Untouchability of Graphs in Digital Transhumanism?

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Our goal is to start a vaccination campaign with the intranasal vaccine this year after all clinical phases are successfully completed “(1) , the Turkish industry minister said.

Fraud is Obvious

Nanografi (2) is a company that wants to produce the intranasal vaccine. So why would a company involved in the production of graphene make this connection? This seems absurd. A company(3) dedicated to the production of graphene produces intranasal vaccines against covid.

What are these vials made of? The fraud is so blatant that this is precisely the main reason for social deafness.

Repression is advancing: a few weeks ago, a German family court ruled against the fraudulent PCR tests(4) being performed on children. The expert’s report was overwhelming and devastating. It took only a few days for German police to enter the judge’s home(5) without a search warrant. As attorney Reiner Fuellmich points out, “they took away his cell phones and computers and threatened to revoke his title.” They even searched the homes of friends of the judge.

Meanwhile, in Spain, there is still debate about whether the state of alert propagated by the Socialists and supported by almost all political groups was legal or illegal. We are waiting for the verdict of the Constitutional Court(6) , although hardly anyone knows that the king is naked.

How to Stop Mass Vaccination?

A few days ago, Ricardo Delgado, the biostatistician who hosts the program Fifth Column(7), together with Doctor José Luis Sevillano, had a vial from Pfizer tested. The result was startling, and further analysis is pending. The compound most likely contains graphene or a derivative and a very small amount of mRNA. This is according to the preliminary report by Pablo Campra Madrid(8) , PhD in chemical sciences and professor at the University of Almeria. This revelation, if confirmed, would completely change the dynamics and discourse of the supranational regime.

The thesis put forward by La Quinta Columna is that graphene oxide is Covid, which is present in injections and in many products, from masks to gels.

They believe that this substance causes the same clinical picture as Covid-19. Graphene is a toxic material(9). In fact, Srikanth and Vallabani characterized graphene oxide along with toxicological aspects related to cytotoxicity and apoptosis in normal human lung cells and “significant proliferation of early and late apoptotic cells was observed compared to control cells.

This study shows that GO induces cytotoxicity and apoptosis in human lung cells.” There are also adverse effects on other organs, such as liver and spleen, as well as oxidative stress. Dozens of studies support the toxicity of this material.

To make matters worse, this lysergic research coincides with the military’s planned rollout of 5G technology in late July/August.

Graphene has Proven to be an Extraordinary Hyperconductor that also has Applications in Neuroscience

There are those who boast of a new era, which is why Boris Johnson or Chilean President Sebastián Piñera openly talk about inserting emotions and thoughts, but how, through inoculated graphene oxide?

Both the biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Doctor Sevillano agree: the Holy Grail, the nightmare of digital transhumanism, has a name and a disease: it is graphene oxide, the cause of the real covid and able to transform us into an “interface”.

Transhumanism emancipates the brain from biology, religion, cultures and nations. Science fiction is not a scientific discipline, but a metaphysical category of imagination:

Does anyone seriously believe that electromagnetism can change our behavior and even implant thoughts and feelings? Yet it is a reality. In 2015, it was discovered that the human body can “function like a Bluetooth “(10). This wireless technology is used in the human body “as an interface”, but the body offers certain resistances, so it “needs a pulse”: what is this pulse?

In any case, graphene oxide or other nanomaterials are used as nanosensors that emit signals. Thus, it is possible to reach the innermost part of the mind.

But penetrating this mysterious realm is not a matter of imagination. It is possible to penetrate the brain using nanotechnology, such as biocompatible implants capable of measuring brain states(11) developed by scientists at Flagship(12).

These devices can be implanted in the brain and measure brain states. From this perspective, it sounds fascinating, but what if this ability to read or alter minds were used by criminals with a party line?

What if they inoculated the population with graphene oxide without informed consent?

The preliminary study (digitally signed) by Dr. Campra Madrid suggests this question, pending further reports with more vials:

“Microscopic examination of the sample provides strong evidence for the likely presence of graphene derivatives, although microscopy does not provide conclusive evidence. Definitive identification of graphene, oxidized graphene (GO), or reduced oxidized graphene (rGO) in the RD1 sample requires STRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION through analysis of specific spectral patterns comparable to those published in the literature and those obtained from the standard sample using spectroscopic techniques such as XPS, EDS, NMR, FTIR, or Raman, among others.

The analyses in this report refer to a SINGLE SAMPLE, the total volume of which is limited for processing. It is therefore necessary to sample a large number of similar vials in order to draw conclusions that can be generalized to comparable samples, recording origin, traceability, and quality control during storage and transport prior to analysis.”

Is it conspiracy theory to ponder the hallucinogenic synchronicity between 5G antenna signals, Musk’s satellites, and alleged nanomaterial inoculations?

Is there a connection, and is behavioral modification possible due to the electromagnetism of the 5G antennas interacting with these nanomaterials?

Why are thousands of videos popping up on the Internet with magnetized vaccines attached to all sorts of bizarre metal objects?

Is this nanomaterial a way to brand people like cattle?

Denying the effects of electromagnetic waves on human health is like denying biology itself, thought, or the senses. But humans are pure magnetism.

We emit a vibration that is capable of transmitting information that is eventually picked up. Is this madness? According to The Independent13, “Turning off parts of the brain with magnets reduces belief in God” How is such a thing possible?

The procedure is called intracranial magnetic stimulation: it can treat depression, but by targeting a specific side of the brain, it is possible to change feelings and emotions.

That’s the point: they have discovered the therapeutic capacity of magnetic fields used in medicine and communication, although this magnetism is as old as mankind.

That is why it is said that some ancient sages were able to communicate with their disciples thousands of kilometers away. There is the same vibration, a kind of music or mathematics that connects us.

How is it possible that billions of people accept an experimental treatment of this caliber that has never been tested on humans? They are all connected by a mysterious consensus.

The fear of being ostracized or marginalized is capable of uniting frightened people. We must break out of this state and replace it with the light of a liberating magnetism.

We are experiencing a final assault on the bulwark of freedom that is thought. And this is totally unacceptable.


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