Quem é o Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner?

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a licensed and trained hematologist, oncologist and palliative medicine specialist. He is also a politician, an Independent member of the state parliament fighting against the Corona dictatorship. Since the plandemia, he transformed himself from a systemicist to a hero of the resistance.

Ele é membro da World Doctors Alliance, uma aliança independente sem fins lucrativos de médicos, enfermeiros, profissionais de saúde e pessoal em todo o mundo que se uniram na esteira do capítulo de resposta ao Covid-19 para compartilhar experiências com o objetivo de acabar com todos os lockdown e medidas prejudiciais relacionadas e restabelecer a determinação universal da saúde de bem-estar psicológico e físico para toda a humanidade.


He has been slamming the German government and media for their endless propaganda, misinformation and fake news concerning the coronavirus. Fiechtner states that it is a virus that was developed in a Chinese laboratory and that the official protective measures are a corona dictatorship hatched by “elites to rule the world”.

He lashed out at the fear mongering politicians and their media allies, and claims that impact of the coronavirus is being exaggerated to justify many of the draconian measures restricting the citizenry and the accelerate the government efforts to vaccinate the population.  He described “the mask as the Hitler salute of our time” and he claims that the country is now only in a “crippled” form of democracy.

Dr. Fiechtner organised protests in Germany against the Corona protection measures, where he often appeared as a speaker, and he became one of the stars of the Querdenken-711 demonstrations, a lateral thinking movement that wants to “Think outside the box”:


The Querdenken demonstrations are demos for the restoration of our fundamental rights, as they consider the government’s measures to be completely inappropriate from a scientific and legal point of view.

Lately, he warned the population of the dire consequences of the new “killer vaccination” with a “deadly poison”, and urged them to resist the illegal government impositions.

He highlights many of the risks of these new vaccines that range from infertility in women to deadly allergic reactions. The more fear instilled in the population, the more likely the people will rush to inoculate themselves with an unproven and risky vaccine.

He was resigned from his politcal party and carried out of parliament in June 2020 for being accused of having relations with Nazis and of anti-Semitism.

Alguns de seus vídeos mais importantes em inglês: