Сможете ли вы одержать победу над Ковидом и Ковидистами?

That’s it! I finally proved to myself and to those who are still accessible to the notions of truth, dignity, strength of soul and independence of mind, that I did not speak to say nothing, only when the reality caught up with me, I didn’t succumb to panic and hysteria, I didn’t turn my jacket over.

Faced reality with Courage and Determination

I can say it in all modesty, I have endured the test of reality with courage and determination. I did not give in to fear, intimidation, propaganda. I am proud of myself and feel like a whole human person again. I can walk with my head held high and my soul at peace.

The anger that has inhabited me since the beginning of the Corona-madness against the criminals who govern us on behalf of the multinationals is still there, but the feelings of humiliation and helplessness, which undermined me, have left me. I feel free again, free inside, because I have passed the test of fire and now I know that:

1. I was right: despite my 77 years, I do not need the Pfizer “vaccine” because I am in good health and I have no co-morbidities (if indeed this injection is of any use to whom whatever, other than Big Pharma and everyone else they water).

2. Despite the impossibility of obtaining remedies, such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, which have proved their worth with all due respect to our “scientists” sold to Big Pharma, we can cure Covid at my age, in taking care of himself, on the condition perhaps of having boosted his immune defenses as I have been doing for a year with zinc, vitamin D, essential oils, and everything recommended by practitioners who still believe in medicine.

3. This government of violent and cynical manipulative liars, for all its might, cannot indefinitely force me to do what I do not want. I felt in me a determination that surprised me myself. And I noticed, with relief (because you can never know in advance how you will react to danger), that I would rather risk (moderately) my life rather than not being true to myself. I now feel worthy of caregivers, firefighters, and other brave people, who would rather lose their jobs than give up their beliefs. I regained the honor and dignity that Macron and his sponsors had taken from me by making me an outcast.

The Covid as I got it

I caught the Covid in the metro on August 21, while I was on my way to the demonstration against the so-called health pass. I perfectly remember putting my index finger on my left eye without thinking and saying to myself: ”  This time you’re good, my daughter!” This is not the first time that this has happened to me, I have already caught a lot of viruses like this. I often tell my grandsons that the only good thing covidism has done for them is to get them used to washing their hands. But in the metro, I can’t keep my hands in hydro-alcoholic gel all the time, and unfortunately I don’t control all my reflexes.

The following Monday, I started to develop the symptoms of what, at other times (when the TV didn’t bathe us with the Covid morning, noon and night), I would have called good bronchitis. I have them from time to time and I treat myself as my mother took care of me, with the exception of mustard sinapisms which I do not know how to do. Every time I catch bronchitis, I see my mother carefully bringing a hot towel filled with mustard from the kitchen, which she placed delicately on the skinny chest of the kid that I was. It is a good memory because my mother, usually cold and indifferent, turned into mother hen when we were sick, often all at the same time.

In short, I started the routine: suppositories, inhalations, syrup, drops, plus this time, as I said above, something to boost my immune defenses, Covid requires. On Tuesday, I was really not well and I called a friend who told me that she had an appointment with her GP the same day.

“Could you see with her if she is ready to prescribe me Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine if I go to see her and I have the Covid?”  I asked him.

In the evening she called me back:

“I asked her the question and she replied: No, and no one will prescribe it for you!”

So I could only rely on myself and the grandmother’s remedies that I usually used. The test of truth began.

On Wednesday, I felt really bad. My temperature had risen to 39 °, I had lost my taste and smell (this is said to be one of the hallmarks of Covid) and I almost passed out on the kitchen floor. I got scared because I live alone and I’m not a super-granny, and I started to doubt. What if I was wrong? What if the Covid was really as dangerous as they say it is? Shouldn’t I call the doctor anyway? Yes, but if I call him, he will ask me if I have been vaccinated, and if I tell him that no, he risks sending me by force to the hospital, where they will perhaps put me by force. artificial respirator or tube me (and destroy my vocal cords, as happened to my sister who, since, can not speak any more), and why not have me forcibly swallow Rivotril and kill me?

As you can see from my paranoid fever, I don’t have absolute faith in contemporary medicine. For me, the doctors submitted to the Council of the Order no longer treat, with increasingly rare exceptions. They treat their patients like cattle: antibiotics, chain bites and protocols. Each diagnosis, established by machines and analyzes, corresponds to a chemical treatment protocol. The doctor applies these obviously juicy protocols for the pharmaceutical laboratories that he must satisfy if he wants, like omnipotent gods, to pour out their benefits on him, in the form of a part of the enormous profits made by making the populations sick and dependent on chemistry, with the blessing of the Council of Order, Administration, Government and so-called supervisory bodies.

In any case, that’s when I said to myself: “  Good! you resist up to 40 ° of fever. And then you call the doctor  ”. This decision gave me peace. The days passed, the fever finally subsided, but the progress was slow, the fight hard and I doubted several times. It took me a good three weeks to heal. And I have not yet regained all my strength.

But what a joy to have conquered, all alone, with my little arms, the Covid, Macron, Big Pharma, the Council of the Order, the media, the Council of State, the Constitutional Council, a good part of justice , in short all these Mafiosi who instrumentalize an epidemic that is quite manageable with a correct health system (see Sweden), to establish a regime of terror which has no other goal than to control populations and consolidate the power of the finance on the planet, through a form of robotization of humans and society at the service of billionaires and their foundations who own everything on earth, and us with it, as is very well explained in this Dutch video: Who controls the world ?

They are no longer hiding it any more, no doubt because it has practically already been done. Real estate has become inaccessible to the majority of populations and the Covid measures have killed thousands of small shops, bars and restaurants which are bought cheaply by chains and impoverished the poorest even further. There is on the site of the World Economic Forum, which brings together billionaires and their political puppets, a video that describes the bright future that awaits us. It begins with: “IN 2030, YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING BUT YOU WILL BE HAPPY”. We will rent everything to billionaires, under the climate threat, also largely fabricated, it will inevitably be total happiness…

Why, to be happy, do billionaires have to own everything, and we, to be happy, must we have nothing? The video doesn’t explain it, but Macron told us: they’re not the same species as us. They are Gods and we are nothing!

Life is Everything, Death is Nothing

When you are sick, when you fight for your health, for your life, all the usual little anxieties and worries disappear. A kind of unity is done in us because all our energy is directed towards a single goal, to regain health. Thanks to the remedies and the fever, we sleep like a baby. No more nocturnal anxieties, sudden awakenings, fear of the future. We live from day to day, hanging on to our sensations. For once we become one with our body, our soul, our life. When we are sick, we know why we exist, just like when we are pregnant. Healing becomes, like the birth of a baby, our only horizon. At the same time, we find ourselves facing death and separated from it by healing.

As I was not even able to read, between two feverish naps, I watched a pair of Korean and Mexican series and the superb Nigerian series, King of boys, the return of the King.. Their intrigues reveal the workings of corruption, conflicts of interest, hierarchical pressures, the collusion of powers, blackmail, shenanigans and power struggles that lead to crime more often than you think and which plague capitalist societies at all levels and in all sectors. These series are not afraid to tackle the depravity and villainy of their own society, sometimes with humor, sometimes with fatalism, unlike the Western Manichean series which generally show virtuous Westerners fighting loyally and courageously against evil enemies within. or external, while we know very well that corruption and compromise reign in the West as elsewhere. Not to mention the fairy tales we are told on billionaire TV,

In these series, death is omnipresent while, in the official Western world, it is denied. Perhaps because the powerful believe they can control it by deciding for themselves who will die (us) and how (Covid, lack of care, pollution, euthanasia …) and who will live forever (them, of course: Several Silicon Valley billionaires fund new start-up to find formula for immortality ). Money and power drive you crazy!

Yet without death, life has no meaning. Our whole life revolves around the one certainty we have: we are going to die. Death resembles the denouement of a detective series. The whole plot is ordered around the end. We wait for it all along. We imagine all kinds of scenarios. We are stuck in front of the screen. But as soon as we have the key to the riddle, it no longer interests us and we forget it very quickly. It is the same with death, it is nothing in itself, it is only the end of life, but without it our life has no value. It is one of the many paradoxes of existence. Without death and the modest risk I took in refusing to obey tyranny, I would not have been able to regain my dignity and my inner freedom. Without death (physical or social), there would be no heroes.

And now?

I’m going to go see my GP to get a certificate of recovery that will give me six months of respite, although I don’t believe Macron will dare to extend his pass of shame beyond November 15. It is already showing signs of hesitation , even if the plateau doctors, the worst caricatures of devious, upstart and cynical doctors one can imagine, want to prolong it in order to keep their power over the state and the population. Without the tragic farce of the Covid, they would be nothing.

It seems that 67% of French people are for the past. As they have submitted, they apparently can’t stand those who resist. Brassens had warned us: ”  No, good people don’t like us to follow another path than them”.  But Macron hesitates. The presidential elections are coming, his popularity is declining and on the TV sets of power, we start to hear people, like Karim Zeribi , explain, without the doctors on the sets daring to contradict him entirely, that it is completely stupid. , unfair and counterproductive to suspend without pay caregivers who carry out tests regularly, and therefore are not contaminated and contaminating, and to let work, without tests, of those who can be vaccinated.

Yes, contrary to what the caste disconnected from reality had no doubt imagined, there is resistance to liberticidal and discriminatory measures. Active resistance (demonstrations, strikes, resignations, etc.) and passive resistance. And passive resistance is perhaps more important and inconvenient for the tyrants in power than demonstrations and other protests against which they just have to send the police.

In this regard, I can not resist the pleasure of telling you two exchanges that I had with the gendarmes who supervised the demonstrations against the pass, sorry, pass, it’s more chic. While walking, I approached a gendarme who seemed approachable. Her boss reapplied immediately, probably fearing that the small (1.50 m) old (77 years old) that I am would hide a weapon in her bag.

“Don’t be afraid,” I reassured him , “I’m not going to hurt your gendarme!

– I’m not afraid  ”he replied, a little embarrassed.

After he turned around, I asked the gendarme:

“Do you come out of the ground at every demo?”  He looked at me puzzled, so I explained:

“Well yes, every Saturday there are hundreds, maybe thousands, at the demonstrations, but we hardly see you the rest of the time. In Montreuil in the park of Guilands, there is a deal post that everyone sees but the police did not notice it; when my mother’s house, in the Lot, was burgled several times, the gendarmes told me: no staff! 

– It is not us who choose our assignments,  “replied the gendarme politely,”  and it is true that sometimes we do not understand well ourselves the distribution of the workforce . Ah, in chosen terms these things are said!

Emboldened by my success, I approached another gendarme and, still walking, I asked him:

“Why are the police exempt from the pass?”

– We wonder too  »he replied with a smirk.

I think that all the demonstrators, and especially the women and the elderly, of whom the police are less suspicious, should take advantage of the demonstrations to “re-inform” the gendarmes, with little questions or polite remarks which highlight the injustice, the contradictions. and the inconsistencies in the decisions of Macron and his clique. The gendarmes often come from the provinces and are less aggressive and more open than the CRS, finally, in my experience.

To come back to passive resistance , the author of this article: Brèches à gogo in the compulsory vaccination of caregivers , explains that it is very easy for caregivers to bypass the compulsory vaccination system, given that “  these are themselves who implement it  “, and therefore”  who can believe that there was no right of way, dose of the vaccine poured into the sink instead of the forearm of the colleague? ”   But, according to him,”  the main breaches lie in the ease of obtaining the Certificate of Recovery, or even simply pretending to have one, which is very difficult to control. This is how caregivers can get it without getting vaccinated.

The Demonstration is tasty!:

“Suppose 2 unvaccinated nurses obtain 2 kits from the pharmacy and screen each other.

“Miraculously”, they find that they are each positive, they enter in SI-DEP the result of the test carried out on the other (paying careful attention to the recommendations of Professor Salomon: do not indicate that it is a question of a “self-test” performed on a non-caregiver but indeed an “antigen test”, since the self-test does not allow the issuance of the recovery certificate), since in principle, they have access, no one will find abnormal only vaccinated are tested positive since we are told all the time that it is “almost” only them. These caregivers probably know each other, they have become infected with each other, this often happens.

These 2 nurses are for the system positive for the coronavirus therefore contagious, they go on sick leave for ten days, there is no need for a doctor to sign a sick leave.

Their employment contract is suspended so they are not subject to the vaccination obligation during this time.

And after that, almost automatically they are issued the certificate of recovery, they can work, depending on the system, they are in order with the vaccination obligation. “

And the author concludes: “But what a joke anyway!”

Yes, this is all a big joke, but a joke that will have cost the lives or the means to live on a lot of people, mainly in the western countries with aging and unhealthy populations, which makes it very easy to handle. and to terrorize by governments and media desperate to keep their power and privileges and impose their version of events.

In 2009, they tried the same with the H1N1 flu and they missed it, but this time they had prepared well, despite media denials of billionaires (whose symbiosis is such as  commercial breaks , as they say, take place at the same time on all these so-called competing channels, in order not to harm any), and they succeeded.

But why bother, soon, if it is not already done, we will no longer own anything and we will be happy!