Kto je Miguel Bosé?

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Born in Panama, Miguel Bosé is a Spanish pop new wave singer-songwriter, and actor.

During the pandemic, Bosé became one of the most active denialists, questioning the effectiveness of masks and other aspects of the virus. Many of his videos have been removed from YouTube and Facebook and his social networks have been closed. He is against the use of masks, PCR tests, disinfectant gel, vaccines and many other anti-covid measures.

“I am a denier and I hold my head high. The elites are to blame for the manipulation that citizens are suffering in their eyes: they lie to us, they spy on us”. The truth is called once, but the lie is repeated.”

The artist has been encouraging his audience to continue in this fight, a struggle between light and darkness, between good and evil. He accuses the ‘macabre and supremacist plan’ of a cartel of psychopathic billionaires called the Davos Forum, where it has been planned for many years.

“They think they are the masters of humanity, of the Earth, of the planet because they are so rich and arrogant.”

Bosé encourages his followers not to get vaccinated:

“It’s not a vaccine, it’s a product that is authorised by a transitory emergency, but it’s not approved by anyone. It is an experiment, it is not a vaccine tested on humans. A lot of steps have been skipped.”

He sends a message to those who believe in the vaccine that they will make our lives miserable, that there are two humanities, one with arrogant and greedy politicians who live in 3D, and us.

Bosé said he disagreed with the possible alliance between the Spanish government and the pharmaceutical company GAVI.

“The pharmaceutical company GAVI, for those who don’t know, is owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the specialists in failed vaccines that have caused so many victims around the world. India has expelled and denounced them. Africa still bears the consequences. Kenya has uncovered their atrocities”.

He explains that GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines) is not a pharmaceutical company, but a campaign for child vaccination in which various organisations such as UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank collaborate and which is backed by foundations such as Bill Gates’.

“Bill Gates, the eugenicist, forgets about the existence of the damn newspaper library, and in the past he has repeatedly talked about more, about his project of vaccines with micro chips or nano bots, to obtain all kinds of information about the world’s population for the sole purpose of controlling it. To these could also be added various metals, even more toxic than they already include, illegal adjuvants or so-called ‘smart dust’, all of which would threaten our health without our consent.

He added that children should not be vaccinated, as the little ones should not be touched, calling it a terrible situation that needs to be solved.

He explained that the media today do not inform, they only say how to think, what to think.

“The citizen from his home is more comfortable swallowing this pre-digested food than thinking, investigating, contrasting. That’s what I ask people to do: check it out”.

He assured that those responsible for the pandemic, politicians, doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and the complicit media, are all going to fall, one after the other, to the point that there will be a second Nuremberg trial.

“What bothers me is the whole system: Republicans, democrats, left, right, centre and the mother who bore them, all out. I want a new world, we’re going to have it.”