Santa Secret – What are the true origins of Christmas?

Merry Christmas! Who does not know it: the goose is in the oven, the tree is decorated, the mulled wine smells wonderful, ‘Kevin alone at home’ is running for the third time and the children are eagerly waiting for the presents from Santa Claus. Once a year, it’s just an integral part of the culture of millions of people around the world. But why do we celebrate this festival? Sure, we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Now that is unfortunately a lie, because our culture is artificially constructed and its meaning is deliberately falsified. But then what are the true origins of Christmas and what we actually celebrate once a year.

Saturnalia – Festival of Sin

First of all, December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus Christ at all. The Bible does not mention this date with a single syllable, it is not even mentioned that he was born in winter. The truth is: Nobody knows exactly when he was born and if you follow other indications in the Bible (KJV Luke 2: 8) a birth at the end of summer (September) is much more likely, because the shepherds raised their sheep when he was born the pastures left to graze. This is unlikely in December, even given the prevailing mild climate. But what do we celebrate instead and why do most people assume that it is the birth of Christ?

However, a look at the history books reveals another holiday on December 25th. The Romans, the enemies of Jesus Christ who murdered him, celebrated a multi-day festival from December 17th to 25th called Saturnalia for over 200 years before his time. This festival arose from the worship of the deity Saturn, one of the many names of Satan / Lucifer (others are Baal or Moloch) and the celebration of the winter solstice. Humanity has looked to the stars since ancient times and gave them great power and so the Romans and Greeks have the visible planets ( from Planetes: wandering star) worshiped as deities and assigned certain properties to them. The Roman Saturn corresponds to the Greek god Kronos, the god and ruler of time. It is related to human restrictions: decay and death. Therefore, it is often represented as a grim reaper with a sickle and an hourglass. Further esoteric connections between Christmas and Saturn can still be recognized today in astrology. The zodiac sign Capricorn, like Pan or Baphomet a horned being, is valid from December 22nd to January 20th and is affiliated with the planet Saturn.

The deity Saturn is sometimes represented with child sacrifices

For the days of the intoxicating festival, all moral norms were loosened extremely, slaves were at the level of their masters or the roles were jokingly even completely swapped. Citizens were also released from work and school and were able to shop at special markets for the holidays. Sexual orgies, money gambling, and homosexuality were allowed for the time. Ritual sacrifices to the god Saturn were carried out in some places. Some disguised themselves, usually a lot of wine was drunk and extensive feasts were served every day. It was also part of the custom that everyone gave each other presents, some of which were very expensive. Children were usually given toys, and there was also an early form of greeting card. Hmmm … extensive feasts, gifts, lots of (mulled) wine, festival markets, Consumption and all of that every year at the end of December? Somehow it sounds familiar. There is also a small Saturnalia once a week: Saturday (egl.Satur (n) day is used by most people as a day for lazing around and / or for having a drink and partying.

The Romans also worshiped the sun god Sol (invictus), whose birthday was the winter solstice. At that time, this was determined by Julius Caesar’s calendar on December 25th and marked the shortest day of the year.

The cult, which has the fate of the world under control for many centuries, revere Saturn to this day, and have manipulated the whole world to revere him through a clever move, without them being aware of it. They believe that he and what he represents will become stronger as a result. In addition, the rites of Judaism and Islam for the worship of Saturn were manipulated in the same way (more on this another time). The ‘Lord of the Rings’ as the god Saturn is also called (does the bell ring?) Is the reason why we exchange rings for weddings or why saints are represented with ‘halos’.

This subject of the cult’s worship of Saturn is extremely extensive and complex and deserves its own article. For the sake of clarity, we will initially only continue to focus on Christmas.

When the conqueror Constantine established the Christian religion in Rome in AD 336, the people did not want to give up Saturnalia (although it is actually a festival of sin) and instead simply began to mix the birth of Christ with the celebrations of Saturnalia. This can certainly be interpreted as a targeted mockery of the Romans of the ancient enemy Jesus, because when Rome was transformed from a military center into a religious center, then as now, it was never about Jesus, but only about power. The Catholic Vatican and its Jesuit secret society were enemies of Jesus from the beginning, infiltrated his religion after his execution and mixed it with Babylonian, Pagan and Egyptian rites. The Bibles were snatched from the hands of common people and burned to anyone who dared to translate them from Latin into common people’s languages. The Vatican pushed itself between God and man as the guardian of truth and redemption, which of course only served to control and maintain power of the cult worshiping Saturn (until today). On the other hand, manipulating people into believing they worship Jesus when in truth they worship Saturn is only part of how we are deceived about Christmas.

Santa Claus is coming to town

Every child knows the story of Santa Claus: the dear, chubby, bearded man in the red coat who brings the presents for Christmas. But here, too, it is really Saturn / Kronos whichever is depicted with a white beard. And this bearded Santa Claus is also given divine abilities, how is the story told to children? Santa Claus comes from the North Pole (like God’s throne in the north is Ezekiel 8:14) and knows at all times whether the children are good or bad, in order to judge them accordingly (is omnipresent and judging like God). He also has to be able to influence the time, otherwise he couldn’t get into all houses worldwide in just one night and leave the presents there. Power over time is also a divine quality of the Christian God, who knows of the beginning and the future end. Satan always tries to imitate the attributes of God.

And it gets even bigger: SANTA is an anagram to SATAN and CLAUS is an anagram to LUCAS which is derived from LUCIFER. A method of hiding the true meaning of a word from the uninitiated. The red cloak is certainly not a coincidence either, this is the color in which Satan is represented. Would have been busy with my site for a long time, should have understood by now that the cult communicates in signs, symbols, twisted words and numbers and why it does this. So here the cult tries to give Saturn / Satan the characteristics of God and to manipulate thousands of children to worship them. At the same time one wants to mock God or Jesus in this way. Is powerful would the English can here to learn more about the satanic links Santa Claus.

The image that we know of Santa today was also largely shaped by the Coca-Cola Group, which has been advertising the fat beard man at Christmas since 1920 (of course, the Wampe is not surprising with the sugar drink). Since then he has been known with the white beard, the red coat and the friendly face.

Speaking of Coca Cola: The famous lettering, which so many associate with Christmas thanks to good marketing, contains the ‘mark of the beast’ (the number 666). In addition, a clear message is revealed to the Muslim world in a mirrored manner. I cannot imagine coincidence with this artistic design.

Back to Santa Claus: Why does Santa even travel the world with a sleigh and reindeer animals? Well, depictions of the Roman and Greek deities also showed them flying through the air in carriages.

Saturn, the grim reaper. Looks familiar?

The Canaanites, the oldest people of the biblical Canaan (today Israel), called Saturn in the 13th year. v. Moloch and regularly sacrificed children to him. They put the children in his lap. Hmmmm …

Oh Christmas tree, oh idol

Our tradition of placing and decorating fir trees in our apartments at Christmas also comes from the druids and other pagan movements who worshiped trees. The mistletoe was also a very sacred plant of the Druids; a symbol of fertility. The well-known kiss under the (by the way very poisonous) mistletoe symbolized the beginning of the reproductive cycle.

The Christmas tree is also a symbol of the original sin which Adam and Eve fell victim to because they allowed themselves to be manipulated by the serpent of Lucifer. They ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of the whiteness of good and bad in the Garden of Eden, which according to the Bible ultimately plunged the world into chaos to this day. Today we decorate the Christmas tree with red balls (the fruit) and garlands (the snake) and unknowingly celebrate the original sin of mankind while indulging in the deadly sins of indolence and weariness. And all supposedly in the name of him who died for our sins on the cross! The cult laughs up its sleeve …

Ball as a fruit symbol and the garland that ‘meanders’ around the tree

Other holidays – same origin

Pretty much all the festivals celebrated by our culture in the West have pagan and occult origins over which Christian and more exotic meanings have been superimposed for the ignorant masses. They have been completely perverted and commercialised and ultimately serve the mass worship of Lucifer. From Valentine’s Day, to Easter, May Day and Halloween, our entire culture is built on occult rites. The cult of Saturn, which has held our earth in its grip since the times of Babylon, thus made the whole world ignorant practitioners in its cult. Festivals like Thanksgiving, a festival where one should be thankful for what one has and share with the needy, degenerates into a mad consumer terror. On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, Americans rush the shops to get the best bargain. Gratitude turns to greed. Every year there are casualties and in the last 10 years about seven people have died on this ‘black’ ritual because they were trampled to death by other madmen. If they go off like this over discounts, imagine what it will be like when there is a food and water shortage (which is coming!). This year I’ve seen more of this Black Friday bullshit in Germany, for example, oh wonder, at the tech giant SATURN. Watch here.

A small excerpt of how the cult gives things that we use (worship) every day with symbols of Saturn

Our New Year celebrations are descended from the Babylonians who worshiped Baal. Already 4000 years before Christ they celebrated the new year, but at the beginning of spring on March 20th (determined by the phases of the moon). The festivities lasted 11 days and followed many rituals. According to ‘New Year: Its History, Customs and Supersticions’ by Theodor H. Gestor, glue tablets of the Babylonians describe a whole program of ceremonies that are carried out on the New Year. Their main deity Marduk, his crown prince Nabu and other deities were celebrated.


The Babylonian culture linked the coming year with nature. They saw it as the rebirth of light and blossom and the resulting crop yield, and for this they thanked their (sun) deities every year. The Babylonian tradition then found its way via Greece to Rome, where Saturnalia was first celebrated as the end of the year (see above). At midnight, spirits were also conjured up here and people sacrificed. And at exactly midnight there was also a lot of noise from the rest of the population to scare off evil spirits (this is where the fireworks tradition originated). Not until 153 BC The Romans designated January as the New Year. The month of January was named after the god Janus, the mythological god of beginnings and transitions. It was also associated with doors, gates, ends, and time. Usually he was depicted with two faces, because he looks into the past and into the future. Our New Year resolution tradition has its origins at Janus.

Janus, god of time and transitions

And the concept of the month of January is based on aspects of Janus. In 46 BC Julius Caeser adopted the ‘Julian calendar’ after consulting an astronomer who adjusted the calendar to the movements of the sun and marked the first of January as the start of the year. And in 1582 this calendar was again something from Pope Gregory the XIII. adapted, and this Gregorian calendar was adopted by countries for decades and is still the universally used calendar around the world to this day. The reason for the reform was that Caeser’s astronomer missed it by eleven minutes.

The Papal Medal of Pope Gregory says it all: Uroboros and Bapthomet symbolism

January is the coldest month of the year (in the northern hemisphere), the ground is frozen, nothing grows and it is closer to death than life. The choice to take it as the beginning of the year is completely arbitrary and contradicts the customs and traditions of mankind (waxing moon), as well as the Bible in which April (Hebrew Abib Nisan) is designated as the beginning of the new year. Logical, after all, from now on you can plant seeds and nature will bloom again, while then in January (and February) everything in the earth dies and dies (the beginning and the end). When Charles IX. 1564 also carried out a calendar reform in France and made January 1st the beginning of the year, some French people in remote regions continued to celebrate the New Year on March 20th, partly out of ignorance. These were henceforth called April foolsridiculed and that’s how our April Fool’s Day came about on April 1st. Once again luciferism 1 × 1: invert everything and ridicule everyone who opposes it. Our holidays have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the love of our Creator or with his Son Jesus Christ. This would not have wanted such an admiration anyway. They are all of Pagan origin and serve to worship the snake with a thousand names.