Do EU Leaders Want Global Health Governance?

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The EU Heads of State and Government held a Council meeting yesterday, the conclusions of which are worth their weight in gold. In particular, with regard to the fight against HIV and pandemics in general, our leaders propose to cede their powers to a European agency and the WHO, which would then decide omnipotently on the measures to be applied on national territory. This frightening project has now been taken up quite officially politically.

European Leaders Against Sovereignty

On the Subject of Pandemics, the Council therefore draws the following Conclusions:

1. Significant progress has been made in the fight against COVID-19 through vaccination campaigns across Europe. However, the situation in some Member States remains a matter of serious concern. To further increase vaccination rates across the EU, efforts to overcome mistrust of vaccines should be intensified, including by addressing misinformation, especially on social media platforms. Vigilance is needed with regard to the emergence and spread of potential new variants.

2. In view of the evolution of the disease situation, the European Council calls for further coordination to facilitate movement within and into the EU and for a revision of the two Council recommendations. It encourages the Commission to accelerate its work on mutual recognition of certificates with third countries.

3. Building on the experience of the COVID 19 crisis, the EU’s resilience and horizontal crisis preparedness need to be strengthened. To ensure better prevention, preparedness and response to future public health emergencies in the EU, the European Council calls for the finalization of the negotiations on the Health Union legislative package and adequate involvement of Member States in the governance of the Health Emergency Response and Preparedness Agency (HERA). It recalls the need for rapid progress on access to medicines in all Member States.

4 The European Council reaffirms the EU’s continued commitment to contribute to the international response to the pandemic and to ensure access to vaccines for all. It calls for the rapid removal of barriers to the global introduction of vaccines and encourages the Commission to continue its direct dialogue with manufacturers in this regard. This will allow Member States to accelerate the delivery of vaccines to the countries that need them most. The EU will continue to support vaccine production and vaccination in partner countries.

5. In the context of the upcoming G20 meeting and in view of the special session of the World Health Assembly in November, the European Council underlines its support for a strong and central role of the World Health Organization in future global health governance and supports the objective of agreeing an international treaty on pandemics.


Here we find the main objectives repeated day after day by the globalized caste that pulls the strings in the Union:

  • “To further increase vaccination rates”
  • “To overcome mistrust by combating misinformation on social networks
  • “Coordination to facilitate free movement” (which in diplomatic parlance means health passport)
  • “Legislative action on the health union
  • “Access to medicines in all member states
  • “Access to vaccines for all
  • “A strong and central role for WHO in future global health governance
  • “International treaty on pandemics.”

This list shows the extent to which European governments have agreed on a common “mainstream” on pandemics, using the same language at every stage of the multilateral rocket.

The European Council will also be remembered for preparing for the G20 meeting where the pandemic issue will be raised. We are in the waters of the purest multilateralism here.

Towards Global Health Governance

This text expresses a concern and a desire.

There is concern that the Health Emergency Response and Preparedness Authority (HERA) will be created at the European level without any real consultation. For this reason, European leaders are calling for greater participation in this project, which we have already mentioned.

We note, first of all, that the European leaders are talking with the WHO about the preparation of the “future global health governance”. We had not heard among ourselves about this project, and we discover it without it having been discussed by anyone.

A Health Great Reset is Underway

Basically, only by reading the conclusions of the European Councils can one understand what is being planned in the mysterious world of multilateralism. The prevailing idea is to transform the World Health Organization into a global governance structure for pandemics. The WHO would then decide everything: Vaccines, treatments, emergency response.

Such a transfer of sovereignty is, of course, neither explained to nor discussed with the peoples of the Union. The decision has been made, now it just needs to be implemented. The pandemic will thus also serve to deprive the peoples of their rights and favor the emergence of an all-powerful multilateral caste.

Democracy would undoubtedly benefit from a clear explanation of this approach.