Cine este Dr. Simone Gold?

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Dr. Simone Gold is an attorney, author, and a licensed emergency physician. She is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, a non-profit organisation that brings the truth to light across America to help doctors and patients stand up for science, freedom and common sense.


She fights against Medical Cancel Culture and says governments make decisions that cost the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable and expendable people. She exposes “the serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign” being waged against the American people and the world. Dr Gold called the massive “disinformation campaign” on Covid a crime against humanity.

She made several passionate appeals to sign and spread a petition against authoritarian movements aimed at coercing individuals into receiving Covid injections and has filed a lawsuit to stop COVID shots for children. She says for young people under 20, the experimental vaccine should be absolutely prohibited because it may impact woman’s fertility due to a possible auto-immune rejection of the placenta.

She claims we should not be calling this the ‘COVID-19 vaccines, because it’s experimental. It’s not been approved as a vaccine. It’s currently in its investigational stage.

“They are not COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, but experimental biological agents. If you take the vaccine, you’re being enrolled in a pharmocol vigilance tracking system. It means you have enrolled yourself in a medical trial … “

She adds that there is no evidence that these experimental vaccines prevent transmission of the virus. Furthermore, they are “no safer” than the Wuhan virus and have many side effects such as infertility and neurological diseases.

Gold repeatedly praises hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as remedies for COVID-19, stressing that they are safe, readily available and broadly used outside the west with great success. She states that if such treatments would had been available in the West, very high numbers of lives would have been saved. Treatment options should be debated and spoken about rather than being silenced and censored by Big Tech.

“Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been FDA approved for over 65 years and has been used billions of times throughout the world without restriction. For many decades it has been given to: pregnant women, children, elderly patients, immune compromised patients and healthy persons.”

She wrote a White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine to draw the reader’s attention to the indisputable safety of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ):


She is the author of the book “I do not consent: My fight against the medical abortion culture“:


Dr. Gold realized that constitutional freedoms are “evaporating,” so she goes in a legal direction: now she is really just fighting for freedom.

“Coercion is not consent” and rebellion against coercion is growing. People are now becoming even more interested in opposing oppressive policies than they are in finding doctors who will give them medicine to treat COVID-19 at home.

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