Ist Hollywood die Propagierung der Eine-Welt-Religion?

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“The underlying, primary psychic reality is so unimaginably complex that it can only be grasped by intuition at its furthest, and then very weakly. That is why it needs symbols.” – Carl Jung

Understanding Symbols

To understand the world we live in, we need to understand the symbols that surround us. The cult is aware of the power of symbols, it has access to knowledge that is thousands of years old, which it has preserved in its secret societies. Knowledge from the ancient mystery schools that goes back a long way, would otherwise be lost, and to which only initiates have access today. Well, the wall of secrecy has been crumbling more and more for a few years now. Symbols serve as an anchor to find one’s way in reality, which is why humans use them all the time. They are a way to communicate an idea without saying a word. Moreover, symbolic images immediately penetrate our rational consciousness and speak directly to the subconscious. They are the language of the universe, for example in our dreams, and are equally intuitively understood and recognised by all thinking beings. Even though symbols can often have several meanings, depending on the context and the observer. Today we find symbols absolutely everywhere without knowing how they came to be, what they mean and often not even what they represent. The cabal likes to invert symbols to pervert their real meaning and give them an occult meaning. Often they also give symbols an allegorical meaning to cover up the occult meaning so that it can only be recognised by insiders. Even if you are not religious or spiritual – the top 1% of the 1% are. And it’s worth taking a closer look at their beliefs and symbolisms, because they affect you too, because as Confucius said:

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

The 33rd degree Freemason and occultist Manly P. Hall said in his 1929 standard work ‘The Secret Teachings of all Ages’:

“Symbolism is the language of secrets. Through symbols men have always sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limits of language…. in a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the knower the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable. Whoever, therefore, wishes to unveil the secret doctrine of antiquity must seek that doctrine not in the open pages of books which might fall into the hands of the unworthy, but in the place where it was originally concealed.”

Those who see this as ridiculous and think that such a thing is completely harmless (or even something good) do not understand the significance of symbols on the consciousness of a collective: what would the Third Reich or any clan in history have been without its unifying symbolism? Thus one is introduced very slowly to the occult, which becomes more and more internalised over time. Since the rites and symbolisms are ubiquitous and ‘cool’: in films, show performances, on album covers, in talk shows, in magazines, in music lyrics, in cartoons and video games….so very slowly the inhibition threshold to implement them oneself decreases and the acceptance for them increases. Remember: The cult is a multi-generational community that has a lot of patience. Step by step. Even if it takes over two hundred years. If you change the environment very slowly no one notices. But if you burst through the door from 0 to 100 with the Satanic dictatorship, it doesn’t work any more. The resistance would be too great, man does not like rapid changes.

What used to be practised only in secret is now being practised and consumed more and more by the masses. Without knowing this. They have always been transmitting their ideas and beliefs through the entertainment industry, even with symbols. The thing is: most of us are not paying close attention to what is happening around us.  All these symbols need to be understood. The effects of years of bombardment by this ‘entertainment’ can actually be observed when we look at the changes in our morals and values over time. Over the years you have seen more and more (subconsciously) of these symbols as more and more of our morals and values have changed. And I don’t mean to say that the changes come from the symbols alone (but from the ideas conveyed). But if someone says they worship Yahweh and shows a symbol that represents Lucifer or someone makes a Masonic logo and means to celebrate Jay-Z’s label then that is a problem and needs to be addressed.

Our society is shaped by our morals and beliefs and these are influenced by what we see, read and hear. What is acceptable in our society today was not even totally unacceptable 50-60 years back. This is mainly because of what has been passed on to us over time. We have had a very slow yet steady decline in our idea of what is unacceptable in things like: sex, violence, language, blasphemy etc and that is only because of what is presented to us through movies, sports, music, TV etc. Again, I am not a practicing Christian, but it must be obvious to everyone that there is a growing campaign to see this as ridiculous and backward, while at the same time Satanism/Occultism is becoming more and more popular (just scroll through the home pages of Netflix/Amazon Prime or enter a hipster clamour shop). We have been completely desensitised by the mass media to things our grandparents still found repulsive and/or inappropriate for mass consumption. So think about where we could be in 50 years?

Here we can again show the example of the frog with the hot water. The example below relates to surveillance but is still very appropriate. Since the initiation of society into occultism and Luciferian beliefs and ideals does not happen overnight, but very slowly over 2-3 generations, we do not notice that this happens through external influence and how it changes us (irrevocably) as a collective.

What is the situation with our thermometer? What values are we being taught by the media from an early age? Which moral concepts are currently desirable?  It should be obvious to everyone that in today’s music (especially hip-hop) but also in Hollywood films the agenda of the cabal is often pushed:

  • Illusion of separation: me/us vs. the others mentality is pushed to the hilt.
  • Fame & fortune are the desirable goal (that’s why you always see expensive cars, bling-bling and banknotes).
  • But all that money should be spent on drugs, alcohol and other short-term pleasures (there is definitely a connection between the drugs promoted in hip-hop and the increasing consumption of them).
  • The black culture (of the USA) is to be deliberately destroyed and crime in it pushed (not only through the music but also by flooding the black ghettos with drugs and weapons).
  • Men are feminised and women masculinised (they worship androgyny) at the same time both sexes are highly sexualised. Wiki.
  • Pop music & love romances convey unrealistic ideals that lead to conflictual relationships and make people bathe in trance-like dreams.
  • Felt like every 3rd movie/series is about a dystopian future after an apocalyptic event, the very state they aspire to. This is exactly how ideas of transhumanism are pushed. Generally their plans and actions are shown in films (Truth in Plain Sight). Pozri tu.
  • Igonorant behaviour is portrayed in films and music as worthy of reward, those who question critically are portrayed as jokers or madmen.
  • An oversaturation of increasingly blatant (and, through technology, increasingly realistic) scenes of violence and sex, to which the viewer is increasingly conditioned, thus falling for his basest instincts and becoming easier to control.
  • Emphathy for fellow beings is to be diminished by overexposure to depictions of violence, especially interactive violence (video games).
  • And of course constant exposure of their symbolisms, rites and Luciferian beliefs which are becoming more extreme and overt especially since 2018.

You think constant exposure to symbols doesn’t influence your actions? Watch this scene from the movie Focus, here the power of influencing the subconscious is perfectly explained by Will Smith, once again ‘Truth in plain Sight’:

Here are all the important symbolisms of the Cabal in pop culture, a little warning: The article is very long, but that is mainly due to the many pictures.

666- The number of the beast

The cult is not only obsessed with symbols, but especially with numbers and numerology. I would like to stress once again: this is not what I believe, but this is what THEY believe. Based on everything I have found out in the last six years about various secret societies, orders, mysteries and esotericism (for example in ‘The Secret Teachings of all Ages’ by Freemason Manly P. Hall; a must-read!). The Phytagoreans, for example, were convinced that the whole of reality is made up of sequences of numbers (similar to matrix strings) and that with them the whole universe can be described in this way and that certain numbers mean certain things.  The teachings of Phytagoras are still standard teachings on the ‘path to enlightenment’ of many secret societies and the cabal. Wiki.

And in a certain way they are right – everything in the universe is built up fractally according to certain patterns and proportions and can therefore be described very well mathematically and with sequences of numbers. I will write a separate article about this one day – keyword: sacred geometry.

The number 666, also called the number of the beast, is referred to in the New Testament as the number of the Antichrist. The number is described in Revelation John 13:15-18. In the context of occultism and number mysticism, special significance is also assigned to this number. The number also had central significance for the greatest occultist who ever lived in this world: Alester Crowley. He was considered “one of the most evil people who ever lived” and he also described himself as the Antichrist and signed his letters with the number 666. Crowley still finds followers among many stars today (more on this later). Wiki.

crowley alester
Alester Crowley makes the 11th gesture.

From a numerological point of view, the number has some special features:

In mathematics, the sum of consecutive whole numbers is called a triangular number. The sum of the numbers from 1 to 36 (1 + 2 + 3 + … + 36) is 666. 36 is itself a triangular number (1 + 2 + 3 + … + 8). In addition, a magic square with an edge length of 6 can be constructed in which the sum of all the numbers entered is 666; the sum in each row or column is therefore 111. One of the best-known games of chance, French or American roulette, is therefore called the devil’s game by superstitious people, because the roulette wheel contains the numbers from 0 to 36.

In addition, the sum of the first 144 (= (6+6)²) decimal digits of the circle number Pi results in 666. One could write forever about numberology here – just look it up yourself if you are interested.

While we are on the subject of numberology, there is a table by Phytagoras which assigns a one-digit number to each letter. Since there are more letters than numbers, each number gets 3 letters (except 9 which has only 2). This table, also used by the Freemasons, looks as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




It is slightly offset because of the size of the letters, but the letters F, O and X can be added to 6, like the TV station FOX. So FOX=666. And the formerly quite hip chat message ending XOXO also means 6666. Or Foo Fighters = 666 fighters. Or XXX, an international symbol for pornographic content or the movie ‘Triple-X’ all mean 666 in number mysticism.

The Ok gesture is a version of 666, symbolised by the fingers of the hand forming three staggered 6s. This hand gesture has been used throughout history all over the world with different meanings and contexts, but in most cases to express that everything is Ok. In occultism, however, it has a different meaning:

The gesture is known as “the female hand” and was once associated with female genitalia. It was also used to represent the number 666 as the “number of the beast” with the three sixes all sharing the circle of index finger and thumb, while the other three fingers form their individual ascenders. In Satanism, the three fingers also represent the three aspects of the “Unholy Trinity” of the Sun God Lucifer, the Mother Goddess and her offspring, the Antichrist. In Freemasonry, the hand sign also signifies the deity of the sun and the Masonic pursuit of light.

The reason why so many celebrities and politicians make these signs (and I mean EVERYONE, all the time) has more to do with the occult meaning. This is made clear by the fact that this gesture is very often combined with another occult symbolism/gesture of the cult and thus the Ok-gesture in the actual sense no longer makes sense, or looks very unnatural. Often the 666 hand gesture is placed over one eye or sometimes even over both (one-eye symbolism). When did you last want to convey that everything is good or OK by putting the OK gesture on your eye? Exactly, never. Unless you like to mimic celebrities without thinking, or take part in something snotty like the #DelleAlli-Challenge, but then you’d probably have so few brain cells that you wouldn’t have made it this far.

So the gesture is used in the occult context and not as an “everything is OK” gesture. It has to be said that most of them are under MK-Ultra, so all the time they are under a kind of hypnotic state, even if they seem normal. That means: Some make these symbols completely unconsciously out of impulse. Others, however, do it consciously.

666 10

666 geste 2

666 geste

666 lady gaga

666 3

666 2

666 7

She can’t decide which of the gestures she wants to make 🙂

666 9

666 11

666 12


Also parts of the big churches and would-be (tele)evangelists are part of the club (especially the Vatican).

I could go on for hours, believe me I’m not exaggerating when I say that 90% of all celebrities and politicians make these hand gestures all the time and I’ve only taken the ones where the 666 gesture is combined with the one-eye gesture, because this is definitely not confusable with the Ok sign.  How many do you have to see before coincidence is completely ruled out? These people pose for covers, they know what they are doing with their hands, out of the dozens of photos taken per shoot, someone chooses just these to publish. Nothing here is photoshopped or anything like that. However, don’t forget that this symbol has always been the 666-sign, the meaning of the Ok was just put on top of it (more exotic meaning). Above the eye, however, it is even more obvious, I mean who makes such a gesture? I don’t know anyone personally and I’ve never done it like that. But unfortunately there are enough sheep out there who do it, just google Delealli-Challenge, hundreds of ignorant people, mostly children, contort themselves to make this symbol. But it is not only through this gesture that the 666 is spread:

666 1

666 4

Unleash the (Number of) the Beast!

www 666

The Hebrew letter Wav represents the number 6 and, in the alphabet, represents W.

666 5

Biggie was also noticed by satanic, even pedophile, lyrics!

drake 666

EP cover by Drake

666 8

666 with a triangle in the middle

666 6

666 trilaterl
The Trilateralle Commission logo, a think tank by David Rockerfeller

Apart from obvious 666 references in songs by Bon Iver, Iron Maiden, the transvestite Sharon Needles (there is a lot of symbolism in her video), as well as dozens of metal songs, there are also more hidden ones like the following track by Jay-Z which sounds completely incomprehensible when played normally, but when played backwards clearly contains ‘Murder, Murder Jesus Six Six Six’. Why does he do this? His customers are mainly Americans and this country is very Christian, why hide the message if he wants to provoke?

This technique is called backmasking and has been used by the cult in the music industry since the 60s and is part of their ‘subliminal messages’ arsenal. More on that later.

One-Eye Symbolism

The One-Eye or Hidden-Eye symbolism is used both as a gesture and as a symbol. Like the 666 gesture, it occurs alone or in combination with other symbols of the cult. The pointing or highlighting of an eye stands for the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ or also ‘the Eye of God’ or, since the cult inverts everything, ‘the Eye of Lucifer’, which in their eyes is the true good God and the true devil is the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh. The eye watches over humanity and is often depicted with rays of light and/or in a triangle. This symbol is known through the Freemasons who also depicted it on the back of the 1-dollar note (even though this is often denied). Next to the square & compass, this symbol is the best-known Masonic symbol and can be found in every lodge. But it is also a symbol of Christianity and there it stands for the Holy Trinity of God (when in a triangle). For Freemasons, the eye represents their generalised view of God called ‘The Great Architect of the Universe’ (Matrix sends its regards) and the light radiating from it represents the never-ending quest for enlightenment. The cult that has infiltrated not only Freemasonry but also all other secret societies sees in it the shining eye of Lucifer, the bringer of light.

The symbolism of the one eye is almost the most common in pop culture, often in combination with others, for example a triangle is formed with two hands where the eye is looked through, or the 666 hand gesture is placed over the eye, which in Freemasonry represents the All-Seeing Eye of the Architect and the fingers the Radiating Light. Sometimes one eye is simply covered with a hand or other object so that only one eye is visible (hidden eye symbolism). In films, cartoons and music videos, the triangle with one eye in it or only one eye can be seen in different variations. These things are usually not random, but precisely placed there by set-designers, set-directors, draughtsmen and ressigeurs often together with other occult symbols or context frames. Especially when several occult symbolisms are often combined by the same person, this is a clear indication that these symbols are meant to be shown in the occult context and are meant to be understood that way and are not just some random shots (at least by the above mentioned persons, the star himself often just does what he is told). Like the other symbols, they serve as an indication to the cult of who is serving the agenda and is under control. I will often show you combinations in this article, e.g. Triangle + One-Eye, 666 + One-Eye, Devil-Horns + As Above so Below etc…

one eye comp

one eye symbol

one eye symbol 1

one eye symbol 2

one eye 12

one eye 8

one eye 4

one ey 2

one eye 5

one eye 6
Hidden-Eye / Pentagram

one eye 11

one eye 13

One eye combined with monarch butterfly symbolism, plus the cover story ‘Love Sex Magic’ which sounds a lot like Crowley.

one eye
One-eye + Horus eye


I have already mentioned it: triangles also belong to the reportoure of symbols of the cult. Although (or because) the triangle has the simplest shape, it has the most meanings, much of which have to do with trinities because of its three corners, e.g. Spirit, Mind, Body or Creation, Preservation, Destruction or Love, Truth, Wisdom, etc. Three is also the most sacred number in numberology. An erected triangle represents the masculine principle, the sun and the element of fire while an inverted triangle represents the feminine principle, the moon and the element of water. Two triangles placed on top of each other make a hexagram which is not only a symbol of Judaism (Star of David), but also stands for the worship of Saturn and the fifth element, the Aether. But that is going too far now. The triangle also represents the pyramid which stands for stability and hierarchy. The cult is strictly hierarchical, the more steps you go up the pyramid of power, the more knowledge you gain, but total enlightenment is only reserved for the top of the pyramid, the so-called Capstone, where Lucifer ultimately stands at the top in their eyes. As symbolised on the dollar note, the Capstone with the shining eye (Lucifer the Lightbringer) hovers above the pyramid. I have noticed over the years that the quest for enlightenment actually ‘feels’ endless. Whenever you think you’ve reached the top, more steps suddenly appear, or to use another metaphor: The rabbit hole is infinitely deep. Simplified: you never stop learning. It is similar with the power pyramid of the cult.

The occultist Alester Crowley published movements and hand gestures of his occult rituals in his work The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema. Among them were the triangle and the rhombus over the hip.

crowley triangle

The diamond, also a symbol of femininity, should be all too familiar to us from Ms. Merkel.

Merkel, possibly since the 80s under MK-Ultra
War criminal Tony Blair

triangle jay

triangle kanye west and ellen

triangle daft punk

triangle 6


triangle 7

triangle 5

triangle 4

triangle 3

Jay-Z fans will now be thinking: Hey, that’s just the logo of Jay-Z’s label Roc-A-Fella. No, that’s the exotic meaning that was put over it, the real one can be traced back to Alester Crowley and the cult. Apart from that: Roc-A-Fella… Rockerfeller!!! The cabal is laughing in our faces! Mockery is part of their religion.

triangle 2

If two arguments are happy, the third is happy: This is a classic stun grenade, it is neither, both show the symbol of their cult.

dreieck 1

Adolf Hitler: Jay-Z fan or student of the occult and Crowley’s teachings, which is more likely?

The Hitler Youth is also said to have made this symbol until it was replaced by the Hitler salute.

triangel levy
Anton Laezy, founder of the Church of Satan

triangle rihanna

Christina Aguilera

triangle illuminati

triangle madonna e1633522162299

triangle eye
Another version of the gesture
triangle zombies
And the brain-dead zombies do everything, just don’t attract attention. Hail Illuminati, kneel before your rulers.

Again, I have only shown a very small section and could go on for hours, but I think it is slowly becoming obvious that these gestures are made all the time, deliberately and everywhere, coincidence is extremely unlikely. And no, I don’t interpret something into every symbol, a queen’s upwards, for example, has no occult meaning and is used all the time… by everyone in the world, not just celebrities and politicians. But the triangle with the eye of Lucifer in it is also so often shown in films, TV etc. Here is a small compilation:

Devil Horns

Also one of the most widespread symbolisms of the cabal is the devil’s horns gesture, also known as Mano Cornuta. Many people only know this world-famous hand gesture from the rock/metal genre, as it has been used inflationarily by rock stars since the 70s/80s and thus also by concert-goers and fans.  There it is also known as the metal sign and is proudly held in the air as a scene identity and expression of enthusiasm for music. Many believe that this sign (often referred to as a French Fry) was established in the scene by the band Kiss, but it has also been displayed by the Beatels and even Elvis Preasley (who was a powerful occultist guided by demons). Pozrite si tu.

It can also be seen today in hip-hop, pop and almost every other genre, as well as at sporting events (especially among fans of the Texas Longhorns), but also many politicians make this sign. And they don’t have anything to do with “Lets Rock! Even cartoon characters make this sign, and they do so completely independently of rock music.

The truth is that this gesture, like all the others listed here, has an occult meaning and is deliberately placed in the mass consciousness of the people by the cabal. They immediately accept the shaky meaning that has been put over it (“it’s just metal ne…because metal”) without questioning and simply copy it like brain-dead zombies because they want to belong and feel part of a big mass. Simple mass psychology, it also worked with the Hitler salute.

devil horns expl

The devil horns in the occult of course stand for horned deities such as Baphomet, Pan, Satan or also for (sacrifice) goats. In paganistic witches (Wicca) this gesture is also a sign of one of the two main gods (the males), who are worshiped and horned, known under the names Janicot or Cernunnos.

Demarcation: When I talk about the devil horns, this also includes the ILY symbol! Both are hand gestures of the occult, the latter even more so. According to the Codex Magicia, the inventor of the ILY symbol, Helen Keller, was a practicing occultist. This sign also means ‘I love you’ in the American sign language, which is no coincidence, because a cornerstone of the Luciferian ideology is inverting and perverting. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good. The exception is the Shaka symbol (picture on the right) which is similar to the other two, but is a traditional Hawaiian greeting symbol. This is also not used by stars or politicians outside of the Hawaiian context.

devil horn unter

Here is a small selection in pop culture, politics and churches.

devil horns comp

devin horns 7

devil horns 4

devil horns 2

Elections are an illusion, two sides of the same coin, different faces but the same agenda, the same puller.

devil horns

Eminem’s first album cover after MK-Ultra reprogramming in 2007, Ein-Augen-Symbolik + Devil Horns.

devil horns 11

Jay-Z and Beyonce

devil horns 10
Beatles with 666 and Devil Horns long before Kiss

devil horns mj

devil horns disney

devil horns 8
In almost every Disney movie, the characters bottle this hand gesture completely randomly
devil horns 12
The new Pope makes them all the time
devil horns 5
‘Truther’ Alex Jones has been a cabal-pushed disinformation agent … controlled opposition since day one.

devil horns 3

devil horns 9
Quentin Tarantino combines them with the As Above, So Below gestures

devil horns 1

666 die antwoord
Post from Die Antwoord

devil horns 1 1

Again, only a small section, otherwise it will be too long.

Pentagram & Upside Down Cross

The pentagram and the cross are actually two sacred symbols. The former one of the white magic of ancient mystery schools like the Druids, the latter one of Christianity. A normal pentagram (point upwards) is considered a ‘sign of good’…. A pentagram also has special mathematical properties. It is considered a symbol of Venus and the pentagonal star was particularly revered by Phytagoras because of its golden section. The Gnostics saw it as a symbol of their god Abraxas and as a symbol of the circle of life. For the Freemasons, it points to the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance and diligence. But they also see in the five corners the spirit and the four elements or the ether and the four cardinal points. Druids use a pentagram for their (white) magic and to protect themselves from demons and evil spells. Christians saw the pentagram as a symbol of Jesus Christ on the cross, with each point representing a nail on the cross. Furthermore, it is no coincidence that what we call a star is usually depicted as a pentagram with the 5 corners.


However, an upside-down pentagram (point down) represents the occult and black magic and is widely viewed as a symbol of Satanism (sign of evil). It is also regarded as the ‘sign of the goat sabbaths’ with the upper two prongs representing the horns, the middle two prongs the ears and the lower prong the muzzle of a goat or baphomets. It is used at black masses to summon demons and is also an important symbol for witches of black magic. Inverted pentagrams have been standard on album covers and shirts of metal bands since the 80s (because Satanism is so full of meddl !!) but they also appear more and more often on clothes and in music videos that do not contain this music, just like the Baphomet are associated.

pentagram inv

An upward pointing pentagram is used in witchcraft, a downward pointing one is used in Satanism. However, both are magical practices. Former Freemason, magician and Satanist William Schnoebelen:

“To the magician, the inverted pentagram has but one use, and that is to summon the power of Satan and manifest the devil’s kingdom on earth.”

Often the pentagram is in a circle, this is to hold the summoned demon, also any symbol becomes more ‘powerful’ when it is in a circle.

While this symbol has always been seen in the metal genre, it is noticeable that this symbol is also seen more often in music videos of other genres.

asap rocky pentagram
Rapper ASAP Rocky performs a satanic ritual with a pentagram made of cocaine in a music video.

ASAP Rocky was also seen in a dress. The reason is SWAG (which stands for Secretly We Are Gay). In truth, however, part of the ritual humiliation and feminization agenda.

pentagram 30 seconds
Burning pentagram in music video of ’30 Seconds to Mars’
pentagram travis scott
Rapper Travi $ Scott in music video


pentagram kesha
Kesha in the music video for ‘Die Young’
pentagram kanye west
Kayne West

This video of pop singer Kesha is so overloaded with symbolism that it’s ridiculous, just have a look at the comments below the video. Triangles everywhere you look, she’s constantly doing one-eye symbolism, skull & bones and inverted crosses flashing through the frame for a few frames (so better not to watch), pentagrams, all-seeing eye in a triangle on her ass etc. Also, it looks like she is being infected into an occult cult and they are tearing apart a church. Apart from the hedonistic message ‘Die Young’ which, just like YOLO (You Only Live Once), is based on the ideas of Alester Crowley (Do What thou Wilt). So far so bad, what’s special here: Kesha tweeted after the song was taken off the radio because of a shool shooting (such a coincidence though) that she didn’t want to write the lyrics like that, but she was forced to! The same goes for the video…

pentagram kesha 1 1
Different picture of Kesha
cross 6
Enter Kesha: Inv. Cross on the chest, and the dancers pentagram
pentagram trasher
Trasher, a skate magazine / clothing brand

With Trasher they have managed to establish satanic symbols as cool in addition to the ‘metal scene’ as well as in the ‘skater scene’ (Pentagram, Baphomet and 666). No matter how different the preferences, interests and actions of different youth groups are, their symbolisms and underlying beliefs are all gradually adapted to Luciferism / Satanism.

pentagram 2
But also in other clothing brands: owl, eye, inv. Pentagram
pentagram metropolis
In the film Metropolis, the robot is ‘breathed into life’ under the pentagram

pentagram heineken

rockstar energy

The pentagram star can be found on the beverage brands Heineken and Rockstar (even inverted on Rockstar).

Super boring (pentagram) star tattoos are also very popular with female stars.

pentagram 2 1


And of course the kids do something like that …

pentagram 3

The same applies to the upside-down cross. A normal cross has always been a Christian symbol of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and the consequent redemption of sins. The inverted cross is actually called ‘Peter’s cross’. The origin of the inverted cross lies in the Catholic tradition that Simon Peter was crucified upside down. It is believed that he requested this form of crucifixion because he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same way as Jesus. As a result, some Catholics use the inverted or Petrine cross instead of the traditional Latin cross as a symbol of humility. Today, however, the inverted cross is mainly used in occultism and Satanism. Its meaning is the inversion of Christian values and serves primarily as a provocation. This symbol is also spread by the cabal through its monarch-slaves.

cross 7
Here the cross in a ‘Church of Satan’
And here in the Pope’s chair … not the only satanic symbolism in the Vatican.
cross 3
cross 2
‘Control Minds’

cross 5

cross lil xan
Rapper Little Xan, who long glorified the consumption of benzodiazepines

inv cross 1

inverted cross
“But Moooom, Antichrist is really cool now, everyone wears that!”
lil uzi cross
cross clinton
Daughter of Hillary Clinton
cross clinton 2
Clinton again
cross 3 1 e1633477520614
Lil Wanye: inverted cross and pyramid on the cap.
amber rose cross
Amber Rose, tattoo under the third eye, also Skull & Bones symbolism on the arm

cross 1

Once again the peace-loving Beatles #made in TavistockInstitute
Of course, Lady Gaga is also at the start…. and of course she keeps her eye because that’s what you do, right?

Masonic symbolism

The Freemasons are a secret society which at first sight is not secret at all, because they do not hide. Anyone who wants to can become a member, no matter what religion or nationality. Their lodges are clearly visible in every country, town and city in the world. Of course, there are areas of the world where there are fewer lodges, but they exist on every continent of the planet. There are about 300 Masonic Grand Lodges which stand above up to 100 Sub-Lodges (at least the large Grand Lodges) and have thousands of members. Once a member, one passes through several degrees on the quest for enlightenment, the advancement of which must be earned by ‘learning the Craft’ (which includes certain Spiritual teachings and symbolism).

When entering the Freemasonry, as well as when ascending to higher ranks, one goes through certain secret rituals to which one must strictly adhere. Depending on the Grand Lodge, there are 3 degrees (York Rite) or 33 degrees (Scottish Rite) that one can ascend. Some lodges are tough and require something like passing a test of the teachings to earn advancement, but in many, advancement comes naturally over time as long as you don’t break any of the rules, e.g. vows of silence (this includes not writing about Masonry while a member, which of course not everyone in history has adhered to without exception). The ascent from the first to the 33rd degree takes about 15-20 years, so you are usually a member for life. Some researchers say that one is only really in the club when one has reached the 33rd degree and that the leap in knowledge from the 32nd to the 33rd degree is even greater than that from the 1st to the 32nd degree.

The first degrees (and many years) therefore only serve to test loyalty. On the 33rd degree it is revealed that the ‘search for the light’ that has been pursued for years is actually the light of Lucifer (the Lightbringer). This means that the lower ranks are also just fooled and do not know the whole picture and therefore of course defend Freemasonry vehemently against the conspiracy accusations. They falsely estimate themselves to be knowledgeable. Just like most secret societies, Freemasonry was infiltrated by members of the cult (the 13 Illuminati family clan) and built a secret society within a secret society there at the end of the 18th century. They are at the top of the grand lodges and only allow other ‘family members’ to reach this position. I will go into more detail in my Illuminati article.

freemason ring
Angle and circle with G in the middle on a Masonic ring

freemason passport

The main symbols of Freemasonry are the angle and the circle, usually represented by a G in the middle. This G stands for 33 in numerology, which in turn stands for the 33 degrees of Freemasonry.

Nevertheless, there is an enormous amount of Masonic symbolism in the entertainment industry, if only because the density of Masons in the USA is greater than anywhere else in the world and is therefore naturally also strongly represented in Hollywood.

There are some Masonic symbolisms, for example, the black and white contrast often represented by a black and white chequerboard pattern. It is a symbol of the polarity existing in the universe (love/hate, light/dark etc.) and the artificially created separation within society by the cult with which they can easily control us: Right vs Liks, Democrats vs Republicans, The West vs Islam and vice versa, Blacks vs Whites, Poor vs even poorer etc. Every Lodge in the world has such a black and white chequerboard pattern on the floor. It is a symbol of the principle ‘divide and rule’, an enemy that has been divided into many small segments that also hate each other is weaker than if it were united and therefore easy to defeat. In the case of the cult, this enemy is all of humanity.

freemason 3

Here are a few examples of Masonic lodges:

freemason 2 1

freemason 3 1

freemason 4

But this symbol is also frequently shown in music and film. Considering the almost infinite (set) design possibilities, the black and white chessboard pattern appears quite often.

Britney Spears music video
Same video.
cb 2
Beonce during Good Morning America appearance
cb 3
Demi Levato, People’s Choice Award. The ‘lady in red’ is also a symbol (whore of Babylon) .. “Are you listening to me Neo? Or did you pay attention to the woman in the red dress … “
cb 7
Katy Perry with phallic symbol
cb 6
Christmas photo of the Kardashians
cb 4
Disney girl Lizzy Mcguire
cb 5 1
The film Karbinet by Dr. Parnassus
cb 9 1
Lady Gaga music video
cb 8 1
Kid Cudi Music Video
cb 11 1
The film Matrix overflowing with symbolism
cb 12
MJ album
cb 13 1
Hannah Montana School
cb 14
Wedding of the British royal family


cb 10
MTV VMA 2005, the famous 3 kiss Madonna, Spears, Aguilera
cb kyle minouge
Also often in clothes: Kylie Minouge
cb megan fox e1633523187974
Megan Fox: mannequin symbolism
cb willo
Willow Smith – Whip my Hair
cb rihanna
cb selena gomez
Selena Gomez: This is also how the duality is represented
cb shakira

cartoon network e1633523819191

And as always: Again only a small section, look out for it in the future.

Another Masonic symbol is two pillars standing next to each other, which even have names: Jachim and Boaz. These two pillars can already be seen in the top picture of the Masonic section, and again below. Admittedly, this symbolism is not seen too often, if only because it is more difficult to implement.

Kanye West

jachim 2


The twin towers of the WTC (twin columns) built by David Rockerfeller which were destroyed in the 9/11 ritual and became the One-World-TradeCenter tower. A symbol for the beginning of the NWO on 9/11 and the union of duality.
one world trade center
The new tower was built in such a way that it looks like a pyramid from below, it is 1776 ft high, which, just like the dollar pyramid, does not indicate the year of independence (more exotic) but the year the Order of Illuminati was founded (esotere)

Another is to be blindfolded with a ribbon, or to have one’s trousers pulled up, one’s chest open and a rope around one’s neck. All are used in the initiation ritual of the Freemasons and are also often found in pop culture.

freemason 1
Introductory ritual
pink freemason
Pink at an appearance. Concerts are often rituals in plain sight
Dave Chappell shortly after he sold himself to the cult

Or a hidden hand, like the one Napoleon had, also serves as a distinguishing feature. Was mainly used in the past but is still often seen today.

hidden hand

hidden hand 8
Napoleon (and all of his brothers) were high class Freemasons
hideen hand 2
‘The world is a stage with many actors’
hidden hand 5
The American Presidents 1900 …
hidden hand 6
And American presidential candidates today … different time, same power structure.
hidden hand 7
Robert DeNiro, in combination with devil horns
hidden hand 10
One eye, hidden hand
hidden hand 3
Black and white chess board, hidden hand
hidden hand 4
Johnny Deep

Here you can see more examples of the hidden hand throughout history, otherwise this article will be far too long. Prečítajte si tu.

Similar to the well-known Masonic hand salute.

Then there is the Skull & Bones symbolism: this is a human skull bone with two bones crossing over to form a reclining X. It generally stands for death and destruction. This symbol is known to many only from the pirate flag, the pirates were actually the Knights Templar and always pretended to be the ship they sailed over. They disguised themselves and raised the same flag of the ship they were attacking (hence ‘false flag attack’). Only during the attack did they raise their skull and crossbones flag. However, the skull and bones also appear in Freemasonry and is the main symbol of another secret society of the cult, the Skull & Bones Society, a secret society of Yale University. Particularly well-known members are George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush, both of whom were presidents of the USA. The latter is even considered quite a bigwig of the cabal in the USA and has been called a perpetrator by many Monarch/SRA victims, and even a reptiloid by Alexander Wilder. His father Precott Bush, who in his banker days financed Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, was also a member, as were some important CIA people of the time. That the Bush family, which has caused more suffering and death in the world than any other American family, spent their university years in a death-worshipping secret society and made friends there for life is not surprising. The Nazis also liked to use the symbol of the skull with the bone, like everyone else always on a black background.

skull bones logo
Skull & Bones Logo with their number 322, correspondingly the 22.03 is a special day for them.
skull bones s
Members, in the Gerorge HW Bush County
skull bones grand orient french
Freemasonic Grade Certificate from 18th Century France
skull bones 2
Insignia of Hitler’s SA 1923
skull bones
Insignia of the regiment ‘Der Führer’ of the SS, here again the 3 and the SS could also be 22 … Hitler was financed by a Bones member

In the future, pay attention to this symbol and the number 322 or the date 22 March (in the USA: 03/22), it appears in some films in connection with death and destruction. But also in real life: What is the probability of a terrorist attack in Brussels on 22 March 2016 and another terrorist attack in Westminister on 22 March of the following year? Remember, the cult is obsessed with numberology.

The Sun or Saturn is another symbol, as the beliefs of the cult originated from the Sun- and Saturn-worshipping cults of Babylon and Egypt. Accordingly, Egyptian symbolisms such as the ‘Eye of Horus’ (which in turn is a symbol for the pineal gland), Egyptian deities and pharaohs are also very common in this cult and in Freemasonry. Accordingly, they are also much represented in popular culture. The worship of black cubes (Mecca, rabbis on the forehead, in Brussels and Wall Street, etc.) also springs from the worship of Saturn, but this is beyond the scope of this article…Saturn symbolism is worth a separate article.

eye of horus
Naomi Campell’s holiday home in Turkey is literllay the eye of Horus
egypt 2
The Luxor Hotel, an occult place, listen to what the legendary William Cooper has to say about it. The Las Vegas shooting (ritual) took place in front of the pyramid in 2017
egypt katy
Katy Perry’s video for ‘Blue Horse’ (Antichrist’s apocalypse horse is blue, also shown at Denver Airport)
egypt micheal
Michael Jackson, ‘Remember Me’

Speaking of awards: The Emmy Award is based on the ‘Fallen Angels’, the angels who, according to the Bible, allowed themselves to be seduced by Satan and rebelled against God (known as the fall from hell) and are thus to be equated with demons. It is no wonder why the biggest film forge in the world is located in Los Angeles, because according to the belief of the cult, the Fallen Angels (Nephelim) are said to have come from heaven there (aliens; stickword pre-astronautics). Their wings are shaped like lightning bolts, which is another symbol of the cult, and he holds up a model of planetary motion. And on top: the Emmy Awards are presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, officially abbreviated NATAS and that’s what it says on each award. Which of course is SATAN backwards and as we know writing/speaking things backwards and inverting everything are their thing. Especially Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest Americans, with her Stundio Harpo (Ophra backwards) and her channel OWN (NWO backwards).

The award is given by SATAN … a falling angel who holds the universe in his hands.
egypt 3
These people are obsessed with the ancient mystery schools of the Egyptians, from them the cult that today has our world under control.
egypt 5
That’s why obelists are clapped everywhere, in DC even with a shining eye at the top of the pyramid.
egypt 7
Here in Astana, the newest capital in the world, which will become the cultural capital of the NWO: This city is built from the ground up with symbolism.
Pozri tu.
egypt pyramid
Luvree Paris, Macron gave his inauguration speech there, the pyramid behind / over him …

egypt 6

But I won’t go into architecture in detail, here the focus will be on pop culture and Hollywood. Architecture is a separate article, remember the Freemasons are originally architects and there are still architects in their ranks today. Likewise, I will discuss the Saturn/Sun worship of the cabal and the resulting worship of black cubes around the world another time, this topic is far too broad to even begin to understand after a few sentences, but here is a little taste:

black cube 5

black cube

black cube 4

black cube 2

Alester Crowley

I have already described above who Alester Crowley is: He has been one of the greatest and most influential dark occultists in modern history, and is said to have had contact with a demonic being called LAM, which in its drawing has similarities with the well-known Grey Alien. He is the inventor of the religion Thelema in which the so-called Magick is practised, a practice of ritual magic developed by Crowley, which Crowley describes as “the science and art of bringing about changes in accordance with the will”. According to him, through Magick “it is theoretically possible to produce in any object any change of which that object is naturally capable.” Sex orgies and the excessive use of opium and cannabis were common in these rituals. But also yoga, spells, astral travel and much more. The bisexual Crowley was also a member of the German Saturn-worshipping secret society Ordo Templi Orientis and published several books until his death in 1947. He considered himself to be the Antichrist and despite clearly classical Satanic symbolism and sayings, he said several times that he was not a Satanist because he completely rejected the Christian worldview and thus Satan. Adolf Hitler, who is known to have been a great follower of the occult, apparently also studied Crowley’s teachings. One of Crowley’s most famous sayings was: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. So Do what thou wilt should be the only law. The occultist is revered by a great many celebrities and Crowley’s message is still carried (more and more) into pop culture, e.g. the track ‘Do What You Want’ by Lady Gaga. Why? Why Crowley in particular? Why don’t the stars wear Eckhart Tolle shirts with ‘Living in the Now’? Why don’t they wear shirts with ‘Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour’? Do you understand what I’m getting at: Why are the celebreties-dolls dressed in spiritual/religious clothes at all? And the same ones across the board, why exactly those?

crowley jay z
“Do What Thou Wilt” on Jay-Z’s hoody
crowley 4
Alester Crowley on Beatles album cover

alester crowley

crowley kevin jonas
Kevin Jonas
crowley 5
His head on The Doors album ’13’

Hip clothes with sayings Crowley on it.


crowley 3


Also, at the beginning of the 20th century, Crowley published in one of his works the ritual body gestures of his religion which are really very often found in music performances and music videos of many musicians and are also often done in this way.

crowley ritual gestures e1633532559637

Do the two in the middle look familiar? Exactly the one on the left is our well-known rhombus of Angela Merkel, on the right is the triangle hand sign above the head which is made by many stars, especially Jay-Z, as I have already shown above.

On the top right we also have the ‘arms-crossed’ gesture which is also seen on the pharaohs and in many clothes and photos of the cult members. At the bottom you can see a gesture that is very well known in Satanism: As Above, So Below. And now take a look at this Beatles record.

beatles 2
Again coincidence + sun symbolism (Shell)

As Above so Below & Baphomet

Another symbolism of the cabal is the ‘As Above, So Below’ hand gesture. This is an ancient philosophical principle that belongs to the so-called ‘Hermetic Laws’. The Tabula Smaragdina is a text traditionally attributed to the god Hermes Trismegistos, which forms the philosophical basis of Hermeticism and is regarded as the fundamental text of alchemy. The Tabula is one of the most famous texts of alchemical and hermetic literature. The twelve or so dark, allegorical sentences reflect the idea of a connection between microcosm and macrocosm:

“That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below, an everlasting wonder of the One.”

The microcosm is the self, and the macrocosm is the universe. The macrocosm is like the microcosm and vice versa; in each lies the other, and by understanding one (usually the microcosm) a person can understand the other. This is also described mathematically by the Mandelbrot set and graphically by fractals; the small always contains the whole and vice versa. The Hermetic Laws of Hermes, like those of Pytagoras, are standard teachings for members of secret societies on the path to enlightenment (and I will write a separate article about this one day, very fascinating subject). Hermes Trismegistos is a syncretic fusion of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. According to researchers like David Wilcock, the upper echelons of the cabal are convinced that all the beings and gods of mysticism are real and come from other planets/dimensions, including Hermes (pre-astronautics).

The symbolism with which the hermetic principle As Above so Below is depicted is varied, but the simplest and most widespread is a body pose in which the right arm is bent and pointed upwards and at the same time the left arm is stretched out and pointed downwards. This pose is best known in connection with the occult demon figure Baphomet. In addition to the pose, it also has a goat’s head with a pentagram on its forehead and represents a ‘union of opposites’ of man and demon, man and woman (androgyne). Baphomet also played a crucial role for Alester Crowley:

“The devil does not exist. It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to suggest a unity in their ignorant confusion of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a god…. “The devil” is historically the god of any people you personally dislike….. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of man, but the one who made gods of our race because he knew good and evil; he said, “Know yourselves” and taught initiation. He is the “Devil” of the Book of Thoth, and his emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne, who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection….. So he is life and love. But besides this, his letter is Ayin, the eye, so that he is light; and his zodiacal image is Capricorn, the leaping goat, whose attribute is freedom.”

The world-famous drawing was created by the occultist Ephias Levi.


This picture is the first drawing of Baphomet and is therefore also taken as a reference in terms of symmetry, the dualism of Baphomet is also represented by two white and black crescents. Besides the wings, he also has a burning torch on his head (Eternal Flame) which is a symbol for whiteness and enlightenment and is also used by occultists e.g. for the Statue of Liberty, statues of Rhodes or the Olympic Games. It is based on the fact that the god Prometheus “brought the flame of wisdom” to mankind and that since then mankind has been self-aware beings with the power of free choice. Which is exactly the same story of the (light-bringer) Lucifer bringing wisdom and ‘freedom of choice’ to humanity. That is why they call themselves the Illuminati, because they believe they were illuminated by Prometheus aka Lucifer the Lightbringer. He enlightened them with exclusive knowledge.

Golden Prometheus or Lucifer statue on Rockerfeller Plaza in NYC.

“Free choice” and how and why man has it plays an extremely important role in the beliefs of the cult (for this e

“Free choice” and how and why man has it plays an extremely important role in the beliefs of the cult (I recommend reading ‘The Law of One’). They believe without Lucifer there would be no polarity and therefore no free choice through which we can grow and evolve. Without the evil they bring into the world there is no good because everything needs its opposite to exist. They believe Lucifer is the good one and Yahweh is in reality the evil one who spared people from evil but left them no choice. Christians, however, see it differently and say that the bad is not needed for the good to exist. They say that the cabal was deceived by Satan’s serpent, who was able to bring evil into our world. After all, the shadow is only the absence of light, it cannot be measured. Light, on the other hand, consists of light photons that can be measured and have a certain energy. In the same way, God (Yahweh) has a creative force of his own that can exist independently, while the shadow (the demonic force/Satan/Archons) needs light to exist. Well, a bit off topic for another time, but you see to fully understand the symbolism and to recognise it immediately you have to dive deep into their beliefs and understand them. And all secret societies and ancient mystery schools are connected to each other in their roots through Lucifer worship.

Lightbringers: the Statue of Liberty built by the Freemasons and Columbia Pictures.


columbia pictures

Here are some examples of Bahomet and ‘As Above So Also Below’ poses in today’s pop culture:

as above so below

geroge washington
Statue of George Washington’s Mason
lady gaga as above
Gaga, one eye
as above
Madonna in an Occult Superbowl Halftime Show

as above so below 2

MJ Baphomet

lady gaga baphomet 2

lady gaga


rick and morty
Rick & Morty: pyramid, goat heads, Masonic pillars in black and white, eye, above below
kanye west
Kanye West
as above so below 1
Drake: Devil Horns, Eule and As Above so Below
matrix as above
Morpheus (god of dream) explains the matrix


Their symbolisms and allegiances to faith are also becoming more obvious as time goes on, Lady Gaga slipped out on a Jimmy Kimmel show, “I swear to Lucifer!” Who the Lucifer says that? Just like her videos that are full of satanic symbolism, that she wears satanic clothes all the time that are so ‘super artsy’, that she hangs out at her bf Marina Abramovic’s ‘Spirit Cooking’ events, that she filled a bathtub full of blood in a hotel….all surely a big fat coincidence! PR stunts, nothing else…exactly! Just like the action where she puked all over herself on stage and then posted this bathtub photo.

lady gaga 1

Speaking of bathtubs: A bathtub filled with blood is a cult ritual practice. An incredible number of celebrities have therefore been shown in photos or videos in bathtubs, often in money and some filled with blood.

In The Complete Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, 3rd ed. the concept of a cleansing bath ritual is discussed. It is said that the bath helps to prepare the subconscious for the ritual. It “signals” the subconscious to go to work. This is consistent with everything we have learned so far. Symbols are projected into the ether and speak to our subconscious for mass consumption, and then rituals are used to get the subconscious to “get to work”.

Similarly, many stars have been killed in bathtubs. For example, Bobbi Kristina was found dead in a bathtub in a hotel, the same day a Superbowl commercial ran in which a child drowned in a bathtub. Just one day later, Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub – in the SAME hotel. Or Jim Morris, whose album cover ’13’ of his band The Doors shows Alester Crowley’s head. Or Judy Garland (the ‘Wizard of Oz’ girl), Bollywood star Sridevi, model Dominio Harvey, Orville Redenbacher, Albert Dekker (especially ritualistic).

badewanne 2
Britney Spears, One-Eye, 666 and Diamond MK Ultra Programming
badewanne 3
Here again during a blood ritual
badewanne 6
Miley Cyrus shortly before her ‘transformation’ shows where the direction is going
badewanne 7
And then again.

badewanne 5

badewanne lucifer
Kenneth Angers ‘Lucifers Rising’ in which he wants to wash himself off the blood

badewanne 8

badewanne 9

badewanne 10

badewanne 11

Our well-known Lady Gaga was photographed in a bathtub so often that there is even a compilation of it.

lady gaga bathtub tumblr compilation

I also find it interesting that in the film ‘Constantine’ the water in a bathtub is used as a portal into hell (i.e. another dimension):

badewanne constantin 1
Ritual in Constantine

And indeed, portals to other dimensions are often depicted like a water surface. The liquid mirror in ‘The Matrix’ through which Neo leaves the matrix and wakes up in a bathtub-like container full of liquid, or the stargate to other dimensions in ‘Stargate’ also looks like a rippling water surface. Similarly in the film ‘The Box’. Or in Inception where you are triggered from the world of the mind back into the dimension of reality by the water surface of a bathtub.

badewanne constantin

badewanne star

badewanne inc

The answer

With the South African hip-hop/pop band ‘Die Antwoord’, which suddenly came out of nowhere a few years ago, I feel compelled to make a paragraph of my own. Their pictures and videos are overflowing with satanic and demonic symbolism and depictions. You can also hear certain things in some of their lyrics. For example, in her first hit ‘Ninja’ Yolanda sings: “Aiaiyai, I am your Butterfly…I need your protection, need your protection” a clear reference to Monarch programming (butterfly symbolism). Presumably she is a monarch slave and Ninja is her handler who ‘protects’ her. I think the pictures speak for themselves, from one-eyes, bathtubs, snakes, pentagrams, androgynous symbolism, 666, black pupils for demon look etc. it’s all there. The two of them just look evil.

die antwoord
Fallen Angel; cannibalism

die antwoord 2

die antwoord 3
Serpent (Lucifers) and One-Eye (Lucifer)
die antwoord 4
What. to the. Hell. I wonder if the black eyes might actually come from demon possession.
die antwoord 5
“Hey there it says seitan, has nothing to do with Satanism” smh
die antwoord 6
666 + inverted word Rats = Star
die antwoord 7
Bathtub + androgynous image in the background (reptilian?)
die antwoord 8
White bunny
die antwoord 9
In the background a snake must with several horned celebrities
die antwoord 10
Baphomet… i mean wtf ?? And subliminal ‘sex’ in the background
die antwoord 9
Group logo

Owl – The goddess of whiteness: Minerva

The owl is also one of their symbols. It stands for whiteness and a deity they worship is the goddess Minerva who is depicted as an owl. In an annual ritual in California near San Francisco, the Bohemian Grove, a fire ritual is held in front of a large owl statue. This owl is also found in the logo of the Bohemian Club (which organises the event) in which many powerful American politicians and businessmen are/were members, e.g. Presidents Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush and bankers such as Henry Morgan and Rudolph Peterson. Fake rituals are also said to have been held on the site, but what exactly happens there is only known to the public by hearsay, as the site is heavily guarded and hermetically sealed off during the days.

The only person who ever made it in was Alex Jones, who posted creepy footage of it on the internet afterwards. Pozrite si tu. Since then, the security measures have been extremely increased, but for a few years now there have always been demonstrations in front of the large perimeter fence. According to Fiona Barnett, all taboos are to be broken in Bohemian Grove and, apart from drugs and sex orgies, real rituals are to take place. Furthermore, there are even supposed to be manhunts, i.e. children of the Kabale slave rings are allowed to run away and are hunted by the summer club participants on horses and with live ammunition. A secretly recorded tape of Nixon proves that many homosexual prostitutes/orgies apparently take place there. Pozrite si tu.

Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati Order, which probably went underground in 1785, also used an owl on an open book as its symbol. The owl can also be found hidden on the top right of the back of the 1 dollar note, as well as on the Greek 1 euro coin. And have you ever noticed how cool and hip owls have become? Bags, hats, shirts, cuddly toys, tattoos… you see these birds of prey everywhere. Why not an eagle or a woodpecker or a hawk or a colobri? Probably because of the “magical” Harry Potter franchise overflowing with occultism and symbolism, another example of how witchcraft and the occult have become mainstream.

No, it’s always owls, butterflies, unicorns, eyes or skulls. Try it out for yourself and spend a day walking around a large shopping centre, looking at the products and the people, especially in the children’s department. Here are some examples.

minerval insignia
Pamphlet from Adam Weishaupt’s Order of Illuminati
national press club
Old logo of the National Press Club, coincidentally also the owl on a book … with a magic lamp on it (Eternal Flame + Djinn evocation?)
The summer club of the American elite: Every year powerful politicians and business people meet in California.
eule 2
Entrance to a BC crypt: Weaving Spider come not here
bohemian grove
Boheamian Grove: Fire ritual in front of an owl statue
eule 6
Minerva is also hidden on the $ 1 bill
eule 12
An owl is also built into Washington’s road network, it sits on the pyramid and the capitol is in the owl.

eule 3 1

eule 4

eule 5

eule 9
Katy Perry music video
eule 10
Justin Bieber tattoo
eule 8
Drake music video, watch out for the shirt.

Sign of Silence Symbols

This is still an important symbol and generally represents the philosophy of the cult’s attitude. It is represented by an index finger pressed to the lips. This gesture is used by all people worldwide to show someone to be quiet. But here’s the question again: How often have you been photographed posing with this gesture? At least I never have, and I don’t know anyone personally who uses this gesture when they don’t want to explicitly show someone that they should please be quiet, or that they shouldn’t say that right now. (But as I said, there are enough hypnotised people who worship stars and ape EVERYTHING, without understanding).

This symbol can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Augustine of Hippo:

“And in every temple where Isis and Serapis were worshipped there was also an image, with a finger pressed to the lips, which was supposed to warn the men to be silent. Varro thinks this shows that it should be kept secret that they were human.”

[BRIEF INSERT: If you haven’t noticed, the terrorist organisation ISIS has nothing to do with Islamic State, but with the pagan goddess Isis, whom they worship. Again: they are laughing in our faces! Just as not only all our planets are named after these deities, but also all our (supposedly Christian) holidays are nowadays based on these paganistic deities of their religion, we actually celebrate Saturnalia on 25 December and worship the red Santa Claus, an anagram of Satan, which in turn comes from Saturn, remember everything is inverted & perverted…. Prečítajte si tu. A festival of charity becomes a festival of gluttony, boozing and consumption (just like Saturnalia) but more on that at another time. ]






In Roman-Greek times, Horus (the child of Isis) was called Harpocrates. The most common representation of Harpocrates is a young boy holding a finger to his lips, which is understood as a gesture of youthfulness or silence (in the sense of not revealing the sacred secrets). Harpocrates makes it clear that silence is a form of resistance. This kind of silence shifts the opposition between defiance and compliance by emphasising the refusal to take sides.


A statue of St John of Nepomuk is apparently located in Bohemian Grove. This Catholic saint was confessor to the Queen of Bohemia, who was martyred for refusing to reveal the secrets of the confessional. Nepomuk is depicted holding a finger to his lips….was meaning to remain calm. (pictured above)

The silence gesture (or shhh gesture) is also constantly made in Hollywood and politics. Sometimes combined with the devil’s horns. Mocking at its finest. Always be quiet, keep the big secret. Lulling the masses further into a trance.

silence 1







silnce2 1

silence8 1




What are the chances of chance: Silence, One-Eye and 666?

silence9 1

silence13 1
Olsen Twins
silence3 1
They laugh in our faces
silence7 1
Silence + Devil Horns
silence5 1
silence11 1
Gaga again … 666 and Silence, all pure coincidence.
silence10 1
Charles Darwin

silence12 1

silence8 2

Christina Aguilera, Silence plus doll symbolism.
silence4 1
Silence + kitten
silence6 1
silence 1 1
Rihnna, Shh..Tattoo and one-eye
silence 3
Lindsay Lohan also has a Shh .. tattoo on her finger

You can find more examples here.

MK-Ultra symbolism

Very important is the MK-Ultra symbolism. Apart from the obvious fact that more and more films and series are implementing some form of mind control or split personalities in their main plot, the less obvious symbolism is also increasing across the board, not only in film but also in music. Why Monarch programming is named after the Monarch butterfly is due to many things, because this symbolism is very complex. Science first identified ‘Genetic Memory’ in this beautiful genus of butterflies. It takes the butterflies months to make their annual migration from Mexico to Canada and back. The problem is that a monarch butterfly only lives a few weeks. That means the generation that starts the journey has never seen the destination and vice versa. How do they know exactly where to go every year? It was found that memories and learned things can be passed on to the next generation. Prečítajte si tu.

This effect exists in many animals, including humans.  The MK-Ultra programmers of the cult take advantage of this and only use people who are genetically inclined to dissociate their minds in the event of trauma. This ‘ability’ is passed on to the next generation of the cult, whose minds now also dissociate more easily, because their parents were already traumatised by their parents and this has changed their genes. Another reason why this symbol is used is that the choriod plexus, an area in the brain seen from above (by cutting the brain or MRI) looks like a butterfly. Prečítajte si tu.


brain 2

It can also be used symbolically: The ugly caterpillar (the human being before the programming) becomes a beautiful butterfly (the monarch slave) in the cocoon (trauma programming).

Furthermore, at the moment of dissociation, the traumatised person is said to have a fluttering feeling in the head and body (especially if induced by electroshocks). Cardi B also briefly said ‘Feeling like a Butterfly up here’ after an MK-Ultra glitch she had during an interview at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

This symbol of the butterfly (and butterflies in general) are extremely common among pop stars, actors, in movies, music videos and music lyrics. What is striking here is that this symbolism always comes in the context of mind control and not just like that. This symbolism serves as an orientation for insiders as to who is under monarch mind-control and who is not. Often this symbolism is again combined with one-eye or the silence symbolism (on the mouth).


butterfly 2

butterfly 12

butterfly 25
butterfly 7
Ariana Grande, Schwetterling + Silence
butterfly 28
Katy Perry
butterfly 19
Michael Jackson
butterfly 10
Miley Cyrus

butterfly 20 e1633551781546

butterfly 9
Ryan Gosling

butterfly 8

butterfly 3

butterfly 27

butterfly 24

butterfly 23

butterfly 26
You should check the combinations in the meantime
butterfly travis scott musikvideo
Short excerpt from Travis Scott’s music video
butterfly 21

butterfly 22

butterfly 17
Silence + Butterfly

butterfly 18

butterfly 16
Bruce Willis

butterfly 15

butterfly 13

butterfly 14
Fantazia, MK-Ultra programming Disney film

butterfly 5

butterfly 11

butterfly 6

Elton John
butterfly 2 1
Drew Barrymore, tattoo
butterfly vaness huggens
Vanessa Hudgens
butterfly mj
MJ album, pays attention to the Simultaneous Pharaohs symbolism

butterfly martha stewart

butterfly one direction
One direction
lady gaga
Lady Gaga
fifty shades of grey butterfly 1
Fifty Shades of Gray, the butterfly in the picture frame in the background, is very common in films and video games

Katy Perry also once spoke very mysteriously when she was asked about her butterfly dress at an award, that there is a lot of symbolism here that one should pay attention to, the reporter of course did not grasp what she was talking about.

The rainbow and the white rabbit are also common symbols for monarch-slaves and, according to Svali and others, also serve as triggers to ‘bring out’ another persona. Follow the Rainbow, thats where the nice Place is. Follow the white rabbit to Wonderland. In trauma-based mind control, it serves as an anchor for the victim’s mind to hold on to in order to escape from the pain (by building amnesia barriers, splitting and building a new personality). Then at the end of the rainbow/white rabbit there is no more pain and the new personality is formed. So ‘going over the rainbow’ in the MK-Ultra world means dissociating into another persona. If a Monarch slave now sees a symbol of his basic programming (e.g. a rainbow) this can trigger flashbacks and keeps the traumatisation and the corresponding personas intact.

The rainbow thing comes from the book/movie used for MK-Ultra ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from 1939 which was the first colour film in history and so the red shoes of the skin character Dorothy Gale are also a symbol for Monarch mind-control slaves (Follow over the Rainbow). So is the 1951 MK-Ultra Disney film Alice in Wonderland with the symbolisms of her Blue Dress and the White Rabbit (Follow the White Rabbit). Both films have been remade in more recent times for a new generation of Monarch slaves, 2013’s ‘The Fantastic World of OZ’ and 2010’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ , but the latter has been remade many times over the years. Just as the Mindcontrol song ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ from the original film has been reinterpreted dozens of times over the years and entered the charts. Or the extremely popular song ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane in the 60s.

Wizard of Oz: Everything is based on the Yellow-Brick Road that you follow to the rainbow
rainbow 3
Kubrick draws attention to this in Eyes Wide Shut
rainbow 2
A minor is also sexually abused in this shop. Also watch out for the Christmas lights

In one scene, the main character Bill Harford is also charmed at a party of the rich and powerful by two ladies (monarchs) who say, completely randomly, “Will you follow us over the Rainbow?” The very title of the film (Eyes Wide Shut) is a reference to the foolish blindness of the masses, and a symbol of Bill’s rite of introduction behind the scenes.

Kubrick’s films are full of little hints and warnings, here an excerpt from the film ‘The Shining’ in which he also refers to his involvement in the shooting of the moon landing.


The Netflix series Stranger Things, whose main plot is overtly about mind control with children, is based on the former (possibly still in a different form today) real-life government projects ‘MK-Ultra’ and ‘Montauk Project’. The film is also full of symbolism. What struck me immediately: The room where the girl ‘Eleven’ was held captive for mind-control experiments has a rainbow at the entrance (see picture).

rainbow room
Stranger Things

Regeon arc-coloured Christmas lights also appear in Strangerthings. In Stranger Things, Eleven’s mother keeps muttering incoherently throughout the film: ” Breathe. Sunflower. Rainbow. Three to the right, four to the left. 450.”

Stranger Things

Quick insertion: The surnames of two main characters in the series, Eleven Ives and Will Byers are both the surnames of two of the three 8-year-old victims of the West Memphis 3 Killers, who killed three boys in a Satanic ritual in Tennessee in 1993. Coincidence?

butterfly 1
Nirvana Album (watch out for the monarch butterfly)

Then there is the more recent Netflix series ‘Maniac’ which is very symbolic. The main plot is again very openly about mind control: the two main characters take part in a study in which they are hooked up to machines, take medication and then have to relive their worst/most traumatic experiences. In the sessions they end up in other, dream-like realities. This reliving is then supposed to cure them of all their problems. This is also done in Monarch-Mindcontrol, the children are created dream worlds to confuse and eventually break their minds. For example, with fake time travel in entire ancient settings or with virtual reality. Both are also shown in Maniac. When Owen goes to Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech for the first time for a mind-repair, we see a large shot of the building with a rainbow in the logo. After he enters the building and waits, you hear the repeated announcement that you can find out “where the rainbow ends”. You can also see the rainbow in Annie’s Arpatment. Here you can see a comprehensive symbolism/allegorical analysis of Maniac.

Maniac, follow over the rainbow
wizard oz
Keira Knightley, ‘follows the Yellow Brick Road’ on her red shoes, Wizard of Oz programming
Pedo Podesta and his sick ‘art’ with red shoes symbolism. Probably a handler tool …

Alice in Wonderland:

Nicki Minaj
alice marilyn manson
Marilyn Manson album
alice vogue2
Drew Barrymore – Vogue Magazine
alice vouge
Same magazine
alice taylor swift 1
Taylor Swift 2013 Grammys
alice robbie wwilliams
Robbie Williams
alice miley
Miley Cyrus
alice beyonce
alice eva mendes
Eva Mendes

alice cara delevingne

alice 3

nicki minaj 106 and park
Nicki Minaj again
katy perry
Katy Perry
holly mandison alice
Holli Madison’s book, Alice in Wonderland + Silence / Shh

Cat and kitten ages are often the sexual personas. Sexual personas and sexual slave models are often called betas. The Illuminati figured out how to create women with insatiable sexual appetites. This is done through torture and rape early in their lives. After the initial personality splits with rape and electroshock, the father figure {referred to as ‘Daddy’ by many monarch slaves} performs repeated sex (incest) to develop sexual desire. Experts in sex often give the slaves ‘finishing lessons’ so that the sexual personas can perform incredible sexual feats that normal prostitutes would probably not compare to. Marilyn Monroe was a monarch sex slave. It is common knowledge that she was sexually abused as an orphan, but it was cleverly kept from the public that she was a presidential model monarch.

MK-Ultra BETA (kitten) ages are programmed into children selected as monarch slaves at a very young age in this most sadistic way. Some are sold into the system (Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford) while members of multi-generational monarch families are born specifically for this purpose. Cats (small but usually large felines) and their pelts or other attributes (ears, whiskers, tails) are used as symbols to identify them. Mostly in the form of clothes and accessories, but sometimes only in the background. Beta programming is not exclusive to women, as some cult members are bi- or homosexual, but it is much more common in women. They are also sometimes portrayed in the Marylin Monroe look as a tribute to the first ‘beta kitten’, as I once mentioned.

kitten 3

kitten 4
Monarch butterfly in the background