Were Social Networks created to suppress a Counter-Movement?

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Facebook, just like other social media companies, has always had Shady Connections and roots to ‘In-Q-Tel’, a CIA-operated company that gives venture capital to young technology companies (and of course hopes for cooperation).

In-Q-Tel and the American Intelligence Community

In-Q-Tel was founded by the CIA in 1999 as a private, not-for-profit venture capital company with the specific mission of delivering technology to the American intelligence community. Publicly, In-Q-Tel is promoting itself as an innovative way to harness the power of the private sector by identifying key technologies and providing companies with the means to bring these technologies to market.

In reality, however, what In-Q-Tel represents is a dangerous amalgamation of the lines between the public and private sectors in a way that makes it difficult to tell where the American intelligence community ends and the IT sector begins. Well, the publicly available data set via the Facebook / In-Q-Tel connection is rather weak. Facebook received $ 12.7 million in venture capital from Accel, whose manager James Breyer is now on the board. Previously, he was chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, whose board was Gilman Louie, then CEO of In-Q-Tel. The connection is indirect, but the idea of ​​the CIA’s involvement in Facebook, tangential as it may be, is annoying given Facebook’s history, which has often violated its users’ privacy.

But have you heard of LifeLog ?

LifeLog, a DARPA project

If the government started tracking the current position, shopping habits, preferences etc. of its citizens, it would rightly be seen as an attack on our freedom. This is exactly what the government organization DARPA (Defense Advanced Reasearch Program Agency), an organization of the US Department of Defense that researches into future-oriented technologies, tried to do. LifeLog, a DARPA project which was announced at the end of 2003, provides according to a Wired article from then:

darpa 2

“LifeLog was run by Darpa, the Department of Defense’s research arm, and it aimed to put in one place just about everything an individual says, sees, or does: calls made, TV shows seen, magazines read, purchased Air tickets, the email sent and received. From this seemingly endless sea of ​​information, computer scientists would draw unmistakable paths in the data, relate relationships, memories, events and experiences. “

So basically this LifeLog would have been an all-encompassing diary. A perfect digital memory not only of what you do but of where you do it, with whom you do what and how you do what. And it was planned to divide these different events into episodes so that you can see: Ah, here it was and then this came etc., and everything was automatic. Pretty scary isn’t it? Didn’t go down well with the population either.

But don’t worry, the program was canceled, according to the Wired article on February 4, 2004. Does the date sound familiar? Exactly: This is EXACTLY the date that Mark Zuckerberg went online with his Facebook page, which is pretty much exactly the same as LifeLog. Well, if you dig carefully, the cancellation was only announced on February 4th, but the program was discontinued a few weeks earlier in January. Still, this ‘coincidence’ says a lot, or do you know something that comes closer to this LifeLog program of the Pentagon / DARPA than Facebook? What is the Facebook timeline but a ‘digital diary with events, divided into episodes’, interspersed with the complete personality traits and behavior of the ‘user’?

The only difference is that instead of being forced to do so by the state, they have convinced people to do it voluntarily. WE post our lives, WE reveal the locations, WE link our friends. From the government’s point of view, it was a brilliant move. Because, as we all know, they have complete access to all the data, the NSA works with all the technology giants (and even if not, they tap into the major Internet hubs, so they can access everything anyway). But now we also know that the idea of ​​social media itself was conceived by the government, which is supposed to be forgotten by propaganda tales such as the film ‘The Social Network’.

The tech giants are really just the privatized arms of US intelligence.

The rise of Big Tech correlates with legislative and technological developments created to achieve “Total Information Awareness” under the Patriot Act of 2001 and the Protect America Act of 2007, which in turn directly enabled the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program. These Silicon Valley data mining and social engineering platforms have since developed into the companies with the world’s largest market capitalizations.

The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is used to force virtually all large data companies, from telephone companies to ISPs to social media platforms, to provide the NSA with their user data. In 2013 the Washington Post reported that “98% of PRISM production is based on Yahoo, Google and Microsoft” .

The Information Awarness Office was started in 2002 and brought together several DARPA projects to massively expand population monitoring after 9/11. The LifeLog, which was started at the same time, was definitely one of the projects. After the ILO received so much public criticism, the funding was cut by Congress in 2003 (no wonder with the ILO’s logo).

From 2004 and the years after, social media platforms became huge and as we know from Edward Snowden since 2013, not only do all tech giants have to grant access to the NSA, no we also know that the surveillance projects of the ILO simply continued to run under a different name after they were ‘discontinued’, a tactic that intelligence agencies like to use. How convenient. LifeLog becomes Facebook, Information Awarness Office becomes PRISM.

iao 1
No joke, that was really the official logo. The Illuminati pyramid with ‘knowledge is power’

UPTDATE 07/05/19:  As I have just found out, a letter to the public recently confirmed that the Life-Log actually became Facebook! A letter from Mark Zuckerberg’s former university lover, classified by official sources as authentic, confirms that Facebook was conceived from the beginning as a cyber weapon of the CIA and that Mark was prepared from birth to play the role of inventor. Here is an excerpt from the long letter:

“To every Facebook user,

Mark Zuckerberg and all of us who have been with us from the start are lying to you and using your private life as a state-controlled brainwashing and mind-control experiment – basically a weapons-grade military (especially the CIA) system that has gotten out of hand. At that point, Mark Zuckerberg had lost control of a company he never really owned or operated. Truly anyone who has ever worked with Mark knows that his mind is a void and that he is nothing but a parrot to the government officials who created him. Mark is unable to run a McDonald’s, let alone one of the most powerful companies in the world. Not even his name is real and his identity has always been veiled.

The letter explains how Larry Summers, president of Harvard University, started a kind of competition between programming teams to develop a social media website that was ultimately what DARPA developed for Lifelog – “a cyber weapon that has the minds of everyone that could be drawn into them ”.

Many DARPAS LifeLog programmers are said to be working on Facebook to this day. Learn more about the letter: Here.

The social reprogramming of your psyche

Facebook now has two billion users. On average, they use the site 50 minutes a day. Six hours a week. Both users and usage time are increasing. This is a remarkable piece of all people on this planet who spend their time like this. There are so many that it even affects the lives of the people who have turned their back on the site, simply because so many people do it and a lot only happens on Facebook. But what happens to the incredible number of people that Facebook reaches every day? Is it just a harmless, fun way to keep in touch with people? How was Facebook invented and what effects does it have on our society?

sean parker3 1
Sean Parker, who invented Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, speaks at the conference

Let’s see what Sean Parker, co-inventor of Facebook, has to say about the creation of the social network:

“And they said at the time: I’m not on social networks. And I said: OK, but you will. And they said: no, no I value the encounter in real life, I value the moment, I value the presence and I value intimacy. Ok, that’s your business, but maybe we’ll get you too…. – I don’t think I could assess the consequences of what I was saying. The unintended consequences of such a network growing to a billion or two billion people are: It literally changes your relationship with society and others, it probably affects productivity in weird ways, only God knows what it does to our children’s brains … The Thought processes that flowed into the development of these applications, Facebook was the first, this process was: How is it possible that we can get you to spend as much of your conscious attention as possible on the site? That meant that we had to give you a little dopamine hit every now and then because someone liked or commented on your post, photo, etc. This will provide you with new content, which will generate more likes and comments, etc. This is a social recognition feedback loop. This is exactly what a hacker like me would come up with because you are exploiting a weakness in the human psyche. I think the inventors understood that, they were already aware of it then, and we did it anyway. “

Dopamine driven social recognition feedback loops that control human interactions. And they did it on purpose.

social media 2 1
Dopamine-driven addiction for recognition

A few weeks later, another Facebook bigwig, Chamath Palihapitiya, came forward with contrition. He worked at Facebook from 2005 to 2011 and ended up with the title of “vice president of user growth,” saying during a panel interview at the elite Stanford University: See here.

“I feel incredibly guilty. I think we all knew in the back of our minds, even if we all pretended that there probably won’t be any unwanted bad consequences, I think at the very back of our minds we knew: something bad could happen. We are really at a point today where I have to say: I think we have created tools that tear apart the social fabric on which society is built. This is really where we are right now. The short-lived dopamine-fueled feedback loops we have created are destroying how society works! No civil discourse, no cooperation, disinformation, untruths. And it’s not just an American problem, this isn’t about Russian advertising. It’s a global problem. “

People think these pages are just a pastime, they aren’t and he says it right to people’s faces, he continues:

“We are in a really bad position at the moment, in my opinion. It erodes the very foundations of human behavior. And I don’t have a good solution for that. My solution is: I don’t use the applications anymore, I’ve posted something 2-5 times in the last seven years. And it’s weird, I think I just didn’t want to be programmed anymore. I think everyone should go deeper and consider how much they are willing to reveal, you may not realize it, but you will be programmed! You have to decide how much you want to give up, how much of your intellectual independence. And don’t think so, oh yeah I sure don’t, I’m a Stanford genius, you’re probably the most likely to be kidnapped by it! Because you’ve been ‘checking your messages’ all your life. “


And he’s right. There will be a generation who never got to know a world without Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those who don’t even know anymore, can’t even recognize how it controls the collective psyche through algorithms, because it has been like this their whole life!

That’s why Palihapitiya says very clearly: “My children are not allowed to use this shit!” And those are the words of one who made the company big, who sat in the front row when social media technology was born. And now regrets what he (knowingly) did up to.

While people understand that Spybook is a data octopus and they just want your information (which is true, of course), there is one thing that most people don’t seem to understand. What did Parker mean, what is he hacking when he ‘takes advantage of a weakness in the human psyche’?

He is hacking you! You hacked us!

People don’t understand that you not only give Facebook something (information, attention, your personality) but also get something in return (the social reprogramming of your psyche).

This is how the feedback loop works.

Herbert Krugmann, then Director of Public Research at General Electric, conducted some television watching studies in the late 1970s. He looked at what looking does with the brain. In “The Impact of Television Advertisment: Learning without Involvment” he explained that people exposed to TV images will never forget them:

“There is a myth in the advertising world and that is that viewers forget the message if it is not repeated often enough. This myth is the basis of many large advertising expenditures … But I would say that the public is closer to NOTHING to forget what they have seen on TV. You ‘just put it aside’ until it’s useful … And then the answer to the advertisement continues. “

Six hours of social programming a week

So as soon as you have perceived something, regardless of whether on a TV, PC, tablet or smartphone screen, your brain is not desensitized by the information, but your brain has now learned the information. Maybe not consciously, but your brain remembers the information forever. Your brain not only processes all the information you perceive through your senses, then uses the sum of these and decides how it reacts to your environment, but when it makes these decisions it filters through everything you have ever seen on TV, cinema or the news and what effect it consciously or unconsciously had on you.

That’s probably why people have such bad interpersonal relationships because they subconsciously believe they have to be like in the movies or Instagram / Facebook posts they’ve seen. Most of the arguments have nothing to do with their real life but are based on their programmed perception filters through romantic comedies, sitcoms and ‘Instagram girls’ who only share the very best of their lives. But this is only a fake reality which, according to Palihapitiya, can only make you unhappy:

“… And instead what it really is: a false, prudent reality. This is short-term and it leaves you, and admit it, even more exhausted and empty back to how you were before you did it and it forces you into this viscous circle: ‘what’s the next thing I have to do now?’ Think about what 2 billion people come together and think about how people react, the perceptions of others…. it’s just really bad. “

Sean Parker spoke about it, it changes our brains and our perception of the world. This is what makes technology-driven propaganda so dangerous because we do it to ourselves. And let’s be honest, the majority of society gets its information from television or the Internet.

Not only that, Facebook even admitted to running a psychological experiment on 70,000 of its users (what they called ‘social research’). The message that you took part in this experiment was hidden somewhere in the user agreement and you automatically agreed when you logged in. As soon as you are a Facebook user, you can take part in this experiment whether you want to or not and you will not be advised about it. In doing so, they ‘found’ that they could make people’s moods up or down by filling people’s feeds with good or bad news. Positive information led to a correspondingly positive reaction and negative news led to more and more negative posts.

Doesn’t that sound bad? Remember 2 billion (!) People in the world use the 6 hours a week and their psyche can be manipulated without noticing it, because the mood remains correspondingly worse or better even after logging out.

Welcome to the matrix


That in itself is bad enough in my opinion. But Facebook won’t stay in its current form forever. It thinks ahead.

In 2013, Facebook hired the former Google and DARPA employee ( hello again ) Regina Dugan for her top-secret ‘Building-8’ project. In the meantime, Facebook has revealed what it is about: A device for reading minds so that users only have to think their posts and no longer type. No joke.

But don’t worry, Dugan assures us at the introductory conference:

“Well, we’re not talking about deciphering your random thoughts here, that might be more than we are interested in where possible, we’re talking about the words that you have already decided to share because you have already sent them to your language center . […] In a few years we look forward to being able to present you a real-time ‘Silence-Speak’ system that can deliver 100 words per minute. “

So everything that the ‘inner thinker’ utters (self-talk, monologues) is read out and sent to some Silicon Valley data center, because that also runs via the language center. And it is being sold to us again in a super cool and trendy way with slogans like ‘Oh, but it’s so practical’ . And everything in the hands of an untrustworthy corporation with connections to secret services.

Beautiful new world. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley could not have imagined this in their most dystopian dreams.

giphy 1

Suppress the truth: censorship on Facebook, Google, Youtube

When the internet hit the masses, something beautiful was born. Suddenly all people in the world could exchange ideas freely and in real time. Without any controls, censorship and the like. That was not possible before in the history of mankind and for the first time offered an unfiltered insight into all the beautiful and ugly facets of world events as they are. In addition, the greatest treasure of knowledge to be presented was made accessible to the great mass of humanity with just a few clicks. For hundreds of years, knowledge was only available to the academic and wealthy elite, and this changed radically within just a few decades. Of course, this also meant a massive loss of power for the same elite, because as stated at the beginning: knowledge is power. Ignorance is weakness.

adl censorship 1 scaled

Anti-Deflamation League

If you are reading this, it means that articles that speak against the activities of the Anti-Defamation League will not be automatically removed from the internet.

Not yet.

In a foreshadowing sign that online free speech poses too great a threat to the powerful elite of our society, the Anti-Defamation League is leading the charge by turning its own subjective opinions about “hate speech” into the absolute rule of internet law . Like this Cnet article

” Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, among others, are joining forces with the ADL to form a Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab, the companies and civil rights group said Tuesday. You will exchange ideas and develop strategies to curb hate speech and abuse on the various platforms of the companies and on the Internet. “

“These companies have an additional responsibility to do everything in their power to prevent the hatred from flourishing under their supervision,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. “We look forward to tackling this urgent challenge together.”

Wow. A cyberhate problem-solving lab. What heroes of selfless service to humanity.

Like Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy at Facebook, who said in a statement that “some of the best minds in engineering will work with the ADL to help us cope with the situation.” What situation? The threat of the power that the proliferation of free speech on the Internet brings to individuals fighting for truth and justice.
It worries me that we are entering a time when a once free and neutral Internet is suddenly more and more under the control of powerful dictatorial forces. Yes, dictatorial. The ADL marches into the cyber landscape of the Internet with the feeling of the right to DETERMINE what should and should not be said by the rest of us. Doesn’t this represent the actions of a particular dictator from the past that the ADL would claim have been zealously fought? (I won’t give names for fear of triggering a sophisticated ADL Google keyword cyber censorship mechanism).

The whole story of a group that authorizes itself to “curb hate speech and internet abuse” is deeply flawed and even hypocritical. These are nothing more than tactics of covering up what is really going on.

Evil: Out of sight, out of mind

The advancement of humanity is not promoted by attempts to stifle, destroy, or eradicate the darkness. We do not evolve by preventing people from expressing hatred or other negative emotions that run deep within them, but we evolve by allowing people to express themselves freely and to become immune to their “offensive” remarks by learning not to take them personally. As the saying goes: your hate is just a silent cry for love, or something like that.

‘Hate-speech’ in itself cannot degrade the object of hate, it only reveals the unhealed emotions of its source. And the more we give these unhealed emotions a chance to be let out, the more space we create for personal and collective healing.

Hatred needs resistance to survive. Without resistance it soon dissolves.

Does this statement make you feel uncomfortable? Tension or anger? Or you can separate what you read / said and your reaction to it . Are we ready to leave the senseless hamster wheel of being triggered and absolutely having to react ?

Ask yourself the following questions: Will hatred in the world stop if we censor and ban it on the Internet? If we swallow pain pills, does the cause of the pain go away, or do we just cover it up so that we no longer have to perceive it?

In this context, trying to do something positive about hatred through censorship is naive at best, and in this case it proves to be a vehicle for those looking to maintain and expand control over information and personal style of expression.

empathy 1

Only more communication and no less, empathy, mutual support, courage and love helps against hatred of people. Hoping for the simple solution doesn’t help, I’m sure the ADL couldn’t care less about agitation and bullying. I am sure that we can do the right thing on our own and work together without a patronizing higher authority.

Google Gate of Perception

Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984. This book, one of the most widely read sci-fi classics, is about a dystopian future in which the state not only controls the entire flow of information, but also rewrites the past in the history books. This is done through what is known as ‘Newspeak’ in which certain words are replaced by others.

“Everything faded in the fog. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth. Once in his life – after the event: That was what counted – he had concrete, unmistakable evidence of an act of falsification. “

Google recently changed its policy , ‘conspiracy theory sites’ are now openly attacked. Read here. Not only that, every side is attacked that even tries to contradict “well-founded historical and scientific facts”. The guidelines determine how pages are ranked in search results. Websites that “present untenable conspiracy theories as factual information” are ranked the lowest. They cite as an example: The knowledge of the Vatican about the planet Nibiru. This is of course a far-fetched theory for many and cannot be proven, but only because no one except the inner circle of the Vatican is allowed to enter its gigantic centuries-old library and artifact collection, but good. But that’s not the point (here and now). It’s about the fact that Google can freely choose what we have to see as factual reality and what not.

google 1

Incidentally, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet from 2001-2017, regularly takes part in the Bilderberg conferences. He once said in an interview:

“If you use google, do you get more than one answer? Yes. Well that’s a bug. We have more bugs per second than seconds in the world, we should only give them the correct answer once. “

You determine what is ‘right’. This is not just about the ‘wacky, crazy conspiracy theories’. Oh no, there is much more to it! Incidentally, that is the reason why some of them are being pushed so hard at the moment, for example the Flat Earth Theory, which in my opinion is a well thought-out and coordinated psy-op that a lot of people take for granted (but another times more). They want to get the masses to accept censorship as a necessary evil and that everyone who asks critical questions is lumped together with flat-eared people. Think of their oldest trick to get their agendas through: problem-reaction-solution.

“Well-founded historical facts” – I think that also includes the “Magic Bullet Theory” of the Warren Commission on the JFK assassination , the illogic of which even a 5-year-old recognizes immediately. But that will soon be the only thing we will find online about it. Everything else is buried.

This is exactly what all the fake news talk has always aimed at. Orwelian censorship, nothing else. Why? The World Wide Web has always been a cyberkinetic feedback loop of communication and control. You control what people think. Or in Eric Schmidt’s words:

“What we thought: We’re trying to make people ‘better people’ – better ideas… augment their experiences. See it as ‘Augmented Humanity’. “

Yes and? You might not be deleting anything (yet), you might think. No, it is important what appears in the search results because they shape people’s opinions, as research shows. See pdf end of post.

Most people don’t dig deeper, they google, pick one of the first results, and store this information in their minds as the truth. Whoever has the power over the search engine algorithm has the power over the way people think and act.

“The order in the ranking is everything. So the big realization is how much we can manipulate people’s healthcare decisions, even when those questions are really, really important, and we can do that by simply changing the order of the search results. “

Comfortable Bladder – Restricted Vision

Search results and suggestions shape the world. Ever since Google, by changing its algorithm since 2011, has been trying to algorithmically predict what information the user would like to find – based on the available information about the user (e.g. location of the user, search history and click behavior) there are so-called filter bubblesoriginated. This results in isolation from information that does not correspond to the point of view of the user, so it severely restricts the worldview and has a destructive effect on the discourse between people. Since then you can see how society is becoming more and more divided and I’m pretty sure that Eric Schmidt was aware of the consequences that would result. Right against left, women against men and vice versa, Democrats against Republicans, poor against the poor, black against white, West against Islam and vice versa, etc. The division is getting stronger, everyone sits on their own island of perception and shouts at the other, serious ones There is hardly any communication any more, everyone insists on their own points of view. It is too easy to give Google responsibility for this alone, However, they are very much to blame for it, humanity is now perceiving the world through the filter of the Internet and manipulating it has significant consequences. I can hardly imagine that Schmidt, who certainly houses very intelligent people in his company, acted negligently here. Schmidt (or Rockerfellers) made this decision consciously. One of the elite’s main mottos is yes: Divide et Conquere (Divide and rule), Ordo ab Chao (From order to chaos) is another.

Facebook – We disconnect People

For example, if you post something against Gun Control on FB, you suddenly see a lot of posts / links in favor of Gun Control, or if you post something critical about certain vaccines, for example, more articles and posts come into the feed making fun of anti-vaccers. The ‘politically incorrect opinions’ of the users should be corrected. And according to Sean Parker, that’s mixed in with a dopamine-driven Palowscher-dog reaction. The reach of uncomfortable pages is restricted without justification, this is called shadow cencoring, and serves to dry out these pages financially. Facebook has also changed its guidelines and has been actively combating ‘influence’ since October 2018. Within a few days, over 150 pages of alternative media were deleted (the number is increasing day by day), the reason being that the pages are run by the Russian & Chinese government to influence the midterm elections. Twitter is following suit here too. The CIA-book has not provided any evidence for this completely confused claim. Out, bad Putin!

Here and here are lists of pages that are thematically very far apart, and often also deal with alternative medicine. How Russia and China can be beneficial is a mystery to me. However, it makes more sense to protect the financial interests of Big Pharma in this way. But who determines which pages on Facebook are deleted? See here. And here.

The Atlantik-Council- Transatlantisches Internet

atlantik council 1
Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger receiving an award from the Atlantic Council

Who would have thought that a think tank has its finger in the game here too: The Atlantic Council. A political think tank like the CFR and the Atlantik-Brücke.

“TAC is an American think tank in the field of international affairs. It was founded in 1961 and offers a forum for international leaders from politics, business and science. It administers ten regional centers and functional programs related to international security and global economic prosperity. “

Sounds good, but then, so do many other things that have for-profit and controlled intentions. Take Monsanto for example, here is an explanation of what a Monsanto representative said they are doing.

“Monsanto is a global, modern agricultural company. We develop products and tools that help farmers around the world grow crops while using energy, water and land more efficiently. We believe that innovation has the potential to balance human needs with the resources of our planet. “

A look at what Monsanto is really doing could reveal things like damaging and destroying nature en masse (bee deaths). Poisoning the masses (glyphosphate) and giving them genetically modified foods, which in many studies are dangerous.

The point is, we always need to take a closer look at companies.

So who exactly is the Atlantic Council? And are they actually helping Facebook decide who to censor? Good questions. Let’s start by looking at who is funding the TAC.

Here are a few donors, according to the TAC website. These include the US and foreign government agencies, defense companies, and prominent companies and personalities associated with deep state operations.

HSBC Holdings plc
Rockefeller Brothers Fund ( hello again !)
Google Inc.
Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom
Lockheed Martin Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
Bahaa Hariri (prominent Lebanese billionaire)
United States Army
United States Chamber of Commerce
United States Marine Corps
United States Navy

With my 6 years of research in this room, I feel that these are the type of groups in charge of controlling narratives around the world. Disguising wars, engendering hatred between nations at the public level, and promoting narratives that lead to wars and conflict. After all, it is funded by gun manufacturers like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.

In other words, TAC may very well be a propaganda arm for agencies like NATO, the US government and so on. That would mean that they are working to control the narratives that come out of the mainstream media to control what the public thinks and discusses. This leads to what the public will ultimately support.

According to the Facebook newsroom, on May 17, 2018, Facebook announced its partnership with the Atlantic Council to fight fake news.

“Today we are excited to partner with the Atlantic Council, which has an excellent reputation for finding innovative solutions to tough problems.”

How did the mainstream media view this partnership with such advice? Council that, as independent news sources show, is backed by the billionaires and corporations that fund war and terrorism and mislead the public?

“US think tank’s tiny lab helps Facebook battle fake social media” – Reuters

“Facebook partners with Atlantic Council to improve election security” – The Hill

“Facebook Partners With the Atlantic Council to Fight Election Propaganda” – Fortune

Everything points to “fake news” and “propaganda”. The narrative that began the moment Hillary Clinton, the last elected President of the Deep State, lost the 2016 election.

As a public, we have to ask ourselves who is watching the observers? If the mainstream media say they never do propaganda, how do we know who is really holding them accountable if they do? Well, I guess it’s the Atlantic Group helping to create narratives that target independent dissenting media voices and call them propaganda.

Perhaps this is (one of the) groups behind the “Russia / US electoral influence bullshit”. Possibly this is the group that is still trying to grow the highly corrupt Clinton’s.

How do we know the Atlantic Council is doing propaganda itself? Let’s look back when Ben Nimmo, a former NATO spokesman and board member of the Atlantic Council, stated that grammatical errors were “proof” that journalists or social media users were being paid as Kremlin trolls.

Ben Nimmo later created a worldwide fake news story that was widely spread by mainstream media calling a retired British citizen a Russian bot. British citizen and Twitter user Ian56789 later came out on Sky News and showed his true colors and identity. He proved that Ben Nimmo was wrong, that he was a Russian bot. Of course, the mainstream media no longer went into the 8 p.m. news with this story, but only with the made-up propaganda story. Classic tactics: Push wild assertions, sweep rectification under the carpet. See here.

WikiLeaks criticized Nimmo and the Atlantic Council for this dirty propaganda

“They literally used money from gun companies and dictatorships to produce a fake news story that spread around the world and defamed a British pensioner who wants to reduce the profits of the defense companies as a Kremlin bot. So who is the hired troll? “

The point is that Facebook, choosing to work with this group, is essentially stating that Facebook will become nothing more than a narrative-maker, just like the mainstream media. TAC has produced fake political news stories on several occasions which have been circulated and which are proven by the very independent media to be falsifications accused of propaganda. So who really creates propaganda?

“The body that, as publicly announced, makes censorship decisions for Facebook is the Atlantic Council, a body partially funded by the US government. When will the extremely close ties between these companies and the US government end the “they are private” argument? ” – Daniel Adams

Youtube – Please Stand by

youtube 1

The same can be observed on YouTube, which belongs to Google and is therefore also affected by the new guidelines. If you are looking for things like mass shootings, chemtrails, crisis actor, 9/11, etc., the first 50 results are ONLY channels like CBS, NBC, MSBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times etc. which are of course about them Make fun of the topic or educate the viewer about the ‘right’ perspective on these topics. Why? Because Youtube recently adjusted its suggestion algorithm. After the false flag attack in Las Vegas, the Guardian and Gizmondo echoed the fact that YouTube promotes ‘conspiracy videos’ in its algorithm and therefore came up with proposals so often (not because so many people who were there heard shots from all directions and then went there to get information, the MSM once again told stories that contradicted the experience of hundreds). See here.

Google had been working on the algorithm for months, the shoot was just ‘the right moment’ to implement it. In some cases, even private playlists were deleted. According to the Gurdian article, anyone who ‘doubts the government’s narrative’ is a conspiracy theorist and should be allowed to be censored. Hello!? A government that can no longer be doubted is fascist. It contradicts everything that defines a free society: the right to question things, freedom of expression, if one cannot question the authority, how can the powerful ever be checked, how can one limit the corruption of a society if one does not even know the variables of theirs Be allowed to question events? If the government were to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about these events, she would not fear any questions and there would not be so many to come. There would be no inaccuracies, no doubts, because the truth stands up to any complaint.

What do we see instead: Dozens of videos that just disappear.

The promotion is of course absolute nonsense, Youtube has never promoted ‘alternative media’, on the contrary and everyone who has been dealing with such content for a long time knows that. YouTube has long been practicing ‘shadow cencoring’ for such content, i.e. restricting reach by, for example, only 5-10% of the subscribers seeing the videos in the feed or that certain videos can no longer be found via the search bar but only when you go directly to the channel goes. No channels are actively deleted (yet), but slowly dried out as the view numbers collapse.

Instead, the MSM channels are now being promoted online. I have shown in detail in Part 1 that these media cannot be trusted, but that the government (or the power structure over it) restricts the range of certain information and the viewer is also relieved of the judgment of the information content is frightening.

Do you remember? The citizen must be patronized like a small child, he must under no circumstances decide for himself whether he agrees with the information content or not, whether it is the truth or not. It then creeps on until there is only one point of view to be found. The government-mandated ‘official’ version of reality that will be the only one that will be allowed. The (deep) state must educate the citizen to the “only real truth”. Propaganda once and for all.

Wikipedia – Lexicon or lobby?

Even if Wikipedia can be a solid source in many things, one must not forget that the articles can also be manipulated. It was proven that the pages were changed by several companies and parties and unsightly things were removed. Read here.

For example, that a phamaceutical company produced Agent Orange, or a few unflattering statements by some FDP politicians, etc. Entire PR agencies have specialized in lobbying through Wikipedia.

Who fact-checked the fact checker? – Snopes and Co.

Then there have been all the fact checking and debunking sites like FactChecking.org and especially Snopes.com for a while. The latter started at the beginning of the Internet, back then to debunk urban myths, today it is much more of a strongly politically colored site that has declared war on fake news. Snopes worked with Facebook for a while and got $ 100,000 from them and won prize pools of up to $ 70,000. I have the following problems with such fact checkers:

-While there is, of course, some fake news on the Internet, this opens up the possibility of Op-Ed and independent journalism being labeled “fake news” when Snopes disagrees with an opinion.

-Articles can be considered “wrong” if Snopes does a sloppy fact check. When it comes to the food issue, it is imperative that everyone understand that the field is rampant with corrupt, paid scientists and front groups working to protect corporate profits at the expense of our health. Information that comes from self-proclaimed independent experts cannot always be trusted and the sources must be carefully checked.

-We all have the ability to use critical thinking when reading news on Facebook or any other online platform – and should determine for ourselves what is wrong and what is the truth – rather than relying on the work of sites like Snopes to do that for us.

-Everyone should feel empowered to seek the truth for themselves. Especially when it comes to our health, we need to be our own lawyers and examine the foods we eat.

-This is a step too close to the line of censorship and can stifle our freedoms to express our ideas.

Snopes chief and founder David Mikkelson is married to a democrat Hawaiian congresswoman, which of course represents a conflict of interest. So does the fact that the site is funded by advertising, and in part by Bayer/Monsanto advertising. Accordingly, they had to adapt their article on the harmfulness of glyphosphate to Monsanto’s narrative within 24 hours. For example, the assessment of the allegation that “Average American food has high levels of glyphosphate and Monsanto, EPA and DEA want to cover up the harmfulness of it” was changed from partially false to false. Furthermore, satire articles are often debunked, which is of course ridiculous. Read here.

Also, this site primarily debunks nonsensical videos/articles that go viral in order to profit from the viral traffic, which of course temporarily boosts Snopes’ click numbers (and thus revenue). Furthermore, it became clear in an interview that Mikkelson has no real selection procedures in the recruitment of his employees, which is why theoretically any company, government organization or other party can infiltrate there.  None of his staff has any journalistic training (neither does he), let alone anything else that would make them more qualified than the people they ‘debunk’. Funnily enough, the lack of journalistic training is often used as an accusation on their part.  The article linked above is also about money disputes in the background of the company. Read here.

The problem is that in times of endless allegations and stories on the Internet, many cling to such sites as the ultimate truth incant. However, this should be done with caution and one should always ask: Who will benefit from this narrative?

EDIT : I just found something: When I was doing research on the 55,000 Sealed Indiciments I found the Daily Pot page, which tried to ‘debunk’ the sealed Indiciments with surprisingly weak arguments. When I saw who wrote this at the end of the article I had to laugh a lot. No joke, the author’s name is Mike Rothschild. Of course, specializing in ‘debunking’ conspiracy theories.

A Rothschild who explains to us what is really going on in the world, you really can’t think of something like that … Here’s his profile on the Daily Pot. Read here.

New Guard – Don’t worry, WE tell you what’s true so you don’t have to think

The censorship, tutelage and recapture of the Internet goes into the next round. News Guard, a new web browser application for Chrome and Firefox, promises to show its users when surfing the Internet whether the page from which they are currently obtaining information is reliable and provides truthful content. A kind of “fake news filter”, whereby nothing is blocked, but with green, yellow and red banners it is clearly shown how fake or trustworthy the site is. In addition, some information is displayed on each page as to why this assessment was made. In the case of a fake … * cough * … my naturally trustworthy site like CNN.com looks like this.

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It’s up to us

So, let’s just assume you would agree 100 percent on EVERY facet of the official story of every event. JFK . Las Vegas shoot. Oklahoma Bombing. 9/11. Simply everyone. Even then: Why would you like it that other people are forbidden to see it differently? What does it not call for George Orwels 1984?

If it wasn’t so sad, you could almost laugh. The cliché of all conspiracies that the government is reintroducing censorship, which was ridiculed just a few years ago, has come true. When people used to say that the state oversees every citizen, they were considered a paranoid, crack-smoking conspiracy theorist until Snowden proved to us that this has been practiced on a large scale for many years, and even the most naive idiot knows it today (and still gives a shit). Do we have to wait for a Snowden again at the censorship or do we recognize the signs while we can, even if the implied truth is inconvenient? Trusting chronic liars is certainly not going to help.

It is sad to ponder the fact that the main source of information and the “truth” about our world and what is happening on it is a heel marriage screen with various agendas of corporations that make government policy. In some cases, what Western media are saying is the exact opposite of what other countries are reporting.

Independent investigative journalists and alternative media are what people seem to be drawn to today. We can tell by the numbers as alternative media is now receiving hundreds of millions of website visitors. We’re all naturally curious about our planet, and it’s good to see more people realizing that it’s time to turn off our TV and do some research for themselves.

As soon as the censorship is firmly in the saddle, the last chance for freedom was taken away. We can still prevent it, download as much as we can, spread the message on other platforms, become active, support alternative media, without the community they will perish! Aside from the ADL, internet companies like Facebook, which continue to dig deeper into censorship, are playing a somewhat risky game. Perhaps many of them feel that they are “too big to fail” in the sense that they believe they are too important to most people’s lives to be suddenly abandoned en masse. Maybe that’s true right now. But I’m not sure if they should really mess with an Awakened Community that just keeps getting bigger with every heartbeat. Make it as difficult as possible for the thought police, use alternatives. At some point they will run out of air, lies have short legs!

Here are a few alternatives:

Alternatives to the MSM are abundant and every day more blogs, websites, channels, magazines, podcasts and there is something for every taste, just search for them. Maybe I’ll share a few here that I follow. And of course there is still my blog

If you want to bypass the tech giants, who are all legally forced to work with the US government, here are a few alternatives (but there are more):

Dtube: a video platform based on blockchain, structured like YouTube.

BitTube: blockchain-based video platform that combines elements from Youtube, Reddit and Twitter and has very interesting features, many “Truthers” are already moving here.

Gaia.com and Collective Evolution Explorer: paid streaming portals, with documentation on consciousness, UFOS, Ancient Mysteries, Alternative Media etc, quasi Netflix for the awakened.

Startpage.com: search engine that works with the Google search results, but this is completely anonymous, neither IP address nor surfing behavior are recorded, therefore NO FILTER BUBBLES!.

Ecosia.com: search engine, also anonymous, each search promotes projects that plant trees.

Tutanota: multiple crypto- encrypted email service based in Germany.

Diaspora: a decentralized social network.

Signal: a free messenger like Whatsapp that is end-to-end encrypted, the NSA cannot read.

Most helpful, however, is to keep your screen time to a minimum, get more outdoors and seek real contact with people. You can’t take that away from us (yet).

For now, it is enough not to abandon our original premise: Knowledge is indeed power. This also implies another conclusion: ignorance is weakness. In this case, it is the public that is going under again for lack of knowledge, and those who are trying to control their minds, be they governments at home or abroad, or non-state actors like corporations and the media, who are fighting for hearts and minds can win over the minds of the public by constantly supplying them with false information.

Centralization. Depending on the industry. Corruption. Infiltration by secret services. Fake news. War lies. Control by algorithms. Censorship of the truth. And an elite power elite that holds the strings globally.

If the public can have any hope at all in these gloomy times, it can only result from an obligation to self-check and verify all information they receive. The psychological warriors can only get along with a public that refuses to question their trusted sources of information and demand real evidence for the claims made by their supposedly neutral news sources. It’s ultimately up to you.


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