Magdalena del Amo: Are Directors of Companies Marketing Graphene?

Magdalena del Amo

The Greatest Hoax in the History of Health. A cover for a world without freedom,” was written by AD contributor Magdalena del Amo, psychologist, writer and journalist.

Authors Deny COVID Disease

The book presents an alternative view, not only of the so-called pandemic officially caused by a virus, SARS-CoV-2, that has not been isolated, purified and sequenced, but also of the pieces that make up this dystopian scenario.

The authors do not deny the COVID disease with its pneumonia, thrombi, and neurological and psychological disorders, nor the deaths. What is denied is the cause, which is in sources other than the virus, such as electromagnetic fields and some vaccine adjuvants such as polysorbate 80, Triton-x, or graphene oxide.

The authors question the misleading PCR test – the basis of the entire Covidian scenario – the lie of asymptoms and contagions or “waves,” and warn of the dangers of experimental vaccines leading to death and irreversible damage to thousands of citizens.

The AD contributor says the book is also a wake-up call in the face of the assisted suicide humanity is being led to commit, exposing the big lie concocted under the guise of a health crisis that is not one. He believes that we are facing a global geopolitical strategy of economic change and change in ethical and spiritual values, designed by the elites who rule the world in secret, supported by their loyal servants, especially the politicians. “A war is being waged against the human race, with the aim of controlling it, enslaving it, animalizing it and depriving it of its essence, for the sake of a perverse transhumanism,” he denounces.

We talked to Magdalena del Amo about all this.

Why this book now?

Out of necessity and obligation. “I wish you’d never had to publish it,” one of the collaborators told me. And he was right. We have to tell everything they want to hide from us, and it’s vital for society. It is a moral duty. The book has given a voice to those who disagree with the official thesis and who have only the nets as a means of expression. It is a choral book, uncensored, written from the heart.

– I see that thirty authors from different disciplines have contributed.

Yes, it is a multidisciplinary book, analyzing the pandemic from different angles, with alternative views to the official discourse. Doctors from different specialties, such as Alejandro Sousa, José Luis Sevillano, and Chinda Brandolino; psychologists, such as Beatriz Manrique de Lara and Ángeles Morán; jurists, such as José Ortega and Fran Parejo, as well as prosecutor Valerie Oyarzun, biostatistician and Fifth Column moderator Ricardo Delgado, and other qualified professionals give their analyses of this unprecedented crisis.

– The book that was to be presented at the Monforte Book Fair, in which you are participating as an author, was censored by the Booksellers Association; of all people, the booksellers who are supposed to be the representatives of free expression and the promoters of the exchange of ideas. Have we come that far in terms of free expression?

There has been a total regression. Freedom of expression has been absolutely curtailed. Today, journalism is not done to tell the truth, that which is in the interest of society, of the common good, but to serve the system by distorting information, lying, in short, manipulating. The press serves the interests of a few. This happens at the local level, but especially at the global level, which shapes the collective thinking of society. We need to teach people how to think. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to take a look at what is “behind the news,” where it comes from and what interests it hides. The big agencies dominate the news of the world. Not only do we suffer the agonies of censorship, we also flagellate ourselves with undignified self-censorship.

– This book offers an alternative view of the pandemic and the geopolitical crisis it has created. It is a challenge in the midst of a society that accepts unquestioningly the official mantras on the subject.

The current situation is the greatest attack on humanity in its entire history. It has nothing to do with the wars or plagues of the past. This pandemic/plague was designed in the sewers of the system, just as war conflicts, the price of wheat, or theories about gender or the persecution of the white race were formulated to promote involutionary miscegenation, anthropologically speaking. The goal of this pandemic is to control the “herd,” and to submissively accept this subjugation requires large doses of fear and insecurity, which they have diligently instilled through lies about a “killer” virus that has not been isolated, purified, and sequenced, contagions that are not, PCR tests that fail to detect viral load, fabricated asymptomatic people, and a thousand other fibs that do not correspond to reality. The biggest problem of our time is that lying is an institutionalized weapon; and as we know and admit, that makes us complicit. While they plan how to live our lives, we are lulled to sleep by the illusory benefits of the welfare state.

– In addition to electromagnetic fields, the text of the book cites other adjuvants such as graphene oxide and other adjuvants such as polysorbate 80 and triton-x, which are also found in flu vaccines of recent years, as the cause of covid. There are many physicians who accept this thesis but dare not contradict the one-size-fits-all opinion dictated by the WHO. Does a society in which the real truth and the official truth almost never coincide have a future?

Electromagnetic fields and 5G in particular are taboo subjects, completely banned and censored in both the official and alternative media by the fact-checkers, those little tentacles of the recently created Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.”

The doctor José Luis Sevillano, a few months after the beginning of this health crisis, discovered through the examination of his patients that the COVID symptoms are a replica of the symptoms of medical irradiation.

He reported this to his college and publicly called for an investigation, which was unsuccessful. On the contrary, he is persecuted, like others who have dared to express a different opinion, such as Dr. Ruiz Valdepeñas or the urologist Alejandro Sousa. So some don’t dare, others suffer from the same cognitive dissonance as the rest of society. If a physician wants to apply evidence-based science, he or she is persecuted. That is the modus operandi of the science mafia.

As for graphene oxide, the preliminary study by scientist Pablo Campra Madrid of the University of Almeria shows that there is reasonable evidence for the existence of graphene oxide in vials. The research should continue, but there is no interest in getting to the bottom of it.

Therefore, it is being covered up, including by some dissidents. Interestingly, the heads of some pharmaceutical laboratories are themselves heads of companies that market graphene. There seems to be plenty of evidence for other flu vaccine adjuvants, such as Triton-x and polysorbate-80.

The medical team at Barbastro Hospital was the first to learn of this, but they were soon silenced. As you correctly note, the doctors follow WHO protocols and mandates without complaint. They have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath and with it its basic principle: “primun non nocere”.

In this sea of gigantic corruption on all fronts, society is heading straight for the abyss. The transhumanist, value-free human being they are trying to form is a complete departure from our being imperfect beings ascending to higher evolved stages. A new paradigm is needed.

– You claim in your book that the COVID vaccine is a genetic experiment that does not immunize.

That is true, and that is the official view. The term “vaccine” is a verbal artifice because society equates vaccination with saving lives. It is an unconscious process, and those who control it know it.

Even officials acknowledge that this is not a vaccine, but an experimental m-RNA drug that is approved for emergency use, but not licensed. This is illegal experimentation on the population, as the guarantees to which the citizen is entitled – at the moment – are not respected:

There is no informed consent, and there is a lot of pressure, threats, coercion and blackmail, in violation of all the ethical codes agreed upon since the Nuremberg Trials. There has never been anything like this in the last seventy years.

The vaccinated themselves have internalized the official bullshit, repeating like automatons that they are not vaccinated and that, moreover, they can get infected, apart from continuing to wear masks and abide by the rest of Covidian’s restrictions.

– Do you think the WHO is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, and what role does China play in its decisions?

Exactly. The WHO is the mouthpiece of those who organized this whole farce, and one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. China plays an important role, not only in relation to the pandemic, but also for the WHO itself. First of all, its current head, Tedros Adhanom, was appointed thanks to the votes of the Chinese through Bill Gates.

He is one of the visible faces, but just another puppet in this story, because the names of the real members of the leadership do not appear in the media, not even in the alternative media. China plays a very important role in the story of the future world as it has designed it.

Apart from the economic reset or the viruses developed in Wuhan – which are in fact biological weapons, i.e. bioterrorism – I am interested in the spiritual and domination part; and China provides the model that the elites dream of: beings without freedom, transhuman and animalistic, without spirituality, without true history, without roots, anthropologically destroyed, spiritually uniformed, subjugated, manipulated and controlled, with citizenship cards based on their behavior, according to the requirements of the global dictatorial system.

China also brings with it a significant component of cruelty that translates into a kind of general collective psychopathology. In my opinion, this is the key, and our great challenge is to fight this dystopia.

– What is the interest in hiding the very serious adverse effects of vaccines, including deaths that are systematically covered up, with the complicity of physicians?

It is complicated and not easy to explain, because you have to know the plans of the elites of the last decades, and we cannot deal with that in two sentences. Let’s assume that the pandemic is the pretext for the vaccine – this one and those to come – which is not a vaccine in the usual sense, made from an attenuated pathogen, but a transgenic experiment whose medium- and long-term consequences for our biology we do not know.

We do not know whether it will alter our genome or cause sterility, because we are operating within the framework of hypotheses, but we suspect that it will have an impact not only on our physical bodies, but also on our energetic, emotional, mental, and even spiritual bodies.

We have good reason to believe that the vaccines – perhaps not these first ones – will contain an element that can function as a receiver-transmitter with the outside world.

This is not speculation. The ineffable Gates announced the “quantum dot vaccine” so that all citizens could participate in a global census. Sold as a right, of course. It could be that graphene oxide or some other vaccinated element could be the complement to 5G’s electromagnetism. I know this sounds like science fiction, but we are closer than it seems. The words of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera and British Minister Boris Johnson are more than clear.

– The book denounces the immunity of the manufacturers’ laboratories: Why don’t they take responsibility for the possible consequences if the product is the panacea of the century?

The pharmaceutical industry has a free hand. They can make demands because they distribute huge sums of money: to the WHO, to politicians for their campaigns and to individuals, to abortion clinics, to medical associations, as well as funding congresses where unethical decisions are made for citizens, and giving cars, yachts and other goods to the ambitious and luxury lovers. They have asked for immunity because the experiment is very serious.

– The authors of the book do not deny the COVID disease with its pneumonia, thrombi, neurological and psychological disorders, nor the deaths. What is denied is the cause. What is the cause?

If you don’t acknowledge that there is a disease called COVID and that many elderly people have died in nursing homes, you would be denying the evidence. That it is a “deadly” and “super contagious” virus called SARS-CoV-2 would have to be proven first, and no one has done that. We argue in this book that one must look for other sources, such as certain adjuvants for flu vaccines, some for a very specific purpose, including graphene oxide, all of which are “excited” or enhanced by electromagnetic fields.

The study of COVID deaths has not been done properly. What did the elderly flu and pneumonia patients die of in 2017, 2018, and 2019, all of whom were vaccinated against flu? We’re sure many died of the same thing, which is now called COVID. What has changed is the way we diagnose and the protocols.

– You recently said that this book is a wake-up call to good scientists, doctors, health professionals in general, judges, prosecutors, public officials, police officers, and other government agencies. Do you think that none of this would happen if there were no corruption at the top of these institutions?

That is the crux of the matter. Without corruption at the top, this would not have been possible. That is why I say that this book is an alarm call, a wake-up call, an opportunity to get out of this farce that has hypnotized us.

– Is there a party represented in Parliament that represents the interests of citizens in this health crisis?

None. And I say this with great regret. I had hoped that VOX would stand up for citizens, but they are wasting their time on details and politics and ignoring what is important.

I have asked them to show their face and educate themselves about 5G and the consequences of its rollout, as well as the ingredients of vaccines.

I asked them to listen to the opinions of respected scientists and health experts whose publications are being silenced and censored, such as Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, John Ioannidis, Klaus Püschel, Joel Kettner, Knut Wittkowsky, Michael Osterholm, Pietro Vernazza, John Oxford, Michael Levitt, David I. Katz, Hendrik Streeck, Scott Atlas, Sucharit Bhakdi, Sunetra Gupta, Karol Sikora, Johan Giesecke, Klaus Kohnlein, or the Spaniards José Luis Sevillano and Luis de Benito Ortega. But I don’t think they bothered.

– Do you think it’s possible that one day all those responsible will be in the dock?

Let’s hope that another Nuremberg can be held, and a real one, not the pantomime of 1945 when the big criminals got off scot-free. I think it is possible, but not easy, because justice is at the service of evil. But we must maintain hope and trust in the teams of lawyers who are working on the lawsuits against the various governments and their health systems.

– Do you think this whole situation is affecting us psychologically? What can you tell me as a psychologist?

It affects us much more than it seems. First of all, there has been a significant increase in suicide rates among both adults and minors.

The sale of anxiolytics has skyrocketed. The mental state of the society is very disturbing. For the past year, it has been suffering from collective post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is becoming more complicated and complex, and is accompanied by other pathologies, apart from living in a state of quasi-hypnotic programming.

This is evident not only in individual counseling, but also in observing behavior and reactions in public. And this becomes chronic over time and a problem that is very difficult to solve. We can help the people who come to us, but the vast majority are not even aware that they need the support of a professional.

– What has working with AD been like for you?

A very positive experience. To speak of a free press is unfortunately a contradictio in terminis, but it is possible, and Alerta Digital is an example of that. It is very gratifying to publish in a medium run by a professional who defends the values that ennoble us as human beings – no slogans, no censorship!