The Violence of Institutions: How far will the Health Drift go?

The villagers, Myriam, have learned from the monks and priests to hate all those who think for themselves, so they imitate them and, like them, dislike those who think and do not let themselves be led.

Khalil Gibran – Rebellious Minds

The violence of the Quebec government forces me once again to put my indignation on paper, as the CAQ has obviously become intoxicated with the intoxication of power. The latest antics of our heads of state concerning mandatory vaccination in the health and social services network may prove to be the most destructive political decisions in Quebec’s history. The least curious minds know that the state of emergency maintained by the government serves, among other things, to mask a human resources crisis that has become more acute than ever since the implementation of health measures in March 2020. What is the government doing to remedy the situation? It will send thousands of health care workers on forced leave through its mandatory vaccination decree.(1)

If the adage ordo ab chao is true, the moguls of the world economic forum must be salivating at the prospect of being able to implement their grand reset before too long,(2) with Western leaders seemingly arranging day by day to destroy the economic fabric of the middle class, weaken the health care system and reinforce the normalization of mass surveillance.

While a good part of the population is slumbering and making us want to write a 2021 version of Everything’s Fine,(3) the other part of the population, which in my opinion is almost Christ-like in its pacifism and only kicks the temple and screams at the whitewashed sepulchres, is being completely reviled. They are accused of being radical extremists, threats to democratic values and dangers to national security.(4) Nothing less!

Of course, it is not at all extreme and radical to reduce the staff on the hospital floor by imposing a mandatory vaccination on the personnel of a health care system in perdition, let’s remember, in order to fight a virus that has not caused excess mortality for several months. It is not at all threatening to the values of liberal democracy to trample on the right to demonstrate (5) or to treat the non-vaccinated as pariahs, insinuating that they are permanently a danger to the health of others, that they are responsible for our economic difficulties (6) and that they are, it must be emphasized again this appalling hyperbole by Loïc Tassé, threats to national security. (7) And of course, it is not at all dangerous for our security and public health to consider the general vaccination of children aged twelve and under when, in the opinion of experts, the vast majority of them do not have any serious form of the Covid-19 disease and, here is where the problem lies, we do not know the long-term side effects of mRNA vaccines. The accusatory inversions and the “double standards” of our authorities are unbelievably destructive and violent. If there is currently an urgency, it is to name this violence in order to better think about it and put a stop to it.

The individual Scorned

It is very difficult to get good information about Covid-19 vaccines. On the one hand, the media, medical journals under the influence of big pharmaceutical companies and public health authorities are hysterical advocates. On the other hand, no less hysterical voices are crying out for a hidden project to exterminate the population. A little nuance would do everyone good. The reality is that, if one listens seriously to many experts, the side effects of the present mass vaccination are poorly documented and far from well understood.(8) Generalized, non-targeted vaccination thus seems to be a hasty and irresponsible public health operation, especially coming from authorities who claim to have the health of the population as a priority.

Vaccinating individuals who do not want the injection by intimidating them and disregarding their free consent is a vexation I never thought I would witness in the Western world of human rights. One has to pinch oneself to realize that we live in this new normal that justifies the violation of the physical integrity of individuals. The experiments carried out in Nazi Germany on vulnerable populations or those carried out by the CIA in the post-war years (9) have led the ethics of research on human subjects to consider that the collective interest related to a research must never take precedence over the respect of the physical and psychological integrity of the individual who participates in it. Hence the obsession of university research ethics committees with the issue of free and informed consent, which often puts obstacles in the way of researchers for simple formalities. Why now this double standard for the Covid-19 vaccine? The pharmaceutical companies themselves acknowledge that their product is still in phase 3 clinical trials. The new normality obliges, the ethical rules of respect for the individual are suddenly shattered with the assent of the ethicists on the TV sets.

Where are the officers of the fight “my body, my choice” so ardently led by the progressive bien-pensance only a few years ago? The sacrosanct common good that is brandished again to justify any form of exaction on the individual is a refrain that we have already heard. Almost a hundred years after the collectivist blackmail of European fascism, our journalists, politicians and lobotomized citizens show that they have no sense of history or, even worse, that they themselves are little despots without honor.

With the spate of articles and political statements pointing to the “anti-vaxers” as the culprits of all the world’s ills, wouldn’t some of our fellow citizens who read the daily rag sheets applaud on their feet if the non-vaccinated were rounded up and herded into isolated places of society to protect the good people? For those who think I am exaggerating, I remind you that our national pretentiousness, Patrick Lagacé, had evoked the idea of no longer treating non-vaccinated people in intensive care.(10) The degree of dehumanization found in the comments of the media stooges and a part of their readership rises in crescendo and is in my opinion terrifying.

Health Crisis and Tyranny

If the comparison between the vaccine passport and the wearing of the Jewish star observed in certain demonstrations is excessive, it is no more so than the comparison between covid-19 and the Spanish flu, an abuse of language that has been shamelessly used many times by Quebec’s preachers. In any case, what else is left but caricature and cynicism to express one’s dismay in front of a power that no longer listens and a zombified social body that does the yes-man by going to get its doses in a row.

It is not because a situation is not identical that one cannot draw similarities. Do we need to remind ourselves that the Holocaust took place in the last years of the fascist state and not in its early years, when it was “only” a matter of preventing Jews from having access to certain places and privileges? Nor should it be denied that stigmatization through fear of disease was present in Nazi Germany and that it federated its compact majority.(11) Discourses on the danger of the Jew to public health were not so rare at the time. Here are two examples:

This neighborhood is teeming with an enormous crowd of elements of the most abject species…Moreover, these immigrants pose a serious threat to public health. The concept of cleanliness is completely foreign to these people.(12)

The dirty, lousy Jew is the master of prostitution and the agent of syphilis. Bringing with him infectious diseases, he must be likened to a bacillus.(13)

We can add to our examples the little leaflet “Ici Juif contagion”(14) pasted on walls in France in the years when anti-Semitism was at its height. The hateful crowd is always full of virtuous pretensions. The Jew, like the unvaccinated, was the undesirable germ carrier who defiled and contaminated the Puritan. So yes! The current blackmail of public health has fascist overtones that it is very bad faith to ignore.

And if understanding the workings of the totalitarianism of the past can no longer serve to understand the totalitarianism of today, what is the point of writing books and thinking? In that case, we might as well ask a Jew who is not a Jew (Suzy Kies or Justin Trudeau would surely accept to play the role) to burn the books of Hannah Arendt, George Orwell, Raymon Arond or Solzistyne, and once and for all forget the past in order to better repeat it. It is about time that the precious ones who are complacent in their certainties have the dignity and the courage to concern themselves with the political drifts of their time instead of getting excited in front of the atrocities of the past that do not pose any threat to their sensitive little skins.

However, as far as I am concerned, the treatment of non-vaccinated people is more like the treatment of deserters in wartime. These citizens who refused to be used as cannon fodder, like those who today refuse to be used as vaccine fodder, were marginalized and reviled because they refused to surrender their bodies to the common cause, even if this cause was supported and hammered home by the moralist speeches of the propagandists.(15) Today, as in those other times, saying no was forbidden and any individual manifestation that led the subject to respect himself and to set limits was seen as selfishness to be abhorred.

The reality is so obvious that it blinds many people. Quebec and many Western states are sinking into a sanitarian and authoritarian drift from which they will not recover without deep wounds. History teaches us some hard truths, including that the state constantly uses crises, real or provoked, to gain more power.(16) And a frightened population that allows its government to control it paves the way to tyranny.


To all those who find it quite charming to present a vaccination passport when going to a restaurant while continuing to follow ubiquitous sanitary instructions between doubly vaccinated intelligent people, tell yourselves that “he who does not move does not feel his chains”(17). For the time being, you are standing correctly, in accordance and normally, in your assigned place.

As for the individuals who still resist, singular and free, I know that you sometimes feel like giving up. Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, vaccinated or unvaccinated, educated or “toothless,”(18) your doubts are not only legitimate, they are valuable to any society that aspires to be free and healthy. Trust in what George Orwell called common decency, that “common sense” that does not require a degree, that intuitive intelligence of knowing that there are things that should not be done. And to stay with Orwell’s paraphrase, in these times of universal imposture, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The marginalized never receive public recognition at the time of their battle, but those who in the past have fought against the excesses and oppression of the majority serve as models for the generations that follow. To exist is to resist, said Jacques Ellul. By the simple fact of existing by manifesting your difference in your ideas and in your choices, you resist the tyrannical power. That is why you disturb it. That’s why they attack you so relentlessly. Contrary to the label of egotist that you are given, your political struggle requires great self-sacrifice. It will undoubtedly be necessary to lose feathers to write history.



2. Read in this regard the book The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret. A good review of this book was written by Éric Verhaeghe and is entitled The great reset: Myths and realities.

3. French song from 1935 written by Paul Misraki to criticize the attitude of voluntary blindness of a part of the population in front of the social tensions and the announced drifts of the pre-war years.


5. One can question the good taste of the anti-vaccination demonstrations in front of schools and hospitals. But did the demonstrators really intimidate children and patients as reported by the political and media organs? The CAQ’s special law to ban anti-vaccination protests and the way the media is handling the case smacks of political recuperation and disinformation.



Add to the excess Justin Trudeau’s claim on the 4 Julie’s Week show on September 16, 2021 that anti-vaccine protesters are often misogynists and racists.


9. One of these experiments is known in Quebec, as Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron conducted several brainwashing experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University on behalf of the CIA-funded MK Ultra project.


11. The compact majority is a term used by Henrik Ibsen in a play entitled An Enemy of the People. It refers to the weight of public opinion when it repudiates whistleblowers and supports the ruling power.

12. Extract from a report by the Berlin police president to the German Ministry of the Interior in early 1920. Quoted in: Schacht, Hjalmar (1953). Les mémoires d’un magicien, Éditions Kontre kulture, p. 167.

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15. The opponents of the sanitary measures have reason to disbelieve the discourse of the public authorities. In early May 2020, I published a piece on the Covid-19 pandemic entitled “From Statistical Fraud to the Control Society”:

With the report of the Herron CHSLD inquiry and Joanne Castonguay’s commission of inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic, we find that we were right to say that the Covid-19 mortality figures were inflated and that many of the elderly who died in the spring of 2020 were killed by neglect and lack of care. The society of control in which we are embroiled, a reality that can now only be denied by burying one’s head in the sand, is the direct result of this statistical fraud that has implanted fear in people’s minds and made them abandon all willingness to defend their rights and freedoms in exchange for the protection of the state. Machiavelli could not have found a better strategy for extending the power of the king.

16. To support this point, the reader may refer, for example, to Robert Higgs’ recent book, Crisis and the Leviathan.

17. These words are said to have been spoken by the Russian activist Rosa Luxemburg, who was murdered for political reasons in Germany in 1919.

18. In Anlehnung an den Begriff, mit dem der Montrealer Kolumnist Patrick Lagacé Gegner von Gesundheitsmaßnahmen bezeichnet, denen es seiner Meinung nach an Bildung mangelt: