How Could the Vaccination Passport “Nullify” Your Existence?

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In an interview, we take a closer look at vaccination passports with Nick Corbishley, author of Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom.

Surveillance, Tracking, Manipulation and Control

There is little doubt in my mind that the main reason for the introduction of COVID vaccinations was not public health, but the introduction of vaccination cards, which in turn are only the first stage of a much broader mechanism to monitor, track, manipulate and control the world’s population.

Corbishley has worked as a journalist for ten years, writing about politics, finance and privacy issues. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, and has written for two U.S. blogs since 2013.

Israel was the first democratic country to introduce digital ID cards in February 2021, and when I saw what was going on there, I was very worried,” Corbishley says. “In April 2021, I wrote an article expressing my concerns about the risks of these vaccination passports.

Then I gradually saw what was happening in Europe. I started to see what was happening in Italy and France when the so-called green passport was introduced in June. It was a document that was supposed to allow travel between European countries. Very quickly it was used to control access to public services and public places in our own country. We were faced with restrictions that we had never experienced in our lives.

So I started writing more and more, and that brought me to the attention of Chelsea Green, a Vermont-based publisher. We had some conversations and concluded that there was an opportunity to write about something that everyone should know about. Even at this stage. It’s not talked about nearly as much as it should be.

Two Main Concerns

One of the main concerns raised by vaccination records is privacy. If introduced, they will take away most of the privacy we are used to. It is quite clear that they are a precursor to digital identity and a far more invasive type of digital surveillance apparatus.

The passports essentially act as a gateway that allows the government to herd us into a whole new reality where our actions, our movements, our thoughts and our behavior are tracked and monitored, Corbishley says. But it’s not just about surveillance. It’s also about enforcing compliance, and that’s the second big concern.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the immunization card, it’s that it’s about changing the way we interact with government, and it’s about changing the way government interacts with us, the governed.

In the future, if you don’t do exactly what the government tells you to do, whether you get one vaccination or two vaccinations or however many vaccinations you get, you will be disabled. You will not be able to access the most basic services and the places that we need to participate in society and the economy.

Surveillance on Steroids

Of course, we have been monitored for many years. All Google-related technologies are tracking and monitoring technologies. Our cell phones track and monitor us. The same goes for Facebook and other social media platforms. They all collect personal information and track everyone’s whereabouts.

We also know that these technologies are used to influence and manipulate people’s thoughts, beliefs and behavior. Until now, however, this manipulation has always been covert. The system that is now being erected is unique and new in that forced compliance will be overt in many cases – blatant and undeniable, as punishment will be tied to things like personal finances and travel privileges.

The immunization passport is clearly a platform to which they can add digital central bank currencies (CBDCs). For example, the government could publish a political narrative, and if you opt out, you lose access to your bank account. Or your travel privileges. Or on your loan application.

With Google-based smart homes, it’s not even impossible to imagine a future where you can simply be locked in your home if you’re labeled a dissenter. Or be locked out of your home. Or you could have your electricity cut off. The possibilities for punishing dissenters are endless when everyone and every thing is digitally identifiable, trackable and wirelessly connected. With a single keystroke, someone you don’t know can cripple your life and leave you homeless and helpless.

There is probably not even a living human being left to whom you can turn with your complaints. Much of the system is controlled by artificial intelligence and various algorithms. It’s important to realize that when we accept vaccination passports, we’re essentially giving our consent to everything that comes after, Corbishley warns. We are accepting that this is our future.

Why We Must Reject Digital IDs and CBDCs

We also need to be wary of the introduction of other control mechanisms that are just as problematic as vaccination passports, particularly digital IDs and CBDCs, but also any number of other digital and biometric controls. As Corbishley explains:

In Canada, the premier of Ontario has announced that he will withdraw vaccination passports. Alberta has announced it’s going to do away with vaccination cards. That is the message we are getting from all over the Western world. It is: it is time to take a step back. We are going to let you live your lives now. We will let some kind of normality return.

In Scandinavia, they are talking about doing away with vaccination cards altogether. So it’s interesting to see some countries using that language. But I think you have to be very careful, because while they’re talking about it, they’re introducing digital identity systems that are going to have a much bigger scale than vaccination passports….

They’re introducing a digital identity that will not only allow you to check your immunization status, but also to check your tax records and your employment records… And they’re also going to… capture your immunization status. So it is extremely disingenuous. I think they are misleading the public in a very dark way….

All of these things are happening, but the final step is probably central bank digital currencies, which will probably come to market in the next three to five years. The chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, Agustín Carstens, who used to be chairman of Mexico’s central bank, has openly said that the wonderful thing about central bank digital currencies is that they can use them to track everything you do.

What he didn’t say is that they can use it to disable an account. So they can prevent people from being able to make transactions. They haven’t gone that far. But he did say that it’s so different from cash. So yes, people don’t realize how this control network is being built piece by piece, but they need to start paying attention to it before it’s too late.

They are Building a Social Credit System

By now, many are familiar with, or at least have heard of, the social credit system in China. How does this system compare or relate to vaccination cards and digital IDs?

I think the social credit system in China is a template to some extent. Governments probably want to go there. They would like to use the new technologies to get people to behave in the right way without having to overtly punish them.

You can either reward people when they do the right thing, or you can give them a little digital slap every now and then when they do something wrong. I think China is leading the way here. Ironically, when I was researching my book, I found out that China’s ambitions with the social credit system are essentially unrestricted-they want total control-but they’re not there yet.

There are still some pilot projects going on. So it depends on where you are in China, to what extent you are exposed to this kind of system, where you get points for good behavior and where you get points deducted for bad behavior. But the template is there. There are also companies like Ant Financial and Tencent. Those are the equivalents of Google, Facebook and others that run their own social credit programs within their own little universe. So it’s a very complex situation in China. It’s not as complete as some might think, but the intent, the ambition is enormous.

I would say that we are definitely seeing examples of this spilling over into the West. We’re seeing banks talking about using our behavior on social media to determine our creditworthiness, which is very similar to what they’re doing in China. There is clearly the means and the desire to go in that direction.

Unity is the Challenge of Our Lives

The challenge we face now is that we must be united if we are to have any chance of preventing this network of control. The problem is that many are simply not able to recognize the dangers. Most people under 30 are used to doing just about everything on their phones, and the convenience of digital IDs and digital banking is tempting.

Organizations such as the World Economic Forum and many of the central banks that are pushing the rollout of this control network may make life without digital IDs and CBDCs impossible or nearly impossible. We have already seen leaders saying out loud that their goal is to make life as difficult and inconvenient as possible for anyone without a vaccination card. They will do the same for digital IDs and CBDCs.

One of the best examples is Italy,” Corbishley says. “If you want to see a country that has really gone into sixth gear on vaccination passports, it’s Italy. They’ve said, ‘If you don’t have this document, you can’t work. You can’t get on a bus and go around the city. You can’t get on the subway. You can’t access retail stores except supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and pet stores.

You have so limited the options that you have that most people end up saying, okay, let’s do it this way. I don’t have an alternative. I can’t survive that way. If you have a mortgage and your finances are already tight, and your government tells you that you can’t work, then most people break down, and this is how they’re able to do it….

A journalist in Canada was talking about the truckers, the Freedom Convoy. He said, “These people don’t represent Canadians; 90% of Canadians have been vaccinated and are perfectly happy with the restrictions, the regulations. How do you know how many of those 90% actually got vaccinated because they had no other choice? That was a very disingenuous argument.

How to Prepare for the Inevitable

Although the situation is grim, Corbishley doesn’t believe vaccination passports, digital IDs and CBDCs are inevitable. “I think we’re in the middle of a major battle,” he says.

I think there will be a parallel community, a parallel society that people can function in. We see evidence of bartering taking place within such a community in Italy. They are surviving as best they can – and we are talking about millions of people who have not yet collapsed. They haven’t given up yet. ~ Nick Corbishley

The question is how we can win when all the pieces seem to be stacked against us.

I think that we, No. 1, need to inform as many people as possible. That’s why I wrote the book. I wrote the book in hopes of reaching people who may be vaccinated but have certain doubts, people who are still undecided.

I mean, I know many people who have already received two vaccinations and are reluctant to receive a third vaccination. I know a lot of people who have received two vaccinations, received the Omicron, and are now wondering, why the heck do I need to get a third vaccination? People are starting to question that.

I think we are in the middle of a battle that can only be described as existential. If we lose that battle, it may become very difficult for individuals to protect themselves because the degree of control they will have over us will be enormous. I think a parallel society will form where people can function. We see evidence of bartering taking place within such a community in Italy. They are surviving as best they can – and we are talking about millions of people who have not yet collapsed. They haven’t given up yet.

That gives me a certain amount of hope. I think the fact that people have grown tired of the restrictions means that the government has to rethink to some degree, but at the same time, it’s enforcing digital IDs. I think that’s what people really need to understand. They do say: “We’re going to do away with vaccination cards,” but in most of the countries where they say that, that’s not the case. In the United Kingdom, they haven’t done that. They have simply gone from a mandatory vaccination passport to a voluntary vaccination passport.

Vaccination cards are very commonly used for international travel. So if you are British and want to travel to mainland Europe, you cannot travel to mainland Europe without your vaccination certificate. The same is true if you want to travel to the US as a European. So there’s so much happening that it’s hard to keep track of it all. And that’s coming from someone who spends most of his day trying to keep track of it all. When you’re just working a 9-to-5 job, coming home and having to take care of three kids, it’s going to be a lot harder to keep up with these developments.

I have some hope that they haven’t won yet. But the power they have is immense. We’re talking about organizations like the World Economic Forum, which represents hundreds of the most powerful companies in the world. We’re talking about the most powerful governments in the world.

So it’s going to be a huge fight, and they have most of the advantages in that fight. But I think what’s happening in Canada indicates that a resistance can form. I think that resistance is growing in Germany. It is certainly growing in Austria as well. The government is beginning to reconsider the vaccination mandate.

Expect an Economic Collapse

Another factor to consider is the growing economic risks around the world. Central banks around the world have maneuvered themselves into a corner from which they cannot get out. We will almost certainly see another financial crisis. It’s just a question of when.

There are already clear signs that we are in the early stages of an economic collapse, and that is a parallel issue that needs to be taken into account when trying to predict what might happen to digital IDs and CBDCs, as they are all interconnected. To prepare for an inevitable economic collapse, I would suggest focusing on building your resilience at the local level.

For example, make sure you have access to water supplies other than your tap, grow your own food, and build relationships with other local growers and farmers to improve your food security.

These are very basic things that can save your life when everything collapses and your dollar, drachma or euro is only good for toilet paper. If you have food, water, shelter, and community, you are much more resilient to tyranny, because if you don’t have those things, you have to rely on the government to provide them for you.

I think community is important,” Corbishley says. “Having people who think similarly, who have a similar worldview, people you can rely on…

Resilience is going to be very difficult. As a result of the closures, small businesses are in serious trouble. They’ve had to take on enormous amounts of debt just to survive the closures … There’s no doubt that large companies have much easier access to cheap debt than small companies …

That’s tragic because small businesses are an essential cornerstone of the community. They are an essential part of the global economy, and more importantly, small businesses are run by independent people. If there is a massive culling of small businesses, we will see less independence and more dependence. So that’s an area that I’m very concerned about …

I think the most important and difficult thing is to maintain your humanity. I think that’s fundamental, and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary to have a community around you that you love and that loves you in order to survive this. I don’t think you can survive what’s coming at you as an island. Another thing I would suggest if you have money, if you have investments, is to diversify as much as you can – probably not best to have all your money in one bank, and especially not in one bank….

If you look at countries like Mexico, which went through the tequila crisis in the 1990s, or Brazil, which went through huge hyperinflation, how do you come through that relatively unscathed? If you own tangible assets, you own real estate. Maybe you own precious metals … In Turkey, inflation is just skyrocketing, and people are using gold, they’re looking at cryptocurrencies. They’re doing everything but keeping their money in Turkish lira.

More Information

In conclusion, the best thing you can do now is to educate yourself about the upcoming digital control network, share information, oppose any attempts to introduce vaccination cards or digital IDs, advocate for freedom, build community, and prepare for deteriorating economic conditions by diversifying your money and investments.

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