How are OPC and Vitamin C Effective against Coronavirus?

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As has recently become known, China is using vitamin C specifically against the coronavirus with great success. What the pharmaceutical industry and the media systematically conceal from you: Natural OPC increases the effectiveness of vitamin C by a factor of 10! With the combination of OPC and vitamin C you are therefore well equipped against the coronavirus.

Strong Protective Effect of Vitamin C against Coronavirus

The incredibly strong protective effect of vitamin C against the corona virus is unfortunately known to only a few people so far. In China and Korea, corona has now been treated with vitamin C for weeks and the results are impressive.

Literally by the truckload, tons of vitamin C have been sent directly to Wuhan and other particularly affected areas in recent weeks. Here’s the call from one Chinese doctor:

“We need to spread a message to the world as soon as possible: Vitamin C (in low or high doses) does not harm people and is one of the few, if not the only agent that has a chance to prevent and treat COVID-19 infection. When can we, physicians and scientists, put patients’ lives first?” (Dr. Richard Z. Cheng, head of the International Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team)

The facts are clear: Vitamin C is not only generally healthy for the body (especially for the cardiovascular system and as a therapeutic agent against cancer), but as a turbo for the immune system it is also an effective wonder weapon against the novel virus.

Even though we deliberately do not want to engage in scaremongering here, as is being done in an outrageous way by the system, it is nevertheless a reassuring and important realization that the intake of vitamin C represents a special protection against the virus and also an important support in the healing of an existing Corona infection.

The fact is that even small amounts of vitamin C dramatically alleviate the severity of symptoms and significantly increase survival rates in severely ill virus patients. The higher the dosage administered, the better the effect. Intravenously administered high doses work even better.

The greatest danger with the COVID-19 coronavirus is that the course of the disease will result in SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and pneumonia. Doctors have been using vitamin C successfully against viral pneumonia since the 1940s. And now things are getting exciting, because in addition to vitamin C, another player is appearing on the scene that has been largely ignored in connection with protection against corona: Namely, OPC! OPC is known for its enhancing interaction with vitamin C. But let’s take a closer look at what this means for your personal prevention in times of corona virus.

OPC and Vitamin C – Two Good Friends

We read time and again that OPC and vitamin C should be taken in combination. And this recommendation actually makes sense if you consider the following facts:

  • The interaction of OPC and vitamin C provides effective protection against free radicals.
  • OPC serves as a co-factor and increases antioxidant protection.
  • OPC enhances the effect of vitamin C by a factor of 10!

OPC is thus the most important partner of vitamin C. For this reason, OPC is also found in combination with vitamin C in many plants. Both substances have an extremely positive effect on the immune system, promote cell formation and are also free radical scavengers. The greatest advantage of this is due to the fact that both substances multiply with each other. Thus, OPC as a free radical scavenger with its antioxidant properties is even much stronger than vitamin C, although the latter also binds free radicals.

As a result, OPC now acts on vitamin C in such a way that its antioxidant properties are once again enhanced. In the fight against the coronavirus there could hardly be a better combination for your health!

In addition, the substance from the grape seed extract has regenerative properties that also act in a direct way on the vitamin C. Molecules that have already been used up and are therefore no longer active can be reactivated by OPC and thus regenerated. The vitamin C thus remains longer in the body and achieves a greater effect than if these molecules were henceforth no longer active and would no longer perform any work. This re-activation ensures that the vitamin C in turn strengthens the immune system even better and binds free radicals even more efficiently.

On the other hand, vitamin C also has positive properties towards OPC and can enhance its action. The antioxidant effect of the grape seed extract is therefore also increased. To express this in figures: experts generally assume that OPC achieves an antioxidant effect 20 times higher than that of classic vitamin C. At the same time, OPC has an antioxidant effect of around 40-50 times higher. At the same time OPC works approximately 40-50-times as effectively, as Vitamin E. And the completely crucial: By combining OPC with vitamin C, the effect of vitamin C can be increased 10-fold. These synergies lead, among other things, to the fact that the person must take up less vitamin C than without the OPC.

We can consequently summarize: Vitamin C is in many cases enhanced in its effect by the OPC, while the vitamin C itself in return increases the vascular protective effect of the OPC. Both in combination also lead to the fact that both substances also remain longer in the body and can therefore fully develop their positive effects.

What these important findings mean in terms of protection against the coronavirus and also the healing of the viral disease is obvious! If OPC is taken together with vitamin C, then the protection against the virus is strengthened many times over! Likewise the healing, if someone is already ill. So here we have a combination that is not only extremely beneficial to health in general terms, but also very specifically in this current crisis, provides wonderful protection for keeping the body healthy.

Which OPC and which Vitamin C?

When choosing products, look for quality. When it comes to OPC, it should be a pure and natural product with a high OPC content. With vitamin C, many mistakenly equate the vitamin with ascorbic acid, but this is not so. Reach for a natural source of vitamin C whenever possible.

Eat foods that contain vitamin C on a regular basis, and take a suitable supplement that contains natural vitamin C. For example, an excellent source of this is the acerola cherry. Also, I recommend not starting to take it until you suspect you are already infected with the coronavirus. In this case, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t get sick in the first place, you are clearly on the sunny side of life.

How do I take OPC and Vitamin C?

It is always important to pay attention to the exact consumption recommendation on the respective product packaging. As a rule, OPC should be taken with water (not with meals). Vitamin C should also not be taken with meals and, like OPC, should be taken with plenty of water. Vitamin C belongs to the water-soluble vitamins.

Some people are sensitive to taking vitamin C late in the day, which can cause problems with sleeping. Therefore, taking it during the day is more recommended. You can take both substances together or at different times. In any case, make sure that you take both of them with enough time between meals and drink enough water.


Since the pharmaceutical industry is only interested in selling expensive vaccines and drugs, you will hardly hear anything from this direction about the sensational effects of OPC and vitamin C in the fight against the coronavirus. The media conceal such explosive information likewise consciously and set rather on Panikmache. If the health of your fellow men is to you at the heart, you should use however the chance and pass this information on actively. Anything else is tantamount to failing to provide help!