Действительно ли это хорошая идея - позволить большим технологиям диктовать повседневные свободы?

In the video, “Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where it Leads,” Russell Brand questions whether Vaccine Passports could hinder Civil Liberties and prevent people from participating in everyday life.

No matter where you are in the world, vaccine passports are being discussed as a way to prove you’ve been vaccinated against COVID.

Big Tech companies are rushing to develop proof-of-vaccination technologies. Читай здесь.

And airlines, cruise ships, stadiums and other businesses are considering — or already using — vaccine passports to exclude the unvaccinated. Читай здесь.

In the video below, “Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where it Leads,” Russell Brand questions whether it’s a good idea to let Big Tech and Big Government dictate which everyday freedoms we can enjoy.

Are we “further empowering massive centralized authorities that we have good reason to distrust?” asks Brand. “The institutions that have the power to carry this out have not behaved in a way that engenders trust, up until now.”

“Often disasters and times of crises are used to leverage further power for already powerful entities,” said Brand — whether that be government agencies or corporations.

If we use fear as the reason to grant “more power to organizations and institutions that have not behaved with our best interests in mind,” said Brand, “we are facilitating a future that might be very difficult for us to participate in.”

Brand highlights the массовое наблюдение of Americans by the Агентство национальной безопасности, an illegal program exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Читай здесь.