Райнер Фюльмих: "Это не случайность: В этом кризисе по-прежнему нет ничего санитарного"

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich returns to report on the progress of the Corona Committee, which he has been working with for months to try to unravel the ins and outs of the covid-19 crisis.

He explains at the outset that he is at a crucial moment in the progress of the research: “We have gone from “What is this pandemic?”; “How dangerous is the virus?”; “How reliable are the PCR tests?”; “What will be the consequences of the anti-covid sanitary measures?”; to “Who is behind it?”

To answer these questions, he conducted more than 150 interviews with experts from around the world, such as Prof. Luc Montagnier and Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer, to come to the conclusion that “there is nothing sanitary about this, and there never was.” He comes back to the economic aspect of the pandemic, showing that “those who are currently recovering market shares in the world, are also those, if we follow the money, who are behind what is happening”. According to him, SMEs, especially in the West, are being phagocytosed by economic giants such as Amazon or bought up by the Chinese.

On the subject of health, he emphasizes the fact that the long-awaited vaccination does not solve the problem and does not stop the virus as hoped, while the sanitary measures trigger numerous suicides among the population.

According to him, people all over the world are slowly realizing that governments continue to place their pawns to control their “daily life”.

Putting together all the elements he lists, he comes to the conclusion that, “All this is not an accident. It is intentional.”

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