Who is Dr. Matelda Lisdero?

Matelda Lisdero

Dr. Matelda Lisdero is a nutritionist, homeopath and gynaecologist in Argentina, specialised in orthomolecular medicine. She is a disseminator of the 5 biological laws discovered by Dr Hamer, which help us to understand the root of why we get sick and explains that fear triggers alert and survival mechanisms, which in time causes us chronic stress and possible symptoms or diseases.

Dr Matelda assures that doctors are trained today to be functional to the pharmaceutical industry and urges health professionals to take a more holistic view of the art of healing.

She is member of the group “Doctors for Truth” (Médicos por la verdad), an international organisation that was born in Germany, strengthened in Spain and expanded in Latin America. It’s a movement of health professionals who reject the measures implemented during the pandemic and denounce whatever is hidden behind the official Covid-19 narrative.


He is also a member of Epidemiólogos Argentinos, the sister group of Médicos por la Verdad. The two organisations have come to prominence for opposing health measures and official information; they speak of totalitarianism, fear and coercion.

They are doctors, virologists, immunologists and other professionals investigating the truth about the events that triggered the so-called global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and about the extreme health measures implemented by governments without scientific basis. They want to provide another epidemiological view of the pandemic and oppose the use of masks, isolation of the healthy, question PCR tests and the efficacy of vaccines, support banned autopsies, and promote chlorine dioxide. They claim that asymptomatic people are not contagious and of course support herd immunity.

From his social media, Dr Lisdero is calling for a fight to stop children being vaccinated against the coronavirus. She claims that this disease does not affect children, that mortality is negligible, but instead, exposing them to an experiment can have catastrophic consequences.

“The estimated mortality in children from this flu is 0.0004 and children are not super contagious.”

She adds that vaccines are experimental injections and we don’t know if the antibodies of children will make have long-term effects.

“Don’t be silent, it’s time to stand up for them, I want to be able to look them in the face and be able to say ‘I stood up for you, I protected you’. We cannot allow them to experiment on our children without knowing the long-term consequences and effects. Don’t be silent.”

She claims that asymptomatic people are not contagious, which is corroborated by a study conducted in Wuhan, China. She also says that the use of masks does not serve as a preventive measure against the coronavirus and that it produces hypercapnia (excess carbon dioxide in the blood). It is based on using the CO2 detector used by anaesthetists in operating theatres. Several doctors have used it to prove that CO2 increases when breathing with a mask.

The doctor argues that covid-19 is a flu and that what is killing people is suggestion and panic.

“It is very sad to see how fear manipulation turned out to be so easy. That’s why I ask people to come out of fear. For that we need to turn off the TV, get informed.”

She says that when the pandemic started he knew we were going to be manipulated by fear. From day zero. He knows many doctors in Italy and they were telling us that people were not being able to go to the hospitals, that everything had been closed, that they were staying at home, and that they were arriving late at the hospital. Also the doctors are in panic, they are exhausted. And that’s the problem. The problem is not a virus but how we are helping people to deal with fear and with all this: being locked up, not being able to go shopping, not being able to see your family, being afraid of killing your grandfather… that’s the serious thing, knowing that the origin of the disease is not a bug that attacks you.

In reality, what happens when there are epidemic diseases or in groups is that the group perceives the same stress, the same alert situation. This is explained very well by the “5 biological laws” model: each tissue has a function, which it will activate, it will make changes, to face a particular challenge that your body perceives. The symptoms of inflammation, what we call disease, come after the alert. So, when they locked us up, made us wear a mask and so on, you could know the symptoms that were going to appear. I knew there would be skin problems, neurological problems, heart attacks….. Everything that followed was the list of symptoms theoretically caused by covid. But which, in reality, were caused by the covid syndrome which includes being locked up, being afraid of killing someone else, being afraid to breathe, having to breathe with your face covered, the doctor being more afraid than you… that’s the covid syndrome. And it will bring more symptoms the more fear they inject into us.

“It was easy to deceive because when you start to put fear into people, they become hypnotised, they lose the ability to reason.

The five laws model changes the paradigm for us: it is to go back to caring by understanding the other, understanding yourself, understanding when it is necessary to say ‘I can’t help you’, getting out of omnipotence, giving the responsibility for their health back to the patient.

It is important to understand the concept of the five biological laws in order to understand what is happening with this pandemic: every tissue in our body responds with changes based on what it perceives. And when there is a major stress, which exceeds the physiological – a biological shock – the body makes more changes to cope with that situation and in the relief of that situation the body becomes inflamed in order to repair or return to equilibrium. It is at that moment when the body becomes inflamed that what we mostly call illness appears.

“Symptoms are the expression of the body trying to get back to normal, to repair.

When you realise as a doctor that the medical system you were taught neither helps nor has logic, finding a model that gives you all the logic – beyond the fact that you can’t help everyone – at least allows you to offer another kind of help, to transform medicine into the true art of healing.

Dr Lisdero explains that it is important to understand that between 40 and 60% of the therapeutic aspect of a medical consultation or a medicine lies in the word, the placebo effect. What the pandemic did and everything that was put in place was to steal the placebo effect from doctors and patients. And transformed it into nocebo. Everything is bad, don’t come near me, if I hug you I’ll kill you… Many people were cured just by seeing a doctor. What heals the most is the word. That’s what they stole from us. They took the word away from us and told us now it’s a vaccine, a remedy, the pharmaceutical industry. And that made the doctor responsible, so it starts to be a defensive medicine, because the responsibility is his.

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