Who is Rocco Galati?

Rocco Galati is a Canadian lawyer, born in Italy, who specializes in cases involving constitutional law. In addition to running his own law firm, he is the Executive Director and Founder of Toronto-based Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (CRC) which highlights massive uprisings and global conflicts around the world:

He is also the lawyer of Vaccine Choice Canada, a not-for-profit organization that defends the rights and freedoms of Canadians when it comes to individual and public health.

On July 2020, along with Vaccine Choice Canada, he filed a constitutional lawsuit in Toronto Superior Court against multiple levels of Canadian Government and Government actors for their actions in the pandemic which have pushed the pandemic panic. It’s about the country’s pandemic response measures, including compulsory face masks, the closure of businesses and the enforcement of physical distancing.

Galati and his group state that pandemic measures are neither scientific nor medically-based, that they are extreme, unconstitutional, irrational, unsustainable and unwarranted. He claims that COVID’s extreme measures have been proven to cause far more deaths than the virus itself and that they violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The impact of these aberrant measures on our emotional, psychological, social, physical and economic well-being is profoundly destructive.

“Who would have thought that of all the Tyrannical -‘Isms’ to plague and persecute the masses, from fascism, colonialism, communism, to imperialism, the most enveloping and pervasive, at the masses’ request, would be Covidism”.

He also claims that forced vaccination could result in prosecution under the Nuremberg Code. Along with the Children’s Health Defence Canada (CHDC), they wrote to Ontario Colleges and Universities with policies mandating Covid 19 Vaccinations to rescind their policy forthwith. They claim that the vaccines have not been proven to be safe, neither to be effective in preventing infection or transmission and are not necessary for the age group of universities and college students. They add that there is no legal authority for the Universities and Colleges to require a mandatory medical treatment.

Of course, Galati is criticised by the mainstream media and accused of being a conspiracy theorist who spreads misinformation about Covid.

“As predicted, anyone critical of Covid-19 measures will be branded a ‘terrorist threat’. Another fascist move that shows that they are loosing the battle on their agenda.”

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