What are the parallels between COVID and HIV/AIDS?

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In my recent series of articles on fake epidemics – Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu – I noted that all of the symptoms of these so-called diseases can be explained without invoking a virus.

Collapse of the immune system

That was my approach when I wrote my first book, AIDS INC. in 1988.

At the time, I examined the AIDS “high-risk groups” listed by the CDC – Africans, Haitians, drug users, gay men, hemophiliacs, and blood transfusion recipients – and I showed that immune system breakdown (the hallmark of AIDS) in these groups could be explained without referring to HIV at all.

“AIDS” was not the cause

It was an immune deficiency caused by a variety of factors in different people. The hypnotic medical trick was to weld all these sick and dying people together under one umbrella term: “AIDS”.

But the truth was – depending on which “AIDS group” and which individuals you looked at – there were debilitating medical and street drugs that destroyed the immune system; there was devastating hunger and starvation; lack of basic sanitation; grinding poverty and war; vaccination campaigns; adrenal collapse….

Similarly, today any patient with any lung problem or flu-like illness can be diagnosed and repackaged as a case of “COVID-19”. The loose set of so-called COVID symptoms makes such fraudulent and misleading diagnoses possible.

Wrong way

After scouring medical journals in 1988, I found that the main cause of T-cell depletion (immune system breakdown) in the world was malnutrition/starvation. Indeed in Africa and Haiti, and even in certain Western patients who survived on a junk food diet, T-cell depletion was routinely labeled HIV/AIDS.

Suddenly a virus was conjured up to replace malnutrition.

In fact, in Africa, the former name for AIDS was “slimming disease”. This foolish idea was invented by a deeply flawed study in Uganda, where patients were “slim” simply because they were malnourished and starving, and consequently losing weight.

In New York and San Francisco, some gay men inhaled a brutally dangerous street drug called “popper.” Severe lung damage was just one of the drug’s many devastating effects. Serious weakening of the immune system was the sure result.

In AIDS INC. I lay out a whole parade of destroyers of the immune system in the high risk groups; and none of these destroyers have anything to do with a virus.

-Just as in Wuhan in 2019, the deadly chronic air pollution hanging over the city causing pneumonia-the original hallmark of the so-called COVID-19-has nothing to do with a virus.

So when uninformed people bleat, “People are dying, it must be the virus,” whether they are talking about AIDS or COVID, they are completely barking up the wrong tree.

Parallels between AIDS and COVID

I have detailed in many articles how the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 spews out false positives like water from a fire hose. A doctor will tell a patient they are infected just because the sensitivity of the test is so high that it would show a positive result for a speck of dust on the moon. This is artificial case number generation at its fullest expression.

HIV and COVID19 virus

Back in 1988, there was a similar situation. The HIV antibody test was producing a Niagara of false positives. I devoted a chapter in my book to the results of my extensive search of medical journals.

The evidence was incontrovertible. Both basic types of HIV antibody tests – the Elisa and the Western Blot – were, admittedly, deeply flawed. There was no gold standard for the tests.

Cross-reactions abounded: the test for HIV was positive for a whole host of reasons that had nothing to do with HIV or any other virus. One reason? The person had received the hepatitis B vaccine. Well, in the 1980s, a campaign was launched to recruit gay men for a large trial of the new vaccine.

A third parallel between AIDS and COVID: the broadening of the definition of “disease” to include as many patients and reach as many case numbers as possible.

The 1987 CDC definition of AIDS, which I printed in full in my book, took up 15 pages. With a little fussiness, a doctor could diagnose AIDS in a person who had almost any kind of bacterial infection.

The CDC definition of COVID-19 allows for a diagnosis when the patient has nothing more than a cough, or chills and fever, accompanied by a positive PCR test.

There are other parallels between AIDS and COVID that I could list, but you get the picture. In both cases, it’s a headache.


A few years after I published AIDS INC, a new argument came to my attention: the existence of HIV was in doubt. When I consulted the independent literature on the subject, I was convinced that no one had proven the existence of HIV. Several times in these pages I have published an illuminating interview that journalist Christine Johnson conducted with Australian biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos about isolating HIV. Papadopulos convincingly argues that HIV has not been isolated according to the strict rules of mainstream researchers.

As my readers know, I have been offering compelling evidence for the past year that SARS-COV-2 has never been proven to exist. Researchers are twisting and inverting the meaning of the word “isolation” to “prove” that the virus is real.

The non-existence of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 does not surprise me. After all, the so-called symptoms of both “diseases” can be explained without reference to a virus.

In both cases, the reality that shines like a giant neon sign in the darkness is FRAUD.

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