День Святого Валентина - есть ли оккультный смысл и происхождение?

14 February – The festival of love. Chocolate manufacturers are vigorously promoting their chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, florists are sensing the business of the year and restaurants are full of couples who love each other especially today. Isn’t it beautiful? But why do we celebrate this day? What is its meaning? Was it really just invented by the chocolate and flower industries to drum up business or does it have a much more occult meaning?

Lupercalia – Fertility Festival

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. There are countries on every continent that celebrate this supposed ‘day of love’. Like all holidays we celebrate, Valentine’s Day has Satanic origins (esoteric meaning of the day), from which they were later cleansed (exoteric explanation of the day). Satan and his cult of human helpers are and have been the kings of this world since the beginning of time.

Valentine’s Day derives from ‘Lupercalia’, an ancient Roman festival to worship the god of fertility and atonement/purification. This deity was called Faunus by the Romans and Pan by the Greeks, a horned hybrid of man and goat. He is said to have kept the wolves of the forests away from the cities.

So how did the Lupercalia festivities go? The celebration began with a sacrifice of a goat in the Lupercal, followed by a sacrificial meal. During the sacrificial ceremony, two distinguished young men were brought in and touched on the forehead with the bloody knife by the sacrificers, whereupon others wiped off the blood with wool soaked in milk, but the young men themselves had to laugh – possibly a symbol of atonement or a reminder of older human sacrifices.  Every 15th February, large groups of young people met and drew lots for ‘play partners’. Otherwise naked Lupercus priests dressed in goatskin, ran through the crowds and put one on everyone they saw with fur straps. This was believed to increase fertility and ensure a problem-free birth, which is why women liked to stand in their way.

Lupercalia rite

Lupercalia was originally a festival in which the foundation of the temple of Faunus (on the Tiber Island in Rome) on 15 February was honoured. Incidentally, Lupercalia was also called deis Februatus after the purification instruments called Februa, which also gave its name to the month of February.

Lupercaien priests in disguises as animals

Later, there was a priest in Rome named Valentine who performed Christian weddings at a time when Christians were still being persecuted in the Roman Empire. Marriages were forbidden, for it was feared that married men would no longer go to war. For this reason, Valentine was executed by Emperor Claudius on 14 February 269 AD, but was later canonised. His feast day was then set for the 14th. After all pagan holidays were banned in Rome in 391 AD, Lupercalia was then converted into a Christian festival by Pope Galasius I in 494, after which it continued to be celebrated for several generations after the ban. And the combination of the two days 15th and 14th became one: St. Valentine’s Day. The pagan festival was unceremoniously ‘Christianised’. Hmm where does this sound familiar? This just goes to show that the cabal in the Vatican is only hiding behind a Christian facade and continues its occult and paganistic rites to this day – and manipulates us to do the same.

St. Valentine… pay attention to the hand

PAN – God of Fornication

Faunus or Pan is also considered the god of eroticism and sexuality and is also considered a master of music, as he used his flute to seduce human women and other spirits. According to myth, this is said to have an extremely hypnotic effect, as is appropriately shown in the film ‘The Mysterious Dr. Lao’.

Pan is the archetype on which Baphomet is based, the modern image of Satan. Pan is also the father of perversion and depravity when it comes to sexuality. He is often depicted raping women, having sex with animals or lusting after transsexuals. This has nothing whatsoever to do with love.

Have you ever noticed that in films and television the Pan-being is portrayed as something good? The buddy who wants to save us? Pan’s Labyrinth’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or Disney’s ‘Hercules’.

In the highly satanic Netflix series ‘Sabrina’, which is about the doings of a witch, Lupercalia is also celebrated. The cult indoctrinates society more and more obviously and tries to normalise its ‘way of life’ more and more. With success: after a whole generation of Harry Potter, it is an absolute trend among young women in the USA to seriously become a witch or Wiccan (no joke!) including rituals and blood. And it’s already starting to spill over to us, packaged as a form of feminism.

Then as now, there is also the symbol of Cupid (gri.: Eros) flying through the air and shooting his love arrows at boys and girls and men and women. The name of the mythological deity translates as ‘desire’ and the heart pierced by an arrow was used as a symbol of conjunction – or in other words: lustful sexual desire.

The heart was also a symbol of sex and fertility for the Romans, but it only became a symbol of love much later. The seeds of the siliphium plant have a heart shape and the plant was used by the Romans as a contraceptive. So much so that it is now extinct. And the similarity to the female buttocks or testicles is certainly no coincidence.


Today, of course, the whole thing (like everything) is a huge and heavily advertised commercial celebration. And even if the industry didn’t invent the day, they are cashing in: in Germany, around the week of Valentine’s Day, a turnover of €110 million is made with flowers alone, and the buyers are mostly men. In the USA, as much as $18 billion (!) was spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2013 (that’s about $175 per male inhabitant). Also, about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year in the US. The expensive madness has already culminated among the younger generation in the silly Schnitzel & Blowjob Day on 14 March (Schnibo Day), when women can thank men for Valentine’s Day.

But is it really necessary? Do we need to celebrate the feast day of a perverted demon to show us that we love each other? A single person doesn’t need a day in the calendar to show that they are lonely and a couple doesn’t need a day to show their love. They should do it every day and if they want to celebrate it, they can do it on their wedding day or on the date they met.