Who is Rafael Palacios?

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Rafael Palacios is a middle-aged man who has been working as a journalist and investigator for 14 years. His previous work experience in media and communications has taught him that mainstream news outlets are all indebted to the economic powers that govern Planet Earth.

After working as a journalist in official media such as Telemadrid or RNE, the journalist became famous by revealing uncomfortable truths through his website where he became a Hispanic-American reference, with an average of 350,000 monthly readers for more than a decade, touching all censored information. A pioneer in denouncing the Covid-19 Conspiracy, since January 2020, and harassed by the growing censorship on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, around the same time he set up his channel on Telegram, Noticias Rafapal (Rafapal News), which has reached 128,000 subscribers and is now one of Spain’s most popular COVID-skeptic Telegram channels.

He now broadcasts on its website a lot of information about COVID vaccines and 5G which he says are the new great danger to humanity:


He was one of the speakers at the WFF, the World Freedom Forum, a meeting of conscious Beings, who with their expositions in their fields of knowledge bring us the “Torch of Knowledge”. A knowledge through which to grow, mature and choose. This forum gives us the opportunity to awaken a social debate that goes beyond the restraint that some maintain in certain selfish watchtowers.


He has published a dozen books: The Best Kept Secret, Social Engineering to Destroy Love, Principles for the New World, The Meaning of History, The Secret History of Hollywood, The Murder of Music and The Meaning of Justice.


Some of his most important interviews: