Какова предыстория контролируемой пандемии?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world. Worldwide, there are already more than 118,000 infected people, and in Italy there are already almost 10,100 confirmed cases, making it the second most affected country after China. Recently, Italy was completely quarantined. This affects 60 million people and has only happened in history during major wars. The number of deaths worldwide has also already cracked the 4200 mark (current figures).

Global Effects

A strong increase in infections is to be expected in the coming days and weeks. People are becoming noticeably more nervous: all over Germany, entire supermarket shelves are empty due to hoarding purchases, and the supply of masks and disinfectants for medical staff has already collapsed. There are severe shortages worldwide, so all remaining stocks still in the country have now been confiscated by the government. Events for 1000 people or more are cancelled; universities are closed. The DAX has fallen as far as it last did in the financial crisis of 2008, and on Wall Street trading even came to a complete halt for a short time. Various industries have already suffered millions in damage due to the Corona pandemic and the economy will not recover in the near future.

There is no question that the situation is extremely tense at the moment. However, it is not my job to comment on what is happening, because that is currently being reported 24/7 anyway and is constantly changing. As always, we only report on what is happening. My point here is to ask the crucial questions that are not really being talked about in an all-encompassing way: The ‘Who? the ‘How’, and above all the ‘Why’.

I go into more detail on several topics: the people and circumstances that led to the outbreak, the links to powerful Communist Party players, connections to the cabal and Asian secret societies, the censorship in China and social networks, and the prophecies that warned us of this very pandemic.

The Man-Made Virus

Patient 0, according to Chinese authorities, was a 70-year-old man who suffers from dementia and had been bedridden before. His family says he has been sick since 1 December, a full week earlier than the government claims. He is said to have caught the virus at the Wuhan market, but how would a 70-year-old bedridden dementia sufferer get to a market that is 5 stops away by train? Well Wen Yin (a co-author of the Lancet study on the Corona virus) talked about this man in a BBC China article and also said that he was bedridden and never left the house. So how did he get infected? The story just has an extreme amount of gaps. Читай здесь.

A Chinese Youtube blogger called Stone Stories tells a completely different story about Patient 0. He has connections to many people and has only been reporting on the issue since the outbreak.  To get around the country’s censorship mechanisms, he gets creative. He always starts his videos with: “I had a crazy dream last night…”, so he can tell the angry comments of KPC supporters that they don’t have to believe him, it was a dream after all.

According to him, the real ‘Patient 0’ is Huan Yenglin, a woman who was in her mid to late 20s. He was told that there were four samples of the virus sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and she was ordered to bring them to the centre. After she took them there, she was not seen or heard from by anyone. No one knows how she died or what exactly happened. However, her body turned up in an incinerator where the cremator caught the virus. When he went to the doctor for an eye problem, he was the first to discover the current Corona virus. That doctor was 33-year-old doctor Li Wenliang who became a whistleblower and was the first to draw attention to the new virus (and was presumably killed by the CPC for it, officially he died of covid). The Institute denies ever having worked with this person, but a New Year’s picture from 2018 has now appeared on Chinese websites showing her with her colleagues at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

There is also information on all these colleagues on the website, but their information has been removed (you can see a conspicuous white gap now instead of their picture). At the moment, the blogger Stone Stories is missing.

At the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the KPC has actually invested an extremely large amount of research into developing viruses, more specifically they have been researching into making animal viruses transmissible to humans that weren’t before. A few years ago, they were very proud of that.

Shi Zhengli (石正丽; born 26 May 1964) is a Chinese virologist and researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Shi and her colleague Cui Jie determined that the SARS virus originates from bats. In 2015, American and Chinese scientists jointly created a new virus by combining a coronavirus found in Chinese horseshoe bats with another that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. Two of the paper’s co-authors, Xing-Yi Ge and Zhengli-Li Shi, were at the Wuhan Institute of Virology at the time.

Their study showed that the coronavirus – a different strain from the Wuhan coronavirus – was able to infect human respiratory cells.

Other virologists, such as Simon Wain-Hobson of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, expressed concern about this work at the time: “If the virus escaped, no one could predict how it would spread.” Rutgers University molecular biologist Richard Ebright agreed with the publication, saying, “The only impact of this work is to create a new, non-natural risk in a laboratory.”

The Wuhan virologists concluded in their 2015 paper:

“Based on these results, we have synthetically re-derived a full-length infectious recombinant SHC014 virus and demonstrated robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo. Our work suggests a potential risk of SARS-CoV reemergence from viruses currently circulating in bat populations.”

Here is the link to the paper published in Nature in 2015: Читай здесь.

However, this development of the virus is ordered by the Chinese Communist Party. In the meantime, they have even admitted that the current Corona virus has escaped from the lab. Well, halfway. The Chinese military website Xilu.com admitted that the virus is man-made, but accused the US of releasing it to attack the Chinese population (click at your own risk). As a result, hatred against the US is now spreading among the population, presumably further fed by state trolls. Meanwhile, Chinese dissident Miles Guo, who on 25 January was the first to link the BSL-4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute to the current pandemic, has identified the lead scientist responsible for the development of the current coronavirus: Guo Deyin. He worked under the strictest secrecy and on the orders of the Chinese Communist Party. According to Miles Guo, the virus was planned to spread in Wuhan and the order came from Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan.

Citizen Xu Bo has publicly accused the Wuhan Virology Institute of releasing the virus due to mismanagement on the Chinese (and closely monitored) social media site Weibo. Such a thing is very unusual in China and brave. Hopefully, he is doing well.

Not helping to scatter the evidence of a biological weapons leak in Wuhan is the recent decision by the CPC. It announced that Major General Chen Wei, China’s foremost expert on biochemical weapons defence, is now stationed in Wuhan to take over the Wuhan P4 lab linked to China’s covert bioweapons programme. Chinese state media hail her as a hero who will save China from the virus.

Chinese news story, Chen Wei will ‘Save China from Corona.’

Scientists from India have also recently found that parts of the COVID-19 virus have extreme similarities to the HIV virus and concluded that COVID-19 may have been deliberately developed using HIV. Their paper, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, had to be withdrawn after the media outcry because it pours oil on the fire of ‘conspiracy theories’. Bad work or were they on to something and are now being muzzled? Читай здесь.

Might the US have something to do with the virus after all? In my last article on the Corona virus, I mentioned that Dr. Charles Lieber, an American chemist & biologist and Harvard University professor, was indicted by the Department of Justice for harmful cooperation with China at the end of January. Читай здесь.

Well, it turns out that he supported the CCP at Wuhan University of Technology as a strategic scientist. The CPC provided him with all living expenses in China, paid him a handsome monthly salary of $50,000 and funded his lab with another $1.5 million. Money that was presumably intended to keep his mouth shut. Lieber made false statements to US authorities and Harvard about his involvement with the Chinese government and was indicted. The other person involved was a Chinese woman, Yanqing Ye, who is a researcher at Boston University in the US. It turned out that she is a lieutenant in the Chinese military and did not declare this in her VISA application, and is now charged with fraud and conspiracy. The US (for good reason) bans CCP members from entering the country. The third case is that of Zaosong Zheng who works for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and was sponsored by Harvard. He is accused of stealing 21 biological samples. He tried to smuggle them from the USA to China in mid-December, but was arrested at the airport. Whether these cases have anything to do with the pandemic is impossible to say at this time, but I find the timing and nature of these cases striking, presumably the FBI knows more.

UPDATE 21.04.20: Hahaha, now even the Tagesschau suspects that the virus comes from the BSL-4 laboratory of the Virology Institute of Wuhan. Смотрите здесь. At the time of writing this article at the beginning of March, this was still being branded as a ‘crude conspiracy theory’. Now even the MSM has to discuss it because Trump wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. Once again a conspiracy theory that is slowly but surely becoming a generally accepted fact, the conspiracy theorists club is getting blunter and blunter. The truth is coming out, let’s hope this doesn’t escalate into a US war against China.

The connection to party members

Why is Wuhan such an important place in China? Well, it is the main trading centre between the South and the North and is located right in the centre of China. Whoever controls Wuhan also has his finger on many other cities. Currently, Shanghai is controlled by former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, while Beijing is controlled by current leader Xi Jinping. Jiang Zemin, President of China from 1989-2002, is a devil by the book and is responsible for millions of innocent deaths. He is, after all, the mastermind behind the systematic organ-stealing genocide and the persecution of Falun Gong, Christians and other minorities. He is the kind of person who would rather wipe out a whole town of innocent people than be arrested or killed himself. However, this guy is old, almost 94 years, and he hasn’t been seen in public for 2 years. Well, Jiang’s son Jiang Mianheng has basically already taken over his father’s empire.

Jiang Zemin, ex-CCP president

They control virtually everything in Shanghai: schools, universities, organizations, banks, energy and technology companies. You have come to a lot of wealth through various scandals, fraud, extortion, and even murder. The amalgamation of these groups is called the ‘Shanghai Group’. Jiang Mianheng was also Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which also houses the Wuhan Institute of Virology, until 2011. He also hired Neil Bush (second son of ex-Skull & Bones member George H. Bush ) as a business consultant…. is getting better and better.

Jiang Mianheng

Well, the head of the Wuhan Virology Institute is Yanyi Wang, whose husband is Shu Hongbing, who is the head of Wuhan University. And it looks like Shu Hongbing was chosen by Jiang Mianheng to head the university, which has one of the most famous and best medical faculties in China. Wuhan was also the leading city in the illegal organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. The China Organ Harvest Research Center database shows that one of the two listed hospitals at Wuhan University alone performs up to 300 illegal transplants a year. Читай здесь.

It seems that Jiang still has total control over Wuhan and Shanghai. It looks like after losing control in Beijing, he tried to take the most central city: Wuhan. To ensure that the lucrative and sadistic organ theft did not stop or slow down after he had to resign from the highest office in 2002, Jiang put people loyal to him in important positions afterwards. And it seems that Wuhan has been under his control ever since.

Shu Hongbing’s CV is a bit strange: when he was younger, he flunked out of school, yet he was accepted at Langzhou University, achieved the best result. He got a job in the US and became a member of CAS in 2011 and then became the dean of Wuhan University. Sounds like an untalented musician who suddenly gets record deals. He also studied under Gary J. Nabel, who is now chief scientific officer and senior vice president at pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Nabel even said that Shu was one of his best students. And the French pharmaceutical company is also one of six companies currently developing a vaccine against COVID-19.

If it is true that former President Jiang Zemin is involved, then the current President Xi Jinping is now under severe pressure. Because if this were to come out, the CPC would collapse. A worldwide investigation would follow that could bring much more to light. You have to understand that China is basically controlled by eight different family clans of the CCP, which share the whole country. And these clans have had minor and major power struggles among themselves for decades over control of China and ultimately control of the world. Perhaps the outburst was a final fuck you to its enemies, perhaps a planned attack from overseas. And at the top of this power structure are the Asian secret societies.

The Dragon Families

As far as I know, there are four clans that control the whole of Asia. Each of these is assigned to a dragon: The White Dragon, the Green Dragon, the Golden Dragon and the Black Dragon. There is not too much known about them. They are said to have a total of 6 million members, including about 1.8 million street gangsters (triads and yakuza). The rest are highly intelligent and sit in positions of influence in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and of course in all Asian communities worldwide. And they are in the twist with the western cabal/illuminati. According to Benjamin Fulford, these Asian secret societies got together after 2002. According to them, the SARS virus outbreak in 2002 was in fact a deliberate attack by the Western cabal to greatly minimise the Asian population! Since then, the 0.01% of Asia have had enough and since then a different wind has been blowing politically and economically in the direction of the West. This is now also noticeable in the mainstream due to China’s exercise of economic power and the political sabre-rattling of the USA towards China and North Korea. It is also worth mentioning the financial blackmail of Japan by the USA and the related Fukushima HAARP attack in 2011. Fulford came into contact with the Asian power structures when he interviewed the former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka and confronted him with evidence that he sold the Japanese financial system to Rothschilds & Rockerfellers. The next day Fulford was contacted by someone who first gave him a Masonic brooch with a Japanese flag. And then the familiar kick-us-or-die game was played. Shortly afterwards he met another Japanese freemason who told him that above the 33rd degree there are 13 more degrees and that these people are like gods. He also told him that there are too many people and they want to kill several billion. This has not worked with wars so they want to achieve it with plagues & famines. The latter gave him this brochure.

Benjamin Fulford with a brochure from a Japanese Masonic Lodge

Shortly afterwards he was offered protection by another Asian secret society. I believe this is one of the Dragons. According to Fulford, with the exception of Japan, the Illuminati is a ‘white man’s game’, which is very racist. The dragons are worried that they are going to use a genetic B weapon that only kills Asians.

The 13 more degrees coincide with the 13 Illuminati bloodlines which, according to Fritz Springmeier, are at the top of the cabal, above all secret societies, organisations, corporations and governments. Among their 13 mainly European families there is also a Chinese family name: Li. Unfortunately, this name is as common as sand in China, which makes research much more difficult. If you want to read Fritz Springmeier’s book about the 13 Illuminati bloodlines (highly recommended) you can do so here in the CIA’s online archive… (you can’t make this stuff up!!!).

That’s all I could find out about the dragon clans so far, but I’ll keep at it.

COVID-19 censorship in China

Censorship and surveillance of the internet in China is unfortunately nothing new, just as censorship of social media has already become commonplace here (here it is just a touch more subtle and not yet fully developed). In China, during the current crisis, 1600 additional internet trolls were hired to suppress ‘sensitive information’ about the Corona virus. Читай здесь.

Jeniffer Zheng, a human rights activist who fled China after being jailed for her Falun Gong activities, clarifies the conditions in China on Twitter. She says that in Hubei province they are trying to control any information that might leave the province. Like this Russian vlogger who visited Wuhan and Shanghai to film what it’s really like there. He was interrogated and harassed by the police for hours at the end of his trip. But he managed to show the world this footage.

A public notice from the Xiantao City Health Commission also came to light.

In summary, it said the following.

To carry out the war-related disiplines of epidemic prevention and control….

Not to take photos or upload them to platforms
Discussing epidemic situations and posting your personal opinions in group chats is forbidden. Only ‘official’ sources are ok to post.
Re-tweeting posts that are not approved by the authorities is prohibited. So is believing and spreading rumours.
Doctors and patients are forbidden to give interviews. Anyone who breaks these rules will be punished swiftly and severely, and those responsible will be held accountable.

Facebook and Youtube (by now they can really change their name to Theytube) are currently deleting heaps of videos from China. Mainly of videos of people being beaten up by police or arrested for not wearing masks (like this only more drastic). Fortunately, there are now alternative video platforms like Bitchute, which are decentralised and can escape the censorship of governments, organisations and any self-appointed ministries of truth. Here is a 45min video, with clips from China how it really happens there, not for the faint hearted, but the world has to know about it even if I end up on some watch list of the CCP! Смотрите здесь.

China uses the excitement to get rid of dissidents and free journalists in the chaos. They are then put under enforced ‘quarantine’, even if they are not ill. Смотрите здесь.

Reports that live people are being burnt in the crematoria, which are too overloaded in some regions, send shivers down the spine. Many new employees are now being sought there to cope with the unusually high rush. In the current job advertisements it is explicitly stated that one must not be afraid of demons or ghosts, because loud hissing noises are supposed to arise during the cremation, when the hot air escapes from the body, which are supposed to sound like screams….


This gives a whole new meaning to the statement of the WHO chief Tedros (who, as we know, is in the pocket of China) that he praises China’s rigorous measures. Читай здесь.

I believe that here in China we are seeing the blueprint of the New World Order in action. Police state, massive restriction and control of movement, mass surveillance & censorship, social credit system, using chaos to commit systematic murder of enemies of the system. These will sooner or later be implemented worldwide, or already are to some extent. China is the cabal’s big beta test here (or we are really in the middle of executing the endgame). Смотрите здесь.

By the way, WHO spends $201 million budget per year on flights, restaurants and 4-star hotels. By comparison, they spend $70 million fighting AIDS and $61 million fighting malaria. This shows how highly corrupt this place is. Tedros was also the leader of the People’s Liberation Front of Tigray, a communist ‘liberation movement’ that ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist. No wonder he and Xin are so thick. This man is partly responsible for the rapid spread of the virus. Please have a look at the good article by China Uncensored, which is currently struggling massively with censorship attempts on the part of Youtube.

5G connection

While the whole world is looking at the virus, the worldwide expansion of the short-wave microwave network 5G continues. The year 2020 will be the year in which the network expansion really takes off, especially in the USA, but also here in Germany. The approval of the 5G network was rushed through based on 30-year-old studies that were already fundamentally wrong, without first conducting long-term tests on humans. Why? Because the heads at Qualcomm, Telekom etc. know exactly what would come out of it. In reality, the 5G towers that are now being built in many cities are weapons systems that were developed by the military a long time ago. This system, latticed into position around us, will to some extent spell the end of humanity (as we know it). Did you know that Wuhan was the first city in the world to have a relatively large-scale 5G network? The rollout started already in 2018 and there were around 3,000 markrobase stations and 27,000 microbase stations planned by 2020, according to Hubei province’s website (link not postable on fb). Читай здесь.

So by the time the virus outbreak took off, the population was already swimming in microwave soup. In total, China already had 130,000 stations in use across the country by the end of 2019. It is mainly hospitals in the country that are using this technology. Читай здесь.

Huwei even donated the 5G technology to the 6-day built hospital. How nice! What’s so bad about 5G? Back in 2015, over 200 scientists from 41 countries (naively) addressed the UN and WHO to voice their concerns. Читай здесь.

In 2019, 26,000 scientists have already signed a petition to stop the roll-out of the 5G network completely, due to harmful effects on humans and the environment. Читай здесь.

When I talk about the 5G network, I’m talking about the 60 Ghz frequency spectrum on which these towers will transmit, and there will be a transmitting unit every hundred metres. This is because the short-wave frequencies only have a very short range, but every living metre of the earth is to be irradiated and every thing and every person is to go online (Internet of Things/RFID chip). This 60 Ghz frequency has deleterious effects all living organisms, which are very specific and could perfectly mimic the pandemic of COVID-19, according to Dana Ashlie. Could the 5G rollout be the reason for the pandemic? If you want to learn more, you can watch Dana Ashlie’s video.

Oh, and by the way: In my article from about a week ago, I predicted that after the pandemic they would try to sell us a chip in the body so that such pandemics could be contained more quickly in the future. Well, guess three times! Profusa, an American technology company, has now developed a biosensor that you put on your body. Together with our all-knowing cabal organisation DARPA (a technological research centre of the US Department of Defense), they have now published a study, just in time for the peak of the Corona panic on 5 March, on how such a sensor can detect the outbreak of a pandemic three weeks earlier. Читай здесь.

They’ve probably had it up their sleeve for years, but now is the perfect moment. They’re following a script. In all the panic, people will beg them to please chip them. Don’t let this blind you! It will ultimately only serve to enslave them completely (especially in a fully developed 5G network, any resistance will be futile).

Prophecies & Predictive Programming

First, I need to set the record straight: In my first article, I wrote that the WHO was conducting a pandemic coronavirus exercise in advance of the pandemic. That’s not quite right, I meant the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, which conducted the exercise in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  I forgot the name and then I got it mixed up. The whole thing went under the name ‘Event 201 – A global Pandemic Exersice’. The whole thing took place on 17 October 2019, 2 months before the real outbreak. And it is a simulated Corona virus outbreak with global pandemic, focus is also to quell conspiracy theories. Take a look at the exercise, the similarities to what is happening right now cannot be overlooked. And it may give you an idea of where the whole thing is going. And I ask you: Event 201??? So January 2020 (01/20)! Once again they are laughing in our faces….

In fact, the current virus outbreak was predicted and prophesied several times. First of all, the book ‘The Eye of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz should be mentioned. The novel is from 1981 and tells of a Chinese biological weapon called ‘Wuhan-400’. It was named after where it was made (a laboratory in Wuhan) and because it was the 400th viable man-made strain of micro-organism. It goes on to say that it is the perfect weapon because it only affects humans (no animals) and cannot survive outside the body for long and therefore does not contaminate areas and places for long (like anthrax). Once the host dies and the temperature of the body drops, the microorganism dies too. Creepy stuff, bit of a coincidence.

As we know, the cabal always announces their crimes beforehand. In their belief in Luciferism, they are justified in doing this to us because we give them our consent and do not stop them. So they believe that does not break our Free Will. So they announce everything in books, movies, music, cartoons or through emergency drills/simulations. This is what happened with the Oklahoma City attack in 1995, where the attack, including details such as the name of the perpetrator, was ‘predicted’ in a book a year before. This mind control technique, known as predictive programming, programs the collective subconscious to accept the plan, which creates less resistance in the mind when it actually takes place. The mind has already subconsciously become accustomed to the idea. The whole purpose of Hollywood is exactly that. In their circles it is also called ‘lower magic’. Sometimes, however, people from the inner circle use means of fiction to warn humanity, with fiction serving as a shield of plausible denial. Don’t forget: many in the cabal are forced to participate by perfidious methods, would like to get out and warn the world but cannot.

Not to mention the dozens of films about viral pandemics and the ensuing societal collapse we’ve been shat on for the last 20 years. Films like the South Korean film FLU (2013), or Hollywood’s Outbreak (1995), Contagious (2011), Пандемия (2016), Pandemic (2014), The Hot Zone (2019), Doomsday (2008), Cabin Fever (2008), I am Legend (2006) etc etc…. In all of them we are being prepared for a police state, quarantine and a social and economic collapse. Or the extremely popular mobile game ‘Plague Inc.’ in 2018 and 2019, in which the aim is to release a virus so that as large a part of the world as possible is infected. Смотрите здесь.

Again, exposure in China has mostly led to success (low hygiene standards, lots of people in a small space, lots of international tourism & trade). Could this game, downloaded thousands of times, perhaps have been a large-scale simulation, the data collected from which was then used to plan the course of the real pandemic? Think about it… that’s how we would have done it to ourselves, fits into their Luciferism philosophy.

And that brings us back to The Simpsons. I’m beginning to think that the Simpsons creators are connected to the black-budget Looking Glass project (a technology that allows you to see into the future). In this episode, the yellow family goes on holiday on a cruise ship. Bart likes it so much that he doesn’t want to go home and decides to convince everyone on the ship that there is a worldwide virus pandemic on the mainland and they are probably the last humans. To do this, he uses clips from a pandemic Hollywood flick, and after the cruise ship spends a few weeks out on the seas, the hoax is exposed. Immediately I think of all the cruise ships with Corona infected people, like Diamond Princess and Grand Princess, which immediately became quarantine zones and were not allowed to dock.

Then there is Lui Bowen, a Chinese military strategist and philosopher who lived from 1311-1375 under the Ming Dynasty and wrote prophetic poetry. The poem is long and predicted many things like communism in China & Russia.

Lui Bowen

But one part was also about the pandemic. He wrote of 10 worries/fears the world will have.

“The world is full of chaos and complexity, which can be considered the first fear, while the second fear is that a large number of people will starve to death.
A pestilence has attacked Hubei province, which can be considered the third fear, while the fourth fear is that the devastating pestilence could lead to an uprising around China.
The fifth fear is that the masses of people will not be able to live a peaceful life.
The sixth worry is about the onset of winter in October.
The seventh fear is that no one will eat the food despite the sufficient food supply while the eighth fear is that no one will be able to wear clothes even though there is enough.
The ninth fear is that no one will be able to collect the corpses while the tenth and final fear refers to disasters that occurred in the Year of the Pig and the Year of the Rat.

Only those who are able to survive the Year of Disaster can be counted among the immortals in this world.
Even bronze and iron works of art [i.e. the strong people] can hardly survive the 1st and 13th of July. And even if you are an iron vara-arthat, only those who are kind-hearted and truly compassionate can ensure safety and be saved.

Note, the dates mentioned refer to the Chinese calendar of that time, so this should mean August in our country. He continues:

Be on your guard, it is difficult for everyone. Only when you have survived the dragon and snake years can you truly consider tribulations passed.”

For those who don’t know: China has a slightly different calendar and assigns each year to an animal, which has different meanings. And the New Year this January was the transition from pig to rat. The year 2024 is the year of the dragon and the year 2025 is the year of the snake.

Usually the respective animal is depicted on greeting cards

And then there is the Bible, not to forget, it is becoming more and more likely that we are in the end times described in Revelation. There has already been a century of fire this year (Australia in January), one of the biggest plagues of locusts ever which will lead to famine (East Africa at the end of January), now a worldwide epidemic (International since January) and now many waters worldwide are turning blood red! Смотрите здесь.

В Kazakhstan, в Antarctica, в Denvon, в Cornwall, в Китай and other places the sea has been turning red for days and months. Mostly this is due to the ‘tipping’ of a type of algae, which regionally also has a strong impact on other aquatic life.  No kidding, and this was all prophesied in the Bible for the Apocalypse. The four apocalyptic horsemen are symbolic of the four phases of the end of the world: spiritual deception, death by war, death by famine, death by disease & fear. These four things have been raging on earth for a long time, but Jesus prophesied that they will increase in frequency and intensity in the end times and gave us warnings so that we can recognise the signs. Also, the end times take place over a period of seven years.  These plagues are God’s anger at the centuries of sin of mankind, especially the kings of mankind (cabal) and herald the return of Jesus Christ and the ‘harvest of souls’. Ways to save one’s soul are found in the Bible.

However, one must be careful here, because he also announces that his return is so deceptively real faked by Satan and his helpers that almost all people are deceived. I will write a separate article about this, keyword: Project Blue Beam!

The spiritually inclined medium Sylvia Browne also wrote in her book ‘End of Days’ about the course of the end of the world:

“Around the year 2020, a serious Pneunomia-like disease is spreading across the globe, attacking the lungs and brochial tubes and resisting all treatment. More amazing than the disease itself will be the fact that the disease will disappear as quickly as it appeared, return 10 years later, and then disappear forever.”

Hmm we shall see.

Заключительные мысли

I’m really interested: What do you think about the whole thing? Where will the pandemic lead? Problem-response solution scaremongering? Rolling out the NWO through police state and quarantine? End times?

The important thing is that we stick together in these fractious times and as the prophecies say, it can’t hurt to be pure of heart and ask for forgiveness (what have you got to lose?). I see the crisis as a chance to focus on the important things: Independence, empathy and cohesion.  Prepare yourselves: not only materially but also physically, psychologically and spiritually. Because everything unimportant and superficial quickly loses its importance in a crisis.

But what is it really all about with all the exit restrictions? What is the crisis used for, what goals are to be achieved with it? Is there really something completely different going on here? Several agendas are being pushed through at the same time and it is important that we are very vigilant now.