Who is Christian Tal Schaller?

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Dr. Christian Tal Schaller, 76 years old, is an internationally renowned Swiss physician specialising in holistic medicine and author of 60 books. He has been converted to alternative medicines such as naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, psychology, urinology, shamanism and rirology.

He has always claimed that health can be learned. He is now one of the most famous “anti-vax” in France and accuses the media and the authorities of lies and manipulation.

He is the author of the famous book “Vaccins : un génocide planétaire?” (Vaccines: a global genocide?):


He is co-autor of the website:


Dr Schaller says that Covid-19 is a man-made weapon: they created a virus to kill millions of people. He goes on to say that the vaccination against the coronavirus is “a colossal mistake”. The purpose of the vaccine was never to protect people, but to poison them. Vaccines are calculated poisons.

“The ultimate goal of the current vaccination regime can only be mass depopulation”.

He explains that the purpose of the Covid 19 vaccine is to secretly hook us up to 5G. They nanoparticle us, meaning they are injecting us with nanoparticles, and then they can manipulate us with 5G, destroy us, that is pure madness. The big difficulty for a lot of people is that it’s so huge that they can’t believe it.

“If you got this vaccine, we can manipulate you with 5G”.

He is convinced that the vaccines were developed by Bill Gates to reduce the population:

“Hitler, Stalin, they were garden gnomes next to Mr Bill Gates”.

The doctor had over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube when he was censored earlier this year.

Some of his most important Videos: