The End of this Age?

endtimes title

The End Times. For centuries, mankind has been telling itself the story of the end of the world. The day when the whole earth will be destroyed in an apocalyptic fireworks display. It has often been proclaimed that it is approaching, but everything is still intact. But is it really? Let’s take a close look at the current events and various symbolism and look into the future somewhat speculatively… What could be the next move and how can we prepare for the coming one?

Process of Transformation

The year 2020 is already one of the most spectacular ever, after it is almost half over. The process of transformation into a transhumanistic order of the world is in full swing. The targeted rampage and looting that took place in the USA for weeks has recently spilled over to Germany at times (Stuttgart). Meanwhile, the alleged second wave of COVID has already started in China.

homer end is near

We have been prepared for this from the beginning, and here again dictatorial China will be praised for how well they can completely seal off entire neighbourhoods. “Man, if only we could just use dictatorial measures like that?” This second wave is getting worse and this will be blamed on the people who didn’t wear masks and make them track. Right now the mass media is also pushing the ‘have we become too lenient’ narrative on all the front pages. Read here.

And then comes the third wave and the fourth wave… as many as it takes to make any resistance tired. They’ve been showing us this from the start (remember the simulation from Imperial College London?). Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown, lockdown, lockdown… The anger about this is then directed against those who don’t want to accept the measures and thus further divide society. In this way, every newcomer is bullied by his fellow human beings into conformity with the new world.

Some people have asked me how to proceed and what to do. Well, the Rothschild magazine The Economist shows us again where the journey is going, so I suggest we start here (Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild was head of the magazine for 17 years and the magazine is still 21% owned by the Rothschild family [as well as other elitist families] and accordingly has a “red shield” as its logo). Wiki.

Decoding the Cabal Messages

Let’s have a look at the cover of the special issue ‘The World in 2019’, just to make clear that here the cabal communicates its plans in its language (symbolism). It was the 33rd ‘The World in XXXX’ issue of the magazine and was published in November 2018.

the economist 2019

We see here the well-known drawing ‘Man’ by Leonardo Da Vici, only that in this picture he has VR glasses on (transhumanism). On his right chest it says #MeToo and in his four hands he carries a scale with people on it (symbol of BLM or imbalance/division in society?), a smartphone with QR code (Chinese Corona surveillance app), a cannabis leaf, on his arm is a double helix (gene vaccination) and a baseball. On the middle right side it gets interesting.

the economist 2019 zoom

Here we see the four apocalyptic horsemen in China! And one of them looks like the Statue of Liberty with a protective mask (USA). Among them is a stork bringing a baby with a barcode. So the current generation will be the first chipped? In the upper left we see a defiant panda with facial features of Xi, i.e. China. We see Putin, next to him is mirrored (that’s how DaVinci used to write, just like other occultists): Putin’s Pipelines. Above him on the right is a face with “Facial Recognition” mirrored next to it. And below that is Lying Pinoccio. And at the top we see another volcano. This one could have great significance, more about that in a moment.

At the bottom left we see a pangolin, coincidentally the very animal that is said to have transmitted the ‘virus’ from bats to humans. Read here.

At the top right is a waxing moon, and next to it on the right is a flying machine by Leonardo da Vinci with an arrow pointing to the moon. So these two things are somehow connected and the moon could also be a date. I couldn’t find out which one, but the month of December in 2019 (beginning of the end-time show) started exactly with this moon connection. The flying device could be a symbol to the cabal to leave posts/go to their bunkers/sell shares etc. from this date. Many CEO’s have left their posts from the beginning of 2020. Or the moon means something else… What do you think?


mond 1

We continue with the second most recent issue from June/July 2020 with the already telling title: “The Next Catastrophe (and how to survive it)”. There, the timeline shown above will be expanded and updated.

the economist catastrophe

We see a family on a couch and behind them the timeline of the coming events is shown in pictures. The clock at the top shows us that it is already “shortly before 12”, i.e. shortly before the end. The series of pictures begins with the pig, presumably the new swine flu that is just starting in China and could develop into the next human pandemic. Read here.

In fact, bubonic plague also broke out in humans in northern China and neighbouring Mongolia a few days ago. Read here. A picture of a volcanic eruption follows. A (dormant) volcano has also already been pictured on the 2019 cover. The next picture shows molten poles/increase in temperature. And then an astroid flying towards (or just past) the earth.

the econmist the next catastrophe zoom

After that you see 3 birds fleeing, one of them crashing. Flocks of birds fleeing are always a sign of disaster, because through their instincts they recognise disasters coming a little earlier than humans. The crash of the birds stands for the mass extinction of the same which is taking place and was also prophesied in the Bible. Read here. Watch here.

After some distance to the previous pictures, more pictures of viruses & bacteria (new plague? B-weapons attack?) follow, closely followed by an atomic explosion & solar eruptions at the same altitude, so these are presumably timely/simultaneous events.

Despite all this, the parents are sitting relaxed on the couch in typical sheep manner, gawping at the TV and wearing masks.  But in this case they are wearing real gas masks, which again could be an indication of an A-, B- or C-weapon attack. The fact that her son is not wearing a mask but a military helmet over his sad face confirms the impression that a major nuclear/chemical war is coming. Are we back to those times again?

This is roughly between the melting of the poles and the asteroid (position of the boy). It is impossible to say over what period this timeline extends, but it is definitely longer than a year. The solar flare will then be the final end, more on that in a moment. It could also be that each image represents a year. The pig would then be 2019 (the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar). So if a volcanic eruption happens this year, each image represents a year, so the solar flare would be in 2025.

But maybe the volcanic eruption in the Philippines in January or in Indonesia in April was meant. Watch here.

Or perhaps an eruption of the Yellow Storm supervolcano in the USA is imminent, as there has been increased activity and earthquakes there again this year. Since then, the news papers have been full of warnings and reassurances. See here.

When it erupts, however, all hell breaks loose, like in the doomsday movie “2012”. What do you think?

This year also saw record-breaking temperatures in the Arctic Circle, allowing people to go summer swimming even in northern Siberia. Watch here.

It was also in the news that in February (the summer of the Southern Hemisphere) the highest temperatures ever were recorded in Antarctica. There, the ice is melting like crazy and the sea level is expected to rise by 3m (!) this year. There are mechanisms at work here that are beyond our imagination, our paradigm has had an expiry date for thousands of years and we are rapidly approaching it. This has nothing to do with CO² (this narrative only serves to control people and the economy).

But it is also possible that the cabal is using its military technology to help melt the poles a little. So-called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) have been used by the military for several years now. Wiki.

These are weapons that, depending on the device, focus lasers or work with microwaves and can be precisely directed at a target. The advantage of this technology is that it is more precise and, in the long term, much cheaper than conventional weapons based on bullet ammunition. As long as there is power, you have infinite firepower and the enemy doesn’t see you coming because the lasers are barely visible and silent. The US military has been using these DEWs officially on military aircraft and ships for a few years now, but secretly for probably 20-25 years.

Microwave-based DEWs heat/destroy their target in a very characteristic way. Thus, certain metals are quickly made to ignite (and melt), while many plastics seem to remain unaffected. Normal wood fire, of course, melts plastics first and metals only from very high heat. But if you think of a microwave oven, for example, you can easily put plastic dishes in it without them heating up, while every child knows that cutlery or aluminium foil immediately bursts into flames. Many of the ‘forest fires’ of the last few years, like the one in California in 2017 and the one in Greece in 2018, were DEW attacks by the cabal. The fires behaved extremely unusually, had many anomalies and the burn marks had all the signs of a DEW. Also, the “mysterious” skin rashes that people in the fire area got are not so mysterious anymore when you consider DEWs (microwave radiation causes red skin rashes). Watch here.

dew plane

Such aircraft have been sighted at the fires (without writing and at high altitude, it is hardly noticeable; these lasers are not visible in reality either).

What normal wood fire is hot enough to melt aluminium and steel like ice cream in the sun, but leave wood trees a few metres away completely untouched?

dew 1

dew 2

Spontaneous auto-ignition of cars, just like in Lower Manhattan on 9/11 (toasted cars).

dew 3

The “fire” let every house fizzle to dust, but left most of the trees in between completely unscathed ?!

dew 7

Instead, you saw a few trees that were burning from the inside.

dew 4

dew 6

Precise cutouts …

dew 5

This was a targeted military attack on the innocent population… won’t be the last. They will “torch” the population with DEWs from their rural homes to get them into the cities (aka smart prisons). Same with HAARP Hurricane Laura sweeping through Lousiana and Texas right now.

There has been a war against us for a long time, but hardly anyone is aware of it. Likewise, a Directed Energy Weapon was used on 9/11 to destroy the WTC complex (read the brilliant book ‘Where did the Towers Go?’ by Dr. Judy Wood, it’s worth it!!). But I’m rambling too much, maybe I’ll write about DEWs again. The point is that such things can also be used to artificially melt the artifact.

To the next picture on the cover: An asteroid is also on its way to us. It was aptly named after the Egyptian god of darkness, dissolution and chaos: Apophis. According to calculations, the 325m asteroid will “come dangerously close” in April 2029. See here.

By then it will even be visible to the naked eye and will be closer than most Earth-based satellites (a century event). It will also come again in 2036, and the impact danger at that time cannot yet be estimated.

Animation of 99942 Apophis orbit around Sun

The Economist also published a “The World in 2020” issue at the end of 2019. The cover of this issue, however, is even more cryptic. It is just a string of buzzwords and is structured like an eye test.

the economist worldin 2020

The following keywords are obvious: TRUMP, BREXIT, AI (artificial intelligence), TOKYO, MARS, CLIMATE, XI, RECESSION, MODI, EXPOSD, GS BOND (Goldman Sachs), BEETHOVEN, VISIONS, BIODIVERSITY, COUNCIL, NPT (Nuclear Weapons Spearheading Treaty), WARREN, RAPHAEL, NIGHTINGALE, RUSSIA. So what does it all mean now?

How could they already know about a recession the following year at the end of 2019 (when the pandemic has not even started)? It is firmly claimed that these two things are causally connected? No, our fiat money system has an expiry date that has been fixed for a very long time. A recession and financial collapse would come one way or the other and has in fact been “overdue” for 10 years. The last four are also interesting. Warren probably means the Democratic candidate Elitzabeth Warren. However, I think she is just a filler for the truncated word WAR, meaning war. Directly under the word WAR is RUSSIA. Likewise, under TRUMP is the word EXIT. An assassination attempt on Trump? Last president? NIGHTINGALE means nightingale. Together with the word BEETHOVEN it probably means his 6th symphony (no idea what that means). RAPHAEL is one of the archangels of the Old Testament. In the Book of Enoch he is described as follows: Watch here.

“And he said unto me, The first is Michael, the merciful and longsuffering; the second, who is set over all sickness and wounds of the children of men, is Raphael; the third, who presides over all powers, is Gabriel; and the fourth, who is set over repentance and the hope of the heirs of eternal life, is Phanuel.” (Book of Enoch 40:9)

But Raphael could also mean the famous Italian artist of the 16th century whose last and most famous painting is the “Transfiguration of Christ”.


Transfiguration of Christ by Raphael (Sanzio da Urbino)

But you can read out much more, I see under the green number 2, for example, BTC, the official abbreviation for the decentralised cryptocurrency Bitcoin. And a digital world currency will also be a big topic this year or next year (but probably not the decentralised Bitcoin, but a central currency controlled by the banks/corporations). You can still watch these two short videos in which the text is decoded.

Knowing – Messages about the end of the World

To come back to the solar flare…. In 2009, the film “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage was released. It is about the announcement of the end of the world and was produced by the company Escape Artists.

escape artist

At that time one-eye symbolism in the logo of the production company.

escape artist 2

Current one-eye logo.

Cage plays John Koestler, a single father and MIT astrophysicist with a slight drinking problem. At his son’s school, a time capsule left in the ground 50 years ago was unearthed, in which the students of that time drew pictures for the students of the future. However, Koestler’s son was the only one who did not get a picture, but a page with strings of numbers attached to it. It was written down by a strange girl who had telephonic contact with otherworldly beings, the so-called “whisperers”. These beings made her write the numbers (she later lost her mind in adulthood because of hearing voices).

knowing 2

The Whisperers … angelic beings who make contact with certain people in the end times.

Disappointed, he gave the fifty-year-old piece of paper to his father who, after a while, discovered the sequence of numbers 91120012994 in the seemingly random sea of numbers. This leads him to the conclusion that these are predictions of deadly catastrophes, with date and number of deaths (9/11 2001, 2994 deaths). He notes that all the other numbers on the piece of paper can also be linked to fatal catastrophes in the last 50 years. However, the pattern stops at one point, which leads him to the conclusion that from then on it must be about future catastrophes, in which he himself becomes partly involved.


The last number on the piece of paper is bloody big and connected with the word END. They puzzle over what this could mean for a long time, until he realises in MIT that a gigantic solar flare is imminent. In the meantime, the ‘whisperers’ have made contact with the son, who take him from Earth to a paradisiacal world in their spaceship shortly before the solar flare, while his father perishes together with the rest of humanity in a sea of flames (see short video).

That this film is more than fiction and that the cabal is in fact revealing future events is made clear, in my opinion, by a seemingly insignificant scene. Even before he came to the conclusion that the numbers prophesy future events, a clip from the television news is shown. This scene has no significance for the film and remains completely uncommented upon, and yet it was shown. The clip reports a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by an explosion in a drilling rig, the very event that actually took place exactly one year after the film was released!

knowing 4

When fiction …

deepwater horizon

… reality overtakes it. Deepwater Horizon (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, April-September 2010.

oil spill illuminati

Of course, also in Peter Jackson’s Illuminati card game from 1995.

How likely are such mega-solar storms in the near future? Well, the big ones are hard to predict… But it is estimated that the earth will only be hit by two very strong solar storms per millennium. One could hardly prepare oneself, because one can only predict a solar storm a few hours in advance. Nowadays, however, a solar storm would be much more devastating than in the past, because even if the world doesn’t burn up, solar ruptures definitely cause a large-scale total failure of electronics (overload of particles). And our world today, which is totally dependent on electricity and appliances, would be thrown into complete chaos. Our entire supply of water, gas and food, as well as our communication and trade, has become dependent on electricity (more on this later). As soon as the emergency generators of the nuclear power assets run out, they too will blow up in our faces. The loss of trade alone would cost the world $40 billion a day (if that even matters then). Read here.

In the film Knowing, many concepts are taken up from many end-time narratives of mankind, such as Revelation in the Bible. There too, a ‘harvest’ (rapture) of a limited number of believers is told, who do not have to endure the torments of the end times to the end but are ‘picked up’ beforehand and come into the golden age with Jesus, while the rest of the souls perish together with the earth because of their sins. Some beliefs and prophecies tell us that the cycle of the earth then starts all over again and the souls incarnate here until they have learned their lessons. After certain long cycles of time, the next harvest comes and the soul either ascends into higher dimesions (Budhism, for example, speaks here in the terminology of “nirvana”) or it is doomed to forget and repeat everything again.

knowing 3

The golden paradise to which the children are brought with the whisperers at the end of “Knowing”. Tree of life/ Adam & Eve symbolism. The cycle starts all over again.

The Mayans (but also other cultures) have learned to read and predict these cycles from our starry sky. The star costelations follow certain patterns over thousands of years (like a slow Swiss clockwork) and this is how their well-known Mayan calendar came into being.

planet movements

The planetary movements that are visible from the earth result in regular patterns over a long period of time from which times can be read (sacred geometry).

Do you remember the end of the world hype on 21.12 2012? Were they wrong? No, not at all. Because there was never any talk of an end of the world but only the end of a (5126 year) cycle. And thus the beginning of a new age into which the transition is just taking place. Anthropologist and Maya expert Don Carlos Barros says that a 13-year transition cycle will follow, which will decide the fate of humanity and only then lead to its downfall. Of these 13 years, the first eight would already be over by the end of this year. So here, too, the year 2025 is coming. Read here.


The Revelation of the Bible also speaks of the years of tribulation, shortly before the end. Only here it speaks of seven years (2013-2020? 2020-2027?). The Tribulation is a relatively short period of time in which every human being worldwide will experience hardship, catastrophes, famine, war, pain and suffering that will affect the whole of creation. And which precedes the judgment of the sinful people of the earth when the Second Coming of the Lord takes place. Some pretribulationists believe that those who choose to follow God will be spared the suffering and thus escape the Tribulation. According to the Bible, no one will be able to predict the exact time of the Second Coming either. According to the Bible, God created the stars for “signs and symbols” and for orientation for us humans – not only for navigation but also for what may come.

The Ascencion is also talked about in the current New Age or Ufology scene, especially David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Micheal Salla have popularised this view in the ‘truther’ community. The imminent moment when aliens will reveal themselves to humanity and allow a select and ready few to ascend to the next higher dimension. People who are spiritually ‘underdeveloped’ and therefore not ready are left behind. Aliens revealing themselves to humanity is also part of the agenda, but in my opinion it will be a deception.


The Blue Avians with whom Corey Goode is said to have had contact.

You can see that there are overlaps in many different cultures and stories here. This could be an indication that they all contain a core of truth. This paradigm in which our souls find themselves, learn and evolve has a beginning and a predetermined end.

War (WWIII) and Economic Collapse

What are the chances now of a great war and a great recession in the next few years, as The Economist aka. Rothschild suggests. Is there going to be another great war soon? Will our generation have to go through what our grandparents went through again? Let’s look at the current events of the world and put one and one together.

ww 3

In fact, there is more sabre-rattling going on now than at any time since the Cold War. Let’s think back, for example, to the feud between the US and Iran in January of this year. It fizzled out as quickly as it appeared, but there were already threats of a large-scale targeted attack on a potential nuclear power.

trump tweet

But that’s not all.

Last year, Donald Trump (a master of staged images) met with North Korean leader Kim-Jung Un at the North/South Korean border to shake his hand. Many believed that the tensions between North and South would soon be over. But that was just for show.

trump kim

In June, the North Korean deputy in Moscow made very provocative statements to the major Russian news agency TASS in which he threatened the US with a ‘sensational’ event that would destroy their country. Read here.

He said they have “nuclear weapons capable of mercilessly punishing anyone who dares to raise his hand, no matter what corner of the planet he is in.” “A new round of the Korean War will add a particularly sensational event to the history of mankind, which will lead to the end of an empire whose name is the United States of America.”

Just a week earlier, Kim-jung Un’s sister blew up their inter-Korean embassy on the southern border and North Korea threatened to advance into zones demilitarised in a 2018 peace deal. South Korea’s defence minister said he was taking the threats very seriously and that they were closely monitoring North Korean moves. This conflict has been building for years and will escalate in one form or another. And as soon as it escalates, China and the US will immediately get involved, because a new Korean war is basically just a proxy war between these two giants. This is something to watch closely.

In June, there was also a major escalation in the ongoing conflict between China and India. I have the feeling that this was somewhat lost in the media. India and China share a border in the Himalayan steppe. Military forces have been positioned behind both borders for decades and it escalated there recently. According to Indian authorities, about 20 Indian soldiers died in a clash with Chinese soldiers on the border. This is the first deadly clash on the border in at least 45 years.

indian vs china

The Chinese authorities did not give a death toll (some media say 108) and accuse the Indians that their soldiers crossed the border and provoked them. Indian authorities claim it was a planned attack by the Chinese. Indian Prime Minister Modi then allowed the Indian soldiers to use all the firepower at their disposal, should there be another confrontation. This means that the border dispute can now turn into a war between two nuclear powers at any time.

Watch closely what is happening between China and India. The cabal wants to reduce the volume of the human farm enormously, so it only makes sense to instigate a major war between the two most populous countries on earth.

And then, of course, there would be the ever-increasing tensions between the US and China. Almost daily we hear new hostilities and threatening gestures from Xi and Trump. Beijing pissed off many other nations when they created several artificial islands in the South China Sea for military purposes. Under eight years of Obama, the NAVI conducted four Freedom of Navigation operations in the South China Sea. In Trump’s four years, there have already been 22.

kuenstliche inseln chinesen

Many experts see relations between China and the US already in “red alert” crisis mode. Last May, Trump devoted an entire speech to China, reminiscent of a wartime speech. He accused China of industrial espionage, illegal annexation of territories in the South China Sea and more. A week earlier, the US Senate passed a law prohibiting companies that did not open their books to the government from listing on the Wall Street index. This is to prevent Chinese companies that do not play the game from listing on the American stock exchange. NASDAQ also deliberately made it more difficult for Chinese companies. Then there were China’s demonstrations of power in Hong Kong. Xi also threatened Trump that they would not let the US interfere in this matter. The US now threatened China with sanctions similar to those against Russia. China responded that they were prepared for the worst. The recent ‘Tik-Tok’ scandal is only the last act of this economic war theatre.

china machtkampf

The president of the National Institute of South China Sea Studies also said recently that tensions in the South China Sea are rising and the danger of someone accidentally firing is increasing day by day. Taiwan, too, is waiting anxiously for the day when Chinese ships enter its territory. On top of this, officials are now even suggesting that China is planning an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the US that could knock out power to large parts of the country (like a solar flare). Read here.

While China is said to have the means to defend itself against an EMP attack, the US Homeland Security EMP Task Force is very worried. Read here.

They predict that the destruction of the nation’s power supply will kill 70-90% of all Americans in the first year. Logically, no functioning power grid in the country means immediate financial collapse, mass unemployment, looting, food production and commerce will immediately collapse almost completely, as will the water and gas supply. Nowadays everything depends on electricity and the emergency generators cannot run forever. After 48 hours at the latest, there will be civil war, followed by famine and epidemics (due to the lack of hygiene). Our current system is like a house of cards, pull one out and everything collapses.

power outage emp

China is now a gigantic economic power that has become the most important player in the last 20 years. And they have already made it more than clear that they will defend their economic interests militarily if necessary. Historically proud China probably still feels hard feelings against the West. The once glorious and rich Middle Kingdom, which for centuries was the world’s scientific and cultural leader, was reduced to a third world country for two centuries thanks to the opium wars of the British Empire. That is history today and now there are Chinese military bases at all the important trading points in Africa (China has bought the strategically important Djibouti, for example) and China now has the second highest military spending after the US and one of the most modern armies with the largest infantry in the world. China is challenging the US for its first place as a world power and history has shown that such power struggles ALWAYS end in war. Don’t be distracted by what the mass media throws in your face, there will be war – one like never before. It is not a question of if, but only when. And the fronts are hardening every day.

Then there is the gigantic explosion in Beirut, which was almost certainly an attack by Israel. In autumn 2018, Israeli PM Netahjahu threatened Beirut in the UN… according to him, rocket heads were made there for Hezbollah, he even showed a map… exactly of the area of the explosion (Site 1). And he threatened : “Israel knows what you are doing and we know where you are doing it and we will not let you get away with it!” And 1.5 years later, the biggest firecracker of all times goes off right there. So I don’t believe in coincidences… See here from about 16:38 min….

THESE MILITARY CONFLICTS SHOULD NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED. While the media focus only on vaccinations, a major war between nuclear superpowers is brewing in several corners of the globe. A gigantic shift of power from West to East. With these conflicts, it would be very naïve to believe that the third world war will be another generation away.

Then there is the economy. It will crash extremely this year!

On 20 August, the Warren Buffet Indicator put the stock market at 1.7, the highest level since the bubble burst at 1.71 in the early 2000s. A few days earlier, Warren Buffet’s Berkeshire Hathaway invested heavily in the world’s second largest gold miner. Meanwhile, forecasts for the rise in value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin over the next few months look very rosy. This has already risen this year from $5,000 (circa March) to its previous record value of $12,000 per token (last week). The cabal mouthpiece The Atlantic is also warning that the banks will collapse and we won’t be able to save them this time. Read here.

Folks these are clear signs… the fiat money system is on a fatal respirator and the plug will be pulled very soon! The 2008 crisis was just the prelude. If you have cash, I urge you to get it out of the bank now and invest in gold, useful assets and decentralised cryptocurrencies! Prepare yourselves (more on this at the end).

bitcoin 1

The great dying

Are there perhaps people who have known for a long time that ‘the big die’ and the collapse of our economy and civilisation is coming very soon? I found a site called a few years ago – a serious news site on current developments in the military arms market by and for the industry. This site also maintains statistics on GDP, population and other parameters for every country in the world.


It is also interesting that they have a forecast for the year 2025 for exactly these statistics (this date again) and so I came across it again. However, the forecast is frightening. According to their own statements, the operators are ‘not a satanic death cult or other bullshit’ (after the predictions went viral they had to speak out), but they are definitely closely connected to the intelligence community. Wikileaks documents show that the US government used data from this site as a reference for North Korea’s military capabilities. Read here.

Consulting clients of the mysterious Deagel organisation include:

  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN)
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • OSCE
  • Russian Defense Procurement Agency
  • Stratfor
  • The World Bank
  • United Nations (UN)

So this is not just anyone on the internet making forecasts. They are experts in information gathering who work for governments and secret services and refer to information from the CIA and NATO, among others, when making their forecasts. So what about us in the year 2025?


The GDP of the USA is expected to fall by 92% compared to 2017 and that of Germany by a whopping 90% to a GDP of a paltry 413 million euros! GDP is plummeting almost everywhere in the world, but especially in Europe and North America: Italy is down 60%, France 75%, Canada 61%, Spain 79%. These are unimaginable slumps… According to this forecast, the few winners among the global players are China (+6%) and Russia (+56%).

Much more frightening, however, are the statistics on population numbers. In the USA, the population is expected to shrink by more than two-thirds from 326 million to just 99 million. Germany is also hard hit: its population is expected to fall to just 28 million. Since no other European countries are growing (which would signal refugee movements) this means that tens of millions of people will actually die in some way in the next 5 years. Remember: every big economic crisis is followed by a big war – because that brings money.

armageddon capitol hill

Economic collapse is cited as the reason for the great death toll:

“Historically, a change in the economic paradigm has led to a death rate that is rarely highlighted by mainstream historians. When the transition from rural areas to big cities took place in Europe, many people who could not accept the new paradigm killed themselves. They killed themselves through a psychological factor. This is not mainstream, but it is true. A new crisis combines old, well known patterns with new ones.

We are neither a death cult nor a satanic cult or arms dealer as some BS is buzzing around the internet on this subject. Remember that the forecast is nothing more than a model, whether it is flawed or correct. It is not God’s word or a magical device that allows one to predict the future.”

And they are right. A great economic depression is essentially a weapon of mass destruction. Suicide, starvation and crime will sweep people away in droves. Back in the 1930s, however, people supported each other and had manual survival skills and knew how to grow food. Today, on the other hand… they have forgotten everything that grandma could do, are only used to supermarkets and delivery services and, on top of that, are often selfish and hardly resilient.

great depression

Back then, most of the people were unemployed …

great depression 2

…and homeless.

Operation Dark Winter & 28 Weeks later

Then I noticed that in connection with the second Corona wave there is talk of a ‘Dark Winter’. I’ll explain what this is about in a moment…. Remember, the cabal communicates in code words, symbols and allegories. For example, the American whistleblower Dr Bright said in a speech to the press on 14 May 2020:

“Our window of opportunity is closing. If we fail to improve our response now on a scientific basis, I fear the pandemic will get worse and longer. It is likely that there will be a resurgence of COVID-19 this autumn and that it will be significantly amplified by the seasonal flu. Without better planning, 2020 could have the bleakest winter in modern history.”

Then there is the video game ‘The Divion’ by CIA propaganda writer Tom Clancey. This game was released in 2013 and deals, among other things, with a modified smallpox virus (B-weapon) that is brought into the world by a terroist, spreads very quickly and leads to the collapse of civilization. Here, too, the term ‘dark winter’ is used specifically. Take a quick look at this video in its entirety, classic predictive programming for the coming events.

So where does this term come from and what does it mean? Well… in June 2001, not even three months before 9/11, the US Department of Defence actually carried out a large-scale ‘war game’ to practise how prepared the USA would be against a terrorist attack by biological and chemical weapons – they called this operation ‘Dark Winter’. To practice the whole thing again in real conditions, there were promptly several anthrax letter attacks in the USA just one week after 9/11. Wiki.

dark winter

The result of this very realistic exercise was a disaster. In a real scenario, one would have expected: tens of millions dead, no trade and air travel between states for 6 months, martial law, and war between Texas and Oklahoma.

Was Whistleblower Dr.Richard Bright trying to warn people with ears to hear of this very scenario? Will the second wave this winter only be the real pandemic with biological/chemical/electromagnetic weapons and everything before that was ‘dress rehearsal’ so to speak to get the enstreching infrastructure and conditioned behaviour of people in place? Do the gas masks under the title ‘the next catastrophe’ indicate this? Does Dark Winter mean large-scale power outages? hm….

Am 13. März 2020 verkündete Trump den Nationalen Notstand aufgrund dem Beginn der Pandemie. Genau 28 Wochen später, am 25. September 2020, wird auf Amazon Prime weitere Prädiktive Programmierung erscheinen – die Neuauflage der Serie Utopia. Hier geht es um menschengemachte Pandemien und biologische Waffen, einer weltweiten Verschwörung und einen Comic in dem die Wahrheit verschlüsselt zu finden ist. Im Trailer wird sich sogar über Leute lustig gemacht die überall Sachen „rein interpretieren“, obwohl diese Person dann doch recht behält. Mind-Control at its finest  Und das ganze erscheint auf den Tag genau 28 Wochen später! 28 Weeks Later ist ein Film in dem es um eine Wiederaufkommende Virus Pandemie geht welche die Menschen unfruchtbar macht und in aggressive Zombies verwandelt. Luzifer und seine alte Zahlenspielerei, es macht ihm bestimmt eine Freude mit uns zu spielen.

Trump (fake)assassination – it’s coming

No American president is as controversial and has divided Americans as Donald Trump. I hate to burst the bubble of the Q disciples but this is exactly why he exists. Nothing more, nothing less. He is just as much a part of the cabal and his role on the chessboard is to play the clown that divides and provokes society to the maximum: Right against Left, White against Black, Conservative against Progressive, Truther against Sheeple and Truther among themselves. And the maximum division will be his premature demise (or disappearance) in the next three years. The Trump disciples will be even more pissed off and the militias will probably run amok, while the Q supporters (after having their hopes artificially built up for a long time) will have their last spark of hope squeezed out for the convenient “salvation” where you don’t have to do anything yourself. Every person who still wastes an ounce of faith in politics is still fast asleep. Trump and Q are the false prophets of the end times. This world cannot and will not change unless we take ourselves by the nose and change. There is no comfortable way, it will be hard for all.

His assassination has been portrayed and shown so many times in different media, as well as that he is “the end” president. There have also been a few assassination attempts on Trump, most recently on 11 August when the assassin was shot by the Secret Service. Read here.

He has been destined for this role for decades. Our reality runs according to a precise script and each of our leaders has a role to play for which he is prepared his whole life.

trump attentat

Snoop Doog Music Video.

trump attentat 2

Illuminati Card Game.

Here at the “Trump Roast” on Comedy Central 2011 (at that time Trump tried to become president for the first time) they also talk about an assassination attempt on him if he becomes president (at 56:10). McFarlen also says very clearly that Trump “will lead this country one day.” And later adds “if the Facebook guy drops out and we have to make do with your pompous ass.” (9:30)

Or the comic from a heavy metal magazine issue from the 90s? It’s all here, the whole script: Trump building a big wall to keep out the poor, an attempted assassination on him, an alliance he then forms to overthrow the rich, riots on the streets of New York, even the MAGA caps make an appearance (full comic here).

trump attentat 3

In the 80s classic Back to the Future 2, Marty travels to an alternative future: Biff Tannen, a character officially said to be based on Donald Trump, rules the country while absolute chaos reigns on the streets.

There are dozens more examples. No lateral entrant, no saviour, just another puppet playing his prepared role.

I PET GOAT II – Cryptic Prophecies for Lucifer’s Final Chapter

In this context I wanted to mention the “art” film I Pet Goat II from 2012, maybe there are a few people who don’t know that. Always wanted to write something about it and now the opportunity arises. This is a short animated film by Heliofant  which shows past and future events in a feverish dream-like manner. The imposing images are completely overflowing with symbolism. Videos like this (strictly speaking 99% of what is produced for film and television) is ritual magic for them. They believe that by doing this they can manifest their desired goals. Ritual means nothing else than: performing a magical procedure or ceremony to change the environment. Basically, they abuse our imagination by feeding our creative consciousness with images of their agendas.

In ritualistic magic, sacrifices are often made, spoken in ritualist language, danced and sung in a trance. Often rituals are tied to a specific place or time (when the clock strikes 12 or at a full moon / solar eclipse). You will find much of it here.

Every frame of this film is meticulously crafted, and there are dozens of community interpretations of what it means. I’ll tell you one now, but watch this movie in full first.

This video shows the transitional phase into the new age, the arrival of the anti-Christ and the death of Christianity.

It begins with a hypnotised goat trapped in a FEMA camp with a barcode on its forehead (chip/mark of the beast ). This goat represents the sleeping sheep waiting for their butcher. The title I, Pet Goat II alludes to a book that Georg W. Busch held in his hand (upside down) at a moment in history. It was the children’s book from which the children of a school class in Florida he visited on 11 September 2001 read to him. There, Secret Service whispered in his ear “America is under Attack”, which made him look stupidly into the air for 7 minutes, read “I, Pet Goat” and do nothing. This reading aloud, by the way, was a perfidious manifestation ritual for 9/11… the words the ignorant children had to read aloud over and over again were in the end: “KITE!” “HIT!” “PLANE!” “STEEL!” What are the random chances? Watch here.

The film begins in said classroom. Here Bush is hanging by puppet strings in the green reptilian hands of Satan. In addition to the Masonic black and white checkerboard pattern on the floor, the Boheamian Grove owl (Minerva) is also visible in the upper left above the US map. The clock at the top strikes 12 o’clock. Bush makes the devil horns hand gesture once and then transforms into Obama (who is hanging by the same strings). Different face, same puppet. The latter starts laughing (in front of the burning house on the blackboard/ real estate bubble 2008). Later, when the camera zooms out of the room, we see the collapsing twin towers and a jumper in the background. By showing past crimes of the cabal, it is made unmistakably clear that the rest are also to come. It starts with 9/11, as it was the start of the Antichrist world we live in. Some researchers even believe that Jesus’ birth was actually on September 11, 3 BC and that the 9/11 ritual is an inversion of this date (2001=2+0+0+1=3).

i pet goat

Before that, however, a girl in a white dress is shown in the classroom. This image is significant and represents the year 2020, with each of the faceless wax figures representing one of the 12 months.

i pet goat 2

The barbed wire represents the lockdown. The January figure has a ying-yang symbol (China) so the lockdown only represents China. See that April again has (especially much) wire and sits bored on the ground, here the whole world was in lockdown without lockdowns. The March figure folds his hands like Trump (the month a state of emergency was declared, rights transferred to FEMA and WHO declared it a global pandemic).

trump figure

Between March and May the emergency exit door can be seen in the background, a signal to the cabal? or to us? The hare represents the Buck Moon (male hare= buck), the first full moon after the solstice on 5 July. The space between the October and November figures is shaped like the state of Israel, so maybe we can expect something there around October 31…(important day in the satanic calendar). Also the summer solstice on 21 June which is symbolised here by the girl and the circle (we had a solar eclipse on that day this year) is a holiday in the satanic ritual calendar. Read here.

December gets the wire again, so lockdown. The girl loses the apple and it rolls onto Obama’s foot which is also on a crown coin (crown=corona?). From the apple grows a lotus, a well-known symbol of enlightenment, or a water lily (flower of the month July).

After the camera zooms out, one briefly sees a Psalm 23 graffiti…. but some also recognise the word Donald here.

donald graffitti

“The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He feedeth me in green pastures
And leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
For his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For thou art with me,
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me
In the presence of mine enemies.
Thou anointest my head with oil
and fill me full.
Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell
in the house of the Lord forever.”

This is followed by Osama Bin Laden with a CIA patch on his chest and oil derricks in the background (war in the Middle East). A tattered US flag and the collapsing Statue of Liberty are also shown (the implosion of the US Empire in progress).

bin laden

You can see a depressed “egghead” figure being made ready by her demons. She represents humanity. The words “Market Plunge” and “War” (the coming economic collapse and war) can be seen in his sad eyes. Shortly afterwards, a mosque is destroyed by a couple of T-35 bombers (they destroyed Islam through war and terror).

luzifer birth humanity

The serpent Lucifer has been part of humanity since it was born.

markets plundge

The egghead is full-grown humanity.

You can also see a peasant of socialist (hammer and sickle) Venezuela drowning. Venezuela is already experiencing complete economic collapse, which has gained even more momentum, especially since 2017. Hyperinflation, food shortages, poverty and mass unemployment are the result.


Next, a relatively clear timeline for a war against China is shown. We first see several tanks heading towards a peace activist. This symbol alone is very reminiscent of Tank Man. The unknown Chinese man who on 5 June 1989 stood alone against a few tanks leaving Tinanmen Square in Beijing. In addition, a Ying-Yang symbol can be seen briefly in the shadows. Wiki.

The tanks are clearly China… The activist is grabbed by the shoulder, pausing for a moment to see her back – a tiger. In the Chinese calendar, the next year of the tiger is from 01 February 2022 to 22 January 2023. She turns around and sees who tapped her: a skeletal figure. But not just any skeleton, but one that is typically displayed during Mexico’s most important holiday, the “Día de Muertos”. The fireworks and the horn make it clear that the Day of the Dead (celebrated from 31 October to 2 November) is meant here. Will the war with China start on the Day of the Dead in 2022?!

china war

Ying and Yang shadows.

china war 2

china war 3

Throughout the chaos in the film, a dancing Shiva figure is shown again and again. In Hinduism, Shiva is the god of destruction and new beginnings. He can also be seen as a statue at the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland (through which the Abyssos is opened) and the dance of the Shiva figure is the same one performed by the CERN staff in their occult promo video. Wiki.


shiva 2

shiva 3

A few years ago, a ritual took place in front of the Shiva statue on the CERN premises, which of course later had to be dismissed as ‘fun for the employees’ when it landed on the Internet (damage limitation).

Occult video from CERN with the Shiva dance:

Let’s have a look at the Antichrist figure. She is floating all the time with her eyes closed on a boat with Anubis figure. The Egyptian god of death and the underworld. That alone is a strong indication that it is not Jesus. In addition, especially in connection with this figure, fertility and birth symbolism is often played with. He passes through a birth canal, the phallus in the tip of which the old woman is robbed of her fertility, and the vulva from which the Antichrist figure emerges. Death and birth are the dominant themes of this film. It is the death of the past age and the birth of a new age.


fruchtbarkeits symbol 3

Fertilization of the egg.

fruchtbarkeit symbol

The penis with a Christian cross on top.

fruchtbarkeit symbol 2

DNA symbolism in the birth canal (genetic modification of humanity)

fruchtbarkeits symbol 4

Exit from the birth canal.

And at the end we see where the birth of the Antichrist took place: In a church. She collapses and he opens his eyes (destruction of Christianity). But this church is not just any church but it is the Notre Damm Church and it is EXACTLY collapsing as it actually did with the fire three years ago (mind you 5 years after the video).

i pet goat ende

Seriously look at the two videos next to each other, frame by frame … the similarity is frightening.

We are in the middle of the most decisive phase in human history. The transition is happening NOW. It is no coincidence that you are reading these lines and that you should be prepared. With this privilege comes responsibility, so use the rest of the time wisely.

How to Prepare Yourself

So, what can you do now? First of all, don’t lose hope, that’s the most important thing! Any preparation is completely useless if you lose hope and the will to survive in a crisis situation. Act proactively and not reactively! The time for dawdling is over…. The aim is to be as independent as possible from the system and therefore to be very flexible when it collapses. But it doesn’t always have to be the end of the world: being prepared will of course also help you to survive smaller catastrophes such as job losses, local unrest and severe weather disasters. I will now fast-forward through some tips on how to prepare. I would prepare for all the eventualities described here (economic collapse, collapse of food and water supplies, social unrest, prolonged power cuts, war, NBC weapons) materially, mentally and physically.

prepping 1

Material – Ordered by importance

  • Water for you and your family for at least one month! Remember that if the water supply fails, you will not only need enough to drink, but also to cook and wash (otherwise you will get sick). You can go a long time without food, but three days without water and that’s it. Boiling, water purification tablets and a LifeStraw can make most of nature’s contaminated water drinkable without giving you diarrhoea.
  • Keep food in stock for at least (!) a month. Canned food, fermented vegetables, rice, etc. Remember that it should be a total of 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 20% fat, and should also contain vitamins and other micronutrients. Furthermore, there must be possibilities to prepare the food without electricity (gas/wood stove). Grow vegetables in the garden or on the balcony terrace, start yesterday rather than today. Rabbits and chickens would be ideal, of course.  The day will come when you will no longer be able to enter a supermarket without (genetic) vaccination.
  • Energy production: A petrol generator or at least a strong power bank with a small solar panel so that you can charge your mobile phone/laptop a few times and have contact with the outside world. Crank or battery radio. Cables/batteries etc.
  • Medicines (antibiotics/painkillers/gastrointestinal/iodine) and first aid kit with everything you might need. Learn to make medicine on a plant basis. Remember that in times of great social unrest or war, hospitals and ambulances are usually completely overloaded. If you can’t take care of yourself, you’re out of luck. Don’t forget hygiene articles, but limit yourself to the bare essentials (curd soap, toilet paper, razor, feminine hygiene – nothing more).
  • Tools, multi-tool knives, torches, ways to light a fire, maps, compass, a few hundred euros in cash (you don’t want to stand in line at an ATM for hours like in Venezuela, only to get nothing because it runs out [why do you think you are only allowed to withdraw 2000-3000 a week now?! ]), communication devices like walkie-talkie or HAM radio or the more modern off-grid communication solution GoTenna Mesh (if the network is fucked up our mobile phones are useless), a Faradyic bag for mobile phone and laptop protecting the devices not only from Big-Data surveillance and hackers but also from an EMP attack (and they protect you from EMF radiation). Maybe even gas masks to be protected from NBC weapons and smoke (also protects from “dust lung” from the devastation of Directed Energy Weapons [to this day New Yorkers get lung cancer because of 9/11]).

prepping 2

Mentally – in order of importance

  • Your most important tool is your mind! Learn to use survival tools (a tool is only useful if you can use it), get smart, go through different scenarios, watch world events with alert eyes, enlighten your fellow human beings, acquire skills (sewing, pitting, repairing), Gardening, navigation, communication technology, what your rights are, etc.), read how people have dealt with crisis situations in the past. Get books/PDFs. (e.g. SAS Survival Manual or look in the Survivor Library)
  • Strengthen your mind for what is coming, learn to remain calm even in stressful situations, learn to meditate, develop an irrepressible will to survive, learn to deal with fears, and don’t think about the distractions (TV / alcohol / party) that are common in a crisis situation could be available.
  • Connect with like-minded people and get involved, in a (smaller) group you always have greater opportunities than alone and it is beneficial for morale.
  • Find God! Anyone who does not base their existence on an underlying meaning will quickly find the ground ripped from under their feet in a crisis. Faith gives you hope exactly when you need it most, whatever that belief may be for you. Just the fact that you are reading these lines means that someone out there is looking after you who has brought you right here

prepping 3

Physical – ordered by importance

  • If you are reasonably healthy people: train! You have to be fit, everyone can do a little strength training and cardio. Eat a reasonably healthy diet. If you are physically limited, find people you trust to prepare with you and support you. A little self-defence training certainly won’t hurt either.
  • Go hiking or camping…familiarise yourself with the conditions in nature.

Important: Only increase gradually, according to your financial and personal circumstances. This does not put a strain on the system for no reason and is better for the budget. In addition, you learn a lot along the way and a slower increase prevents you from spending a lot of money unnecessarily on the wrong things. And the first rule of prepping: Don’t talk about your own prepping. The funny comments from friends and relatives: “When the zombie copalysis starts, I’ll come to you” are suddenly no longer so funny when five unprepared families are standing in front of the door in a serious situation. Don’t think that the nice colleague at work wouldn’t steal from you if she saw no other way to protect her children in an emergency situation. Stick together and help people in need? Absolutely, yes! Bragging about how much food, water, medicine and tools you have stored in the cellar to everyone who comes along, and then making fun of them? You’d better not do that, because your own survival is at risk. The hamster-buying mania at the end of March has already shown how quickly people can become animals when panic sets in. If real desperation is added to this, it can become dangerous. Our civilisation is only three meals away from the Arnachie.

gold tresor 2

Protect yourself financially for economic turbulence. Have cash at home and invest in gold, sensible materials and decentralised cryptocurrencies. This can save your ass when times get tough and you can’t rely on the banks. Gold has real value as it is a rare and therefore valuable precious metal. Cash was originally just a token for gold deposited at the bank. In the meantime, however, our money has not been deposited with gold for a long time, but has been printed and devalued at will. Nowadays it’s just zeros and ones in the computer that are arbitrarily changed by the banksters. When money loses its value, it is not even worth the paper it is printed on.

Decentralised cryptocurrencies are a way of exchanging value over long distances – instantly, securely, anonymously and without a middleman. They do not need central authorities such as banks. Every cryptocurrency owner has the same power and controls everyone. This means that there is no need to trust a central authority (bank) and abuse is ruled out; likewise, it is not possible to produce an infinite amount of a cryptocurrency. Blockchain technologies and decentralised cryptocurrencies are extremely anti-cabal because they put the power from central institutions into the hands of the people. The uses for blockchain are endless and they could revolutionise the world. But in the meantime, they are also trying to get in with centralised digital currencies like Libra and Ripple. The subject is a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll get into it eventually (find an advisor if you need to).

Also, have a plan. What do I do in which situation? Where do I stay, where do I go and with whom? How do I stay under the radar? Maybe it’s worth chatting to the distant relative who has also woken up a bit. Do I have safe havens? Could I survive if I had to leave my home behind quickly from one moment to the next? If you live in a big city and have the option of living in the countryside, I would use this option. Especially if you are in the US right now – get out as fast as you can, especially as soon as you see military vehicles entering the city! As soon as riots take place over a few days, martial law is not far away. In many crisis situations you are much worse off in a city.


Lots of unprepared people in confined spaces are a security risk: more crime, looting and social unrest. In the event of unrest, fires are not far away, and if the fire brigade fails, there is a large area of ​​fire. Diseases caused by poor hygiene spread faster and cities are preferred targets in times of war or terrorism. In addition, through martial law and vaccination checkpoints, cities can quickly be turned into large open-air prisons in which movement and access to food and medicine are restricted. The vast rural areas with their fields, forests and smaller communities are much safer there. The only exception: in an economic depression, you will have a higher chance of finding a job or exchanging valuables in cities.

martial law checkpoint

A few prepping-information sources for further deepening (there is a lot more deeper in this topic, I’m just scratching the surface here) :

Sensible Prepper, City Prepping, The Urban Prepper,… there are of course many more…

I can recommend the following apps (the smartphone can be a very useful tool): Offline Survival Manual, Offline Wilderness Survival, First Aid, App for learning plants, Compass, Offline maps, Offline translator, Morse code, Police radio, Radio app.

It’s getting a bit long again. It is now up to everyone to take their own lives into their own hands in an intelligent and self-determined way. Stay alert for what is coming. Stay strong, focused and always hopeful. You are never alone.