The Health Passport is Extended: Is it Really About Health or more about Politics?

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Despite the decline of the epidemic, the government maintains the health pass throughout the territory. This constraint could even be extended in the coming days.

Technical Sanitary Control

For the lawyer Thibault Mercier, nothing justifies such a decision.

“We are approaching more and more a society of technical-sanitary control,” accuses the lawyer Thibault Mercier to the microphone of Sputnik.

Through the voice of its spokesman, Gabriel Attal, the government announced this Wednesday, September 22, its willingness to maintain the health pass throughout the territory.

“The health pass has been confirmed as a very effective tool to keep open places that would have had to be closed if it had not existed. […] At this stage, there is no decision to adapt the health pass, which continues to apply under the same conditions as today,” explained Mr. Attal.

Is it a Health Question or a Political Question?

From October 4, the wearing of masks in elementary school will no longer be mandatory in departments where the incidence rate is less than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants. The executive has also announced the lifting of the current gauges in public establishments in the affected departments.

On the other hand, the government has confirmed that the health pass will be extended in the coming days. A bill, led by Jean Castex, is expected. The indicators of the epidemic have been positive for several weeks. On September 22, the incidence rate is 73 per 100,000 inhabitants, and the rate of positive tests is 1.33%.

“We wonder if this is really a sanitary or political pass,” says Thibault Mercier.

Co-founder of the Cercle Droit & Liberté, the lawyer wants as proof the initial opinion of the Constitutional Council. Issued on August 5th, this one stipulated that the sanitary pass had to be “strictly proportionate to the sanitary risk incurred and appropriate to the circumstances of time and place”. The Council of State should now declare the decrees illegal. But I doubt that the Council of State, which has been extremely docile for a year and a half, will go against the government and dare to contradict the decisions of the executive”, says Thibault Mercier. Read here.