1222 – uses an adenovirus as a carrier for a gene from one of the SARS-COV-2 proteins. One of the women developed a rare disease of inflammation of the spinal cord (transverse myelitis). Read here.

A painful disease that can lead to paralysis. The other woman developed “neurological symptoms”…. AstraZeneca didn’t come out with anything more. But supposedly the study related people have heard the woman say : “You have killed God! I can’t feel God. My soul is dead. ” Creepy Stuff. See here.

The third step in Project Bluebeam: Christians are deceived that their soul harvest (rapture) is imminent and that they will be picked up by UFOs for the golden age. However, these aircraft are also black-budget technologies of the Cabal (based on the inventions of Nikola Tesla). Ultimately, the sheep is deceived into falling into the battle-trap itself.

“Just as someone then says to you,” Here is Christ ! or: there! you shouldn’t believe it like that. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and do great signs and wonders that even the elect may be deceived in error (where it is possible). See, I told you before. Therefore, if they say to you, Behold, he is in the wilderness! so do not go out – see, he is in the room! so do not believe. ” (Mattheus 23-26)

A deception so great, so convincing, so impressive – that even the judgment of the chosen (awakened Christians) is shaken. Never let a UFO take you away. The film Knowing that I wrote about in the last article is about exactly that (manipulative propaganda). Unfortunately, all the Ascencion alien disciples will fall for it without even thinking for a second.

bluebeam rapture

bluebeam rapture 2

Of course, this superbly staged forgery will lead to global social and religious unrest, with each nation blaming different nations for the deception. Mass panic and mass psychoses will unfortunately also be the result. For the majority of the sleeping population, this will be a very uncomfortable awakening that very few will cope with. Furthermore, this event will take place at a time of profound global political anarchy and general unrest caused by some fabricated global catastrophe [just now or within the next two years]. Some state will start attacking the UFOs (or vice versa) and the army of the deep state will give the already ailing mankind the devastating death blow with their black-budget weapons and aircraft (which have been worked on since the 1940s). The result will be a massive population reduction of several billion people.

000 11 e1628557719256
The free energy of flying objects in the 1940s …

But how do they look today? What do the UFOs look like for Project Bluebeam? Is there any evidence that the US government has secret flying objects that we only know from science fiction films?

The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the successor in title of several radical aerospace technologies patented by an aerospace engineer who works at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland. One of these patents describes a “hybrid aerospace underwater vehicle” which is claimed to be capable of truly exceptional speed and maneuverability in the air, on water and in space thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system . According to the CTO of the Naval Aviation Enterprise, this patent exists because the Chinese have been investing heavily in very similar technologies for quite a while and the US does not want to be left behind.

It is clear that the narrative is carefully controlled by the Ministry of Defence and the Navy. We can only base our speculation on what has been leaked to the public through the media in recent years and what is available as a public record. That said, perhaps the strangest addition to the still-developing saga is a series of strange aerospace patents filed by a certain Salvatore Cezar Pais, an aerospace engineer at NAWCAD.

The hybrid aerospace underwater vehicle in the Pais patent, meanwhile, is described as being incredibly fast and maneuverable, and can fly equally well in the air, water, or space without leaving a heat signature. This is possible, Pais claims in his patent, because the airplane is able to “construct the fabric of our reality on the most basic level” by exploiting the laws of physics.

000 12 e1628557867761

The concept is pretty simple, although the technology required to make it a reality is far from simple. All matter contains energy at the quantum level. By theoretically generating its own, incredibly dense and polarized energy field, the hybrid ship can supposedly create a quantum “vacuum” around itself, which allows it to repel all air or water molecules with which it interacts. In this way the vehicle can essentially ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces, as claimed in the patent.

In all of his patents and publications describing the hybrid aerospace underwater vehicle (HAUC) , Pais writes that the radical performances in terms of speed and maneuverability that the vehicle is supposedly capable of are achieved through the coupling of “high frequency axial spin “Or” accelerated vibration “with” high-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems “can be achieved. Read here.

In other words, if one can a) produce a superconductor at room temperature that is able to store an incredibly high amount of energy, and b) set the energy field generated by this superconductor in motion at incredibly high speeds around or within the missile, one can create a polarized energy vacuum around the superconductor that allows it to basically ignore the energy of the air or water around it, thereby removing its own inertia and mass from the equation. To put it simply: the thing creates a force field around itself and can therefore ignore all physical laws while flying. Above the speed of sound in milliseconds without creating G-forces for the pilot, floating in the air, move 360 ​​degrees … and the whole thing completely silently and with infinite energy without needing a drop of kerosene. Free energy.

ufo patent 2

In addition, this aircraft has stealth capabilities (non-linear scattering of RF and sonar signals) and is thus not detectable by radar. This is similar to the stealth bomber Northtroop B-2, which also has great similarities to the aircraft in the above patent, but uses conventional kersosene propulsion. This point is very important for the success of Bluebeam, otherwise every second airport employee would immediately expose the hoax and realise that the devices do not come from “space”. Of course, the narrative is woven that these are just patents for ‘potential’ technologies, but of course they don’t exist yet. Anyone who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for a while knows that the thousands of annual sightings and leaked documents and whistleblower statements speak against it. The technologies described above were not invented by Pais, but by Nikola Tesla at the beginning of the last century and have been used in top secret programmes ever since. With this technology it is possible to make hunger, pollution, wars and injustice disappear from this earth overnight. What kind of rotten and soulless being do you have to be to use it instead for the manipulation and enslavement of humanity? (Learn more about the patents here).

The images of the patent are very reminiscent of the “black triangle UFOs”, also known as TR-3B. These have been seen, photographed and filmed extremely often. I strongly assume that these will be the flying machines for the Blubeam show. There were the first waves of sightings in the 80s, as well as in the 90s. But the biggest one has just been happening since 2016! Read here.

They have to do dress rehearsals for D-Day and probably even want to be seen by a few people in the process. UFO just stands for unidentified flying object and since these aircraft are based on electromagnetic technologies withheld from humanity and they have been hidden in military bases and sealed off areas (Area 51) for decades, they will indeed appear otherworldly to most people. Because they can hover in the air, are incredibly fast and with them it is possible to fly manoeuvres that would be impossible for ordinary aircraft engines. Combine that with Directed Energy Weapons (lasers/microwaves/scalar weapons etc) and God knows what other technologies and you have the “alien UFO from outer space”.

000 13 e1628558021565

triangle shaped ufo 2


ufos card game
“They never get it, even when saucers are flying overhead”

Incidentally, these triangular steath bombers also appeared in I, Pet Goat II!

triangle ufos

The fourth and final step of the Project Bluebeam, according to Serge Monast, is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces, which enables the supernatural forces to penetrate all electronic devices and facilities via fiber optic, coax, power and telephone lines, all of them up to then have installed a special microchip. I think that’s an apt description of the demonic CERN agenda and the Mark of the Beast, just in a slightly different way. But that gives us the tip that bluebeam will take place shortly BEFORE the opening of the abyss.

According to Monast, the conspirators plan to use Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ as the anthem for this event (hmm is that why the word Beethoven is on ‘The World in 2020′ cover of The Economist?! This song will be exactly 200 years old in 2024). Hollywood has been psychologically preparing us for this for decades with hundreds of ‘sci-fi’ films. From Independence Day to Star Trek… the theme is always how the world stands together when alien beings visit Earth or the invaders are repelled when they attack. Also the whole ufology scene is a fraud. The cabal has been pretending to hide the existence of UFOs for 70 years while constantly sprinkling information about them into the mass consciousness, including fake MK-Ultra alien abductions by the military. Package a lie as a hidden truth and it comes across as even more appealing and believable. It is also a hushed fact in the New Age Ufology scene that many people have been able to stop Grey alien abductions as soon as they mentioned Jesus Christ’s name. They run when you pray in his name, it is really painful for them! There is hardly a stronger proof that these are demons. Here is a playlist with such reports of abduction victims.

Have you ever noticed that the ‘tractor beam’ of the aliens has strong similarities with obsession?
black eyes 14
Or that the eyes (gateway to the soul) of the obsessed are always black, like the eyes of the gray alien?

First of all, the idea has to be made palatable to people that “out there”are beings somewhere or could very likely be. The next step of the slow propaganda came from the 90s / 00s: the idea that these beings are our creators and of course not of inter-dimensional / demonic origin but only have good intentions. Logically, they had to test the technology over time – and that’s how the thousands of legitimate UFO sightings over the past decades came about. But the holograms were also tested occasionally. Without a beta test, an operation of these proportions will be damn difficult to run smoothly! I am assuming that it will only take place after a few days of power failure. As a result, the whole thing cannot be filmed and shared, as 99% of all people will be without electricity, and local errors are easier to cover up. Due to the lack of light pollution, the holograms are also more visible. The cinema also darkens before the show starts.

bluebeam comic

The city floating in the clouds that was spotted in China a few years ago was probably a test by Project Bluebeam. Some Eastern prophecies are also about a floating city. Of course, they did the whole thing in a very rural area to avoid mass panic and many video recordings. CNN tries to sell the whole thing as an unusual mirage phenomenon, of course.

Also in 1997 a triangle-shaped UFO was sighted over Mexico City by several people, which was using lasers to create holograms in the sky. Mexico City is particularly suitable for hologram tests due to the high air pollution and this sighting was on a day with particularly high air pollution. See short video.

Serge Monast’s UN document contains the term ‘Night of the thousand Stars ‘ as a code word for the day on which the operation is carried out. This term might sound familiar, as George HW Bush used a very similar term many times in his speeches before and during his presidential candidacy in the 1980s. He always spoke of the ‘thousand points of light’.

No one understood the meaning of this occult term at the time, not even when he named his non-profit organisation after it. But even Trump once alluded to it: “A thousand points of light, what did that even mean? I never understood that.” Well, Donald…. of course you know what that means. Read here.

Now let’s look at the site of LUCIS Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust), a Luciferian secret society founded by H.P. Blavatsky. There it says: “From a theosophical point of view, the descent of these solar angels was not a fall into sin or shame, but rather an act of great sacrifice, as suggested by the name “Lucifer”, which means light-bearer.” And in their affirmations to members it says, “I am a point of light within a greater Light.” So the points of light/stars mean angels. So is the night of a thousand stars the night when the angels fall again and rage on earth?

falling angels2

thousand points of light
Again in the Illuminati card game

The Nickelodeon animated series ‘The Legend of Korra’ is about two deities who are part of a whole. Vaatu, the spirit of darkness and chaos, and Raava, the spirit of light and peace, fought eternally in balance until the first avatar put Vaatu in a dimensional prison. The evil part – Vaatu (Lucifer)- could only free himself by manipulating power-hungry people to help him. There is much of the Adonai-Lucifer dualism here that is part and parcel of the cabal’s belief in Luciferism, but also of the biblical story, with the opening of the prison by CERN, that is playing out before us. In the story of the cartoon, it is the task of the chosen and powerful avatar (Jesus), in whom there is also a part of Raava (Yahweh/Adonai), to defeat Vatuu and put him back in prison. After the liberation of Vatuu (Lucifer), he walks through the city in the dimension of humans as a great being and destroys everything. One of the episodes of the series is called “Night of the thousand Stars!”

000 14 e1628558166927

In China there are now even hologram shows made from drones. A total of 1000 light point drones. Very fascinating.

Exactly how and when will Project Bluebeam, the opening of the Abyss, the Black Awakening and the return of the fallen angels and the Antichrist manifest? In what order? Or all at the same time for maximum chaos? We will only know when the time comes, but the cabal has been working very hard for decades to bring about his return. It is their destiny. And to quote Illuminati insider Dr. Day, “now everything is in place and no one can stop us.” I am convinced that these operations will happen within the next 7 years. Perhaps I should mention that I also had a similarly intense dream in which I was chased by many black tornadoes and UFOs were in the sky attacking humanity. After doing some research, at least one person had EXACTLY the same dream and wrote a thread about it on Reddit. Have you had similar dreams? Read here.

But when is he really coming? How do we recognize the correct return?

We should definitely be MORE than skeptical if we witness mass supernatural phenomena or if they tell us something about UFOs or aliens on the news. In general, anything to do with NASA (nasa = Hebrew for deception ) and space is a lie. It will take a lot of effort for us to resist this delusion, because it will wait for a moment in which we will be weakened. Trust only in your heart … for your mind can and will be deceived.

Time details?

Interestingly, there has recently been an art project in Union Square in New York with which the cabal is communicating something to us: The Countdown to the End of the World. Watch here.

It counts down to the date on which the allegedly man-made climate change can no longer be reversed. But the date is disturbing: it counts down exactly seven years, like the seven years of the Tribulation in the Bible! Can we expect ever greater chaos on earth by 2027? Will that be the end of the world?

000 15 e1628558253876

♬ Its the finaaal countdown! Dödödö dödödödö dödödö ♬And then I noticed another date in “I Pet Goat 2”: There is a blue full moon shown at one point. They are quite rare and this Halloween (2020) we have a blue full moon. Full moon nights on Halloween are very rare, the last one was in 1944 and the next one won’t be until 2039 again and blue full moons on Halloween are even rarer. And we all know how obsessed these occultist nutters are with full moons and Halloween! I don’t know what could happen then, I just noticed it. But Channel 6’s transponder doll says of this year’s blue Halloween full moon, “In folklore and mythology, the full moon is associated with strange happenings on our planet. So 2020 must have been a long full moon.” Watch here.

blauer vollmond2

Then there is the rather lame comedy series ‘Last Man on Earth’ from 2017. It is about a pandemic of a flu-like virus. The government orders people to wash their hands and wear masks, all the programming. Only in this series does the 46th President of the USA die of the virus! And his name is Micheal Richard Pence ! They went too far with that, it was TOO OPEN.

Well, in the current act in the real politics show, Trump has also had the “virus” for a few days and there is discussion whether the real vice Micheal Richard Pence will take over his office. Politico is already painting a horror scenario: What if he gets sick too? Well then, in my opinion, FEMA takes over and then it really starts! Since the state of emergency in March, they have been authorised to do this for 12 months. At the beginning of the article I already said that the stars are announcing a massive change of power for mid to late October! Let’s see how and if it manifests itself. Read here.

And then I came across a kind of comic strip or slideshow in the Telegraph, one of the most widely read newspapers in Britain, which was published in five parts in spring 2009. Here, a staff member who knows more probably wanted to warn us! Blackjack recounts the impact of a potential terrorist attack using nuclear weapons. In this supposedly “fictional” scenario (under each picture they write that it is fictional) a precisely executed terrorist attack by the Tearsdrop Group is shown. Within a short period of time on an unspecified 22 June, major cities in the West (London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Portland, Toronto, New York and Washington) are destroyed by nuclear bombs. Millions of people die. Read here.


Muslim and Christian extremists are immediately suspected. The new country emerges from the ruins: The Union of North America (UNA) with the new capital Denver. The state of emergency is declared and the unelected new president immediately attacks the countries in which, according to them, the real masterminds are: Syria, Iran and China. The ‘thousands of collaborators of the attacks’ who are supposedly still in the country are put in camps (FEMA camp operation / arrest of all NWO enemies).

blackjack 2

Meanwhile, law and order in the UNA are established through martial law. The debt was canceled, the markets reopened and a new currency introduced. The next thing is a warning transmission to the citizens of the UNA that every citizen must present a biometic ID card with every purchase and report to the nearest health center in order to get a vaccination for several biological weapons. An RFID chip is shown.

blackjack 34


And what is under the slide? ‘Preparing for lockdown’. Wasn’t it always just that it was fictional among the others? If people still believe that I’m crazy for deciphering future events through fiction: That’s why !! Because you can always see in retrospect where the agendas were packed. It’s their way of communicating. And the author even tells us exactly that. Do you notice the long number on the biometric passport? This is hexadecimal code. If you put this code into a hex calculator, what sentence will appear?

blackjack 54

‘ THIS IS NOT SIMPLY ENTERTAINMENT ‘ … it was a warning!

The comic ends with the seventh atomic bomb in Boston, when one of the terrorists takes a stand against his masterminds and lets the police find the bomb. They find out that the UNA is behind the attacks – it was all a false flag attack to take control. Sections of the military are now rebelling and fighting against other sections of the military. A war arises. Then comes “To be continued …” But a 6th part was never published.

Someone wanted to warn us in 2009! And I think the “June 22” nuclear attack, which in the comic stands for an unspecified June 22nd, actually means June 2022! Let’s see. I can only repeat myself: Get away from the big cities!

Closing thoughts – Be spiritually prepared as well

I have said several times that we are in a spiritual war. It’s not about anything stuck in it but our souls – it always has been. Power, control and money are just tools to get there. This war between good and bad is now entering its hot phase. Millennia-old prophecies will still be fulfilled in our short lifetime. Every single soul that is currently incarnated has a task for this transition. It could be mine to show people the door they can walk through.

jesus vs devil

By the way, last month – September 2020 – was National Preparedness Month again in the US – I hope you were busy! It’s like herd immunity: the more people are prepared, the safer and better for everyone. Who knows how much time we have left. In January 2021, we could already run out of electricity in Germany, and from then on we’ll be living on credit! That almost happened this year. Unfortunately, the calculation doesn’t quite add up, because all of Europe is currently running out of electricity. The Austrian army considers a prolonged total blackout in the next 5 years to be very likely. There are similar considerations in Switzerland. In the same way, we are threatened with a food shortage: Because of COVID, the costs in food production are currently rising, as exports are eliminated, processors are allowed to employ fewer people and only one truck driver is allowed to drive (which is why deliveries take longer and productivity is reduced due to sleep breaks). Especially the cost of imported food will increase enormously, but also our domestic food will increase as prices will follow the index of the international food market. It is possible that this is the last winter in which it is profitable for the supermarket to offer bananas from Central America! According to the World Bank, an additional 130 million people will go hungry this year by the end of 2020. Read here.

That is an absolute record for one year. Logically, we may be able to cope with a small increase in the price of food as incomes fall (short-time work/unemployment), but this is simply not feasible for large parts of the world’s population. The food supply is still running, but it is very tight. It probably won’t stand another shock. Just 2% of all people in the West have agricultural and farming skills, can fish or hunt. If imports cease, only 2% will feed the remaining, totally dependent, 98% of the population- let that sit.
food 12
Dependent or prepared and self-sufficient: which do you prefer?

The stock market is currently showing all the signs of an imminent total crash, e.g. unrealistic growth. After the small slump in March, the market has recovered very well and recovered all losses. Why is the stock market rising, completely separate from the economy, where everything has been rushing down for 7 months (except the unemployment figures, which are rising)? The reason why the stock market has not gone down so far along with the small businesses is stimulus. The money supply was increased by 30% in the last year alone, that’s absolute insanity! All these stimulus packages are going into assets like stocks or real estate.

money supply2

Then there are also historically low interest rates around the world at the moment, which will lead to a bubble. This will not prevent companies from accumulating a bunch of debt, but if the recession gets worse, interest rates will go up again. So it just makes the problem worse in the long run. And the clearest warning signal is so-called stock buybacks. And the fact that the media are not sounding the alarm about this day & night only shows once again their complicity in the planned collapse. Always reporting after the bang instead of warning people beforehand. Stock buybacks are such a pernicious financial trick that they were actually illegal for the period after the Great Depression in the 1930s through 1982! In fact, stock buybacks led to the Great Crash in 1929. In share buybacks, companies borrow currency at historically low levels to buy their OWN holdings. This causes them to inflate the value of the stock by reducing the shares and making their company look much better and more profitable than it actually is. So the normal citizens or even professionals think that the company or the stock market is doing well. But how can the value of the companies increase when in reality they are losing value (historical sales declines, less profitability etc.)? Because it is an artificially inflated bubble, it is a magician’s trick. And it can only work for a short while. And instead of saving their liquidities for bad times like this they are used for stock buybacks. And when it goes bust, they want to be bailed out again by the state, i.e. our tax money.

The last step is the recession cycle. It starts with unrest in the market. In uncertain times like these, people save more and spend less. When consumer spending slows, it affects businesses, which again leads to layoffs (which, by the way, are higher than in any previous financial crisis/depression). And when that happens GDP falls off a cliff because 70% of GDP comes from consumer spending and how are they supposed to spend if they are unemployed or insecure? The vicious cycle begins. It is an unstoppable downward spiral in which GDP falls and unemployment rises. This downward spiral will begin next year almost everywhere in the world, especially in the US and Europe (meanwhile the IMF and UN are pulling fairy tale forecasts out of their asses to keep people quiet). Only China is winning. Because they have invested in their own economy in recent years, rely on their own currency Renminbi instead of the world’s reserve currency (US dollar) and are completely independent in the production of goods and food for their 1.3 billion citizens and therefore flexible when all others go bankrupt. The 21st century, as planned by the cabal, will be a Chinese NWO century and that is not something to look forward to.


The purpose of this crash is complex. It serves as a basis for the final seizure of power. The populations of the world must lie weakened on the ground, for thus they accept all coming agendas with thanks and can no longer defend themselves. In addition, a ‘major reset’ of the economic system is in the offing: All of the world’s commerce will be conducted by only a handful of large corporations like Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft a few years after this crash, and small businesses will have been effectively wiped out. This in turn means that we will only have the opportunity to work as slaves in one of THEIR companies. In addition, the reserve currency, the dollar, must finally be destroyed to make way for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). While the media distracts us with the US election circus, all countries are currently preparing a digital currency under the control of the central banks at a dizzying speed. Japan, USA, Canada, EU… 80% of all central banks in the world are currently researching CBDCs, 50% are already ready to test concepts. China, Sweden, the Marshall Islands and the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union even have digital currencies already in use by their central banks. The IMF, World Bank, UN and Rotschild’s BIS are busy promoting CBDCs. According to the article, they will be the standard in as little as 10% of the world in two years, and that is a low estimate in my opinion! Dirty cash will very quickly become less important, too expensive and quietly disappear. For example, because there will be more and more supermarkets like Amazon Go in which you can not buy with cash at all. In which the cell phone (or Mal of the beast) is scanned when entering and smart cameras automatically register what you take. No more cashing up necessary, it is automatically debited from the account.

And then they have us: we will be perfect slaves. Every transaction will be monitored and fed to the Big Data beast. If we have only digital money from the banks in a recession, they can demand negative interest rates and high account fees without you being able to withdraw. And in any form of out of line, the money tap can be turned off and you get nothing more to eat, for example, in the next pandemic. It is absolute control….Beautiful new world! The only way out: independent self-sufficiency and decentralized cryptocurrencies! They are anonymous, bankless, easy & fast to send and at the same time a store of value like gold which can only increase in value in the long run because the resource is limited.

You should not waste a day from now on and do at least SOMETHING every day to prepare! Stock up your supplies, secure your finances, read, practice and learn!!! (Here is an excellent Reddit thread with dozens of books/PDF download links on survival). Trade your savings in gold & silver and bury it. The past has shown that governments like to ban private ownership of precious metals and confiscate it in hyperinflationary times. Have also heard that some run away to Croatia or Bosnia: Land plots are cheap, growing weather all year round, lower COVID-1984 measures, no severe weather disasters and slightly lower level of technology… so the trash humanism agenda will be a while coming. And still accessible by car – would be an option for some. After the US election in November, or if Trump does go down early (whether by sniper shot or by Corona), the US will most likely be in chaos and that could have repercussions around the world. So be prepared.

“The prudent man sees the calamity and hides himself, but the simple go on and must pay for it.” (Proverbs 27:12)

What you can also do: save as much info from the internet from modern book burning as you can get on your hard drives and maybe even print it out. Because this is also increasing more and more and is part of the NWO agenda’s rewriting of history. He who controls the past controls the future. And he who controls the present controls the past. Google today has an absolute monopoly on digital information and a reputation of restricting, suppressing and manipulating information. This monopoly has been extended to books for a few years now. Google Books is the largest and last library in human history.

000 16 e1628558354637

Google set itself the ambitious goal of scanning all books in libraries so that they are available online. Sounds great in theory, but brings devastating problems for mankind. Because once on Google’s servers, they can now manipulate, control and log access to all the printed knowledge of the past. This agenda now got a boost from COVID-1984 in the US. After all, unlike supermarket food, those nasty physical books are pretty darn contagious, so in the university you can only get access to the digital versions. Hundreds of universities around the world are working with the Hathi Trust on this, which in turn is working closely with Google Books. You now only have access with ID, so they know who gets what information, when. Soon gone are the days when ANYONE can just walk in, pull a book off the shelf, read it for twenty minutes, put it back and leave the library smarter. Each book is scanned only once, if there is a mistake, it is not scanned again because it would be too expensive. And Google Books has long been criticized for being very sloppy with the meta-data, which means that some books are not found in the database, or the wrong ones, or whatever. This is absolutely fatal, because unpopular knowledge can so easily disappear or be changed and if you no longer have access to the printed original, we are all doomed to kneel before the omnipotent knowledge monopoly. However, even before COVID, unfortunately, fewer and fewer people went to libraries. Knowledge is power and ignorance is enslavement – it is the cornerstone of the control the cabal exercises over us. Wouldn’t surprise me if we soon see a wave of “random arsons” or attacks on libraries and universities. Or suddenly cut off from them, after all they have become “obsolete” in the digital age. Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 were not fictions but warnings!


And even though all this is very important, the most important thing is the spiritual preparation! Because then not even demonic forces or death can really harm you. It loses then something of its fear-filling effect. No matter whether hunger, war or terror: Someone will always look after you. And with all the terrible Hiobs messages you must not forget: the good wins in the end in any case. Lucifer disappears again for a thousand years in his prison and all believers are reincarnated for the ‘millennial kingdom’ with Jesus, we just have to hold out for a while. He is already at the door!

And he seized the dragon, the old serpent, that is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years 3 and threw him into the abyss and closed it and set a seal on the top of it so that he should deceive the nations no more until the thousand years would be completed. After that he must be let loose a little while. [And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which worshipped not the beast, neither his image, neither received his mark in their foreheads, nor in their hands: and they lived, and reigned with Christ a thousand years. But the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed. (Revelation 20:2-5)

And when the thousand years are completed, Satan will be released from his prison. 10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where also the beast and the false prophet were; and they shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. (Revelation 20: 7+ 10)

ende des zeitalters 2

Jesus’ exact return no one knows and no exact date was deliberately given. It will come surprisingly and suddenly. We only know that it will come soon after the years of tribulation (2020-2027?) and that the sun and moon will be darkened and the stars will fall from the sky.

“But soon after the tribulation of the same time the sun and moon will lose their light, and stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will move. And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven. And then shall all kindreds of the earth howl, and shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other” (Matthew 24:29-31)

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, but My Father alone.” (Matthew 24:36)

Ask for forgiveness and trust in Jesus Christ. The world will throw more and more hatred and rejection at people who walk with God from now on. Arm yourselves for spiritual warfare.

“Put on the complete armor of God so that you can resist all the devil’s insidious attacks. For we do not fight against men of flesh and blood, but against the evil powers and forces of the invisible world, against those powers of darkness which rule this world, and against the evil spirits in the heavenly world.” (Ephesians 6; 11-12)

The armor of God stands metaphorically for some attributes and means that must indwell you to be protected from the dark spiritual forces.

The shield of FAITH. The sword of the HOLY SPIRIT. The breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The belt of TRUTH. The helmet of FORGIVENESS. And the boots of the HOLY SCRIPTURE.

armor of god

Read the Bible and follow its advice on how to get through it. Here are a few prayers of protection. Give love and compassion to your fellow man, and be patient with them and yourself. Try to wake them up as much as you can, but don’t waste your energy if it is not their job to wake up in this life. Sometimes you have to leave such people behind, even if it hurts. Life is not about being happy all the time, it’s about being honest.

“And if anyone will not receive you and hear your speech, go out of that house or town and shake the dust off your feet.” (Matthew 10:14)

I want to end this article, which I put a lot of effort into, with a beautiful quote from the awakened and great comedian Bill Hicks:

“The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to ride it you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are.

And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills, it’s very colorful and very loud, and it’s fun for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they start to doubt, “Is this real, or is this just a ride?” And other people have remembered and come back to us, they say, “Hey, don’t worry, don’t be scared, ever, because this is just a ride.” … And we kill those people.

Ha ha, “Shut him up. We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up. Look at my worry lines. Look at my big bank account and my family. This just has to be real.” …It’s just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try to tell us that, have you ever noticed? And let the demons run amok instead. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride. And we can change it whenever we want. It’s just a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings, no money. A choice, right now, between FEAR and LOVE.”




Nasa – The future of war