Who is Ken Jebsen?

Ken Jebsen

Ken Jebsen, whose real name is Kayvan Sufi-Siavash, is a German freelance journalist, video producer and political activist. He is a great freedom fighter and perhaps one of the best journalists in Germany.

He is considered a central figure in the Corona denial movement and is currently followed by over 120,000 people on Telegram.

He is the founder of the independent and alternative media KenFM, which no longer bears that name; it is now called “Apolut”:


In 2001, Jebsen started his own radio program “KenFM” hosted on the public youth broadcaster Fritz at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) in Berlin. He has been doing an entertaining and innovative program there for many years. Until he suddenly had to leave the station in November 2011 and his career in public broadcasting ended.

He launched KenFM, his own web portal, and YouTube becomes his “alternative media platform” with growing success. KenFM has been producing news reports, interviews, talk-shows, live music, political comments and analyses on a regular basis.

In January 2021, YouTube permanently blocks “KenFM” because, although Jebsen has always rumbled against the system, since March 2020 he has been warning against the diabolical plans of the powerful elite and the mass media. He warns that the corona pandemic is a global conspiracy and claims that masks do not protect against corona, but are merely an “obedience experiment”.

He claims that the pandemic is a giant hoax concocted by Bill Gates – who “owns” the World Health Organization as well as the entire media and political establishment of many countries (including Germany). Jebsen explained to the public in the demonstrations that Gate’s intention is to further enrich himself by producing an unsafe vaccine and then forcibly injecting it into all people through a mandatory vaccine. He asked them resist dictatorship, mass vaccination and appeals to the German People to rise and fight this corrupt Merkel Regime.

He also explains that that mass media are no longer independent, that we will soon face the collapse of the banking system, and that Gates is behind the requirement to wear protective face masks in order to inspire fear in the population.

“The fear is in our heads, and fear is triggered from outside.”

The attacks on September 11, 2001 were a “moment of awakening” for Jebsen, when he discovered that the terrorist attacks were planned by the US government itself. He learned that the powerful in the USA are controlled by people with Jewish roots, whose goal is the “creation of an Israeli empire”.

Jebsen is also the keynote speaker in the Querdenken-711 demonstrations, a lateral thinking movement that wants to “Think outside the box”:


The Querdenken demonstrations are not anti-Corona demonstrations, but demos for the restoration of our fundamental rights, as they consider the government’s measures to be completely inappropriate from a scientific and legal point of view.

For eight years, the KenFM channel has been one of the most important alternative channels on YouTube, all financed by crowdfunding. With more than 500,000 subscribers, KenFM is a big instrument in the democratic enlightenment of society. Since Corona, massive pressure has been exerted on the alternative media; this pressure is highly undemocratic, unsettles and massively corrupts the free expression of opinion.

But Ken Jebsen and the KenFM outlet are regularly subjected to harsh criticism. YouTube closed his account permanently on January 2021 accusing him to publish misinformation about COVID-19.

Ken Jebsen is one of the most important alternative enlighteners of our time. His weekly interviews with journalists, artists and critics are not only an important contribution to a functioning democracy, but they are the prerequisite for a democratic order and opinion formation that our public media just no longer offer.

Ken Jebsen has understood one thing: the only way back to democracy is the way against the current into an analogue world. His vision is a campus and a meeting place where activists and critics can meet.

Some of his most important videos in German: