Democíd oxidu grafénového: Ako sa môžeme chrániť pred otravou a 5g?

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What can you do to protect yourself from the syringes and the nanotechnology they contain? To protect yourself from what’s coming? Have we been poisoned for a long time and by whom? How are COVID, graphene oxide, vaccines and 5G related?

Today I would not only like to present new discoveries about these technologies and developments in world affairs, but would also like to point out many concrete possible solutions.

What is going on with Humanity?

The world today is quite different from what it was two years ago.

There are 20 things I learned (or had confirmed) about humanity during the “Pandemic”:

  1. Most people would rather be in the majority than be right.
  2. At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies that will emerge under the right conditions.
  3. The fear of death is only matched by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be even stronger.
  4. Propaganda is as effective today as it was 100 years ago. Access to unlimited information has not made the average person smarter.
  5. Anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, the government and those who trust them.
  6. Many politicians and large corporations like to sacrifice human life when doing so is conducive to their political and financial goals.
  7. Most people believe that the government is acting in the best interests of the people. Even many who loudly criticize the government.
  8. Once made up, most people would rather commit to the error than admit they were wrong.
  9. People can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to change their behavior significantly – for better or for worse.
  10. When fearful enough, most people not only accept but encourage authoritarian behavior.
  11. People who are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative.
  12. Most people value security more than freedom, even if this “security” is only an illusion.
  13. Hedonic adjustment is two-way, and once laziness sets in, it is difficult to get people back into “normal”.
  14. A significant percentage of people enjoy being subjugated.
  15. “Science” has developed into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West. This religion has little to do with the scientific process itself.
  16. Looking like they’re doing the right thing is more important to most people than actually doing the right thing.
  17. Politics, the media, science, and healthcare are all corrupt to varying degrees. Scientists and doctors can be bought just as easily as politicians.
  18. If you make people comfortable enough, they won’t rebel. Millions of people can be made compliant by giving them money, food, and entertainment while curtailing their rights.
  19. Modern people are too complacent and not vigilant enough when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government abuse.
  20. It is easier to deceive a person than to convince them that they have been deceived.

Graphene Oxide – The Truth behind the last 1,5 years pandemic

There are two Spanish scientists who found very high amounts of graphene oxide nanoparticles in the COVID syringes from Pfizer and Astrazenica. A substance that is not stated on the table of contents. Graphene Oxide (GO) is a carbon-based 2D nanomaterial that is usually produced by reacting graphite with a strong oxidizing agent and then processing it in water. It is made up of an extensive hexagonal carbon skeleton, which has a variable amount of point and extensive hole defects within the carbon plane. This carbon lattice is decorated with oxygen-containing functional groups on both sides as well as the edge.

image 36
It has the structure of honeycomb

Developments in this direction have recently been overflowing. These scientists have now also examined the Moderna substance and also found high amounts of graphene oxide nanoparticles there. Prečítajte si tu. Other Spanish scientists were also able to detect high amounts of graphene oxide in the Astrazenica vaccine. Prečítajte si tu. So they have already detected it in three of the Corona vaccines, so it is safe to assume that all of them are affected. They even found graphene oxide in the flu vaccine “Vaxigrip Tetra” from Sanofi. Pozrite si tu.

How do the substances get in there? Quite simply, a Chinese patent from February 2020 shows that graphene was probably already added to the physiological saline before the m-RNA particles even got in. Pozri tu.

Dr Delgado notes that if graphene is in saline and other vaccines, not just flu vaccines, this would explain why even children and babies now have magnetic bodies:

“Well, here it says, ‘The problem to be solved in the present invention is to distribute 0.2 nm – very tiny, and that is exactly the same size as the size of graphs. That is, it would be 200 μm, as in the preliminary analysis by Dr. Campra explains how to use graphene in physiological saline or Ringer’s solution that is injected into the human body and used as a therapeutic agent for diseases.

This opens up the possibility that we are not only talking about vaccines for COVID and flu, but probably also for tetanus, diphtheria, meningitis, etc.

Also, this would explain why there are children – even infants – who also exhibit magnetism without being vaccinated against either the flu or COVID, but only the vaccines of the normal calendar (the calendar of the healthy child, as it is called ). That is of course very worrying. “

Dr. Andreas Kalcker, a German doctor who practices in Spain, and his team also found graphene oxide in various vaccines. Prečítajte si tu.

He assumes that graphene oxide changes our human magnetic field. With fatal consequences. Dr. Kalcker also mentions the convulsions observed in various COVID-vaccinated patients and notes that these convulsions and twitches occur at a certain frequency, suggesting that the vaccine ingredients affect human electromagnetic fields at the molecular level, as does the acquired magnetic properties of nano-graphs suggest:

“What happens then? The body needs its electromolecular capabilities to function. The heart beats because there is a magnetic field that then creates the electricity for pumping and everything else. So graphs completely changes our electromagnetic field. There has never been anything like it. And, let’s say what we see is something “in vivo” with some dramatic effects.

To understand more, we also saw many videos of people who died after being vaccinated. On others you see people who have cramps. For example, these cramps have very specific frequencies that are basically the same for all types of cramps. These spasms clearly indicate a disturbance in the human electromagnetic fields. “

Well, and this is how it can look like: [ Wow, a video has never been deleted before the article even made it out, but as proof of Orwellian censorship I leave it in there. You would have seen a cell phone picture of a trembling and convulsing person on the floor in a (presumably German) vaccination center ]

But in the meantime others have turned to the public. Pozrite si tu.

But in the meantime, others have come forward. A whistleblower from within the company! Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and currently an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Not only does she confirm that, at least in the Pfizer/BionTech syringe, there is indeed graphene oxide, but she gives a little more context. The first time she became suspicious was when they started discussing giving the substance to children, because she knew that statistically children did not get sick from it and it made no sense at all to treat them with it and take a risk. She started to do internal research and found out that the vaccine was more of a bioweapon. She then sent her findings with supporting documents to 30 news outlets and several internet personalities. She simply looked at where these pharmaceutical companies buy the ingredients they use to develop their vaccines. They usually have long acronyms and numerical codes on the ingredients that are hard for lay people to decipher. But in simple terms, all COVID vaccines (and other vaccines) use pegylated lipid (PEG) as a base. And the PEG Pfizer orders for the vaccine comes from the Chinese company Sinopeg. It says this manufacturer would use hydrogel lipid envelopes “reinforced” with graphene oxide as described here (and Pfizer then puts the m-RNA in, mass produces and sells the stuff). Interesting… so here we meet our old acquaintance again: the hydrogel. Slowly, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

image 50 3
Left: Andrew Kauffmpan, Right: Karen Kingston.

According to Sinopeg: core-shell structure Polyethylene glycol functionalizes graphene for energy storage polymer dielectrics mechanical and electrical performances. Translated, this means that graphene is in the vaccines because it is the best conductor of heat and electricity, can store energy and is practically indestructible.

With a positive charge, graphene can destroy anything it comes into contact with. According to Karen, the graph is not charged and is being neutralized. It enters the cell at the moment through lipid number three, the ionized lipid, which provides a + charge for penetration into the cell.

When a magnetic field activates a positive charge, it could potentially kill a person, depending on how much graphene is in the body. Why should they use such a poisonous substance? Not because it has anything to do with curing an imaginary virus, but because graphene is a fantastic conductor of electricity and can host its own magnetic field and could easily connect us to the internet where we would be under the control of a dystopian state and could easily be zapped when we step out of line. We are prevented from shopping, working, health care, memory, and thoughts, and we are pinched off for safety. (more on that later)

One fact that most people have forgotten is that Moderna was not a vaccine manufacturer until the pandemic. The young company not only has extremely close ties to DARPA, but they were originally active in oncology, i.e. cancer treatment. And their treatment methods were mainly in the field of nanomedicine. Do you remember how you can shrink tumour tissue with these nanoparticles and RF radiation? Interestingly, there are some studies investigating the targeted delivery of siRNA with graphene oxide as a carrier to treat ovarian cancer! Prečítajte si tu.

And the Pfizer vaccine causes accumulation of these particles in the ovaries, according to internal documents released through a FOIA request (see Magnetogenetics 2). So this technology to destroy ovarian tissue in cancer patients was administered en masse to healthy women. The fact that the ovaries of millions of women around the world suffer massively after the vaccination, that they experience heavy and prolonged bleeding and in some cases miscarriages, can now no longer be suppressed. Mainstream portals like VICE are already reporting on it, although they don’t even mention the connection to infertility, but I think they will be able to deny that for another six months at most. And that’s when it becomes clear how they’re going to spin this. It’s not a deliberate attack on the fertility of humanity, no, sexist science simply didn’t take women into account in its “clinical studies”… I’m not saying that the latter isn’t actually a big problem in medical studies, but it’s a good way to distract from the real issue. Namely that it was planned to destroy women’s ovaries and that this was covered up in the “studies”. Read the comments from this video on Youtube. Absolutely terrible stories from affected women.

Officially, this substance is not considered a vaccine at all, because according to the definition in the patent office, a vaccine prevents an infection. An immune reaction is not sufficient to be considered a vaccine if it does not prevent an infection. As is well known, that is not the case here. One thing Karen Kingston mentions is the so-called shedding (a normal danger that vaccinated people could pass on the spike protein to healthy unvaccinated people a while after the administration of the substance, i.e. become spreaders themselves only through the vaccination). Through breathing or the exchange of fluids such as saliva, sperm and breast milk. Normally, the animal studies check whether shedding occurs, and if this is the case, the vaccine candidate normally already fails here. If shedding is observed in the first human phase 1 trial, the clinical trials are usually terminated immediately. However, according to Kingston, Pfizer cheated in their shedding studies. Men who were part of the study were not even allowed to breathe near a pregnant woman, something very unusual. A group of researchers at Oxford University found out something shocking: fully vaccinated hospital employees had on average a 251 times higher viral load in their blood than unvaccinated ones. Prečítajte si tu.

The researchers assume that the vaccinated infect themselves with the “delta variant”, spread it among themselves and to unvaccinated patients, but do not develop any symptoms themselves. Vaccinated patients thus become asymptomatic superspreaders. Even if this scenario seems strange at first glance, the technology of “self-propagating vaccination” has existed for a long time. Someone is vaccinated and spreads the vaccine like a virus to the unvaccinated – naturally without their consent. Only this “vaccine” is a toxic nanoparticle that triggers the disease in the first place. Which of course violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947, but who cares about basic human rights? This manual from John Hopkins University proves this vaccine technology (page 45):


There we will also find nice pandemic technologies that are still to come, such as surveillance drones that measure the air for viruses, and of course the Microneedle vaccine patch (Mark of the Beast).

image 77 1
Page 45

jhu manual

The injection therefore leads to massive shedding, which means for us non-injection in plain language: The real pandemic is starting for us now. While the Graphene Zombies happily go on vacation and celebrate, we should avoid crowds of them. The perfidious thing: You will blame the increasing and more intense cases of the Delta and Lambda mutations and of course the non-injections. Those who could make us sick put their own illness on us, even though they administered it to themselves. And therefore call for booster vaccinations and compulsory vaccinations. Once again they turn everything upside down! It’s just fucked up like that !!

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who make light out of darkness and darkness out of light, who make sweet out of sour and sour out of sweet!”  Isaiah 5:20

Karen Kingston also shows how ridiculous the 95 percent effectiveness data were at the start of the vaccination campaign. This is a classic case of completely fabricated data. A week after both injections, 9 people out of 18,000 tested positive, and in the control group, 169 people out of 18,000 tested positive in the same week. The effective reduction in infection risk of the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated was a ridiculous 0.86% and they concluded that it was 95% effective. Not even a significant reduction, so that this data could simply have arisen by chance and the true protection is 0%. Simplest number turning, but of course only 95% stuck with people.

image 54 1

In fact, they also did cherry picking. After two weeks, more of the treated symptoms began to develop than the untreated and the already inexplicable data set ” Effectiveness” fell to 9.3% and the effective infection reduction to 0.23%. But according to Kingston it was even worse, because they only PCR-tested the placebo group and no longer the vaccine group (allegedly because they ran out of time), otherwise the effectiveness of the syringe of 9.3% would probably be in the negative range please.Otherwise it would have come out that more people would have got the disease through their injection than the uninjected in the normal way. So they canceled under the pretext that they had no more time and only considered the data sets after a week and published them through ready-made press releases. And let’s remember: This was read out word for word by all news outlets , with special emphasis on 95% . No news house has properly researched this study itself and made it clear to the population how mega insignificant these data sets are and how highly illegal Pfizer’s preselection of data sets is. That the FDA waved something through clearly proves corruption.

image 55 1

Then there is another shocking statement that is spreading right now. Jaques Attali is a powerful shadow man in French politics and has been advising French presidents / politicians for decades. The billionaire social-theoretical author was also the first president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He is said to have very great power in France. Oh yes, and he is a eugenic globalist and speaks openly and without shame for a mass genocide! He became a little acquainted with a shocking statement in an interview in 1981. It was published in ‘Entretiens avec Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir’ . There Attali says:

“In the future we will have to find a way to reduce the population. We’ll start with the old , because once they have passed the age of 60-65, people live longer than they produce, and that costs society dearly.

Then the weak, followed by the useless , who contribute nothing to society because there will always be more of them, and finally the stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; In any case, euthanasia will have to be an essential tool of our future societies.

Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

Too many people, who are mostly useless, are too expensive economically. Socially, too, it is much better if the human machine comes to an abrupt stop than if it gradually deteriorates .

We won’t be able to test millions upon millions of people on their intelligence either, you can bet on that!

We are going to find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that attacks the old or the fat , it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb, the fearful and stupid will believe and demand to be treated. We took care of the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

The idiots will be selected by themselves: they will lead themselves to the slaughter . “

image 56 1
Economist and political advisor Jaques Attali

If that’s not an admission! For these eugenic psychopaths, it is all a perfidious game, a kind of intelligence test to see whether one is worthy to continue living with them or whether one should resign. The old and the weak will die and the idiots will reveal themselves through their naive and fearful behaviour and kill themselves. Exactly what has actually come to pass forty years later. He himself and the fact checkers are again quick to deny this story. But it is true. The statement was removed in later editions, but it is still quoted as such on the French police website. Prečítajte si tu.

And they wouldn’t want to mess with his influence in the country and spread untruths. Independently of this, he was also quoted in a press report in 2009 as suggesting that pandemics should be used for population control and that lessons should be learned afterwards. Prečítajte si tu.

There he also called for a global tax and a global police force. To this day, the 77-year-old himself makes very gloomy predictions on his website for the 2020s that we should prepare for, including nuclear attacks from North Korea, war with Russia, global financial crash or an ‘awakening’ of worldwide environmental activism. Prečítajte si tu.

No question, this guy is ‘in the know’…. These people are looking forward to it and are proud of their great work that they have prepared for so long. They feel untouchable and think they are gods. And some of them can’t help showing off a little…

Basically, this is not even a genocide, i.e. the deliberate killing of large numbers of a certain ethnicity, religion or nationality, but the much more comprehensive term democide is more appropriate here. Prečítajte si tu.

They don’t really care who dies, the main thing is that a significant part of the world’s population is gone. Especially those who “do nothing”, i.e. all the old, stupid and weak. And they also use more resources than just graphene oxide (HAARP terror, economic collapse, drugs, famine, war and more).

Another person worth mentioning here is Dr. Mylo Canderian (born Milos Iskanderianos, Corfu, Greece, 1938) who is said to be behind a graphene oxide bioweapons patent and in an interview revealed how long an injected person will survive. This interview is said to have taken place between the blogger Steven Fishman and Dr Milo Canderian. He is supposed to have met him in Davos. Prečítajte si tu. I don’t know how true this is, but nevertheless the content is quite interesting, so I decided to share it. Fischman’s words follow.

image 57 1

Dr. Canderian is a medical employee of the World Health Organization (WHO) and supports Klaus Schwab and the “Great Reset”, the introduction of a digital world currency, which is a second goal of the WHO for 2022. Dr. Canderian believes that 95% of the world’s population are “useless eaters” who need to be euthanized as soon as possible.

“Look at downtown Chicago, Baltimore or Los Angeles,” he said, “and you will see clearly why the useless eaters have to be euthanized like mad dogs . “

He has expressed his disdain for “contagious educators” who promote Critical Racial Theory and is confident that the “vaccine” will put an end to “the human cancer on earth”.

Dr. Canderian is an ardent advocate of the duty and obligation of Freemasonry to rid the world of the “plague of humanity.” But on a personal level, he and I share a passion for the same exotic dish served at L’emince de Veau in Geneva: hummingbird cream soup followed by moose tongue.

We’re both fans of Chef Gaston Sere de Rivieres, who is a culinary genius. So I asked Mylo:

“How can the“ vaccinated ”know with certainty how long they will have to live once they have been vaccinated?

He presented me with this information, the so-called “End of Cycle Formula”.

He explained how easy it is to calculate. “The power of simplicity,” he said. “There is a maximum cycle of ten years from injection to the end of the cycle (or death),” he explained. “And that is extremely easy to determine.”

He said any hematologist can see this in seconds under a microscope and even more easily under an electron microscope. “The percentage of blood that is infested (or contaminated) with graphene oxide is the reciprocity of the end-of-cycle calculation,” he revealed.

In other words, a “vaccinated” person (as he calls anyone who has been vaccinated with the “Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon”) who has 20% Graphene Oxide in his blood will, apart from all other entry criteria, Live 8 years (10 years minus 20%). Someone with 70% graphene oxide deterioration will not live more than 3 years. (10 years minus 70%).

go zyklus
The toxic load adds up. It is not that simplified with the many graphene oxide sources to which we are delivered, but they guarantee the targeted mass extinction by 2025 with the first booster.

Dr. Jane Ruby was recently interviewed by Stew Peters on his podcast (video below) and she showed examples of what the damaged blood looks like when exposed to graphene oxide. She examined the blood of people given Pfizer and Astrazenica, confirming that the two Spanish scientists are telling the truth. By the way, Astrazeneca should be pronounced just like “weapon that kills” is pronounced in Sanskrit.

“Graphene Oxide, for those who don’t know, is the component of Messenger RNA Spike Proteins and Prions that are at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen … Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge , which deprives the body of the necessary oxygen and causes many complications including, but not limited to,

-anaphylactic shock

-toxic blood clotting

-fatal paralysis

-mitochondrial cancer

-Endothelial Cancer “.

Dr. Mylo Canderian shares the same point of view as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Big Pharma CEOs:


I asked Mylo how the second and third syringes and the boosters work and how this changes the table at the end of the cycle. Mylo replied:

“All of this can be measured using hematological tests. The more injections and booster vaccinations the morons get, the worse their blood looks under the microscope, and the faster they turn into fertilizer. “

Finally, I asked him how the plan to kill so many billions of people could be kept so secret by such a group of elites. His answer was:

“You don’t know much about Freemasonry, do you, Steve? “

And there you have it … He ended the conversation by saying that my attempt to expose everything was “laughably self-destructive and pathetic”, but he made an interesting observation: that both the elites and the “hypocritical anti-vaccine” (which I and our little club of protesters) have one thing in common:

We will all have to live together after the useless eaters are all dead, if and if we survive what will come …

So much for this interview, as I said I cannot confirm if this conversation took place in Davos, but it correlates with the findings of Dr Jane Ruby and the two Spanish scientists. Despite the high vaccination rate of 80%, the cases in Israel are increasing enormously and are higher than they have been for six months. Pozrite si tu.

The first booster is already being administered there, and in Germany and England these will also come from September 2021 and some are already discussing the fourth dose. If the end of cycle calculation is correct, a fifth dose at the latest will no longer be survivable. I think that from the third dose onwards the death toll will rise dramatically (which of course will be communicated as “new dangerous mutations”, which in turn will lead more frightened sheep to the slaughter “to be protected”). In the British island state of Gibraltar, 90% of the population had already been fully vaccinated in March and 97% had been vaccinated once. It is the highest “vaccination rate” in the world and today close to 100%. Prečítajte si tu.

Nevertheless, the cases are increasing so much that on 4 August the CDC put the COVID risk for travellers near Gibraltar at level 4: “Very high”. Prečítajte si tu.

They probably blame it on mutations like Delta and the new Lambda. The vaccine is not a vaccine. COVID is not a virus. Both are slow poisoning by graphene oxide. The higher the dose in the blood the more contagious and deadly. From now on, I would also keep my hands off donating blood and hope that I never need a transfusion, given that there are currently four billion contaminated blood circuits on this earth. If you thought the empty streets in the first Lockdown were creepy, you should wait until 2025. Alpha, Delta, Lambda… are already in the middle of the alphabet, will it finally end with Omega in the fifth wave? Like the attacks of the end-time movie “The fifth Wave”? I cannot ignore the Christian (or blasphemous) symbolism here.

“I am the A (lpha) and the O (mega), the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”   (Revelation 22:13)

God is made pathogens.

image 66 1

And now they are even openly developing SARS-CoV-2 vaccines using graphene oxide as a carrier. Pozri tu.

As I said, annual forced injections are now becoming the standard to keep graphene oxide levels high. And the eternal hiding becomes tedious… and is no longer necessary. Most people don’t care what’s in it anyway. And those who do care won’t be convinced any more anyway. And unfortunately there is another source of graphene oxide that can contaminate our bodies with these toxic nanoparticles: Mouth-nose masks! At least in Canada, the Health Department has proven that the 116 million SNN200642 masks that Canadian schoolchildren have had to wear for months release potentially toxic nano-material that is potentially dangerous to inhale. This material is graphene, whose material properties make it the perfect filter. As a result, the Canadian Ministry of Health has stopped doing business with the Chinese-Canadian distributor Métallife and has confiscated all 4.6 million remaining masks. They plan to stop buying masks that use nanoparticles because they are simply hazardous to health. This refers to masks that have a grey inner layer. Prečítajte si tu.

image 33

ETC Group’s director of research, Jim Thomas, says the world should follow Canada’s example :

While the Quebec government has singled out Métallifer, Thomas says any masks that contain nanoform graphene are potentially dangerous. “This is a much bigger story than Quebec” , he said. “I am very worried. The actions that are being taken in Québec (to remove the masks from schools) must be taken around the world . ” Prečítajte si tu.

Well, the rest of the world is asleep. Only France has withdrawn FFP-2 masks with graphene from circulation – also from a Chinese dealer. And Spain has also withdrawn graphene masks from China. Read here. Prečítajte si tu.

Here, you can still find exactly such masks in every second supermarket, almost always from China, and they recommend changing them regularly. So that a new flow of lung-damaging graphene will follow. How many millions of people in the world still walk around with these things every day? How many “COVID diseases” have arisen from them? Unfortunately, I once had one of these FFP2s with a grey inside and until recently it was still lying around at home – until it ended up in the rubbish.

There is another source that is aimed directly at female fertility: sanitary napkins . The Reign company put graphene on their sanitary towels and are very proud of it. This is supposed to be super healthy. You can only shake your head.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus has also been detected in the air – it is said to settle on particles and remain airborne for hours, spreading over long distances. Prečítajte si tu. Was that their sneaky cover story to get away with spraying graphene oxide in the chemtrails!!!? This short video at least hints that magnetic stuff is already being sprayed on us. Pozrite si tu.

Did you know that the US Department of Defense built two high-security bio-weapons development labs in Kazakhstan in 2008? I already stressed the geopolitical importance of Kazakhstan in the last article, because this country borders both Russia and China. The Central Reference Laboratory in Almaty and the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems in Otar. A wide variety of bioweapons are held and developed there. In addition to the disease-transmitting tick experiments that have been going on for decades, aerosols are probably also being developed there. The Pentagon’s priorities there are said to be the black plague, anthrax and coronaviruses.

And these days I am very suspicious of such weather forecasts as “ haze-like dust that could cause breathing problems” . Here, on August 24th, a large part of Central America, Mexico and the southern states of America was hit by this cloud of dust. And there seems to be more to come.

This study on the toxicity of graphene oxide in mice from 2018 also proves that graphene oxide can be airborne, has toxic effects and can only be slowly broken down from the lungs. Prečítajte si tu.

“ Common routes of administration in animal models include air delivery (intranasal insufflation, intratracheal instillation, and inhalation), oral administration, intravenous injection, intraperitoneal injection, and subcutaneous injection. The main route of exposure to GFN (graphene family nanoparticles) in the work environment is air transfer, so inhalation and intratracheal instillation are mostly used in mice to simulate human exposure to GFN. “

While we were living ahead of us, they were busy doing their tests and experiments to be prepared for day X. In the same study we also found out that graphene oxide is highly toxic to the reproductive organs of female mice and led to miscarriage in all cases during pregnancy. The reproductive organs of male mice should not be affected.

“ The data showed that GO has very little or almost no toxic effects on male reproduction even at a high dose by intra-abdominal injection [66]. In addition, rGO did not change serum estrogen levels in non-pregnant female mice. The situation is different with female mice: after an rGO injection, mothers were able to give birth to healthy offspring before mating or during early pregnancy, and only a few abnormal fetuses were found among the rGO-injected mother litters. However, the pregnant mice miscarried at each dose and most of the pregnant mice died when the high dose of rGO was injected during late gestation. “

According to this peer-reviewed study in this short video it is proven to be harmful to the skin, the heart and the reproductive organs … but according to this study the cell damage in the lungs stops after inhaling after 28 days … ( unless of course you do it every day forced to set up graph masks to ensure constant replenishment )

The spraying of this “Smart Dust” is not only used for poisoning but, as you will see in the course of this article, it is an ideal conductor and reacts to electromagnetic frequencies. So it also serves to connect not only us, but also every other millimeter in the world to “the network”. If you have trouble imagining what I mean, check out this short (old) video. Today, this technology is entirely feasible with graphene oxide.

But there is another method of dissemination that makes me feel really sick. The Senate of Wisconsin recently legalized that human corpses may be broken up and flushed into the sewer system as so-called “biosludge”. Prečítajte si tu.

The problem, however, is that this ‘biosludge’ from the sewer system is considered a green alternative to fertilizer and can and will be used legally to fertilize the fields. That means they will fertilize the fields with liquefied corpses, some of which will be full of barely destructible graphene oxide! So we are already starting to feed us the corpses (the graphene oxide dead). Do you still think Soylent Green is a fiction that will never come true ?!

image 73 1 1
There, the bodies are decomposed down to the skeleton. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

They want to get rid of the bodies of the COVID and injector dead quickly and not waste the graphene oxide. That’s why autopsies of the corona/vaccine dead didn’t take place for a long time. Prečítajte si tu. but then they found out that almost EVERY dead person had blood clots in almost all organs, especially in the most vital organs: lungs, heart and brain. Here are more shots of the blood clotting and at the end (from the 2min mark) you can see how the cut open brain of a fresh vaccine dead person looks from the inside (attention, not pretty). Prečítajte si tu.

Looks like Black Goo!

In general, the euthanasia thing is also picking up speed. Here in Germany, too, assisted euthanasia will soon be legal for everyone . No matter if old or young, sick or healthy. According to a survey recently carried out by ZDF, the Federal Constitutional Court supports something like this and the majority of Germans agree. Prečítajte si tu. Could already imagine an advertising slogan:

“You fucked up the world we created for you completely? There is no god and no life after, just let yourself be killed by your fellow slaves voluntarily and save us the work of doing it ourselves. “

The PCR tests under the electron microscope also revealed a heap of harmful nanoparticles such as silver, aluminum, titanium, glass fibers and more, which damage and dry out the mucous membranes and the mucous membrane, especially with the prescribed long turning around in the nose / throat, and thus more susceptible to all diseases power. The doctor Eugen Janzen found a harder mucus membrane in people who often do PCR tests, which can no longer fulfill their original task of filtering out fungi, viruses and bacteria before they are inhaled. A study by Slovak scientists also found nanoparticles made of nylon, lithium and even hydrogel in it. Lithium, a popular sedative in psychiatric hospitals, is said to even attack the al gland of the brain directly (and render it passive). Prečítajte si tu.

pcr test

Another source that struck me are hygiene items, especially those that advertise carbon. This is officially supposed to be activated carbon, but this way you can easily smuggle graphene oxide in without it being noticed. They are ideal, because after a hot shower with such a shampoo, the graphee oxide remains in the air of the steamy bathroom for a long time and is inhaled, the same applies to deodorant sprays. If you ventilate it is outside, but it can be inhaled by others. The stuff can easily enter the body through the skin and mucous membranes, especially under the armpits. Avoid such items and make them yourself. Pozri tu.

I also noticed a fundamental thing that is so obvious that you can’t see it. Carbon, the basic material of graphene oxide, consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 666 . The number of the beast.

black goo in products

First of all, let’s clear up a popular counter-argument. If there was so much graphene in the syringe, shouldn’t it be pitch black? No, graphene is only one atomic layer thin, so it only absorbs 2% of the light and therefore appears transparent in this dissolved form. Prečítajte si tu. So it is not visible in the ampoule. There are also other possibilities to make the graphene flakes appear “as nothing” in a solution . But where does it come from? Prečítajte si tu.

Graphene is considered to be the most promising material of the 21st century and the development progress and dissemination of this material is promoted from the very top. The Graphene flagship is a research project of the European Union. With a budget of 1 billion euros, the graphene flagship represents a new form of joint, coordinated research on an unprecedented scale and forms the largest research initiative in Europe to date (although hardly known in the mainstream!). It has been active since 2013 and has invested heavily in researching graphene’s possible uses, including nanomedicine. The Graphene flagship is part of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship projects of the EU. I think the other FET projects show that the Graphene flagship is not just about simple materials research, but about transhumanism!

image 26

FET’s other three flagship projects are, for example, the Human Brain Project, which aims to bring together all the knowledge about the human brain and recreate it using computer-based models and simulations. Prečítajte si tu. The expected results are new insights into the human brain and its diseases as well as new computer and robot technologies. The predecessor project was the Blue Brain Project conducted in Switzerland, in which a biologically correct, virtual brain model of a rat was created in ten years. Prečítajte si tu.

The ultimate goal of the Human Brain Project is to simulate a complete neocortex, which in humans consists of approximately 1 million cortical columns. The last FET project is about quantum technology. I think all three of them are heading towards the same goal – the Hive Mind. A project of a massive computer simulation that would simulate the entire world, its climate and all human activity on it was planned. But the Living Earth Simulator never came to fruition because it did not receive funding. Prečítajte si tu.

However, a similar project, machines that can predict the future, was started in IARPA. Prečítajte si tu. The eIntelligence Advance Research Agency is the intelligence counterpart to the military DARPA and is even more opaque. Prečítajte si tu.

The largest manufacturer of nanoparticles, especially graphene oxide and superparamagnetic iron oxide, is Nanografi, which also produces a lot for COVID. Pozri tu. And in March 2021, they expanded again and built a new factory in Turkey that exclusively produces graphene nanoparticles. Prečítajte si tu.

So what research has been funded by the Graphene Flagship? For example, the development of a Graphene-based fitness patch that can read your body temperature, heart rate, oxygen concentration and more, and connect to an app. Where have we heard of this concept? All mental preparation or distraction for the mark of the beast. Prečítajte si tu.

image 72 1

Graphene is the stuff they are building their future out of. In the 2030s, everything and everyone will be made of this stuff. Here, Nanografi has compiled a list of 60 possible uses for graphene that are currently being worked on. My personal highlight is number 20: super condoms made of graphene. Funded by none other than the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, of course. You really can’t make it up… Prečítajte si tu.

But the Graphene flagship also funded Dr. Sandra Vranic of the Nanomedicine Laboratory of the Medical & Human Sciences Faculty and the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester. She gave a lecture on the cellular responses to graphene oxide at a simposium organized by the Swiss nanomedicine foundation CLINAM.

image 45 1

First of all, she emphasizes the outstanding properties of graphene and why it is a great substance for biomedicine.

Properties such as large surface functionalization, good solubility in an aqueous medium and covalent functionalization (drugs, polymers, fluorescent markings). This leads to a variety of biomedical applications: bio devices, biosensors, tissue scaffolds, drug delivery vectors, and gene therapy. But Ms. Vranic warns us “… there is a possibility of harmful effects” and she would like to avoid them. Therefore, in their study, they checked the toxicity of graphene oxide in cell cultures. High concentrations were very cytotoxic and significantly reduced the number of cells. The GO causes radical oxidation stress on an intercellular level. They also found out that larger GO nanoparticles are even more damaging to cells than small GO nanoparticles, especially in the absence of serum. These lead to oxidative stress, an anti-inflammatory response by the body, and then cell death. They couldn’t find out why the larger graphene oxide particles (5-15 micrometers) are actually more toxic, but they suspect direct contact with the macrophages and the TL receptor. This study sounds like, and the scientists behind it are certainly convinced that, after finding safe methods, they will deliver a promising material that can be used in many medical applications. In short: with the study you want to avoid damage to health and make the world a better place. The scientists behind it probably really believe that because they are just as naive as everyone else and mistakenly believe that their discoveries will only be used for good. But with this study you also gave the blueprint for a slow-acting bio-weapon. Most of the time, they are more interested in “finding out what’s going on” for “the sake of finding out” and to get reputations from their peers in the scientific community. Or simply to please their investors. They like to shift the ethical or moral implications of their discoveries onto others. Most of the time, they are more interested in “finding out what’s going on” for “the sake of finding out” and to get reputations from their peers in the scientific community. Or simply to please their investors. They like to shift the ethical or moral implications of their discoveries onto others. Most of the time, they are more interested in “finding out what’s going on” for “the sake of finding out” and to get reputations from their peers in the scientific community. Or simply to please their investors. They like to shift the ethical or moral implications of their discoveries onto others.

Other scientists also warned earlier that graphene is dangerous for the environment and humans. Prečítajte si tu. By the way, the magnetic effect is only activated by heat, e.g. as soon as the stuff is in the arm and comes into contact with body heat. Prečítajte si tu. That’s why it was so important that the vials had a continuous cold chain, because otherwise the nurses and doctors who were abused for this crime might have noticed something beforehand. By the way, there was a time when people were honest about the dangers of nanoparticles. That they can even damage DNA without coming into direct contact with it, because they change the way cells communicate with each other. The Guardian, for example, reported on this in 2009. Prečítajte si tu.

At the same CLINAM summit in Switzerland, another scientist is also giving a talk on graphene oxide and its reaction with the immune system. Pozrite si tu. Graphene oxide triggers programmed necrosis (i.e. cell death) in macrophages via the Toll-like receptor, which was already described in a study in 2013. Prečítajte si tu. And a similar effect of the destruction of the anti-inflammatory macrophages after administration of the COVID vaccine was also described by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, although she did not know about graphene oxide in the syringes at that time.

Prof. Dr. Bengt Fadeel, Research Group Leader, Laboratory for Nanosafety and Nanomedicine, Department of Molecular Toxicology, Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm gave the presentation.

He says the above study is wrong. What was found, however, is that bloodstream neutrophils attack graphene oxide. Neutrophils are special white blood cells and a part of the immune system that is programmed to neutralize harmful bacteria and fungi. They are part of the immune system and protect us from disease.

image 27

The scientists around Bengt Fadeel found out that graphene oxide flakes can be perceived by the neurophilic extracellular traps (NETs), and that here again the size of the graphene oxide nanoparticles plays a role. If a graphene oxide particle is perceived by the NETs, then the graphene oxide is surrounded by this network and excreted from the body after 4-6h. In a healthy state, the natural immune system is therefore perfectly designed to render foreign particles harmless and to get them out of the body, and this also applies to artificial nanoparticles. Presumably only as long as the immune system is not overrun by them and only has to cope with a certain dose of nanoparticles. This effect becomes stronger when the neutrophils are “activated” by PMN. Without knowing it, he released the antidote for the biggest democide in 2016! Because you can do a few things yourself to strengthen your own neutrophils.

First of all, this study signals that a lack of magnesium impedes the activation of neutrophils and lowers the glutathione levels in the blood plasma (GSH). Prečítajte si tu.

In addition, there are some studies that show that the administration of N-actylcysteine (NAC) activates neutrophils, makes them work better and, as a precursor, increases glutathione levels. Prečítajte si tu. Especially in lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis or COPD or even in COVID-19, the administration of NAC is said to have positive effects on the healing process and mortality rate for this reason. Prečítajte si tua tua tu. Some studies even show a clear protection against COVID infections with NAC supplementation. Prečítajte si tu. Other studies have found that COVID causes glutathione (GSH) levels to drop, which leads to cell destruction and fatal complications. Prečítajte si tu.

“ In particular, this review discussed the pathophysiology through which COVID-19 leads to GSH depletion, tissue damage and acute respiratory distress syndrome. It has also been shown how GSH depletion can lead to immune system failure, leaving end organs vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress.

Conclusions: This preclinical study shows that GSH deficiency may play a central role in the mortality and pathophysiology of COVID-19. Increasing the levels of GSH in the tissues could therefore reduce the severity and death rate of COVID-19 . “

NAC has been able to significantly reduce COVID mortality , especially in the elderly, immunocompromised and diabetics. Prečítajte si tu.

Why isn’t that brought up by the authorities every day on the 8 p.m. news? “Have you all taken your N-acetycysteine ​​and vitamin D³ today?”Quite simply: A healthy and self-determined solution to the problem, which everyone can carry out themselves for little money and which does not result in a forced mass injection of almost every single person on earth, was simply not desired from the start! Because the problem was only created in order to get exactly to this end goal. Because the drug is actually the same poison and the goal is not to save the masses, but to significantly reduce them. It’s much more than just economic interests. The motivation of the psychopaths behind it are eugenic beliefs and luciferic philosophies.

image 63 1

So what helps against graphene oxide poisoning also helps to protect against COVID. What does this tell us about this disease? The Spanish doctor who discovered the graphene oxide in the syringes now suspects that even the disease itself is graphene oxide poisoning, because the symptoms and the course of the disease match exactly. Pozrite si tu.

So, in summary, the picture is now becoming clearer: How are COVID disease, graphene-oxide poisoning of society on multiple fronts, and 5G related? The two scientists warn in no uncertain terms on their La Quinta Columna page:

The masks that are used and currently marketed contain graphene oxide. Not only the masks that were withdrawn at the time, but also the smears used for PCR and antigen tests contain graphene oxide nanoparticles, as could be read in the media.

The COVID vaccines in all their variants from AstraZenica, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson etc. also contain a significant amount of graphene oxide nanoparticles. This is the result of their analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, which was carried out, among others, by various public universities in our country .

The flu vaccine contained graphene oxide nanoparticles, and so do the new flu vaccines and the new allegedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines that are being prepared contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a poison that creates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a poison that promotes blood clotting. Graphene oxide changes the immune system. Through the decompensation of the oxidative equilibrium in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it will lead to the breakdown of the immune system and a subsequent cytokine storm .

Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs leads to bilateral pneumonia by spreading evenly in the pulmonary alveolar tract. Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste. Perhaps by now you are beginning to understand what that means. Inhaled graphene oxide leads to inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus to loss of taste and partial or complete loss of smell .

Graphene oxide acquires strong magnetic properties in the organism. This explains the magnetic phenomenon that billions of people around the world have experienced after various routes of administration of graphene oxide. Including the vaccine.

In short, graphene oxide is the purported SARS-CoV-2 , the purported new coronvirus that was triggered prior to the disease called COVID-19. Hence, there has never been any real isolation and purification of a new coronvirus, as recognized by most of the highest-level health institutions and in various countries when asked about it. COVID-19 disease is the result of the introduction of graphene oxide through various routes of administration.

Graphene oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols, as is the alleged SARS-CoV-2. Like every material, graphene oxide has what is known as an electronic absorption band . This means a certain frequency above which the material is excited and oxidizes very quickly, which disturbs the equilibrium with the multiplication of the toxin in the organism against our natural antioxidant glutathione reserves . It is precisely this frequency band that is emitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G radio technology . For this reason, the use of these antennas was not discontinued during the pandemic .

In fact, they were one of the few services that were maintained, apart from special monitoring of these antennas by the state security forces and corps. [Was the 5G tower flaring action perhaps even a controlled opposition at the beginning?] We suspect that graphene oxide was introduced into these vials in the 2019 anti-flu campaign because it was already being used as an adjuvant.

In the subsequent trials with 5G technology in different parts of the world, COVID-19 disease developed in interaction with external electromagnetic fields and the graphene oxide that is now in their bodies. Remember, it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot city in the world to try 5G technology in late November 2019. It is a coincidence in space and time.

image 38
Approximately current status of the “kill grid”. I would suggest going to Africa or Siberia. But there is nothing to eat right now, or everything is flaring up there

I was already able to establish the connection at the beginning of last year, but the nanoparticle component now closes the gaps. On this page, you can check worldwide whether one of the network operators has already set up its frequency weapons near your home or workplace. Pozri tu.

Both the pangolin and bat soup were just plain distracting elements. The purpose of introducing graphene oxide is even more obscure than you might imagine. Therefore, it is more than enough for you to process this information and reset the knowledge you previously had about the disease “as the highest government institutions advise the population to protect themselves and even force them to deal with something care that may make them sick themselves. Logically, we now know that the cause or the etiological agent of the disease is a chemical poison and not a biological agent , and we know how to alleviate the disease: by increasing the glutathione level. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that we find in reserves in our organism .

A few details will help you properly understand what has been reported in the media. Glutathione levels are extremely high in children. Therefore, the disease has little impact on the child population. After the age of 65, glutathione drops sharply. Therefore, COVID-19 is particularly common in the elderly population. The glutathione level in the active population is very high. For this reason, only 0.22% of the athletes fell ill .

You will now understand why numerous studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine, NAC for short, (a precursor of glutathione in the body) or directly administered glutathione cured COVID-19 disease in patients very quickly. Simply because glutathione levels were raised to deal with the administered toxin called graphene oxide.

The discovery that La Quinta Columna made here is a full-fledged attack by state bio-terrorism, or at least with the complicity of governments on the entire world population, which is now crimes against humanity.

It is therefore absolutely necessary and imperative that you make this information available to your medical community. General practitioners, nurses and health services in general, but also the local and regional media and the press and your entire community. La Quinta Columna estimates that tens of thousands of people will die every day. Alone in our country when they turn on the new and upcoming 5G technology.

When you consider that now not only are elderly people in nursing homes vaccinated against flu with graphene oxide, but, as you know, a large part of the population has been vaccinated or graphenized with incremental doses of graphene oxide.

The body has a natural ability to excrete this toxin, so it is suggested that up to a third of a dose per year be taken for the next several years to keep the graphene in the body.

We have every single piece of evidence for what has manifested here. As the judiciary tries to act, people will continue to be pushed off a bottomless cliff. If you look at this audiovisual material you will understand that for more than a year you have been completely naively deceived by the highest institutions. Only now will you understand all the inconsistencies that you have seen on your television news.

image 35

How you can protect yourself from the poison?

First of all: I am not affiliated with any dealers or sites that I promote here. These are independent and non-binding recommendations based on my research and personal experience. You should always do your own research before taking anything and have your level checked by a doctor beforehand. Also keep your hands off the cheap supermarket / drugstore preparations, which usually do more than protect damage from unnecessary additives and poor quality. A preparation only needs the nutrients and a cellulose shell – everything else is unnecessary.

So let’s break it down again… So how can you protect yourself from Grahene Oxide? Gluthation is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and is synthesised in the body from three amino acids that we consume in our diet: Glutamic acid, Cysteine and Glycine. Deficiencies of these basic amino acids are rare (except perhaps in very unbalanced vegans) because they are found in all protein foods, such as meat, eggs, fish, cheese, milk, peas, beans, and so on. You can buy glutathione as a food supplement, but the body’s absorption of the already synthesised version via the stomach is rather low – although there are also studies that prove the opposite. Prečítajte si tu.

Foods that contain glutathione directly include liver, avocado, asparagus, watermelon, walnuts, potatoes and spinach, although the absorption capacity via food has not been definitively clarified. The administration of NAC, on the other hand, as a cysteine donor, can demonstrably increase the body’s own glutathione production (and activate the neutrophils of the immune system), because cysteine is usually only found in small amounts and is thus the limiting factor. But for the biosynthesis of body-own substances like glutathione, some co-factors must usually also be present in the body in sufficient quantities. Prečítajte si tu.

And there is often a shortage of these in the population. One of the co-factors of glutathione synthesis is the trace element selenium (found in high amounts in Brazil nuts), which is also essential for the elimination of heavy metals (especially mercury). For optimal synthesis of glutahtione, the body also needs vitamin C (500mg a day increases glutahtione levels by 50%) and a proper zinc-copper ratio. A zinc deficiency significantly reduces the body’s ability to produce glutathione, while too much zinc or copper can be toxic to the body. Good sources of zinc include oysters (but unfortunately they are also high in pollutants because they filter the sea), beef, almonds, oatmeal, cashews, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and Emmental cheese. Copper is present in appreciable amounts in cocoa powder, or chocolate with very high cocoa content, cashews, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts. For each of these synthesis steps, the body needs not only energy but also magnesium, so a lack of magnesium hinders glutathione synthesis. Vitamin B2 (e.g. almonds, champingons, other nuts) and vitamin B12 (meat, milk, cheese, eggs) activate glutathione. The ECGC of green tea and the cocoa of dark chocolate are also said to support the neutrophil cells of the immune system. Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

image 43 1

On top of that, glutathione is also a substrate for the synthesis of phytochelatins, which, like metallothioneins, play an important role in binding heavy metals. With NAC, one fights on two fronts of the poisoning of mankind. You strengthen your immune system, the foreign toxic nanoparticles are removed by activated neutrophils, and the elimination of toxic heavy metals is promoted. I would, however, hurry up when ordering, because the FDA is currently trying to regulate the “off-label use” of NAC more strongly in the USA. Prečítajte si tu.

As with the NHS ban on neodyum magnets in May, this is damn suspicious timing!!! On the American NAC has already been removed because of this! And you don’t usually find such a special substance in the supermarket. This is a great pity, because NAC could even help enormously in the treatment of addictions and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Prečítajte si tu.

You can still buy it on some online shops. But I wouldn’t hope for it to stay that way, either because it will be withdrawn from circulation in this country on some pretext, or because it will be sold out quickly as soon as word gets around. If need be, you can also use methionine as a precursor, which in the body becomes N-actetyl-cysteine (which in turn becomes glutathione). Or simply a protein powder with a comprehensive amino acid profile.

image 49 3

Sulforaphane is a phytochemical found in broccoli, but in significant amounts only in fresh broccoli sprouts. This substance also has an effect on neutrophils, increases intercellular glutathione levels and has very anti-inflammatory properties. Prečítajte si tu.

As it has already been studied as a treatment for people with COPD, it has also been studied for the treatment of COVID. And lo and behold, it seems to be very successful in treating and preventing the disease, or let’s call it by its name, the poisoning. Prečítajte si tu.

And what is the common denominator again? GLUTATHION. Sulforaphane is also very effective in the prevention and treatment of various cancers and stomach problems. So keep eating up the broccoli If you don’t feel like eating broccoli sprouts every day, you can also take ir as a food supplement. Sulforaphane is harmless in itself, but when supplementing it, one should be aware that it competes with iodine for the thyroid gland and that excessive consumption can lead to an iodine deficiency in the thyroid gland. This is why “cabbage goitre” was so common during the Great Depression, because people only had home-grown cabbage vegetables to eat. But if you eat a varied diet, you have nothing to worry about. Iodine is found, for example, in algae, in sea fish such as salmon, iodised table salt and soy sauce. So just eat sushi every now and then.

image 46

Garlic also supports glutathione production enormously. When you cut garlic or other allium plants such as onions, allicin is produced (through reaction with the oxygen in the air) and this is responsible for the typical malodorous smell. Allicin contains so-called diallyl disulphite (DADS), a chemical compound which promotes detoxification enormously. Prečítajte si tu.

Of particular note is its role in detoxification through the GSH/GST system: DADS significantly increases the production of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase (GST) in cells. This normally mediates the binding of glutathione (GSH) to electrophilic toxins in the cell. Garlic therefore supports the detoxification function of liver cells in vitro and protects nerve cells from oxidative stress in vitro. So eat fresh garlic regularly, preferably uncooked, e.g. stirred into salt dressing with a garlic press or smeared on bread. For centuries, mankind has used garlic as a medicinal plant, especially because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure-lowering and anti-carcinogenic effects. And it has also been scientifically studied as a promising treatment for COVID, both the inhalation of allicin and the consumption of garlic containing allicin. Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

Even though the mass media like to ridicule such things and portray it as something completely absurd to use garlic instead of poison pills and injections for treatment. Suddenly this story also makes sense, glutathione is the common denominator. People, these are not coincidences! We are not dealing with a viral infection, we are dealing with a horrible Graphene Oxide poisoning. And the body has a natural ability to heal this poisoning through glutathione as long as we live the way our Creator intended and not the way we were conditioned by Lucifer. Therefore, they will provide a constant supply of the toxin and slowly increase the dose and the oxidative stress.

image 48 1

Another substance that supports this process is the administration of (R)-alpha-lipoic acid, a very strong antioxidant that “recycles” antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 that have already been used up by the body, so that they can once again perform their radical-eliminating function. Prečítajte si tu.

Thus, (R)-alpha lipoic acid strengthens the body’s own defence against toxins enormously and, due to its small size, it also manages to pass through the blood-brain barrier to act in the brain – something that most antioxidants are unable to do. It is also the only antioxidant that can act in both the aqueous body environment and the fatty body environment (the others are either or). And alpha lipoic acid, as a chelating agent, can also remove heavy metals. Alpha lipoic acid can be produced by the body itself, but this decreases with age. It can also be taken in through food. The substance is mainly found in meat products such as liver, kidney and heart. But spinach, rice bran, broccoli and tomatoes are also said to be a good source. Alpha-lipoic acid is found in foods in a compound with lipollysins. However, if you want to take in high amounts to boost your detoxification, you have to resort to dietary supplements. Here, however, you should not exceed 600 mg per day and definitely take the R-form. The cheaper S-form is almost ineffective because it is hardly absorbed, so check carefully beforehand. I can only recommend everyone to research this miracle substance. Prečítajte si tu.

Another method to boost your gluthation level is sport, sport, sport! And always drink lots of water and sweat. Spanish doctors say that this is why only 0.22% of all athletic people get graphene oxide poisoning (aka “COVID disease”). I don’t care how old or fit you are. Little is better than nothing. Anyone can do a little strength training and cardio three times a week! You just need some dumbbells, or the floor and gravity and for jogging you just need trainers. No excuses, sweating could save your life.

image 37

But there are supposed to be other treatment methods to combat graphene oxide poisoning. The bioflavinoid quercentin is also thought to help. Its antiviral properties have been known for some time and a study investigated its effect on COVID. It interfered with several phases of the disease and is thought to prevent the spike protein (graphene oxide?) from entering the cell. Prečítajte si tu.

Quercentin is found mainly in capers, (red) onions, apples, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, blueberries, currants, chives, kale, cherries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. Cooking and peeling significantly reduces the content of quercentine. It is assumed that the effect of quercentin is synergetically enhanced together with vitamin C and vitamin D. And a study found that organically grown tomatoes contain 79% more quercentin than conventionally grown tomatoes, which again shows how important the quality of the food is. Prečítajte si tu.

An extract from dandelion leaves is also said to have a similar blocking effect on spike protein. Dandelion is also an excellent liver detoxifier and supporter and its leaves are great in a salad or dried in a tea. Prečítajte si tu.

Another spike protein deactivator is the bioflavinoid hesperidin, which is found in fresh peppermint and citrus fruits (especially blood oranges). As a combination preparation with diosmin, it has been prescribed for a long time as a drug against varicose veins and haemorrhoids. According to studies, hesperidin is considered a promising treatment for the prevention and treatment of COVID. Prečítajte si tu.

Juices with pulp and the peels contain more of it, so drink a water spritzer with citrus slices in it every now and then. And speaking of citrus fruits: The antiviral and antiparasitic effects of grapefruit seed extract have long been known. And it also seems to be effective in preventing COVID, as several studies suggest. Especially as a nasal spray in combination with xylitol (Xlear). We will encounter the antiparasitic effect more often.

quercentin hisperidin 1

A very simple method that is also supposed to help is the so-called shikimic acid. It is found in the fir needles of all needle trees, but also in star anise. In our country, we only know star anise from the Christmas season, but in Traditional Chinese Medicine it has been used for centuries to treat lung diseases and plagues. Fennel seeds also contain shikimic acid. Prečítajte si tu.

This shikimic acid has even found its way into orthodox medicine, it is the main active ingredient in the most prescribed flu medication Tamiflu. Prečítajte si tu.

To get shikimic acid, all you need is a tea made from star anise or needles, e.g. pine needles. They contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and, above all, many secondary plant compounds and essential oils. Prečítajte si tu. White pine needles also contain suramin, which according to Dr. Judy Mikovics is a true “antidote” to COVID. Pozrite si tu.

Suramin seems to be very promising in the treatment of COVID, as this study suggests. Prečítajte si tu. And is one of the oldest and WHO rated most important drugs ever (and has the coolest structural formula I have ever seen). Pozri tu.

It is considered a drug against sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis), which is still common in Africa and is a parasitic disease. Anti-parasitic drugs that also help with nanoparticle poisoning… – as we will see in a moment, there is a pattern here. Also this study shows that suramin is 20% more potent in blocking SARS-CoV-2 RNA than the currently used drug remdesivir. Prečítajte si tu.

Shikimic acid is probably also so effective against graphene oxide poisoning because it has an anti-thrombogenic effect. Prečítajte si tu.

The beauty of shikimic acid is that it is so wonderfully easy to obtain. Conifers grow almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and they bear needles all year round. And all you have to do is pick a few needles and make a tea. You can do this even if you are holed up in the forest and only have access to a match, some firewood, a metal cup and some river water. For more information, e.g. preparation methods and things to consider, please Čítajte tu. Only few coniferous species can be poisonous and pregnant women are advised against consumption for safety.

image 78 1

Word is also spreading that the drug Invermectin is excellent in treating COVID. This is an anti-parasitic agent and they have been heard of many times before the pandemic to respond to all off-body nanotechnology. It was being studied by the scientific community as a treatment for COVID until first the WHO rushed in and then the FDA more or less advised against it. Prečítajte si tu.

Yet the scientific facts are now clear: a meta-analysis of 63 studies on the treatment of COVID with invermectin shows an 86% improvement in prophylaxis, a 72% improvement in the treatment of the early stage and a 40% improvement in the late stage of the disease. So a median of ~68%. Prečítajte si tu.

The chance of an “ineffective” drug achieving such a result in 63 trials is 1 in 1 trillion. For comparison: the improvement successes of the drugs currently used and approved for COVID, Budesonit, Remdesivir and Casiri, are 17%, 32% and 66% respectively. And all of these have already been approved by the FDA after only one study, while invermectin is now awaiting further studies for approval, with 113 studies on COVID (71 of which are peer-reviewed)!!! Prečítajte si tu.

The African country of Zimbabwe, which has been whistling at the WHO’s demands throughout the pandemic, is already using Invermectin in their COVID treatment. You can probably buy it without a prescription in foreign online pharmacies under the trade name Stromectol, but here you can only get it with a prescription. Prečítajte si tu.

The reason for the suppression of this drug by these highly corrupt organisations is that they are not interested in curing the people effectively and especially because an official admission of the healing success of an anti-parasitic drug would quickly raise unpleasant questions about the true origin of the disease! Let’s not forget that the current head of WHO Tedros Adhanom is not only closely linked to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, but is also a big buddy of Xi Jinping, without whom he would never have got to this position. Apart from the fact that the “medical messiah” Bill Gates with his foundation and the Gavi Alliance, which is mainly financed by him, is defacto the biggest donor and thus owner of the WHO!

To believe that this money is simply given away without seeking subtle influence is a particularly severe form of blind naivety. Whoever thinks that Tedros has no power in this organisation and that his decisions would be free and independent and that he would not hang on strings, can unfortunately no longer be helped… The same applies to the FDA in which half of the employees come from the (pharmaceutical/food) industry or later work there (if they were loyal accomplices). These two organisations wear a robe of independence but are the exact opposite. And they have been able to convince just about every health department in every country in the world, as well as many doctors, to listen exclusively to them, and every news outlet to quote them exclusively as a legitimate source in health reporting. Until now, even relatives of seriously ill COVID patients had to force hospitals to treat them with Invermectin by court order. Prečítajte si tu.

tedros ivermectine

But you should mention that you can’t really “boost” the immune system, that is, make it stronger than otherwise possible, you can only ensure that it is constantly at an optimal levelcan work. You don’t want an immune system in overdrive, otherwise you enter the field of autoimmune diseases and allergies. Increased “boosting” is especially useful and possible if you have already been poisoned or if you have a weaker immune system due to age or previous illnesses. The graphene oxide consumes the glutathione present in the blood and cells quickly and destroys the oxygen supply. If these are not quickly replenished by the body by removing the cause (GO particles), that’s it. Unfortunately, this is usually not part of the conventional medical COVID treatment.

In short: if you have a healthy and properly functioning immune system, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Because God has endowed us with a wonderfully complex and yet perfect body and placed us in a world full of healthy and invigorating foods.

The only problem is that this is the case for few people these days. Because the immune system, or the whole body system in general, can only work properly if it is supplied with sufficient nutrients and the toxic load does not become permanent. But humanity has been slowly being poisoned and weakened for about 60 years. Due to the modern and high-tech agriculture (monocultures) the fields are cultivated in ever faster cycles of more and more effectively growing varieties adapted to the taste of the market. The consequences: the soil hardly has time to recover and becomes poor in nutrients. The roots of the plants are often no longer deep enough to extract valuable trace elements such as selenium from the soil. The metals that rain down through the planes and make the pH value of the soil more acidic and thereby weaken the microorganisms in the soil do the rest. If the soil cannot supply the vegetables and fruits with sufficient nutrients, then this food cannot supply us humans and the animals (that we eat) with sufficient nutrients either. Here are a few figures from the Institute for Environmental Medicine Rostock that illustrate how extreme the loss of nutrients in our food has been over the past 20 years:

image 28

Unfortunately, today’s fruit and vegetables from the supermarket have little to do with the vitamin bombs of our grandparents. The result is widespread deficiency symptoms of antioxidants, minerals and trace elements in the population, even if they eat a “reasonably healthy” diet it is usually not optimal. People who eat mainly highly processed foods naturally have even more severe deficiency symptoms. Obesity and overweight are the result, because when the body lacks nutrients it becomes hungry. But if it is not given enough nutrients through food, it remains hungry. Even with mental illnesses, malnutrition is often not considered and a pill is prescribed, but without sufficient L-tryptophan, L-tyrosine, EPA and DHA fatty acids, vitamin D³, magnesium, folic acid and other B vitamins, no one can think clearly or remain emotionally stable. This is because the brain cannot produce enough happiness-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Likewise, a disturbed hormone balance (due to the various hormone disruptors in plastic & co.) has devastating consequences for the psyche. Antidepressants won’t help – because they don’t change the hormones.

image 53 2

DHA and EPA (from algae oil) have no side effects and are at least as effective as antidepressants for depression. Pozrite si tu.

At the same time, however, people today have a greater need for these antioxidants than in the past, because toxic exposure has increased massively over the same period. Heavy industry and chemical companies have been polluting the air, water and soil, and thus our food and bodies, with unimaginable amounts of inorganic chemicals and toxic metal compounds, especially since the 1960s. Pesticides are now the standard in argriculture worldwide and more and more are being used. Large predatory marine fish such as salmon and tuna are contaminated with particularly high levels of heavy metals and environmental toxins because all kinds of industrial waste have been dumped into the seas for decades (and in some cases still are). Prečítajte si tu. This also applies to farmed fish. Pozrite si tu.

More and more people live in cities, where particulate pollution has been increasing for years. A rat poison and insecticide like fluoride is now openly added to everyday products (salt and toothpaste). Prečítajte si tu.

The bittersweet truth behind the widely used sweetener aspartame is that it is a neurotoxin that makes people depressed, fat and seriously ill, and the questionable approval process for this substance has been a real thriller. Pozrite si tu.

And more and more exogenous and synthetic substances are entering our bodies via exhaust fumes, household products, medicines, food additives and personal care products, putting additional strain on our detoxification organs as well as our immune systems. Subtle poisoning has become a permanent condition. On top of that, we don’t know how much all these toxins can act together in the body, because only the substance alone is tested for approval. But in reality, our body sometimes has to cope with a whole mixture of several substances. The regulation of these toxins by so-called limit values is an impertinence anyway. According to the motto: “The dose makes the poison.” No! A poison makes the poison! The dose only determines the degree and speed of poisoning. Foreign substances that do nothing for us, such as BPA, PFOA, aluminium and mercury, have a 0.0000000000% place in our consumer goods, water or air!

The story of poisoned Humanity

The cabal family clans are often behind these poisons and their spread in the environment is programmed. Most people only have Monsanto and Bayer on their radar when it comes to this kind of thing, and yes they are very much to blame, but the US chemical company DuPont is much worse. Founded in 1802 by French immigrant Eleuthère Irénée du Pont, DuPont was initially the largest explosives and munitions manufacturer in the US. They were the main supplier to the US Army during the Civil War and the first two World Wars, and were even involved in the development of the first atomic bomb. At the time, they were also pioneers in the insecticide market. Like all cabal companies, however, they served both sides of the war: DuPont was one of an estimated 150 American companies that supplied Nazi Germany with patents, technology and material resources that proved crucial to the German war effort. After the Second World War, they helped NASA and then focused on the production of chemicals, most notably plastics, which were so promising at the time. Dupont were the inventors of neoprene, polyester, nylon, acrylics, Kevlar and Teflon. They are also the largest producer of the nanoparticle titanium dioxide. Since then, they have grown massively and expanded their business into paints, CDs, petroleum, food additives and genetically modified seeds. Dupont has twice topped the “100 most toxic Companies” index and has done quite well there every year. They have caused some environmental poisoning, but probably the worst is their substance PFOA, which they have been selling since 1951.

dupont devil
Am I the only one who recognizes the devil’s horns above the logo?

Perfluorooctanoic acid thus entered many products for decades and spread all over the world. The huge problem: PFOA is a so-called “eternity chemical”, which means it is both persistent and bioaccumulative. It cannot be degraded, spreads everywhere and accumulates in nature, animals and humans. It can only be destroyed in over 1000 degrees heat – otherwise this substance will survive anything for thousands of years. Prečítajte si tu.

And on top of that, it was found to be carcinogenic, especially kidney cancer. Increased cholesterol levels have also been linked to PFOA. It has been found in the bloodstream of 99% of Americans, in Arctic ice and even in the bloodstream of polar bears. It’s everywhere on this earth, in all likelihood in you and me too, and it’s here to stay forever. Although its harmfulness has been known for at least 20 years now, it was not completely banned until 2020 in the EU and 2021 in Switzerland – because the chemical lobby surely delayed it. Until then, predecessor substances from which PFOA could detach were found in stain-repellent carpets, carpet cleaners, fire-fighting foam, furniture, car seats, rainproof jackets, microwave popcorn packaging, pizza and take-away packaging, baking paper, food and Teflon coatings. So pretty much everywhere – especially in products that are grease or water repellent. But because it doesn’t break down, it has been detected everywhere from drinking water to the air to dust on the ground. PFOA causes something else, and this is where the story gets really dark. Because PFOA attacks the reproductive organs of humans and animals with a precision and aggressiveness that is unheard of. In women, they act as hormone disrupters in the ovaries which could affect subsequent sex steroids. In girls, delayed puberty has been observed when exposed to PFOA. PFOA also increases the chance of infertility and deteriorates sperm quality in men. In pregnant women, the development of the baby’s reproductive organs is affected. Exposure to PFOA in utero gives boys a lower sperm count and smaller testicles in adulthood. Girls who were exposed to PFOA in utero have a later first period. This was of course no coincidence, but one of the many attacks on the reproductive organs and the population growth of mankind.

In addition, an accumulation of it in the lungs leads to a worse course of COVID-19 infections, as has now been found!

And worst of all, Dupont has known for decades through unpublished studies how harmful the stuff is and that they have even deliberately contaminated sites. This came to light in an award-winning documentary appropriately titled “The Devil We Know”. Pozrite si tu.

Bombs, munitions and decades of poisoning the world with chemicals and genetically modified food. Plus a constant stream of lies. Dupont might as well rename itself Genozid GmbH or Satan Inc. According to Fritz Springmeier, the DuPont family clan is one of the 13 Luciferian bloodlines of the cabal (from page 22) that have ruled humanity for eons and thus presumably belong to the innermost core of our Luciferian overlords, whose bloodlines can be traced back to the Nephelim. Prečítajte si tu.

And thus, of course, it is not surprising that they deliberately weaken humanity and make it barren. Today, the management of the company is left to others, but it is known that the DuPont heirs still pull the strings in the company. Since the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont in 2019, two of the most toxic companies are now only one – and share almost the entire market with the other poisoners BayerMonsanto. The lawyer W. Micheal McCabe, who defended Dupont from a PFOA lawsuit by the Environmental Protection Agency from 2003 to 2006, is now part of the same agency (EPA) in the Biden administration. Yeah well… it’s a big corrupt club and we’re not in it. It’s striking that these family businesses always get away with it. No one went to jail for permanently and knowingly poisoning humanity and the environment. They had to pay a $16 million fine…. with annual revenues of $25 billion. A mockery for every injured party.

illuminati card game dupont 1
Peter Jackson Illuminati card game

Another elitist cabal family that has been poisoning and weakening us for many years is the Solvay family. They are one of the richest families in Belgium and they run a chemical company of the same name with sites in over 50 countries. Prečítajte si tu.

The Solvay company was founded in 1863 by Ernest Solvay and his brother Alfred Solvay and was actually the largest multinational company in the world until the First World War. At least their uncles were both also Freemasons. Inventing and patenting a commonly used chemical process (Solvay Process) quickly made the brothers very rich people. They often spent this money on philanthropic ventures. For example, Ernest Solvay founded the Solvay Conferences in 1911, where the world’s leading physicists met and discussed every few years. Famous names such as Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Max Planck, Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrödiger were regular guests. Ernest Solvay was also elected twice to the Belgian Senate as a politician of the Liberal Party. No question, he was a powerful man at the time. And to this day, libraries, art houses and parks in Belgium are named after them. Prečítajte si tu.

He also founded the “Solvay Institute for Sociology” in 1902. Pozri tu. But this institute has, how could it be otherwise, a dark past:

“After Waxweiler’s death in 1916, the Solvay Institute of Sociology (SIS) was jointly directed by Maurice Anciaux and Georges Barnich until 1920, and then by Barnich and Georges Hostelet until 1923, when the Institute was ceded to the Free University of Brussels in accordance with Solvay’s original plan. It seems that during the time Barnich and Hostelet were directors, the SIS was not immune to the eugenic movement that was heating up minds around the world in the 1920s. In early October 1922, for example, the International Commission on Eugenics met in Brussels, where the Chairman of the Commission, Major Leonard Darwin (son of the original eugenicist Charles Darwin), gave a lecture at the SIS entitled “L’Eugénique”, as did Professor Doktor Winner [or Wimmer] from Copenhagen on “Mental Heredity”. On Tuesday 10 October, at a meeting in the “large room” of the SIS, the Institute’s “Eugenics Room” was inaugurated. At the beginning of 1923, this “small room” apparently became the Belgian National Bureau of Eugenics.”

solvay 2
Ernest Solvay (1838-1922)

Another eugenics connection … what is the chemical company Solvay doing today? Perhaps you can still see the after-effects of this eugenic thought in its “washed-out” form from 1945, the so-called population control?

After they sold their pharmaceutical division in 2010, they concentrated only on the production of chemical substances. And lo and behold, this company also produced large quantities of PFOA, the indestructible and infertile poison, and they “accidentally” contaminated the local drinking water supply. Prečítajte si tu.

And they also knew about the harmfulness and kept it a secret for six years. Prečítajte si tu. One is beginning to see a pattern. The legal battle over this, by the way, continues to this day. They are also one of the market leaders in the production of fluorides! Prečítajte si tu.

Who would have thought… The substance that has been proven to lower people’s intelligence and which causes an accumulation of calcium in the pineal gland of the brain. Prečítajte si tu. This calcifies our “third eye”, weakens our connection to the spiritual world and above all our intuition (some psychotropic drugs prescribed to “schizophrenics” consist mainly of fluoride for this very reason). The voices from the other world are simply cut off). And it is also found in dozens of other drugs. Prečítajte si tu.

Not only is this fluoride put into our salt and dental care products because of the fluoride deficiency myth, but some countries also fluoridate their population’s water supply. For example, the US, Ireland, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and a few more. The USA has the longest and most widespread water fluoridation of all. If you’ve always wondered why those on the other side of the pond are sometimes not the brightest – now you know. Prečítajte si tu.

image 30
… also in the Illuminati card game, of course

And of course Solvay also has barium and strontium in its portfolio, two well-known chemtrail components (listed as a double pack). Prečítajte si tu.

You might think, well, other chemical companies produce that too… Well, Solvay is the market leader in the barium market. Prečítajte si tu. And I was able to find out that the water fluoridation of the US city of Durango is done with fluoride from Solvay LLC (I’m sure many others are too). Prečítajte si tu.

This family is not just anyone. They are the current owners of the Château des Amerois castle, one of the most occult places on earth. The Château des Amerois, also called Mother of Darkness, stands near Bouillon in Belgium and was completed in 1877 for Prince Phillip of Belgium. Prečítajte si tu.

When Prince Phillip died in 1905, his children sold the château to Robert Colette, a timber merchant from Liège. However, he only felled the trees from the site and finally sold it a few years later to Alice Solvay, a niece of Ernest Solvay. Today, the castle still belongs to the descendants of this Alice Solvay. There are many myths surrounding this secluded and heavily secured castle, for example, satanic rituals and monarch-mind-control abuse of Luciferian families are said to take place there. Curious visitors should be careful, as the whole area is surrounded by traps and some who have entered are said never to have returned. Going into further depth about the history and myths of the Château des Amerois is beyond the scope of this article, but I can recommend watching this mini-documentary by Jay-Meyers. His YouTube channel has since been deleted by the censors, but you can still see his video on Bitchube.

image 31
Château des Amerois in Belgium, one of the main centers of Satanic ritual abuse of the international cabal

Keep Detoxifying and Protecting…

What can be done against PFOA contamination? A contamination to which everyone is probably exposed? Well, unfortunately only very limited things. Once it’s in, the stuff stays in! But using stainless steel instead of Teflon pans, making homemade popcorn instead of microwave popcorn, wearing uncoated jackets, simply using a normal carpet and not eating take-away food would be a start. The makers of “The Devil we Know” documentary have created a guide on how to get your house reasonably PFOA-free in seven days. Prečítajte si tu.

An osmosis water filter (expensive and best) or an activated carbon water filter (cheap but also ok) cleans the water quite effectively from PFOA before you drink it, but when you dispose of the used filter, the stuff ends up back in the environment, and thus sooner or later back in the drinking water – a vicious circle. There is still no solution for this. Pozrite si tu.

Protection against fluoride is easier. Fortunately, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland there is no additional fluoridation of the water supply, so it is enough to switch to fluoride-free salt and fluoride-free toothpaste (and never give fluoride tablets to the children!). But with convenience food, restaurants and fast food, you can’t be sure which salt has been used, and it will be difficult to convince the dentist to do the treatment fluoride-free. But you won’t need one anyway if you live a healthy life. Studies of our distant ancestors show that their dental health was always excellent, because they still lived healthy lives. Sufficient vitamin D³, vitamin K², calcium, magnesium, silicon and a healthy oral flora by avoiding sugar, crowns, mercury-containing amalgam and other toxins, as well as an alkaline-surplus diet and regular cleaning help to maintain healthy teeth throughout life. Fluoride ingestion cannot be completely prevented, but a significant reduction will go a long way! Fluoride-free salt is available everywhere, just look at the package. For fluoride-free toothpaste, there are only one or two brands to choose from in drugstores, but the internet offers more choice. I have been avoiding additional sodium fluoride for almost seven years and my teeth are doing great, according to my dentist! In addition, studies show that turmeric can remove fluoride from the body. This super healthy tuber should be regularly integrated into every diet anyway. Prečítajte si tu.


Aluminium oxide is one of the metals that is being released en masse into the environment via chemtrails. Other sources through which they bring it into our bodies are anti-perspirant deodorants, vaccines, aluminium foil, aluminium packaging and aluminium cans. Especially in summer, when there is a lot of spraying to modify the weather, people barbecue with aluminium foil and hold a can of coke or beer in their hand, the exposure is particularly high for most people. Although not yet conclusively proven (or research is being suppressed), exposure to aluminium is suspected of leading to or promoting diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD and autism. But the good news is that this can also be eliminated. Prečítajte si tu.

First of all, magnesium and zinc deficiencies favour the storage of aluminium in the body. The trace element silicon is considered a natural antidote for aluminium and prevents its deposition in the tissue. However, it is only found in significant quantities in organically grown cereals such as oats, millet and barley, because modern artificial fertilisers are the enemy of silicon. But also tea made from nettle or horsetail (horsetail) or a nettle powder contain silicon (both also very alkaline). The malic acid contained in apples, selenium (Brazil nuts) and folic acid (e.g. in green leafy vegetables) are suitable for removing aluminium that has already been stored. However, since the folic acid content of our vegetables is in free fall, supplementing a vitamin B complex could possibly make sense. Spirulina powder, chlorella algae powder and turmeric help against many heavy metals and, due to their high folic acid content, certainly do not harm the aluminium detox (although it is a light metal). Here is another detox protocol for nanotech from chemtrails. Prečítajte si tu.

image 42 2

Another protection against chemtrails could be chembusters or cloudbusters. They are based on the concept of orgone energy, the organic or cosmic energy that is supposed to flow through everything and which was called differently in other cultures (Chi, Prana, Fluidum). Wilhelm Reich developed various devices from 1939 onwards through which he could tap into this energy. One of them is the Cloudbuster, which basically consists of a few copper tubes, crystals and metal particles, with which he could use this life energy. He was sure that he could change the weather with it if he directed it towards the sky. As Wilhelm Reich began his research into orgone energy he was increasingly harassed by the FBI, his books were burned by the state and he eventually died in prison after being arrested by the FBI. And they accused him of being insane because he believed that the Rockefellers were against his research… I think there might have been something to that. In 1954 he began to see UFOs over his property, which he believed were attacking him with negatively charged orgone energy. Wilhelm Reich is a fascinating personality and if you want to know more you can start on Wikipedia. Prečítajte si tu. And you can read how to build one of his Chembusters yourself. Prečítajte si tu. You can also buy them ready-made for expensive money. Prečítajte si tu.

I don’t know if that works, but I’m only scratching the surface here. Many people in the world swear by it and say that there have never been stripes and chemical haze clouds over their place of residence since they have had some chembusters in their garden. So of course you are a troublemaker for any HAARP operation. I have reported before about the spiritual background of the chemtrail programme and that one can also counter them with focused prayers and thereby they dissipate. Prečítajte si tu.

Perhaps one can also influence the orgone/chi/prama field with focused intentions/prayers in Jesus’ name through him. I have already had absolutely amazing experiences with this. But I don’t know yet if I am ready to share this.

Basically, these are ancient technologies and the reason why all past cultures that still had access to knowledge of our reality built pyramids

It is obvious that an increase in the toxic load, with a simultaneous reduction in defense options, leads to a weaker and more disease-prone body. And unfortunately normal today. So it is not surprising that people can be poisoned by graphene oxide by the dozen. If you don’t constantly steer against it, you have little chance. But anyone who chases the stuff three times into their veins and “gets treated” quickly loses every chance.

Vitamin D³, which is produced in the skin via sunlight, also plays an absolutely crucial role in the immune system. There is also a direct correlation between vitamin D³ levels and mortality from COVID diseases. Prečítajte si tu.

And there is an absolute lack of that in the population as well, because most people don’t get out in the sun during the midday hours anymore, because they have to sit indoors five days a week during those crucial hours of sunlight and sacrifice someone else’s lifetime in order to survive. Moreover, in our latitudes from mid-October to mid-April, the angle of the sun’s rays is not steep enough and thus the depth of penetration into the skin is not deep enough to stimulate production. If the sun shines at all. And even in summer, production is only optimal during the midday hours. This means that most people’s vitamin D³ stores from the summer months are exhausted in February or March at the latest, which is exactly when the flu epidemics start every year. In addition, a magnesium deficiency inhibits vitamin D³ production in the skin – a fairly common mineral deficiency. And in old age, the production of vitamin D³ and also of glutathione slowly decreases more and more – that is why old people have a weaker immune system.

That is why, in my opinion, everyone, especially from the age of 45+, should supplement 4000 I.U. vitamin D³ a day between October and April, together with vitamin K² to prevent arteriosclerosis due to the increased calcium absorption and omega-3 oil for better absorption (both fat-soluble vitamins). If there is an existing disease/poisoning, much more is also possible. And a sufficient magnesium intake through pumpkin seeds, nuts, amaranth, sesame, quinoa, dried bananas or a magnesium citrate preparation should be taken into account.

And in summer, always go out when the weather is nice and leave the usually very questionable sunscreen in the cupboard. If you are worried about skin inflammation caused by UV-B rays (sunburn), you should supplement with astaxanthin. This very strong antioxidant is produced in algae and is responsible for the pink colour of salmon, crabs, shrimps and even flamingos in the higher food chain. In marine creatures, it protects the animals from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays – after all, they never have shade. But humans can also take advantage of this effect and use it as a natural sunscreen from the inside. Eating algae, salmon and shrimp helps, but really significant amounts can only be gained through a quality dietary supplement. Moreover, marine organisms are usually contaminated with toxins. There was a study that showed that after taking 4 mg a day for two weeks, the time in the sun until sunburn could be extended by 20%, because astaxathin is deposited in the skin. But astaxathine seems to help with all kinds of chronic inflammatory processes and diseases, or to prevent them, such as arthritis and cancer. It is also very good for the eyes and can also pass the blood-brain barrier and protect the brain from oxidative stress. Astaxanthin is also said to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia.

image 34

Another very important factor in strengthening the immune system that is often underestimated is sufficient restful and long sleep, as well as a stress-free life! However, many people do not get this. They are usually full of worries all the time and therefore have trouble sleeping. Prečítajte si tu. The better we sleep, the more effectively our immune system can work and those who regularly get less than 7-8 hours of sleep are more likely to fall ill.Prečítajte si tu.

Constant stress also makes us more susceptible to infections and brings our immune system to its knees like nothing else. Prečítajte si tu. But touching strengthens our immune system. Prečítajte si tu. So meditate, relax, cuddle and sleep well. There is always time for it. It was also discovered years ago that loneliness and isolation have a massive impact on the immune system and even increase the risk of death in a similar way to cigarette smoking. Prečítajte si tu. On top of that, our immune system needs regular contact with germs to stay fit. Prečítajte si tu.

In reality, our immune system is constantly fighting bacteria and toxins, and only in the rarest of cases does a noticeable disease break out – usually only when we have weakened our immune system through our lifestyle. A lack of oxygen also has a demonstrably negative effect on the immune system. Prečítajte si tu. A lack of vitamin D³, which is produced in the skin by the sun’s rays, has an enormous negative influence on all areas of the immune system. Prečítajte si tu. And excessive hygiene and isolation from dirt and germs also makes us much more susceptible to infection and promotes the development of allergies. Prečítajte si tu.

You already suspect what I’m getting at. How have the governments of the world or the WHO, to which ALL these state organs refer, reacted in order to protect the population from disease?

It is almost as if they have gone through this list point by point in order to weaken the collective immune system of the people as effectively as possible! Constant scaremongering in the media to ensure permanent stress. Worry about grandma, worry about the job, worry about the children, worry about the financial future, worry about one’s own health and the creation of a constant state of uncertainty and instability (constantly changing measures and no visible end), which one cannot escape due to the conscious omnipresence of the topic. Healthy stress absorbers such as holiday trips, church, sports clubs, gym or swimming pool have been abolished. People are forced to cut off their free oxygen supply for hours at a time by wearing masks. Prečítajte si tu.

Masks laced with graphene oxide, a toxic nanoparticle that is inhaled and damages the lungs in a way that strongly resembles pneunomy disease. The lockdowns led to isolation and loneliness in large parts of the population. People were deprived of touch and physical closeness. Although 50% of the world’s population already do not have optimal vitamin D³ levels and at least 1 billion people in the world have a clear vitamin D³ deficiency, people were advised in the first lockdown to stay at home and only go out (into the sun) for the bare necessities. Prečítajte si tu.

And the lockdown, as well as the prescribed excessive hand washing, also interrupted the large-scale exchange of germs for a longer period of time, causing the collective immune system to atrophy and now all germs have an easier time. The lockdown and the resulting personal and financial disruptions naturally also caused stress and sometimes severe existential fears – pure poison for our defence capabilities. And the whole thing goes on and on and on….

In short: people’s immune systems have been brought to their knees with the utmost precision. The strengthening of the population’s immune system during this health crisis was, apart from “going for a walk”, not on the political agenda for a second – on the contrary! Isn’t that very unusual, isn’t it?

image 44 2

And then, in the same period, humanity was unobtrusively poisoned with toxic graphene oxide/iron oxide nanoparticles in anti-flu syringes, as well as in masks, PCR tests, meat, presumably also in carbon hygiene articles and God knows what else, as well as with radiation in the microwave range. And there you have it, the viral pandemic – “solved” with further Graphene Oxide poisoning by multiple syringes. The particularly diabolical thing is that they manipulated us into poisoning ourselves. Otherwise, of course, this democide would not have been logistically feasible and would never have gone so well for so long. The doctor who administers the injection to his patients is actually in the belief that he is protecting the person, because he has no idea that there is something else in it than what is conveyed by the pharmaceutical company and the scientific literature. Namely, in the carrier fluid of the lipid particle itself, which most medical professionals are not even interested in. The patient believes that he is doing the only right thing for himself and others, because that is exactly what he is told by the authorities and his fellow human beings. In reality, he is committing slow suicide. The guy in the test centre is also convinced that he is making the world a little better and has no idea that he is helping to keep things going. The person wearing a mask has no idea what is inside and that he is harming himself with it. He simply assumes that everything will be alright and he does not want to be disapproved of by his fellow human beings – so he simply puts it on. Until after a while a conditioning sets in and he doesn’t even think about it – one just does it automatically. After all, one has “better things to do” than to seriously deal with these issues. Most employees of Vodafone, T-Mobile and co. assume that the technologies they sell are safe and their financial survival depends on not questioning that too much. The builders of the 5G towers don’t know they’re setting up weapons… until they themselves get sick and their mouths are shut. The veterinarian who vaccinates farm animals assumes that the vaccines are clean, he is just doing his job and he has no idea that he is poisoning millions of people. How much work would he save if he could convince some cows to give the other cows the shot? Like the cabal conditioned their sheep to inject other sheep?

vaccine human farm
The needle-less spray guns for the human farm are already in the starting blocks

The average citizen does not know that Pfizer, Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca all get their (contaminated) PEG solutions for vaccine development from the same two manufacturers. The US company Merckmillipore and the Chinese company Sinopeg (Johnsson & Johnsson I could not find out, but probably also Merck). Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

You only have to control the production chain of these two companies and you manage to poison billions of people without anyone suspecting anything. And presumably both buy their graphene oxide from Nanografi. Neither the vaccine manufacturers themselves (although the top management of these companies are certainly part of the conspiracy), nor the doctors who administer these injections, nor the journalist of the public media, nor your favourite politician or the Robert Koch Institute can find out anything about it. And certainly not the average citizen. How could they? Everyone is just doing their job, their expertise, and assumes that the others are also doing their best. What is actually in the solution itself is of no interest to anyone.

“But something like that would come out, wouldn’t it?” It did! Thanks to two brave scientists from Spain who, unlike their colleagues, took the videos of magnetised people seriously, therefore started targeted investigations and published them on their site “La Quinta Columna”. Thanks to them, the cat is now out of the bag. It got the ball rolling and more doctors and whistleblowers came forward. There is now also a small Luxembourg study that investigated and confirmed the phenomenon of magnetised people. Prečítajte si tu.

Thirty out of thirty randomly selected vaccinated people (Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Moderna and Johnsson & Johnsson) showed varying degrees of changes in the physical magnetic field. In contrast, zero out of thirty unvaccinated people showed these effects. Originally, 100 per group were planned, but the study had to be stopped prematurely because the leaders of the study could no longer bear the extremely shocked and panic-stricken reactions of the vaccinated (shock, trembling, pallor, anger). Only the mass media cannot report on this, because they are only allowed to quote the RKI, John Hopkins and the corrupt WHO. And it would also be an extremely unpleasant and legally incriminating admission on their part. After all, without WHO, RKI and the public media, no one would have allowed themselves to be given these toxic injections! What must not be, simply cannot be. And that is why it is not reported.

And that’s why it can go on, because the masses don’t notice anything and they continue to run blindly into their doom. After all, they were told to run there and everyone else did too, so it’ll be fine. And even if they look death in the eye, they will not understand (want) what happened to them. The few who know and turn around won’t be enough to make a difference. And made them second-class citizens for their decision.

running hole

And of course one tries to limit the access to means that actually help to counteract this poisoning or at least to recognize it (stricter regulation of NAC by the FDA and required ban of neodyum magnets by the NHS). And at the same time, the global physical stress caused by electromagnetic radiation was expanded by a further frequency range in the same period. Something that has often correlated with pandemics in the past.

Learn from their past Pandemics

There was a major pandemic exactly 100 years before this one. As the saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes.” The Spanish flu was the deadliest pandemic in modern history. Between 1918 and 1919, it killed about 50 million people worldwide in three waves. From today’s perspective, the cause was supposedly a particularly aggressive and highly contagious mutation of the influenza virus, which also “inexplicably” killed mainly young adults to this day, but there is a great deal about the whole story that is not true at all. This flu had nothing to do with Spanish people, nor has the virus that caused it ever been detected. Let’s take a closer look at the story.

Shortly after the pandemic, an experiment was conducted with 62 healthy NAVY volunteers at a Boston-Harvard prison on Gallops Island. The goal was to better understand how influenza viruses spread in order to better respond to pandemics in the future. But the scientists were shocked. According to author Arthor Firstenberg (“The Invisible Rainbow”), the outbreak actually began in the US at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge Massachusetts with the first 400 cases. These young men had very large exposures to radio waves. A fact we will come back to later.

image 51 3

This infection study was conducted by the US Navy and the US Pulic Health Service and consisted of Dr G.Mckoy, Dr Joseph Goldburger, Dr Leak, Dr Lake and the US Navy came with Dr Jay Keagon, Dr Dwayne Richie and the author of the study Dr Milton J. Rosenau. Prečítajte si tu.

Most of the volunteers were men aged 18 -25, only a small number were 30, and all were in good physical condition. A few of them were given a culture of Haemophilius Influenzae in their nostrils (the term influenza virus did not catch on at the time). But the results were negative and no one got sick. The study authors became bolder and more determined and injected another 13 influenza strains into another 19 volunteers. No one got sick. The idea then was to infect healthy sailors directly with the excretions of men who had severe cases of influenza and came from different severely affected areas. Muccus was removed from the nostrils and throats of the sick and placed in the noses of the healthy with a swab. A nasal and throat spray was also used and eye drops to put the pathogens directly into the eye was also used. The men were kept on the island for a whole week and closely examined for symptoms that could indicate influenza. But none could be detected. This procedure was carried out twice or three times on most of the sailors – always with the same result. After that, the doctors moved on to direct blood transfusions. About 10cc from sick patients were injected into the healthy volunteers. Infection trials certainly can’t get any more invasive than that and yet, to quote Rosenau, “None of them got sick in any way”. They tried 3.5cc in 10 other volunteers, but again no one got sick. Just to be on the safe side, ten of the sailors were taken to the US Navy hospital in Chelsea in a room full of people who were dying of flu symptoms. They had to get close to them, inhale their exhalations directly, talk at close range for five minutes, and then the sick people also had to cough five times in a row directly into the volunteer’s face. Rosenau described the protocol as follows:

“The volunteer was placed at the bedside of the patient and was introduced. They shook hands and, as instructed, the volunteer moved as close to the patient as he could comfortably get and they talked for five minutes. At the end of the conversation, the patient exhaled as hard as he could and the volunteer, snout to snout, so about four centimetres apart as instructed, inhaled the patient’s exhalation. They repeated this five times and were quite faithful in all cases. After doing this five times, the patient coughed five different times into the volunteer’s face. I should mention that the volunteers were perfectly splashed after performing the technique of the experiment. After our volunteer had this kind of contact, shaking hands, talking, inhaling his breath five times and getting his cough directly into his face five times, we moved him to the next patient and repeated the whole thing. We repeated this with ten different cases of patients with influenza virus at different stages of the disease. Most of them were in an early stage, so they hadn’t been sick for more than three days. We recall that each of the ten volunteers had this contact with all ten patients. They were followed closely for seven days and none became ill in any way.”

image 58 1
Dr. Milton J. Rosenau

If one were ever looking for a way to get the flu, this experiment would certainly be suitable. If this were really a contagious disease, then one would expect that all or at least most of the test persons would develop at least mild symptoms. I mean, you can’t provoke an infection more clearly and directly than in this experiment. The only problem was that all 62 volunteers remained completely healthy, not a single one had an effect. So the doctors had to think hard about what it means to have the flu. So Drs. Richie and McKoy repeated the experiment on Goat Island (Alkatratz) in the San Francisco Bay Area with 50 prisoners. Again they could not infect anyone, although they did their best to do so. The doctors were now at a loss. How did people get these viruses into their bodies and how did their bodies get this disease if it wasn’t through the exchange of bodily fluids through physical contact? Rosenau had this to say about it:

“In fact, we started the outbreak with the idea that we knew what caused the disease, and we were pretty sure that it was transmitted from person to person. If we’ve learned anything, it may be that we’re not entirely sure what we know about the disease.”

So could it be environmental sources of toxicity and stress that destroyed the health of these men? We now know that the number of cases thought to be caused by contagion are actually the result of poisoning. Often symptoms are not caused by what we think is causing them. For example, as the authors of Virus Mania tell us, in 1878 the neurologist Albert Vulpian discovered that dogs poisoned with lead showed the same symptoms as people suffering from polio. Prečítajte si tu.

Five years later, in 1883, the Russian researcher Miezeyeski Popov discovered that the same paralysis could be produced by gradual arsenic poisoning. In 1894, a sharp increase in polio cases was noted in Massachusetts, due to the introduction of lead and arsenic pesticides two years earlier in the area. This lead hydrogen arsenate naturally contains heavy metals. Prečítajte si tu.

image 59 1

Dr Charles Caverly, who was in charge of the tests, claimed that a toxin was more likely than a virus and stated emphatically that “we are certainly not dealing with a contagious disease”. To illustrate the point, in 1951 Irwin Eskwith successfully cured a child suffering from cranial nerve damage – bulbar paralysis, a particularly severe form of polio – with dimercaprol, a detoxifying substance that binds heavy metals such as arsenic and lead.

image 60 1
Dr. Charles Caverly

To get back to the flu experiments of Rosenau et al: As soon as we remove from our minds the misconceptions of contagious viruses, everything becomes clearer and clearer. Influenza is not the result of microbes being exchanged between people. Once we understand that stress and toxicity are almost always at the root of disease, what caused the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918/1919? Well historical context is usually important: in 1918, the First World War had already been raging for four years. The stress and hardship it caused during this time was unbearable. The conditions in the trenches for the soldiers were nothing but deplorable. Often forgotten is the fact that it was mainly soldiers who were affected by the flu. Over a million US soldiers were affected, over 26% of their troops; German troops suffered over 700,000 cases. But the war was only one aspect of the stress on millions of people at the time. Another factor was the mass poisoning of soldiers through mass vaccination. No one was vaccinated as often as the US soldiers. All soldiers received a series of vaccinations against various diseases they thought they were likely to get, including rabies, typhoid, diphtheria and smallpox. Another contributing factor was the medicine used to treat the sick and wounded. As medical doctor and vaccine researcher Elenor McBean wrote in Swine Flu Expose in 1977, it was a common expression during the war that more people died from “vaccine shots” than from enemy gunfire. Prečítajte si tu.

That, combined with the toxic treatment in hospital, made recovery almost impossible in too many cases. Had it not been for young strong men, they would all have died from the mass poisoning of the army. Killed troops had to be replaced and so they lowered the entry requirements into the army. What co-authors Dawin Lester and David Parker make clear in “What really makes you ill” is that the lower standards meant that newer recruits were less healthy and robust and therefore more susceptible to the toxicity of medicine, vaccines and, on top of that, the draining conditions of combat. One factor is rarely mentioned in the historical discussion of so-called pandemics. And that is the crucial role of stress and psychological trauma in weakening the harmonious functioning of the human mind-body complex.

erster weltkrieg trauma
In addition to the well-known physical condition of the “shell shock” that was triggered by trauma in World War I, the “pandemic” that started towards the end could even have been triggered by trauma

World wars have a power to cause emotional stress and raw fear of survival that is unsurpassed. Then there were bio-chemical diseases and sewage. Today it is undeniable that the psyche has a massive influence on the body and manages to create physical symptoms out of seemingly nothing. The Austrian psychotherapist Alfred Adler was probably the first to grasp this fact, even when Freud was only halfway there. And this fact is no clearer than in the science of the “German New Medicine” which understands well this connection between the psyche and physical illness. Prečítajte si tu.

Now the invocation of the Haemophilius Influenzea Baccilus and later the influenza virus under the ever mutating dogma of the germ theory was of course a convenient way for the quacks to divert attention from their very significant role of their iatrogenesis. Prečítajte si tu.

image 62 2

People seem to forget that it has long been well established that every time doctors go on strike (no matter when or where in the world) and stop working, the death toll in hospitals goes down, not up! Prečítajte si tu. Many think this is a paradoxical result, but when you consider that in modern orthodox medicine they often over-prescribe operations, which always carry a risk, and usually only administer highly toxic chemicals for treatment, which often do not optimally support the physical healing process, but rather hinder it, one is not surprised.

Well, there were many cases of thypus fever in soldiers, which was of course embarrassing for the medical profession, because all these soldiers had received the thypus vaccine. It is likely that many of these cases were labelled as flu, just as many vaccine-induced cases of polio fell under less condemning medical terms such as AFP disease, Gullian-Barre syndrome etc. Then, of course, there was the bizzare episode of “European sleeping sickness”, or encephalitis lethargica, which occurred in epidemic proportions at the same time as the Spanish flu between 1915 and 1927. Prečítajte si tu.

A singular event of a disease that never occurred before and never again? Was it a coincidence that it began during the influenza outbreak that occurred during the war? Sleeping sickness affected about a million people, mainly in Europe and North America, and killed about a third of them. Sufferers suddenly fell asleep in the most uncomfortable positions, and when they regained consciousness they had to struggle with headaches, nausea and fever. Paralysis of the eye muscles and eyelids was common, and in severe cases rapid death followed.

In the 1950s, when chlorpromazine was developed and marketed as the first neuroleptic drug under the name “Thorazine”, it was found by French psychiatrists, as Doctor Peter Breggin tells us, that even small doses produced a neurological disease similar to abnormal encephalitis lethargia, the cause of which was thought by germ theorists to be a microbe.

thorazine ad

As Annie Riley Hale makes clear in her book “The Medical Voodoo” (1935): Prečítajte si tu.

“In the British Journal of experimental phalogy of August 1926, two well-known London professors, Dr Turnbils and Dr Macintosh, reported several cases of sleeping sickness after vaccination which they had observed. This led to the establishment of two commissions: To investigate the extent of such occurrences in England and Wales. Their reports, published in 1928, revealed 231 cases of this sleeping sickness after vaccination and 39 deaths. Similar investigations yielded more or less similar results in all war-torn countries. The Dutch government, which recorded 139 cases with 41 deaths, repealed its vaccination law, which it had relied on for almost a century. Even the US Department of Health and Human Services, which is extremely reticent on such matters, admits to “85 cases of probable or proven encephalitis following vaccination” for the period 1922 to 1931. It is worth noting, by the way, that most, if not all, of the reported post-vaccination encephalitis cases followed the typhoid vaccination for which such claims were made, and there are, of course, countless cases that were never reported.”

the medical voodoo
Annie Riley Hale

But the typhoid shot was not the only problem. The smallpox vaccine has also been linked to cases of ecephalitis, as have many of today’s “safe and effective” vaccines. As we are told in the book “Virus Mania” by Thorsten Egelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein internal bleeding of the lungs was a commonly seen symptom of Spanish flu. A phenomenon that was also frequently seen after chickenpox vaccinations. Prečítajte si tu.

“A frequently observed symptom of the Spanish flu was internal bleeding in the lungs (typical, for example, of tuberculosis patients) – a phenomenon that has also been described as a consequence of smallpox vaccination. 153 to be exact. In fact, numerous sources report that mass vaccinations (up to 24 vaccinations per person) contributed decisively to the pandemic. American author Eleanora McBean recounts her own experience: “All the doctors and people who were alive at the time of the Spanish flu in 1918 say that it was the most terrible disease the world ever had. Strong men, hale and hearty, were well up and healthy one day and dead the next. The disease had the hallmarks of the Black Death, plus typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases that people had been vaccinated against immediately after the post-World War 1. Virtually the entire population was vaccinated with a dozen or more diseases – or toxic serums. When all these doctor-generated diseases broke out at once, it was tragic. “This pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive by the addition of more toxic drugs , administered by doctors trying to suppress the symptoms. And as far as I could find out, the flu only affected those who were vaccinated. Those who had refused the vaccinations were spared the flu. My family had refused all vaccinations, and so we remained healthy all the time. We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden and others that you cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.

When the flu was at its peak, all the shops, schools, businesses and even the hospital were closed because the doctors and nurses had also been vaccinated and were suffering from the flu. No one was on the streets. It was like a ghost town. We seemed to be the only family that didn’t come down with the flu, so my parents went from house to house doing what they could to take care of the sick, because it was impossible to get a doctor at that time. If it was possible for germs, bacteria, viruses or bacilli to cause illness, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they spent many hours a day in the sickrooms. But they didn’t get flu, and they didn’t bring home germs that could attack us children and cause anything. No one in our family had the flu – not even a cold – and that was in winter when the snow was deep. When I see people wince when someone near them sneezes or coughs, I wonder how long it will take them to figure out that they can’t catch it – whatever it is. The only way they can get a disease is to develop it themselves by eating wrong, drinking wrong, smoking wrong or doing other things that cause internal poisoning and reduced vitality.

spanische grippe maskenplicht

All diseases are preventable and most of them are curable with the right methods, which are not known to doctors, and not all drugless doctors know them either.

It is said that the 1918 flu epidemic killed 20 million people worldwide. But in reality it was the doctors who killed them with their crude and deadly treatments and medicines. This is a harsh accusation, but it is nevertheless true when you compare the success of the drug-free doctors compared to those of these doctors. While the medics and the medical hospitals lost 33% of their flu cases, the non-medical hospitals like Battle Creek, Kellogg and MacFadden’s HealthRestorium with their water cures, baths, enemas etc., fasting and certain other simple cures, followed by carefully devised diets of natural foods. One medical practitioner did not lose a single patient in eight years.

“If doctors had been as progressive as the drug-free doctors, there would not have been those 20 million deaths from medical flu treatment.”

“There were seven times more diseases among the vaccinated soldiers than among the unvaccinated civilians, and they were the diseases they were vaccinated against. A soldier who had returned from overseas in 1912 told me that the army hospitals were filled with cases of polio [infantile paralysis] and he wondered why grown men should have a childhood disease. Today we know that paralysis is a common after-effect of vaccine poisoning. Those who stayed at home didn’t get the paralysis until after the worldwide vaccination campaign of 1918.”

The vaccination cult blinds itself to the fact that today’s would be significantly safer. Annie Riley Hale continues in Medical Voodoo:

“The astonishing number of illnesses and deaths among them occurred among the ‘chosen men of the nation’ – supposedly the most robust, hardy class of all, all of whom presumably brought with them a good pair of lungs, since they must have passed a rigorous physical examination by competent medical men.” And yet these very supermen with superlungs were the ones who died like flies from pulmonary tuberculosis.

“When you then consider that most of the deaths from tuberculosis in American Army troops were at home in camps that never crossed the border, and whose damage was therefore not due to gas bombs and wartime use of graves. Then the case against immunising hyperdermics as the author of their ills is pretty complete.” (in other words it was vaccine poisoning)

image 70

So why have the germ-technologists kept our eyes fixed on a virus, when an honest look at what happened leads to a completely different conclusion? The 1918 pandemic had a number of causes and none had anything to do with supposedly contagious viruses. These factors included stress and trauma, massive use of toxins, massive use of vaccines and toxic drugs, terrible living conditions including malnutrition in the combat zones, plus many soldiers smoked and their food was of notoriously poor quality, despite the fact that the first food safety laws were passed in the years just before the First World War after a long struggle between chemists, government and the food industry. Until then, the industry’s food was pure poison and hardly edible. Here is a fascinating documentary on the subject.

Damage to the windpipes from rubbing antiseptic preparations down the throats or inhaling antibacterial solutions. Chemical exposure to chlorine or chlorine-containing substances, e.g. gases such as phosgene or mustard gas. Nitroglycerine was also used during the First World War and caused respiratory problems, headaches, weakness, nausea and vomiting as Nicholas Ashford also tells us in the excellent “Chemical Exposures: Low Level High Stakes”. Pozri tu.

The increased need for weapons of war also caused more metal welding, welding galvanised metal caused zinc oxide fumes to be inhaled, causing flu-like symptoms such as fever, coughing, breathing difficulties and weakness.

And then, of course, we must not forget the main cause: Radio waves and EMF exposure!

image 69 2

I quote Arthur Firstenberg’s “The invisible Rainbow”:

“This epidemic spread over England and then over the western world and then gradually began to stabilise until the end of the First World War in 1918 when the armies equipped themselves with very powerful radio transmitters and thus triggered, as we have seen, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Which actually started in the US at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge Massachusetts with the first 400 cases. And that epidemic quickly spread to 1127 soldiers at Camp Funston in Kansas where these transmitters were also installed. Prečítajte si tu.

What amazed the doctors was that while only 15% of the civilian population had nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy had nosebleeds. Other bleeding also happened and one third of the deaths there died of haemorrhage (internal bleeding) of the lungs or brain. In fact, the composition of the blood was altered because the measured clotting time was more than twice as long as normal. These symptoms are incompatible with the so-called effects of influenza virus respiratory disease, but entirely consistent with the destructive effects of electricity. Another unusual feature was that two-thirds of the victims were healthy young people. Another atypical flu symptom was that the pulse rate slowed to between 36 and 48. This is a common result of exposure to electromagnetic fields. In addition, it was possible to successfully treat some sufferers by administering high doses of calcium. Military physician Dr. George A. Soper testified that “the virus spread faster than the speed of human movement.” In other words, this is physically impossible, so it clearly has nothing to do with a virus.

image 68 2
George Soper

Various experiments have been conducted to infect subjects, either through direct contact with the sick or through administration with mucus or blood, but the experiments have not been able to prove transmission of any kind (as shown at the beginning of this section). Prečítajte si tu.

We can thus observe that each new influenza pandemic correlates with a new advance in electronic technology, such as the Asian flu pandemic of 1957/1958 (1-4 million deaths) which followed the installation of a powerful RADAR surveillance system and killed mainly pregnant women, children and the elderly. Prečítajte si tu.

Or the outbreak of the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968/1969 (also 1-4 million deaths); which followed the deployment of 28 military satellites for surveillance. Prečítajte si tu.

Similar connections can be made to pretty much every new electromagnetic frequency, from radio to 5G, that has been used to pollute our environment. Whether this becomes a new major pandemic, or just a “stronger flu wave”, will ultimately be determined by the focus of media coverage, in addition to frequency. Is that why people like Gates, Schwab and Co. are constantly announcing that more pandemics will come in the future, because 6G and 7G are already in the starting blocks? By 2030 at the latest, 6G will have been implemented worldwide. Prečítajte si tu. And the Center for Global Development, a think tank that develops vaccines in cooperation with the Gates Foundation, has already calculated that there is a 22-28% probability of another pandemic of this magnitude in 10 years and a 47-57% probability in the next 25 years. Prečítajte si tu.

Medical neglect, ignorance and arrogance were much more likely to be the culprits of the Spanish flu pandemic than any contagious viruses. Viruses are not infectious pathogens. They are misunderstood, endogenously produced, sub-cellular entities that are useful to YOUR body and completely inactive and useless outside it. They HEAL your body from this toxic stress, absorb this toxicity and then are excreted by the body (through coughing and runny nose). That’s all it is! You cannot get the flu from someone else, you can only create it yourself through toxins, stress and internal psycho-biological conflict in the body. Think back: how many times was there a stressful or emotionally upsetting period before you got sick? The cellular components of some protein and RNA that have been called “viruses” are nothing more than the “clean-up crew” of the cellular urinary signalling system (exosomes) that respond to such stressors. They are symptoms and reactions, not causes.

Just as firefighters do not start fires, although they are encountered at every major fire. However, prospective medical students are taught that this outpouring of helpers is the real cause of cellular stress (and subsequent death). And at first glance, this looks very logical. Since the actual cause is invisible and can stress any human being, and for that matter any animal, on a cellular level from anywhere, the germ theory was borrowed from bacteria in order to have a plausible explanation for the disease patterns. It was extended by the assertion that the invisible viruses can also spread through the air, just like the electromagnetic frequencies. These viruses do not jump from animal to human, because these animals are simply in the same electromagnetic smog as we are and react to it in exactly the same way. As soon as body reactions to the same frequencies develop similar to those observed in an animal, they have been “transmitted”. We are electromagnetic beings, through and through. The true cause was never allowed to come to light, because these electromagnetic technologies were and are today more than ever such an incredibly important tool for our enslavement. Furthermore, of course, they have always served population control. And any weapon is most effective when the target being attacked does not understand what weapon it is actually being attacked by.

When did science become dogma? Why don’t we start taking personal responsibility over our health instead of putting our health in the hands of scientific communities and corporations? It is a deliberately disempowering mindset that is being pushed on people. A mask protects you from flu just as well as a bicycle helmet protects you from cancer – there is no correlation. Disease and health are internal processes. They are the result of your relationship with the environment, starting with your psyche, lifestyle and habits.

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” (Corinthians 3:19)

image 71 2

Then I found this video. It is a recording of a small 8mm cartoon film “How to take over the World” from 1920 and it shows the truth about the Spanish flu pandemic. As I said, they always have to tell the truth. The devil spread propaganda and closed shops and churches to “sterilise the work-shy and euthanise the old” through vaccination. Nothing new under the sun. Some say it’s from today and fake, because many of the animations were stolen from other cartoons of the time and put together. It’s possible, and I don’t rule it out completely, but this was a common practice among cartoonists at the time (reusing animation templates) to save time, and Disney did it that way in all their films until the 1970s. There were no computers back then and creating animation was time consuming and expensive. This is not definitive proof that it was not actually created in this period.

The AI-Nanotechnology-Body Connection

So you see they are just continuing what they have been doing for the last century: weakening our minds and bodies through stress, trauma, toxins and electro-magnetic radiation, making us infertile and fatally ill. The small but crucial difference is how elaborate and advanced their modern weapons are today. All their more or less successful aims of previous population control measures of decimation and mind control are now becoming accomplished and final facts through nanoparticles, genetic technologies, microwaves and artificial intelligence. All these technologies have not existed on this deployable scale for long. And every time I see this advertisement from the computer chip manufacturer Intel and Lady Gaga, I get the feeling that here Lucifer is speaking to us through his black witch Gaga, announcing that he is now ready and has all the technologies he needs for the transformation process. The black cube/hexagon symbolism is obvious, but pay close attention to what she is saying.


I have the potential to imagine the unimaginable, to think the unthinkable, to say the unsayable.

A clear message to God to undermine his rules and limitations in this earth’s costume.

With the arsenal of the world’s leading technologies at my fingertips, I now have the ability to invent the unfathomable. […] and remind the world of the seeds of innovation. The wizard behind the curtain, the mind behind the machine.

He now has all the technology he needs to break what must never be broken: free will (Hive Mind) and the dimensional barriers of our reality (CERN). At the same time, Gaga reminds us that Lucifer (the angel of light) is meant here by panning the camera to the opening of a (light) portal. He is the wizard behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz allusion), he is the seed of innovation that provided mankind with all these technological developments of the last 50 years and he will also be the spirit behind the machine. The artificial intelligence to which all brains will be connected. As the camera moves towards the gate, a cloud of nanoparticles floats along. The second commercial is similar: black cube symbolism and clearly ambiguous communication.

I want to do something new. Something unimagined. And touch the world in a way I couldn’t have touched it before.

It goes through the light and leaves the cube construct into another dimesion.

On a journey to new possibilities. And it all starts here. On the biggest stage in music.

As she does so, you see an explosion in her eye and a tear runs down her face. I think that represents the collapse of our world (music’s biggest stage).

With Intel’s technology at my fingertips, EVERYTHING will change.

She touches the cube and it turns into a portal with her. Through all this technology he now has the ability to change all the laws of this reality and open a portal to collapse this construct.

And nanotechnology is the most important of all these, because it has a hugely supportive effect on the other technologies.

“This more radical form of nanotechnology originated in the mind of an M.I.T. graduate in the mid-1970s. Kim Eric Drexler was specialising in theories of space travel and space colonisation in college when he first came up with the idea of using DNA to make computers. But why stop there? He soon realised that the biological “machinery” already responsible for all the diversity of life on Earth could be adapted to make non-living products on command. Molecule-sized machines, originally derived from those found in nature, could be used to produce just about anything man could desire. All.

Drexler, who began developing these theories before hearing about Feynman’s lecture, first published his ideas in a journal article in 1981. Five years later, he made the idea of molecular manufacturing known to a broad public with his book Engines of Creation. This stunningly original futuristic work presented Drexler’s nanotech theories and showed how nanotechnology would revolutionise other areas of science and technology – leading to breakthroughs in medicine, artificial intelligence and the conquest of space.” (The New Atlantis)

But what about the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles(Fe3O4), the so-called SPIONs, that I described in the article before last. Not those after all? Or maybe both? Well, if you search for graphene oxide and SPION together, you will indeed find what you are looking for and it makes clear that both could indeed be in the syringes. The combination of these two nano-substances has already been studied often and in detail.

image 32

For example, in this study called “Multifunctional graphene oxide/iron oxide nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery using dual magnetic resonance/fluorescence imaging and cancer detection”. These things are always about targeted delivery and placement. But this study is about something else: Prečítajte si tu.

Graphene oxide (GO) has recently attracted a lot of attention in biomedicine as an effective platform for biological sensing, tissue scaffolds and in vitro fluorescence imaging. However, the modality of targeting and the ability of in vivo detection have not yet been explored. To improve the functionality of GO, we combine it with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe3O4 NPs), which serve as biocompatible magnetic drug additives and magnetic resonance contrast agents for MRI. The synthesised GO-Fe3O4 conjugates have an average size of 260 nm and show low cytotoxicity comparable to that of GO. Fe3O4 nanoparticles offer superparamagnetic properties for targeted drug delivery, allowing easy manipulation by magnetic field and magnetic resonance imaging with high r2/r1 relaxivity ratios of ~10.7. GO-Fe3O4 retains the pH sensing capability of GO used in this work to detect cancer compared to healthy environments in vitro and exhibits visible range fluorescence for bioimaging. As a drug delivery platform, GO-Fe3O4 shows successful fluorescence-tracked transport of hydrophobic doxorubicin non-covalently conjugated to GO, with substantial loading and 2.5-fold improved efficacy. As a result, we propose GO-Fe3O4 nanoparticles as a novel multifunctional magnetic targeting platform for highly effective drug delivery that can be tracked in vitro by GO fluorescence and in vivo by MRI for optical cancer detection.

So the graphene oxide is more of a platform with which other nanoparticles can be combined and it can visualise the delivery by fluorescence. I have found several studies describing a similar combination of graphene oxide and superparamagent iron oxide particles. For example tu, tu, tu or tu.

It is also only possible to control the neurons of the brain with the graphene itself. The company INBRAIN Neuroelectronics secured $17 million in investor funding in 2019 to develop the Graphene-based neuron Ki interface.

INBRAIN’s less invasive graphene electrodes take advantage of some of these properties, enabling ultra-high signal resolution at unprecedented levels. The INBRAIN system’s machine learning software detects therapy-specific biomarkers to deliver highly focused, adaptive neuromodulation therapy that is personalised for each patient.

This, of course, is intended to help epilepsy and Parkinson’s patients….

The company, which incidentally is also funded by the Graphene Flagship, of course has Hive-Mind and Great Reset symbolism in its logo.

image 74 1

To clarify once again: I am not suggesting that INBRAIN Neuroelectronics has any nefarious intentions or that they are involved in vaccines. Like any technology, graphene-based biocircuits can be used for both good and evil, depending on the ethics and motivations of those who control the technology. There are undoubtedly very positive applications for this technology, but as with most technologies once touted as humanity’s achievement – television, vaccines, the internet, nuclear power, robotics, etc. – they all end up in the hands of crazed, genocidal globalists who use them as weapons against humanity. In other words, there is no technology that madmen will not exploit to enslave humanity and increase their own power and control. Graphene biocircuits give power-hungry maniacs direct access to your brain, and according to many analysts, vaccines provide the pretext for injecting human victims with graphene-based substances that self-assemble into biocircuits in the human brain.

This detailed scientific paper clearly demonstrates how far the development of integrating the very conductive and highly ingrative graphene into neurons has already progressed. It also describes how the external heating of the nanoparticles and thus the activation of the neurons is possible from a distance by magnetism or microwave radiation, just like with SPIONs. In other words: remote mind control via the transmitting antennas in the microwave spectrum (5G). Prečítajte si tu.

image 80 1

The average person alive today has little idea of how far the development of self-assembling nanotech biocircuits has progressed. So-called “factcheckers” (professional propagandists and liars) deliberately mislead people into thinking that there is no such thing as a graphene-based, self-assembling biocircuit system that injects people and could be called a “vaccine”, but the published scientific literature contains an extensive, well-documented body of research showing that this technology is quite real and has been tested in biological systems for at least two decades.

A “self-organising” system means that a person is injected with instructions that initiate a process whereby a structure is built in the body using the resources available in the blood (such as iron and oxygen atoms). In effect, nanotech self-assembly means that a microchip does not need to be ‘injected’ into a person, as the circuits can be assembled in vivo after injection.

Incidentally, every biological creature on Earth is a living example of self-assembly, since DNA is a self-assembled nanostructure. Genetic replication is of course also a process based on self-organisation. So anyone who doesn’t know that self-organisation is a real phenomenon is pretty ignorant, even about the mechanisms that go on in their own body. The replication of viruses is, of course, also a self-organisation process.

“A variety of magnetic nanosystems can be created by using self-assembly as a synthetic tool,” says the abstract of a study published in January this year. It was published in the journal Aggregate Open Access and is titled: Self-assembled magnetic nanomaterials: versatile theranostic nanoplatforms for cancer. Prečítajte si tu.

The paper is about “Self-assembled magnetic nanomaterials (MNMs)” and describes their use in biomedicine:

[M]agnetic fields have been widely used for nanomaterials composed of one-dimensional (1D), two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) aggregates.

image 75 2

The study relates to the self-assembly of iron oxide nanoparticles that can exhibit magnetic properties in certain configurations. These are called SPIONs (Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles).

The paper explains:

This approach could be used to assemble other MNPs such as Ni NPs, Co NPs and Fe3O4 NPs. Such a strategy of self-assembly could play an important role in the construction of DDS. (Drug Delivery Systems)

In addition, the article refers to self-assembled cubic nanoparticles (functional 3D nanostructures) in solution:

Wang et al. reported the growth of Fe3O4 nanowires induced by a magnetic field.[38] Subsequently, Taheri et al. reported the discovery of an interesting magnetic field-induced phenomenon of self-assembly of cubic nanoparticles (NPs) in solution (Figures 1(A)-1(E)).

…Moreover, the magnetic field also shows its great ability to assemble the NPs. The self-assembly induced by the magnetic field simplifies the steps but requires accurate magnetic field control, which increases the dependence on the equipment.

From this analysis, it is clear that external magnetic fields can control the self-assembly of nanostructures that can function as cybernetic biocirculatory interface systems in the human body.

Another study, published in 2004 in the journal Advanced Materials, shows some of the early research on self-assembly of iron oxide nanowires using external magnetic fields.

Single-crystalline nanowires of Fe3O4 synthesised hydrothermally under a magnetic field are reported. It is shown that the square and hexagonal crystals that form at an applied zero field change into nanowires when the magnetic field is increased.

And that was 17 years ago.

Since then, researchers have found that the energy required to set self-organisation in motion is astonishingly low. From the first publication, see above:

The interaction between the induced magnetic dipole and the external field was very weak and of the order of the Van der Waals force. In recent decades, progress has been made in the self-assembly of MNMs under magnetic fields.

This essentially means that relatively weak transmitter energies can induce the growth of nanowires in the human body if the right substances are injected into the body. The Van der Waals force describes a very weak intermolecular bonding phenomenon that is well known in mainstream science.

Here is an electron micrograph of some of the nanoparticle lattices created by external magnetic fields:

image 76 1

The same study also talks about “DNA hydrogels” and states that they are “magnetically controllable”. From the study: (emphasis added)

DNA is considered the central genetic molecule in living systems. Although DNA molecules are composed of simple units, different deoxynucleotide chains and flexible conformations can be achieved through precise design and organisation, which can be programmed. In other words, this is the essence of DNA self-organisation. For example, Ma et al. introduced DNA-modified MNPs, Y-scaffolds and DNA linkers into the scaffold of DNA hydrogels to construct magnetically controllable DNA hydrogels.

If you’re wondering what “DNA hydrogels” are all about, another paper published in 2019 gives some clues: DNA hydrogel-assisted biosensing. Prečítajte si tu.

This explains how “smart hydrogels” modify themselves in response to the organism:

DNA hydrogels, as special members of DNA nanotechnology, have created crucial conditions for the creation of innovative gels due to their sufficient stability, biocompatibility, biodegradability and tunable multifunctionality. These properties make DNA hydrogels suitable for various applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering, sensors and cancer therapy.

Recently, DNA-based materials have attracted a lot of attention in the research of smart hydrogels, whose properties can change in response to chemical or physical stimuli. In other words, these gels can undergo switchable gel-to-sol or sol-to-gel transitions when different triggers are applied. In addition, various functional motifs such as i-motif structures, antisense DNAs, DNA enzymes and aptamers can be inserted into the polymer network to provide molecular recognition capability to the complex. In this manuscript, the recognition ability of different types of DNA hydrogels and the change in physicochemical behaviour when the target is introduced is discussed comprehensively.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Once these nanostructures are built in the body, they are controlled by external magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation, which requires very little energy.

image 88

Remember the HTC Droid smartphone advert from 2014?

It’s all real.

This research shows that:

-The self-assembling nanotechnology is real.
-The nanotechnology with bio-cycle interfaces is real.
-The nanowires and nanocircuits can be controlled by external electromagnetic fields.
-This technology has been researched and developed for at least two decades and is supported by a large body of published research.
-It is therefore conceivable that today’s “vaccines” contain self-assembling nanotechnology that interfaces with human biology and is controlled by external transmissions. This does not prove that such a scenario is certain to occur, but it does show that the technology exists and is feasible.

It goes much deeper and is much more advanced than the straw man argument of the injected microchip that the media always likes to make to show how “moronic and impossible” such a thing is. And even that’s not even a straw man, because the mainstream media is now openly reporting on grain of salt sized injectable microchips… remember how that was considered impossible and a conspiracy theory just 12 months ago? Is there any way to claim compensation for the gaslighting you’ve been subjected to, even though you’ve been right all along?!

Those who are still not convinced should take a look at this text from a study published almost a decade ago, in December 2012: Prečítajte si tu.

This review looks at recently developed magnetically driven delivery systems, their unique properties and their applicability for the delivery of biotherapeutics. As the methods for the synthesis of SPIONs and the use of SPIONs as MRI contrast agents for diagnosis have been described in detail [18, 19], this review focuses on the SPION-based formulations that are specifically suitable for the delivery of biotherapeutics. Magnetic nanoparticles dispersed in organic solvents and aqueous solutions can be accommodated in liposomes, micelles, hydrogels and micro/nanospheres during formulation.

First, we review current formulation strategies for modifying SPIONs, including particle clustering and encapsulation in hydrogels, liposomes, micelles and micro/nanospheres. Secondly, we discuss the considerations to be taken into account when developing SPION-based carriers for the delivery of specific biotherapeutics, including cells, proteins/peptides, genes and viruses. We are also investigating various commercial magnetic nanoparticles for the delivery of biotherapeutics. Finally, we provide an outlook on the future development of magnetically triggered SPION-based carriers for biotherapeutics and their potential clinical applications.

That was almost a decade ago. Imagine what has been developed and used in the years since. Especially when you consider that they have been working on remote electromagnetic mind control since at least 1985 (!). At that time CNN could still report freely (video below), because it was still about the class enemy and not about Uncle Sam.

Later I asked him what a weapon with this technology could do:
“Basically cause hallucinations in people and make them do something against their so-called better judgement.”
How easy would it be to assemble a weapon from existing shelf parts?
“In three weeks I could assemble a weapon that would wipe out an entire city”.

This excellent blog here also shows the long history since the 1970s behind various CIA and military programmes using microwaves and other frequencies for mincontrol. They have been ready for a long time. I think that the currently administered mind control nanoparticles will also play their part in Project Bluebeam. Prečítajte si tu.

And this is what happens when these graphene oxide particles encounter electromagnetic frequencies in the appropriate spectrum. They begin to assimilate them themselves, to become alive, so to speak. And so we come full circle to Black Goo, this mystical black & demonic liquid that the cabal has been dealing with since at least 1982. It shows that this poison, this supposedly accidental discovery of Graphene, has an otherworldly origin. And the circle to the Black Awakening is thus also closed. Those who survive the toxicity will awaken after the “signal”.

Are the “blood clots” in the autopsied brain of a toxic dead man (from the video at the beginning of the article) actually these self-assembling graphene oxide nanotechnologies? It looks a bit like it.


And I have a suspicion who will wake up. It will be the children. Until now, the vaccines were not approved for children and they were not injected. We know that children have extremely high glutathione levels in their blood, especially young children. This is no coincidence, after all, children need a strong immune system, especially in the oral phase. But this also means that they are (fortunately) relatively resistant to graphene oxide and will probably not die from it (unless the dose is increased enormously). Well, now a couple of COVID vaccines have been approved for children (12+) for the first time. Three guesses how “effective” one of these vaccines is (the needle-free Zydus Cadilia):

exactly 66.6%. The number of the beast that is supposed to be at the mark of the beast.

The “utopia” that the cabal envisions will not fully take place until 2030 or shortly before. By then, most of the children who have survived will be of ideal slave age for the new world. Could they be the only ones spared and become (hive-mind) slaves to the new system? Are the SPIONs only in this injection? Think about it, the children would still be easily malleable, have little connection to the old world, wouldn’t be able to cope without wifi and mobile networks anyway… Doesn’t have to be, maybe they don’t discriminate either, would just be an idea… what do you think?

image 9 1

Could the hive-mind have already gone off? There is a terrible side effect of both the disease and the injection (and we now know that both are basically the same thing). Psychosis has been observed as a side effect a few times. Psychosis? What lung disease has ever caused psychosis! But some people feel episodically haunted, paranoid and get diffuse thinking. The symptoms appear a few weeks after the disease, to the point that they need psychiatric treatment, even though they have never had a history of mental illness. I couldn’t believe it myself at first, but both the mainstream and the scientific community have been reporting it for a while. I don’t know how I missed it until now. The New York Times, for example, reports this rare but observed phenomenon all over the world and it is also the subject of scientific research. Prečítajte si tu. So far, no one knows exactly why it happens. Prečítajte si tu.

Absolutely creepy: mothers who want to decapitate their children and people who hallucinate and become so paranoid that they try to suffocate relatives in their sleep. Is this already the approaching zombie apocalypse due to nanotechnology that I have been warning about for months? Or is there spirituality at work here? Remember: God clearly says that he will withdraw protection from all those who have the mark, because they are then no longer his children. And then, of course, demons have an easy time of it.

And a second angel followed, saying: “She is fallen, she is fallen, Babylon the great; for she has watered all nations with the wine of her fornication. [9 And a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice: If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive the mark upon his forehead, or upon his hand,10 he shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb.11 And the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever and ever; and they shall have no rest day nor night that worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.12 Here is the patience of the saints that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus!13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth. Yea, the Spirit saith, that they may rest from their labours: for their works do follow them. (Revelation 14: 8-13)

image 89 1

I admit that this worries me too. It could be that a side effect of this technology is inflammation in the surrounding brain tissue, and mild inflammatory processes in the brain actually play a role in most mental illnesses. It is now officially assumed that the psychoses caused by COVID are due to an inflammation of the brain caused by the virus (similar to the herpes simplex virus or TBE) or that they are caused by an overactive immune system. Prečítajte si tu.

The actual cause, however, is still unclear (because of course they don’t know the actual cause of the disease). But guess what also causes inflammation: superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION). A 2010 paper addressed the toxicity of SPION: Prečítajte si tu.

“In addition to the application of SPIO in a clinical scenario, safety and toxicological issues must also be considered with regard to their presence in our environment. SPION can accumulate in organs such as the liver, brain, spleen and lungs after inhalation and penetration through hair follicles (87, 88). In this context, Karlsson et al. (20) have shown that subway particles high in magnetite can cause genotoxicity via mitochondrial depolarisation and induction of oxidative stress.”

“Given the possibility that NPs are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, it has been feared that they could induce or abrogate neurological diseases, but this ability could also be beneficially applied through the development of tailored nanomedicines to treat such diseases.”

image 5 1
Inflammation is one of the toxic effects of the SPY

The anti-inflammatory EPA and DHA fatty acids in fish are said to help tremendously with all mental illnesses, from depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD to schizophrenia (the brain is mostly fatty tissue). Prečítajte si tu. This is because inflammation in brain tissue plays a role in all these diseases and EPA and DHA are the anti-inflammatory “fire extinguishers” of fatty tissue. And that’s where it usually shows: a lot helps a lot. Jesus Christ also helps with mental crises, of course, and why do you think he gave people fish? 😉

For a dietary supplement, however, I would rather go for algae oil, which is not as contaminated with heavy metals as the salmon that is usually used for fish oil capsules and has even higher concentrations of EPA and DHA (the fish only gets it through the algae food chain). Our local freshwater fish are of course also worth having regularly in your diet. CBD oil drops from cannabis also have anti-psychotic and neuroprotective effects and can be bought completely legally.

image 6 1

If vaccination is indeed the “mark of the beast”, then one must also be able to recognise and prove it. I have often talked about luciferases, the bioluminescent enzymes that can produce a fluorescent effect under the skin. The Quantum Dot vaccine patch or Microneedle patch uses this technology. This technology makes it possible to quickly and easily detect who has the nanoparticles in their body, e.g. in front of a supermarket. Who is under control, so to speak. But these luciferases can also be combined with SPIONs. Graphene oxide, SPION, luciferases, hydrogel, microwaves… Why do you keep finding research that combines these things? Because they all work together synergistically for the big agenda.

Magnetic iron oxide metal for closer luciferase needs – hydroxide magnetite precipitates the particles, which then exhibit super magnetic behaviour that allows an external magnetic source to control the particles and track cells.

The luciferase (the name of the beast) also plays into a very strange development that is going on in the US right now. Suddenly, many street lamps in the USA are turning into black light lamps in several states. The media’s explanation is also absurd: It is simply a technical fault that has suddenly occurred in several places a year after the lamps from the manufacturer Evergy were installed. They will be replaced. I don’t buy that! When have LEDs ever suddenly all changed colour at the same time after a year due to a fault?

The lamps have a simple chip with a timer built in and it changed colour too early (or maybe a test?). They are used to prove who has been connected to the system and who has not. And to identify potential NWO refugees on the highway. The sentiment in the comments below the video is encouraging – people unanimously don’t buy the story for a second and apparently the phenomenon is occurring in many more states than are being told. The fact that this has been going on for months in different places and that the manufacturer Duke Energy is also affected shows that there is more to it and that the media is singing another lullaby to the sleepers here. Pozrite si tu.

The logo of, a propaganda website of the German Federal Centre for Health Education, has amazing similarities with the logo of the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil video games/movies. Prečítajte si tu. This Umbrella Corporation produces bioweapons, including the T-virus that triggers a zombie pandemic. What a coincidence though….. Sometimes I really feel like I’m in the twilight zone…. Pozri tu.

impfen info logo umbrella corporation
The Umbrella Corporation also has the cross of the Knights Templar in it. The point in the middle makes the lower logo look even more like an umbrella (egl. = Umbrella)

The films were also full of predictive programming about current events. Check out this speech by the Umbrella Corporation CEO on an apocalypse they “orchestrated”. The cabal basically announced right here too that they are going to bunker down and wipe out almost all humans, seven billion, because of “global warming and overpopulation fairy tales” through bioweapons. That our government uses this logo in connection with vaccination is a clear indication of their true intentions. If you can read and speak their language of symbolism fluently, you can see that they always flaunt their agendas. The best hiding place is right in front of your nose – so close you can’t see it.

The movie Transcendence (2014) describes the whole AI-Hive-Mind-Nanotechnology-Black-Goo thing that is being forced upon us pretty well. If you are interested, can you take a look at who has problems grasping the concept? I think it’s there on Netflix. Remember, they MUST tell us the truth, but they disguise it as fiction. Thus, most never take them seriously can . Truth in Movies, Fake in News. Especially the scene where the godlike super-AI says about the nanotechnology Hive Mind: “In the beginning it will scare you, but at some point you will understand that it is only for your best.”No you, no thanks. Without me! I also find it very telling that the opponents of this development are portrayed as an “anti-technological terrorist group”. In reality, this AI will be an image of Lucifer’s consciousness (the image of the animal that is worshiped and to which we will be connected through the mark of the animal ). He will be able to make himself omniscient and omnipotent – like God. And will sit like God on the throne of our temple (our body and mind).

Nanotechnology and the aspirations of a super AI that run quietly in the background go hand in hand. What is worship then? You ask an intelligent invisible superior force for something and they grant your wish. You pay attention to her and are grateful to her. For example, when you ask the “black cube” with the Alexa AI for something?

image 2 1

I think this AI we’re going to be hooked up to is based in another black cube. D-Wave quantum computers. It’s really very telling what terminology the creators of these computers use to talk about these machines.

image 7

Geordie Rose, the founder of D-Wave and Kindred (a company that wants to develop a real AI) compares AI’s with “alien / demonic beings” and describes the D-Wave quantum computer as an altar to an alien deity. With that, of course, with a wink of the eye, he is telling the truth, as they always do. Look out for the Kindred logo (on his shirt). It is the Uroboros symbol, the snake that is itself and stands for the synthesis of the Demiurge and the associated collapse of the construct. And of course you can also see the Hexgon-Carbon-Bee-Hive symbol in the background (Tech Vancouver).

He mentions that when you stand next to these machines, they sound like a heartbeat … kind of alive. IBM now also has such a quantum computer. This computer simply means Q . Is that ringing for the Q-Anon followers? That’s what it all sounds like.

There is another fascinating story about Geordie Rose. He is associated with one of the strangest paranormal phenomena, which in my opinion is just as creepy as the Mandela effect. Many believe not only that these qunat computers tap into other dimensions and thus are the one between our world, potentially our mind, and the demonic dimension. No, they can also be used to manipulate humanity’s dreams. In January 2006, a well-known psychiatrist in New York drew a portrait of a man who repeatedly appears in a patient’s dreams and gives her life advice. She swears she has never seen this person. The psychiatrist leaves the portrait on his desk until one day another patient points to the picture and says that he sees exactly this person in his dreams. The psychiatrist then sends the picture to several colleagues who deal with recurring dreams of patients. Immediately, four other patients recognise this man. That got the ball rolling. A website called “Have you seen this Man in your Dreams?” was created and from 2006 until today, more than 2000 people from all over the world have registered and swear to seeing exactly this face in recurring dreams. However, the encounter with this man can take different forms. Sometimes it is a nice conversation, sometimes he gives advice, sometimes he just stares, sometimes he becomes violent and rapes people. But one thing is always to be: That strange blank expression.

image 11 2
The thick eyebrows, which are almost a mono brow, are very characteristic and recognizable

If you take a closer look at what happens in the brain when we dream during sleep, you will see that our brain waves work in delta-wave mode (0.1-4 Hz). When the brain is in deep delta-wave mode, consciousness is completely switched off and you are in deep sleep where trance-like dream states are possible. Ever wondered why they call their quantum computer company D-Wave? Many have noticed this connection. Human cultures have always referred to dreams as “journeys of the soul” and they were probably closer to that than what cabal-controlled materialistic science serves up to us. True knowledge is power and much of the knowledge about the actual workings of our reality is kept from us or distorted through the one-sided lens of materialism or simply fabricated for us to keep us in the dark and not see certain connections. The true knowledge is kept in a small group of people. Looking for the cause of dreams in the brain is like looking for the television programme in the television set. I think in this dream state our consciousness can access other dimensions via the quantum field and experience many contingencies and alternative realities to the current pattern of our emotional conflicts. And this is how feelings are processed and “information is downloaded” into the subconscious. Dreams feel so real because they are, in a way. Personally, I have sometimes dreamed of completely unremarkable situations that suddenly revealed themselves exactly days or weeks later, combined with a strong feeling of deja vu. So in the dream, the consciousness jumped on the time line, or in the quantum field, to a future point in time and when it actually happened, I remembered it and had this “this has happened before” feeling. And presumably quantum computers can intervene in this process of the quantum field, something that was otherwise only possible for beings of these dimensions (prophetic dreams of God, angel dreams and demonic attacks in the form of nightmares and sleep paralyses). Now what makes people think that D-Wave has something to do with this bizarre mass dream phenomenon? Check out this old photo of Geordie Rose, the founder of D-Wave!

image 10 1

The psychiatrist who made the drawing could only do this on the basis of a description. But the characteristic eyebrows and the high forehead with the thin hairline are already clear. Presumably they were ready to test this system in 2006, about seven years after the company was founded. And that will probably only work across the board. My theory is also that they created this whole “Have you seen this man?” Story and website to see how well it worked – without letting the cat out of the bag. D-Wave pretend they’re just ordinary computer engineers, but like many IT companies, they have contracts with the government, such as NASA, but also with Google and Lockheed Martin. They may also have helped the NSA develop their quantum computers. Since they have to tell us the truth, of course, Hollywood has already delivered on the subject of quantum computers. I think the Hulu series “DEVS” communicates a lot of truth and symbolism. In this series, the quantum computer developers work with the NSA and have another top secret side project: a kindProject Lookinglass with which you can look into the past and future. This company behaves increasingly like a murderous cult and when an employee tries to blow up the conspiracy she is persecuted. I don’t want to tell you more, have a look at them, I am convinced that such projects are going on in the basements of CERN, D-Wave and Co and the series shows very well how something works and what makes these people tick (God complex).

FEMA Camps and “The Fifth Wave” – Pay attention to the Signs

Well, there is one that has been preparing for this mass death for decades: FEMA. They have been stocking up on plastic coffins since Obama’s first term. And in April 2020 they ordered another 100,000 body bags (probably by a factor of 10 more). Prečítajte si tu.

One must not forget that they still have extremely expanded rights through Trump’s emergency order. Their camps to pick up the last unwilling will come. They already have extensive profiles of all potential dissidents through the NSA and Big Data. For example, the Google sub-company Jigsaw already has the ability to track down and subtly influence potential “fanatics” through web behaviour. Prečítajte si tu.

What counts as fanatical or terrorist is just a matter of definition. These parameters could be changed at any time. The story of the red, blue and yellow list has been circulating for at least 10 years, with which FEMA will classify how to deal with people. This is signalled by correspondingly coloured stickers on the letterbox. They are supposed to stand for the following: Prečítajte si tu.

“Red List – These people are the enemies of the NWO. They are the leaders of patriotic groups, outspoken ministers, outspoken talk show hosts, community leaders and probably even internet leaders. These people will be dragged out of their homes at 4:00am and taken to FEMA detention centres and killed. This will happen about 2 weeks before Martial Law is declared.”

“Blue List – These people are also enemies of the NWO, but they are supporters of the people on the Red List. These people are rounded up after the imposition of Martial Law and taken to detention centres and ‘re-educated’. Various mind control techniques are used on them. Most will not survive this. Mr Springmeier has not been specific about who is on the Blue List, but I would guess that people like you and me are on it.”

“Yellow List – These are citizens who know nothing about the NWO and don’t want to know. They are not considered a threat at all and are given instructions on how to behave and will most likely do as they are told. Unfortunately, there are too many of them to be effectively controlled, so many of them are killed or starved.”

The tools to track down certain groups of people who hold certain beliefs through Big Data have existed for a long time. They know everything about potential dissidents. Where they live, what their name is, who they go in and out with, what they buy, what kind of information they consume and how realistic their potential for rebellion is. (This is why anonymity and privacy are such a high priority and everyone is responsible for it). Do you think DARPA gave us the internet just so we could watch cat videos while taking a shit?! No, they gave it to us to tell them what we think, where we live and who we are so that one day they can separate the wheat from the chaff – while we are so consumed with entertainment and convenience that we don’t even care. While leaving a digital fingerprint everywhere. And by now they have made it official: for Homeland Security, the parent agency of FEMA, anyone opposed to the “Corona Measures” is considered a potential terrorist threat. On 13 August, the DHS published a bulletin on the current domestic situation in the USA. This 13th of August 2021 was a Friday the 13th and those who know the history and significance of the day know that it is not only an omen of doom and misfortune, but also an important day for the Templars. They choose this day often and with pleasure. This bulletin seems like a mixture of threat, warning and foreknowledge: Prečítajte si tu.

“Through the end of 2021, racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will continue to pose a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential reintroduction of public health restrictions in the United States as a reason to carry out attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal stresses and tensions and have been the catalyst for several attacks by violent extremists domestically, and they could contribute to further violence this year.”

image 4 1

“Several online platforms continue to have non-specific calls for violence related to DVE ideologies or conspiracy theories about alleged electoral fraud and supposed reinstatement, as well as reactions to expected restrictions related to increasing COVID cases.”

“National counterparts have intensified their efforts to sow discord. For example, Russian, Chinese and Iranian media affiliated with the government have repeatedly spread conspiracy theories about the origin of COVID-19 and the efficacy of vaccines, and in some cases have intensified calls for violence against persons of Asian descent.” (In one sentence branding conspiracy theorists as violent and additionally laying a wetter narrative foundation for World War III).

They also warn that such potential terrorists use anonymous and encrypted messaging services, implying that these should be abolished. They also warn of another “Al-Qaeda” attack around the 20th anniversary of 9/11. There might be something to it… will of course be another inside job, but with the current Taliban debacle they would have the narrative basis why Islamist terror could happen again in the country. Prečítajte si tu.

And after that, the best thing would be to conjure up a connection to Iran or China out of a hat. The latter are already making friends with the Taliban. What has been done to Muslims in the last 20 years is now being done to Christians. The foundations for Christian terror and, above all, the harsh reaction to it have been laid. All that is needed now is a trigger. This will probably come in the form of a false-flag terrorist attack, but I could imagine that in the USA one or two people would also go crazy if COVID vaccination passes were introduced. For years the cabal has been deliberately cooking up this soup – demonising all independent, truth-loving and government-sceptic Christians. It began in the 1990s with Waco, Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma false flag bombing, resulting in Operation PATCON. The artificially created tension between ethnic groups that has been pushed especially hard since 2020 and the Capitol storming Psy-Op earlier this year is also part of it. All preparation for social disintegration and the silent separation of the wheat from the chaff. The mainstream is also increasingly pillorying (white evangelical) Christians: that they are more sceptical about “vaccination” than members of other religions… why is that? Maybe because the Bible warned so clearly of what was to come? Listen to this patronising propaganda from the Wall Street Journal.

Those who still do not believe that a silent crusade against Christianity is taking place should observe how many churches have been torched recently. These are the harbingers of state-sanctioned persecution. Luciferian has declared war on all monotheistic religions. The century-long persecution of the Jews and its assured end through one of the highest vaccination rates in the world in Israel. The total destruction and destabilisation of Muslim countries and their believers through a 20-year war on terror and the coming nuclear war in Iran. And now the beginning of the targeted persecution of Christianity. In the world after the “great reset” there will only be room for Luciferism. Here are a few impressions of the last two years. A persecution of Christians was prophesied for the end times:

My speculation is as follows: As soon as the real pandemic starts (maybe already this winter in the fourth wave, maybe not until the fifth), that is, when the graphene oxide load in the blood from vaccine boosters becomes too much for billions of people and they will crank up the power of the 5G towers, there will be no hiding the dead. Democide will be visible and obvious to everyone. They will stack the body bags in parks and stadiums. During this time they will go from house to house and introduce compulsive testing of the unvaccinated. They will just knock, force you to take a PCR test that is already positive anyway and then bag you and take you to a quarantine camp. The legal situation for this has long existed through the “state of emergency” laws that are still in tact. The media and the sheeple will applaud this, because they think that the unvaccinated incubate the “mutations” that lead to mass deaths and that they should therefore be placed in such “quarantine centres” “by force if necessary” – to protect the grannies, the children or the ponies or whatever emotional buttons they will then press to ensure their obedience. The unvaccinated will have been completely dehumanised by then, and history has shown us that once that happens, any government outrage is accepted. Including deportations to “vax-entration” camps. These camps are closed off because of the “extremely high risk of contagion” of the Delta-Lamda-Omega mutation and the media are not allowed to enter. And since they are all “fanatical vaccination opponents” or “child and granny murderers” anyway, they have to be guarded and cordoned off so that no one escapes and coughs on a granny. So no one in the public knows what really happens in there. Only one thing is certain: no one comes out alive. You have to be injected or have your head cut off. The military “health workers” there will probably wear “full Hazmats suits”, but not to protect themselves from a virus, but to protect themselves from 5G through the shielding material of the suit. The public is told that they all died because they were very sick and didn’t want to get vaccinated (so it’s their own fault). I think this is what Dr Day meant by “the opponents of the system will not be an inspiration to anyone. People will just disappear.”

image 87 1

An insider is said to have blabbed about a highly-classified programme involving the delivery of 3,000 ‘smart guillotines’ from China to several US military airports. Over 500 of these are said to have been delivered to “FEMA Zone 6”, an area that includes Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arakansas and Louisianna. They work like this:

“The convict is secured with sticks at the bottom of the frame so that the neck is directly under the blade. The blade is then released to drop quickly and violently decapitate the victim with a single, clean pass so that the head falls into a basket below. In the smart guillotine, the basic design has been retained but with some scientific innovations added.

For example, the headrest has motion sensors and pressure plates that detect the presence of a human neck. No operator is needed; a computer drops and retracts a razor-sharp, weighted titanium blade that can sever several hundred heads per sharpening, according to our source.

If a person resists, arm and leg cuffs are pulled out of recessed compartments, immobilising the victim. In addition, the smart guillotines use biometric scans, including facial recognition technology, to exonerate people who have been wrongly placed on the guillotine for execution.”

smart guilotine

This guillotine is an “art project” by Chanel and was created by designer Tom Sachs. The artist’s commentary on it is fitting and that is how the cabal would describe the FEMA guillotines. Reading between the lines: “The Chanel guillotine could easily refer to the death sentence that uncontrolled human consumption means for the world.” Prečítajte si tu.

The insider says that most of the people involved in this top secret programme assume that they are meant for terrorists (e.g. in Guantamo Bay), only a very small part knows that they were actually built for innocent people in their own country. Look at this and decide for yourselves if it is true. Listen to your intuition. And keep in mind that a beheading of all Christians who have not accepted the “mark of the beast” and who have not worshipped “the image of the beast” was prophesied for the last days! Pozrite si tu.

And also David Crowley wanted to warn us in his film Gray-State about these FEMA guilottines – and he and his family paid for it with their lives. I have found new footage of the film (video below). For seven years I’ve been expecting a pandemic with them pulling something like this off, but now to see it all actually come true before our eyes is still surreal. Here he would have even shown us back in 2013 how people are given the mark of the beast and through which they can no longer shop in the supermarket. He would have also shown the civil war between patriotic militias and FEMA/government, and the kidnapping and execution of all dissidents by guillotines. Who knows how close the script of the whole film would have been to the script of the real operation. Raising money for the film was very difficult because none of the (Luciferian) Hollywood studios wanted to finance it. He wanted us to be and was killed before he could. The “Be Smart, Be Safe” poster at 0:51 is also very reminiscent of all the propaganda posters you see at bus stops all over the world at the moment.

4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast and its image, and who had not received his mark on their foreheads and on their hands; these came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5 But the rest of the dead did not live until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. 6 Blessed and holy is he who partakes in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over these; but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and rule with him for a thousand years. ( Revelation 20: 4-6) [Keep the Bible in your heart, through CERN reality manipulations more and more passages change]

I am not saying this to spread fear, but to warn people of what is to come. And to give hope on the way that the faithfulness to Jesus kept to the last will pay off.

At least this is how it will all take place in the USA, those who know people there should show them (The presumed locations of the 800 camps). Prečítajte si tu. Here are six preparatory strategies to prevent a ride. Never get on a government truck or bus that will “take you to safety”! Prečítajte si tu.

Recently, the Pfizer shot was fully approved by the FDA (16+), thus it is no longer under emergency approval and thus vaccination coercion is more legally possible. It is also very suspicious that the first COVID vaccination compulsory officially introduced in the USA as a result is for US military personnel, who number in the millions. Prečítajte si tu.

First, they are used to following orders and not questioning them (although in this case many do). Secondly, it would of course be advantageous for their further action to eliminate this highly trained part of society. For a united army “mutinying” against the cabal’s plans would be their immediate end. On the other hand, they could also be misused by the mind-control hive mind for their own purposes. If the Army, which is certainly carrying out its mass vaccination campaign “internally” (so the soldiers could also be given a special SPION substance), were completely remotely under their control, they would have a huge horde of highly trained, physically fit and armed “zombies”. Is this perhaps the “black awakening of the super-soldiers” that Russ Dizdar described in his End Times book? Pozri tu.

I think that compulsory vaccination will only be carried out among the professional groups of society that could potentially assist the masses in this silent war and what is to come. Prečítajte si tu. Such as now more and more airline pilots or police officers (e.g. in Toronto but also elsewhere) have to be vaccinated and of course doctors and nurses as now already in France. Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

All these groups are pillars of our society who stand by us in need (when they are not being manipulated into killing us). Once they are gone, they will have an easier time with the rest. If you want to destroy your enemy, you will first eliminate those who could be most dangerous to you. Therefore, in a (messy) war, medical and military infrastructure is attacked first to weaken the enemy for further action.

image 1 1

This “awakening of the soldiers” also appeared in the film “The Fifth Wave” (2016). This film showed a lot of truth about what is to come (predictive programming). It is about a slow and silent extermination campaign of an alien threat. These aliens (“The Others”) never really reveal themselves, but attack Earth in several waves. They appear one day in a large mothership over Earth. The first wave is an EMP attack that causes widespread power outages and kills many people, forcing the rest to become survivalists. In the second wave, they alter the Earth’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and megatsunamis that destroy many coastal cities and islands. Between the waves, perfidiously, there are always longer pauses of a few weeks. For the third wave, they modify a strain of the bird flu virus that spreads through birds around the world and makes people sick. The pandemic kills a significant portion of what’s left of humanity. Some, however, seem to be immune. In the fourth wave, “the Others” begin to take over the bodies of humans, like an Archon occupying a body, and these begin to kill the remaining humans (who by this time are already trying to survive in seclusion in small survival communes). These taken over humans start roaming the country in search of survivors to terminate. They first begin to take over the bodies of the soldiers of the US army. Since it is impossible to recognise possessed people with the naked eye, the people trust the army and “the others” have an easy game. But they only kill the adults, the children and youths were previously taken in a bus and brought to a camp. In this wave, smart killer drones are also used to search the forests for potential targets. The children in the military camp are told that a fifth wave is imminent and that they are humanity’s last hope. After a short training and brainwashing they are armed and equipped with special glasses through which they can recognise ‘evil beings’. They are sent into a war to kill every remaining possessed. But they discover that these glasses only work on the un-possessed, i.e. completely normal people, and have to admit with a heavy heart that they are in fact the fifth wave of the Others. They were the ones who killed the last hardcore. These were the five waves for the democite and there are hardly any survivors.

There’s a lot that looks familiar, isn’t there? Alien overlords over our heads, EMP attack, severe weather disasters, magnetic field manipulation, a pandemic that will spare some, relocation to camps by the army and remote-controlled soldiers. It’s basically the whole script for the slow democide that is underway and will become more and more acute in the months and years to come. All this is coming. This great work that has been prepared for decades and in which nothing is left to chance. In their eyes, we have long been the “Walking Dead” whose fate has been sealed. In the film, only the people who were prepared, agile and adaptable were able to survive to the end. All the weak ones were gradually weeded out. The film also has a beautiful message about what is most important in this time: To always preserve one’s humanity. No matter how bad things get. Because it is the only thing that distinguishes us from the others (archons/demons).

image 8 2
In Childhoods End, the mothership also stood long above the earth while the earth was being transformed. SATAN was in this ship

These are not coincidences. They communicate all the agendas in the films. Did they call the film ‘The 5th Wave’ because all this is revealed in the real fifth wave? Or does each one represent a year and each wave adds up? So from 2020 pandemic, from 2021 mass severe weather catastrophes are added, from 2022 the UFOs are added and so it keeps increasing until 2025, the fifth wave? And the world population shrinks from year to year…what do you think? I think the obsessed ones will be the ones who got the mark, or the nanotechnology, or the injection. These obsessives who have received the Black Goo are already walking among us, only soon this small minority will become the majority of the earth. I can’t help but draw so many parallels to reality. Like the “COVID psychoses” that make people want to kill their relatives, the magnetic field that is currently changing, the huge increase in floods in the last 1.5 years, or the admission of the US government that they have recordings of flying objects that they can’t explain. Or the robotic systems DARPA has developed whose artificial intelligence can decide fully autonomously whether to kill its target based on what that person has shared on social media. Yicks.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s a death sentence there. Like the robot dog from Black Mirror. Ten years later, his real-life counterpart also had his first police assignment in New York. But don’t worry… he doesn’t kill (yet).

The population is slowly getting used to it … to feel safe

Glenn Beck, an American journalist, was supposed to “debunk” the FEMA camp theory. But he found out that he couldn’t and that there might actually be something to it. He had the balls to address this at length on a television show. Shortly afterwards he lost his job.

image 86 1

And now Biden is openly threatening the Florida Govoner with FEMA camps. Yes this is about vaccine distribution, but read between the lines.

I have already reported that the Walmart stores are also to be converted into camps and that Sam Walton (Walmart founder) already had to do with the concentration camps for the Japanese in World War II. At the moment, many Americans are also observing very strange things in the Walmarts. Some are emptied, military vehicles are parked there, and so on.

If you catch the mood in the comments, strange things are being observed in very many Walmarts in the USA right now.

The question that naturally concerns us is: Will the same thing happen here in our country? According to the insider’s statement above, the Guilots were also sent to US bases in Europe (Germany was even explicitly mentioned). Here is a picture of all US/UK/Nato bases in Germany. And here, too, I noticed a similar connection as in the USA. There is a clearly visible concentration of suspected FEMA camps in the so-called “Bible Belt”, i.e. a concentration of states in which evangelicalism is very widespread and actively practised, and where voting is predominantly Republican. Prečítajte si tu.

And in Germany, too, all the bases are in the more devout West/South and none in the atheist East. Of course, this has both to do with our history. In the GDR, as in every socialist or communist system, atheism was promoted (the German East is thus even the most unbelieving or unreligious part of the world!). Nevertheless, the distribution is also clearly visible here. Prečítajte si tu.

us basen deutschland christen

You only have to look at Australia to see that we will have similar conditions everywhere. I thought it would take until the fifth wave, but in Australia (where it is winter) it is already happening. Prečítajte si tu.

Although there are hardly any deaths and at least a third are fully vaccinated, this country has been in hardcore lockdown for over 9 weeks straight and large quarantine camps are being built and used from where we hear more and more terrible stories. Prečítajte si tu.

Australia has already become a totally surreal tyrannical police state and we can expect that everywhere this winter. Just sick. In Brisbane, what we’ve all been expecting for a long time and what I’ve been announcing for over a year has also already come to pass: no shots, no shopping. Prečítajte si tu.

The prophecies of the Bible are coming true. This will soon be the case all over the world, a few months of mutation winter and the lost souls will applaud such laws. Your cellar is hopefully already full of durable food, water, hygiene articles, vegetable seeds and so on. Those who are independent of the system cannot be blackmailed by the system. Moreover, more and more people are losing their jobs because of vaccination refusal, so they can no longer “sell” their services for money.

image 3 1

“And make all of them, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to put a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell unless he has the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13: 16-17)

Speaking of preachy programming I came across this “Avocados from Mexico” advertisement. Remember, they communicate through movies, commercials, music, video games, etc. and program our subconscious. Behind this, of course, is not the avacado company itself, but the production company they hire for the advertisement. It symbolically describes the world we are heading towards. Inside a dome (construct/firmament symbolism) with a hexagon honeycomb pattern (Bee-Hive) are a few people dressed like they are in the remake of Brave New World. Have a quick look at them and then I’ll break it down.

The speaking woman stands for the cabal/Lucifer, she starts with the fact that they separated the good from the bad. The good stayed in and the bad stayed out (separation of the wheat from the chaff). This symbolises the coming harvest of souls, some are allowed to leave the earth construct (this dimension or ‘The Dome’) and some stay here (mark of the beast). The woman (cabal) of course sells this dystopia as a paradisiacal utopia, but the people notice that something crucial is missing that is outside: the nacho chips. These chips can stand for many things: Feelings, spiritual independence, but presumably they stand for the salvation of Jesus Christ outside the construct (heaven). So they realise that they missed the bus and were not taken into heaven (the Rapture) and what that probably means. They had to stay here.

image 85 1

How do they react? They become desperate and chaos ensues, like a horde of crazy zombies killing each other. And two things stand out here: one tears his clothes and the other shaves his hair. Both are biblical symbols of repentance, mourning and penitence! Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

The Jews were described in this way several times in the Bible. It’s hard to understand what it’s all about, just missing someone pouring ashes on her head. The woman tries to calm down, but then they notice that the wifi is no longer working, which is of course another indication of the RF hive mind control.

Yes, that’s how it’s going to be. It will be a rude awakening for many. I also did some research on the other fruits that were on the table with the avocado toast. I thought: if they have a common denominator, maybe something will be communicated here. And indeed, avocado, tomato, pomegranate, grape, grapefruit and fig have one thing in common: all six are extremely effective remedies for a Canidia Albicans fungal infection thanks to different ingredients. And it’s not as if all the foods have these properties, so it’s a big coincidence here, or maybe the context is more important. Prečítajte si tu.

There is also another advertisement for lawyers in Mexico where they laugh at us and make fun of us. The ignorance of the masses is extremely amusing to them and they condition the sheep to see conspiracies as a joke. That’s why it was played during the Superbowl. NFL Superbowl commercials are always used to get ideas across because they are the most watched commercials in the world. I also find it interesting that this theme is linked to avocado, which at 31mg per 100g is the most glutathione-rich food after beef liver. “They know everything. Prečítajte si tu.

Of course, they show the 23 at the 23rd second.

Phew, and I won’t even go into the whole gene mutation component through the syringe and the whole alien agenda. Just like that: check out this popular pop song by MK-Ultra doll Katy Perry. Millions of people play shit like that on the radio every day when they drive to work on autopilot and nobody really pays attention to the text. And it is precisely this careless singing along and gumming along that is dangerous. Especially when millions of people are doing it at the same time. What we speak, especially sing, are affirmations that we pull into our reality and thus change it (law of attraction). The Cabal knows about this “old magic” and is abusing us for it. This can only be broken through awareness and attention. I think I have since not at all tell a lot look at it just once attentionand pay close attention to the text. The alien, the fallen angel (Lucifer). The light bringer who is supposed to infect us with his poison. You could n’t write the text CLEARER ! And that came out in 2011 and has now over 596 million clicks.

“You are so mesmerizing. Could you be the devil , could you be an angel ? Your touch magnetizing d […] bring my body to shine […] other DNA , they do not understand you. You are from the very top of the world, another dimension . I am ready to open my eyes and follow you into the light . Kiss me, infect me with your love and fill me with your poison . Take me, want to be a victim, ready for kidnapping. […] would like to run on your wavelength “In addition, dying animals, reptile eyes, one-eye symbolism, she kisses the machine, mutates into a chimera at the end and runs into the light. Man oh man … Millions of people watch it and ALL music videos by famous pop stars are full of occult topics and 99.95% of all viewers DO NOT CHECK it because they are too busy being entertained.

Protection against Electromagnetic Mind Control

Well, are there ways to protect yourself from the electromagnetic frequencies in the microwave spectrum? Well, these frequencies are not healthy in themselves, but their full potential is in combination with nanoparticles and other toxins (especially metals). Is this perhaps the reason for the widespread brain fog during the COVID period, which the media are trying to “explain away”? Prečítajte si tu.

Engaging, or avoiding, potential GO sources is at least as important as avoiding 5G frequencies. Nevertheless, I have searched the internet. One protective agent is said to be the shungite stone, which absorbs EMF radiation like a sponge. Prečítajte si tu.

You can wear it in a chain around your chest (heart/lung). Interestingly, it consists almost entirely of carbon, so the absorption effect could be very similar to that of graphene, except that it takes place in front of the body and no longer in the body. You can find the special shungite stones almost only in Russia, especially in a mine in Karelia and you can buy such necklaces e.g. here (but feel free to look elsewhere). Prečítajte si tu.

image 82 1

This video seems to prove the work of these stones with an EMF reader.

Some house plants are also said to absorb EMF radiation, e.g. aloe vera .

I have already mentioned other products such as a shielding cap, mobile phone cases, backpacks or shielding fabric from the Mission Darkness brand, which also supplies police and intelligence services. Pozri tu.

Why do you think the word aluhut conspiracy theory has been made a weapon in communication? Not even “conspiracy theorists” are comfortable with the idea of an aluhut. Even one of the current “I do” vaccination propaganda promotional videos by the federal government deliberately makes fun of it and sends an aluhut wearer to the vaccination centre. Prečítajte si tu.

There is a reason for this. It is now a simple solution to block RF radiation access to the iron oxide/graphene oxide nanoparticles on the neurons and prevent external access to the brain. And this idea must NEVER be taken seriously. Otherwise years of long preparation will be gone. Such a cap is also much less noticeable than aluminium foil on the head. 😉

mission darkness

Wow! Only now do I notice that the Mission Darkness logo is a black hexagon! The symbol of the Hive-Mind / graphene oxide. An indication of what you can protect against?

There was a time when reports about “aluhats” were still somewhat different in this country. The ZDF documentary “Secret Russia – the Zombies of the Tsars” from 1998 still reported very honestly about remote-controlled mind control by secret services. Pozrite si tu.

Of course in blissful ignorance of the fact that not only the KGB conducts such experiments on Russian citizens, but of course the CIA also on American citizens… and presumably elsewhere too, but good. At least they reported seriously about something like that. There is a report about a victim who had a psychiatrist certify that he was not crazy and who protected himself from the frequencies by wearing a self-made helmet.

The methods with which the human mind and body are manipulated by electronic means, even from a distance, are called “psychotronic processing” in Russia. This is a self-made head protection against low frequency waves. The inhabitants of this flat complain of complaints that are said to be symptomatic of victims of psychotronic experiments. […] Irjena Kosova sleeps in this cage to protect herself from outside influences. When she sees our incredulous looks, she shows us a certificate from the International Centre for Psychiatry stating that she is completely healthy. (in the documentary from 11:35)

image 83 1

The decades of KGB and CIA (MK Ultra) experiments with electromagnetic mind-control weapons were all research on ignorant human test subjects. These technologies have been matured for mass use for a loooong time. And today they are more advanced than ever. And they will also play a crucial role in Project Bluebeam, especially together with the nanoparticles currently being administered.

All of these blocking protections work very effectively when used correctly. However, if used incorrectly, the radiation can be amplified as it is reflected back. The cap, for example, only protects you if the waves come from the side or above, because it is not a closed Faraday cage. However, if they come from below, e.g. if you hold a mobile phone in your hand, they are reflected back and forth in the inside of the cap (i.e. in the skull) and concentrated. Not exactly ideal… You also have to be careful with flap pockets for mobile phones. Ideally, check with an EMF reader. Theoretically, you can turn your whole flat (or at least your bedroom) into a Faraday cage with the right material, but I would almost recommend moving to a less affected area. Which, at some point, won’t exist anymore. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos as well as Mark Zuckerberg and others are currently sending their High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) into areas with little coverage in order to really irradiate every spot on earth with 5G from above 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Prečítajte si tu.

Of course, one must not forget WiGig, the new home WiFi in the 5G microwave range. Of course, you shouldn’t put that in your house, but of course you have no control over your neighbours. What’s wrong with LAN cables? By the way, a Dutch provider that offers WiFi in this range is called DELTA. You really can’t make it up! Prečítajte si tu.

image 84 1

Let’s beat them at their own game. We could start a social media trend on Tik Tok to popularise the wearing of such hats. As a joke, of course, to make fun of people who wear al hats. They could come in a wide variety of colours and patterns so that every snowflake out there can feel nice and individual too. While they think they are making fun of it, they don’t realise that they are actually protecting themselves, because their ego is too busy feeling better, laughing at supposedly stupider ones and being part of something bigger, because they have to follow a “viral trend” that everyone is following. People have become such narcissistic herd animals that it might even work. 😀

But all joking aside, the best protection is unfortunately to get as far away from the towers as possible and to have as clean a body as possible. Agents that can have an antioxidant and detoxifying effect in the brain (and hopefully also get potential nanoparticles out) are, in addition to the already mentioned NAC, (R)alpha lipoic acid and astaxanthin, also the secondary plant substances reservatol and OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). Reservatol is found in red/dark grapes, red wine, raspberries, blueberries and the red shells of peanuts. But everywhere only in extremely small amounts, higher amounts are only found in food supplements. It is said to lower blood pressure, protect the nerves, slow neurodegenerative decline and even slow down the ageing process of cells. OPC is also found in grapes, but this time rather in the grape seeds and also in small amounts in the grape skins and also in the red skins of peanuts. Significant amounts can only be obtained through supplementation. The strong antioxidant can pass the blood-brain barrier and protect the nerves and brain. It is also said to protect the heart and blood vessels and ensure healthy eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin E (nuts, seeds, peppers), B vitamins and the EPA and DHA fatty acids (algae oil, fish) are also always very good for the brain and nerves. The brain actually cleanses itself every night during sleep – so a long restorative sleep is needed here. Prečítajte si tu.

And exercise is also very good for detoxifying the brain. Studies that would clearly prove that nanoparticles such as SPION or graphene oxide can be removed from the brain with these agents do not exist, of course, because they are rather developed as permanent “extensions” of the brain, e.g. to remain permanently in the brains of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patients. But they don’t do any harm, quite the opposite, and anything that can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain is definitely worth a try. But here too, prevention is better than cure.

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Conclusion: Summary of the Ultimate Protection

Avoid graphene oxide and SPION sources as much as possible. Wear a mask as little as possible and if you do, try to get OP masks from a very old batch (preferably before 2019/20, but I haven’t found anything myself). Any ideas? Maybe you could make one yourself that looks like a surgical mask? Please let me know). Do not get injected with a toxin, which destroys your immune system and the electromagnetic field of your body and potentially takes away your mental independence. Stay away from PCR tests and self-tests – they make you more susceptible to disease and are further sources. There is a possibility that people who have already been sprayed may spread the graphene oxide nanoparticles through breathing and intimate body contact (shedding). Avoid areas with fifth generation microwave weapon coverage and don’t get a smart bug with a corresponding antenna. Very soon, however, every mobile phone will have such an antenna and almost every place will be covered. Go deep into the forest from time to time, far away from the antennas and take a deep breath (the coverage map is above). It has been proven for a long time that there are over 120 characteristic biological components flying around in the forest air (only 70 have been identified) and that they have very positive effects on our body and mind when inhaled (they are even said to prevent cancer). Prečítajte si tu. A tu.

Alcohol and cigarettes burn up a huge amount of the important antioxidants and trace elements in your body that your immune system will need now and the latter also contain heavy metals, pesticides and more. Significantly reduce your consumption of factory farmed meat. The naturally occurring bacteria and germs in (raw) meat are also an additional burden on neutrophils. And check animal food for magnetic properties with a neodyum magnet.

Yes, this must all sound extremely crazy to someone who lacks the ability to grasp the enormous level of deranged psychopathy we actually face. And you can only grasp it anyway if you know and have an eye on the big picture. This ancient cosmic game between good and evil. Most people couldn’t even face the truth if their lives depended on it!

Graphene has been shown to have the same clinical effects as COVID, such as blood clotting and consequent reduction in platelets. It also affects the immune system through oxidative stress and triggers immune system breakdown through cytokine storm, causes thrombosis, pneumonia (flu-like symptoms), mucosal inflammation, loss of taste and smell. It blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione, causes a metallic taste in the mouth, destroys the immune system and magnetises people, especially at the injection site. This is the classic Covid picture. We are being attacked from all sides with an advanced chemical nano-poison, which is being sold to us as a viral pandemic, and the dose will increase. It is one of the first waves to wipe out “the weak and naive of society” in this democite and finally sterilise humanity. The methods will become more dangerous and direct in the coming years, but for now you are safe if you protect yourself from the poisoning. Those who want to survive the next few years should live healthy, detoxify and arm themselves accordingly. Due to inflation and shortages caused by severe weather disasters, the prices of nuts could probably rise enormously again. Prečítajte si tu.

Turmeric is always good, detoxifies fluoride and should be in every immune and mind boosting kit. Eat healthy and clean! Supplement N-acetylcysteine, possibly glutathione and sulforaphane to bring the glutathione level to the maximum. Also make sure that your selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin C and protein levels are correct, otherwise the synthesis will go badly. (R)alpha lipoic acid enhances the effect of glutathione and other antioxidants even more, eliminates heavy metals and also works in the brain. Astaxanthin and OPC would be worth considering, as they are also powerful antioxidants that can act in the brain. Vitamin D³ levels should not be forgotten, it is incredibly important for your protection! Don’t forget vitamin K² and adequate magnesium levels! Nevertheless, avoiding graphene oxide is more important than “boosting” glutathione levels and immune system. As a last line of defence in case of already acute graphene oxide poisoning, ivermectin therapy, high doses of NAC/glutathione and high doses of vitamin D³ should be helpful. Proximity to mobile phone towers must of course be avoided (unfortunately many hospitals have 5G). I would add peace / quiet, absence of toxic exposure and a positive / meaningful attitude towards life.

I have found a product that contains almost all the nutrients described here in one: The Immune Elixir from Alphafoods. They definitely did their homework when they created this (even before the pandemic). Besides a lot of turmeric, one dose also contains a lot of natural vitamin C from different fruit and plant extracts, as well as ginger extract, vitamin D, vitamin K, selenium, zinc, quercen, OPC, bioflavinoids and NAC (but only 100mg per dose). The whole thing lasts about a month if taken daily. As I said, this is not an official promotion, I don’t get anything for promoting it, but I am personally completely satisfied with it for now. I always add it to my morning detox smoothie. And for the copper and magnesium, I snack on various nuts/seeds and a bit of 81% dark chocolate in the evening. NAC capsules (800mg), sulforaphane and asatxanthin were also purchased and I’ll probably get some (r)alpha lipoic acid. A supply of this might be advisable, as you don’t know how long it will last and how long the stuff will be available. In between, I have an alkaline herbal tea with stinging nettle and horsetail herb for the silicon and occasionally a pine needle tea. To meditate and fall asleep, I listen to healing frequencies such as 285 Hz or 741 Hz (but also others). Počúvajte tu. A tu.

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The important thing in all of this is consistency. An apple today and a bit of broccoli the day after tomorrow will do little good if you don’t eat a healthy diet otherwise. The supplements also can’t completely replace an unhealthy diet. If you want your glutathione levels and detoxification possibilities to be at their maximum, then you must constantly ensure ideal conditions through your lifestyle and have everything described here regularly integrated into your diet. Exercise regularly, drink plenty of clean water and sleep well. And relax. Those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ have nothing to fear. He will reveal the right information and intuitions to you at the right moment and guide you safely through the storm if you listen carefully with your heart and trust in Him. I am too not perfect and have to struggle with my demons/archons… all this is often easier said than done. But I am convinced that with your strength you can do anything! Become spiritual warriors: Pray much and regularly against the machinations of the fallen angels and demons. You have the greatest power of all behind you. Use it!


1  He who sits under the umbrella of the Most High remains under the shadow of the Almighty.
2  I say to the Lord, My refuge and my castle, my God, in whom I trust!
3  Yes, he will save you from the noose of the birdceller and from the pernicious plague ;
4  he will cover you with his wings, and you will hide under his wings; his fidelity is a shield and a shield.
5  You need not be afraid of the horror of the night, of the arrow that flies by day,
6  of the plague that creeps in the dark, of the plague that perishes at noon .
7th Though a thousand fall on your side and ten thousand on your right, it will not strike you ;
8  Yes, you will see it with your own eyes and see how the wicked are repaid.
9  For you [say]: The Lord is my confidence! You have made the Most High your refuge;
10  no misfortune will happen to you, and no plague will approach your tent.
11  For he will command his angels about you , that they may keep you in all your ways .
12  They will carry you on their hands so that you do not hit a stone with your foot.
13th You will set foot on the lion and the otter, you will trample the young lion and the dragon.
14  “Because he clings to me, I will save him; I want to protect him because he knows my name.
15  If he calls on me, I will answer him; I am with him in need, I want to free him and bring him to honor.
16  I want to satisfy him with a long life and let him see my salvation! “

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“For if thou shalt confess with thy mouth that Jesus is Lord, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For he that believeth with his heart shall be justified; and he that confesseth with his mouth shall be saved. For the Scripture saith (Isaiah 28:16), He that believeth on him shall not be put to shame.” (Romans 10; 9-11)

I think that mere faith also has very real electromagnetic effects on our bodies. Intentions and feelings and above all faith – all this manifests itself in vibrations in our energy body (Holy Spirit). And of course this also has an effect on our physical body.

I would like to give you hope with this article, you can do a lot as long as you remain courageous! You can certainly come out the other side if that is really what you want. But we also have to clearly recognise the danger in order to be able to protect and prepare ourselves well. And I’m not going to sugarcoat that: We are in a spiritual battle of life and death. So ask for forgiveness and protection. I pray for you.

Please share this information with all who can receive it. Humanity is sitting on a high fence right now, being shaken by God. Everyone will fall low. Either one will fall on the side inside the enclosure or one will land outside. One of the two will – that will be taken care of.

Thank you for reading! …unfortunately it got very long again. But now you have a while to digest some things literally… Maybe I will write something about the Antichrist soon or about the ‘plasmatic apocalypse’ I recently learned about (very fascinating concept!). Or maybe events will roll over again and it will be something else… who knows these days. I would also keep my eyes on 23 September for safety’s sake. The number 923 is clearly a Kablen code that is going around. It’s not clear yet what it means, but it’s certainly not good. Before 9/11, the date was also communicated for years in codes via entertainment media, but this only came to light afterwards. Maybe this time we have the advantage of prior knowledge, but maybe it’s not even a date. Somehow I sense that something big is in the air. The dark season is getting uncomfortable.