Age of the Fake?

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Today’s society is characterized by the fact that there is hardly anything truthful, genuine or natural left. As pretty and robust as the new trekking shoes may look, after a season the soles will most certainly peel off or the seams will burst. As beautiful as the product looks, the contents rarely do justice to the package. Most chocolate products no longer contain real cocoa, and there are already artificially produced rice and artificial eggs. My parents’ housekeeper always watered the plastic plants because they looked so real.

Artificial World of Illusion

What you read on the news these days must always be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism: Is that really true, or is it propaganda and brainwashing? All we know is that terrorist attacks like the one in Sri Lanka have as little to do with Islam as liquor has to do with Zam-Zam water. But who or what is really behind it? Fanatics who adhere to a fake version of Islam, or is it a secret operation by CIA GmbH & Co KG, who once again generate an excuse for their fake anti-terror war and their surveillance state?

We are surrounded by illusory worlds. Crammed into modern means of transport, isolated from nature by glass and air conditioning, surrounded by television and cyberspace, advertising, video games and smartphones – let’s create an environment that has less and less to do with the real world. And once the mind-machine interface celebrates its breakthrough, we will even be able to immerse ourselves in the artificial world of illusion with all of our five senses and be able to say goodbye to the real world.

The height of the fake will be reached when the fake messiah ascends his throne and rules the earth. He is the “master of lies”, so the master of fake!

The Prophet saw foresaw this age of fake when people lose touch with reality. In many hadiths he not only warned us about the false messiah, but also that Islam will eventually lose its reality:

Ali (r) reports that the Holy Prophet (s ) said: “A time will come when there will be nothing left of Islam but its name, and nothing will remain of the Holy Quran but its letters. The mosques will be full of worshipers; however, as for guidance, they will be empty and deserted. Your ulama (religious scholars) will be the worst of all creatures under the firmament of heaven. Evil conspiracies will emanate from them; and to them they will return. “{MISHKAT)

This is exactly what we see today: Islamic education is increasingly limited to training the students as parrots who can shout down the Koran with a beautiful voice, talk shop about questions of Islamic law, but where one does not necessarily have the impression that all of this would bring them closer bring to God. The mosques are getting more and more beautiful, and they are also filling up again, but you only seem to meet for a dead ritual or a somewhat solemn gymnastics exercise.

The Prophet saw another detail, which in fact can be observed in most Muslims today, across all the different groups: “You will have big bellies!” And he further said that the Muslims have a disease are haunted, which calls itself “delusion”: love for this world and fear of death.

Islam has degenerated into a commodity in many places, and instead of talk shows we are entertained by Islam shows and “Islamic music”. Fake mujahidias meanwhile make the world unsafe and paint a picture of Islam that could hardly be more grotesque: Instead of the Prophet saw being sent as a mercy for all the world, he now appears as the greatest tribulation that has ever been unleashed on the freedom-loving consumer society .

This fake world is creeping out into us. Our prayer is becoming more and more of a fake prayer, where we mutter down the suras and prayer formulas while our hearts are occupied with worldly matters. We do it almost as we do our necessity, as something that has to be done, and not as a pious act to draw closer to God.

Basically, the way back to reality shouldn’t be that difficult. All you have to do is do without the internet and smartphones, eat natural foods again, lead a simpler life, stop lending your ears and brains to Reuters and Associated Press, or listen to lectures by fat-bellied fake scholars – and follow what they do Prophet saw for the age of the fake recommended: segregation!

“A time will soon come when a believer’s best possession will be goats, which he drives to the mountains to save his religion.” [Sahih al Bukhari, 1/15, Dar Ibn Kathir]

He (the Prophet saw) said, “Hold fast to the main body (Jama’ah) of Muslims and their leader (Imam).” I asked, “What if there is no Jama’ah or Imam?” He said “Isolate yourself from all these sects, even if you have to eat the roots of trees until death overtakes you while you are in this state.” [Imam Ibn Kathir: The Signs Before the Last Judgment]

The Muslims are more and more like the indigenous people, who had exchanged their gold for glass beads and other trinkets. And the way back to “reality” seems more and more difficult.